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期末复习 M3U3 一、单项选择: 1. Don’t let me catch you ______. A. do that again B. to do that again C. doing that again D. done that again 2. —Mike, what did our monitor say just now? —Every boy and every girl as well as teachers who _____ to visit the museum _____ asked to be at the school gate before 6:30 in the morning. A. is; is A. to move B. are; are B. move C. is; are C. moving D. are; is D. moved D. having you know 3. He was just about to jump up when he felt something ______ near his feet. 4. I would like ______ that I don’t have a very high opinion of you. A. to have you know B. have you know C. to have you known A. look it up A. is A. how B. look up it B. am B. whether C. refer to it C. are C. that D. were D. what 5. If you don’t know the meaning of the word, you can ___ in a dictionary. D. consult it 6. Neither you nor I, nor anybody else ___ content to live in such a lonely village. 7. Sometimes we are asked ___ we think the likely result of the program will be. 8. It was said that not until the old man had passed away ___ to his relatives. A. she let out the secret C. out she let the secret A. leaving; get dressing C. remained; get dressed A. normal A. director given up all hope. A. is, has B. are, have C. are, has D. is, have 13. Not only ___ interested in football but ___ beginning to show an interest in it. A. is the teacher himself, are all his students C. is the teacher himself, all his students are A. buy B. to buy B. the teacher himself is, are all his students D. the teacher himself is, all his students are D. for buying C. happened on D. had happened to B. average B. the director B. was the secret let out D. out let the secret B. remaining; get to dress D. left; get dressed C. regular C. a director D. ordinary D. our director

9. Mary, it’s already 7 o’clock. I’m afraid there is not much time _____ for you to ___for the ball.

10. Free medical treatment in this country covers sickness of mind as well as ___ sickness. 11. His cousin, who was made ___ of the department, was only 28 that year. 12. The police ______ determined to bring back the missing boy when his family ______ almost

14. Please remind me ______ some eggs for the coming party. C. of buying 15.I told the police who came to look into the accident what ___ the poor girl. A. was happened on 二、单词拼写 1. It’s hard to imagine how this quiet volcano d________ the whole city! 2. Many German scientists _________(逃跑) to America in the Second War. 3. He threw away the _________(剩余物) of a meal in the trash. 4.The earthquake left the whole town in r_______.

B. was happening on

5. I was f_________ to catch today’s last train to Shanghai at the last minute. 6.The colonies ________(宣布) their independence from England. 7. C________ doesn’t help solve the problem, so stop murmuring. 8.________(判断) by her dress, she must be from a poor family. 9.——It’s raining cats and dogs. ——Oh, what a d_________! 三、同义句改写 1. I felt very tired after I studied for such a long time; my deskmate felt tired, too. I felt very tired after I studied for such a long time, ______ _______ my deskmate. 2. She likes both Chinese and English She likes______ _______ Chinese ______ English. 3. In the coming week, all the students will take the mid-term examination. In the week ______ ________, all the students will take the mid-term examination. 4. Some people could not tolerate his words and behaviors. Some people _______ ________ _________ him. 5. More glory seemed to be waiting ahead of him. _______ ________ _________ more glory was waiting ahead of him. 四.完形填空 Before leaving the classroom, the teacher, Miss White said to her class, “Don’t leave your (1) ______, read your books by yourselves. You should study hard and (2) _____ good students.” (3) _____ the teacher went away, the classroom turned (4) ______. One boy was at the door to keep (5) ______. One boy was drawing a portrait of the teacher on the blackboard. Another boy began to make faces just to make the other students (6) _____. Suddenly the boy on watch put one finger close to his (7) ______ telling the class that Miss White was (8) ______. All the students sat down on their seats, and the classroom became silent again. The door opened, and in came Miss White. She (9) ______ what went on when she was out. She started at the student who had just (10) ______, looked at the class in silence for several minutes, and then said quietly but (11) ______, “Don’t do that again. I do not want you simply to promise me with (12) ______ that you will be good. I want you to (13) ______ me with your hearts that here we are all part of one big (14) _______, I want to be (15) ______ of you.” 1. A. school 2. A. do 3. A. While 4. A. hopeless 5. A. watch 6. A. think 7. A. mouth 8. A. going back 9. A. heard 11. A. sadly 12. A. care B. seats B. be B. Once B. attention B. laugh B. noise B. saw B. gladly B. deeds B. coming back C. classroom C. become C. As soon as C. notice C. excite C. eye C. wondered B. made faces C. loudly C. language

——Do you mean it’s p_________.

10. The flood attacked the small village and many villagers lost their lives.

D. classmates D. turn D. As long as D. noisy D. duty D. shout D. ear D. turning around D. left his seat D. knew

B. troublesome

C. disappointing

C. returning back C. sat down

10. A. drawn the portrait

D. firmly D. words

13. A. respect 14. A. family 15. A. tired 五.阅读理解

B. show B. school B. proud

C. follow C. group C. fond

D. tell D. crowd D. sure

History books tell us that the city of Rome was set up in 152 B.C. It’s a fact, however, that by 100 A.D., Rome was the centre of a big empire. It was from Syria in the east to Spain in the west, from Britain in the north to Africa in the south. All or part of 27 of today’s countries were included in the Roman Empire. All of their people were ruled by one government, that of Rome. All educated people spoke the same language, Latin. And one of the empire’s outposts was called Londinium. This unimportant town would later become London, England, and the centre of another empire. The Roman Empire came to an end about 1,500 years ago. Yet in some ways it is still with us. Take the letters you are reading, for example, English, like many other languages, uses the Roman alphabet (字母) while also borrowing many words. The laws of many European countries are based on ancient Roman laws. Roman ruins are seen throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. In some places, Roman roads and water courses are still in use. To this day, a European in North Africa is likely to be called “Roumi”-Roman. Even modern place names are often after Ancient Rome. Both Greece and Germany have the names given by the Romans rather than the names that their own people first called them. 1. The most northern part of the Roman Empire was ________. A. Spain B. Britain C. Syria D. Africa 2. The main idea of Paragraph 2 is that Roman culture is ________. A. dead and gone C. still part of the present A. weak B. divided B. based completely on language D. unimportant to history C. strong D. poor

3. In the days of the Empire, the Roman government was probably ________. 4. What happened first? A. Londinium was an outpost. C. The city of Rome was founded. 5. Which of the following is NOT true? A. In Europe people still use Roman names in some places. B. Londinium became the centre of an empire after Roman Empire fell apart. C. We may see some remaining parts of Roman Empire in North Africa. D. In Europe 27 countries had the same laws. B If you gaze(凝视)through a telescope at a distant galaxy(星系), it may glow brightly with the light of hundreds of millions of stars. Despite (尽管, 不顾) all that light, most scientists think that at the center of a big galaxy lies something very dark: a black hole. A black hole is a region of space with gravity so strong that nothing can escape, not even light. Astronomers recently announced they had observed a faraway galaxy that may have at its center two black holes, very close together. Based on their observations, the stargazers suspect one of the black holes has more mass than the other. The more mass something has, the stronger its gravitational force, so a larger black hole has a stronger gravitational attraction. The smaller black

B. The Roman Empire fell apart. D. London became the centre of an empire.

hole orbits(作轨道运行) the larger black hole, just as the earth orbits the sun. The biggest galaxies in the universe form when two smaller galaxies collide(碰撞). If two galaxies merge (合并) , then all of their stars start orbiting a common center. The black holes at the galaxies’ centers should come together, too. Galaxies are colliding all the time, so we should be able to find lots of black hole pairs. But that’s easier said than done—astronomers rarely find these in deep space. To find a black hole is complicated. A black hole doesn’t produce any light, so how can you find one in space? Astronomers think when something (like dust) falls into a giant black hole, a jet of radiation, a form of energy, may stream away. If this radiation is strong enough, it forms a quasar (类星体). The Arizona astronomers looked at more than 17,000 quasars and finally found a galaxy that may have a double black hole at its heart. Though the finding of their research is still unconfirmed, and they may be mistaken, the truth will be revealed in the future. 8. Which of the following is TRUE about black holes? A. A black hole is a region in galaxies with nothing in it, even a bunch of light. B. Black holes are used by astronomers to study how quasars come into being. C. When different galaxies meet in space, the black holes become bigger and bigger D. Some scientists think there’s one black hole in a galaxy, but others think there’re two. 9. From the second paragraph we can infer that ______. A. a larger black hole pushes a smaller black hole away B. a larger black hole pulls a smaller black hole toward it C. the places of black holes are fixed, so we can see them clearly D. a smaller black hole moves around a larger one because of radiation 10. According to the passage, astronomers think that there should be many black hole pairs because_______. A. a black hole can produce light B. black holes can attract one another C. different black hole pairs come into being with the meeting of galaxies. D. a big black hole can usually be divided into two small black holes 六、短文填空 What's a good friend? Some people say that a friend is one who is (1)_____ to you ,or a good _______(2)(伙伴) to you. In my view, a friend is the one who will stay with you (3)_______ happens. Friendship (4) _______ an important role in our daily life .As an old Chinese saying (5) ______, at home one depends on one's parents and outside on one's(6)_______. That means nobody is completely (7) _______(独立的)in the world. As long as you are (8) _______, you'll run into many (9)_______(困难) or troubles, and luckily sometimes your friends can help you out. When you feel frustrated(沮丧的),your friends will give you a(10)_______, cheer you up and say something to (11) ______ you. Since friendship is so (12) _______(宝贵的), how can we keep a good friendship? I think (13)_________(诚实) must be the most basic. We all should treat our friends with our (14)_______ hearts. Besides we all should (15) ____ with our friend as often as possible in order to make us understand each other better.


答案: 单选. CDCAA ADBDD ABCBD 单词拼写:1.destroyed 2.fled 3.remains 4.ruins 5. fortunate 6. declared7. Complaining 8.Judging 9.pouring 10.disaster 同义句:1.so did 2.not only but 3.to come 4.had enough of 5.It seemed that 完型:BBCDA BABDC DDBAB 阅读理解:BCCCD 8---10 DBC 课文填空 1.close 2.companion 3.whatever 4.plays 5.goes 6.friends 7.independent 8.alive 9.difficulties 10.hug/hand 11. encourage 12. precious 13.honesty 14.true /sincere15.contact


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