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2015 年高考英语长宁一模试卷分析
II. Grammar and vocabulary Section A Directions: After reading the passages below, fill in the blanks to make the passages coherent and grammatically correct. For the blanks with a given word, fill in each blank with the proper form of the given word; for the other blanks, use one word that best fits each blank. (A) Many people underestimate the importance of writing skills. They think that as long as they ___25___ speak and understand the language, they know it. Truth is, we live in the age of internet and smart phones where most of the communication happens in writing. An ability to express ideas ____26___ a clear and literate way has become extremely necessary for work, study and every day life. Do you have trouble ___27___(express) yourself in written English? Don’t worry, even native speakers find it difficult. Here are some tips that will help you improve your English writing skills: 1. Read as much as you can. It is the best way ___28___(learn) sentence structures and build a vocabulary. We will share a writing for you to read on Facebook every week. 2. Translate from your native language into English ___29___ vice versa. However, if you write more, you should start thinking in English. You will know you have become fluent ___30___ you no longer need to translate your thoughts. 3. Use social media. By posting on Twitter or Facebook , you can get comments and feedback from your peers. It also helps overcome a fear of writing in public. You can always get your writings ___31____(check) by reviewers at Daily Themes before you share it on other channels. 4. Take an online course. There are a few very good free online courses on writing, English composition, and grammar on Cousera , Alison, edX, and Future Learn. You can take courses on these websites, and share your learning by writing on Daily Themes. 5.Get a writing coach at Daily Themes . The fastest way to learn is to have someone, ___32___ has already mastered the language, check your writings. Happy writing! Keys: can 25 【参考答案】can 【考查内容】情态动词 in expressing to learn and once checked who


【试题解析】难度适中。此空后面为动词原型,分析句子不缺成分,因此填情态动词,再根据 意思,填 can,能够 26 【参考答案】in 【考查内容】介词的固定搭配 【试题解析】难度适中,分析句子不缺主干,名词前面一般放介词,考察固定搭配 in a way 以 某种方式 27 【参考答案】expressing 【考查内容】非谓语中的动名词 【试题解析】难度适中,易错,考查搭配 have trouble (in) doing sth, 因此,填 expressing 28 【参考答案】to learn 【考查内容】非谓语中的动词不定式 【试题解析】难度适中,考查名词被最高级修饰时,后置定语用动词不定式,因此 the best way to do. 29 【参考答案】and 【考查内容】连词 【试题解析】难度较大,易错,考查 vice versa,表示反之亦然,是一个省略句,句与句之间需 要连词,根据意思,填并列连词 and 30 【参考答案】once 【考查内容】条件状语从句 【试题解析】难度适中,易错,句与句之间缺连词,根据意思和逻辑关系,需要填 once ,一旦 31 【参考答案】checked 【考查内容】非谓语中的过去分词 【试题解析】难度适中,易错,考查搭配 get sth done, 把某事做一下 32 【参考答案】who 【考查内容】定语从句


【试题解析】难度适中,主句中插入了一个定语从句,先行词是 someone, 从句缺主语 (B) Children have their own rules in playing games. They seldom need a referee (裁判) and rarely trouble to keep scores. They don’t care much about who wins or loses, and it doesn’t seem to worry them ____33____ the game is not finished. Yet, they like games that depend a lot on luck, __34___ _____ their personal abilities cannot be directly compared. They also enjoyed games that move in stages, in which each stage—the choosing of leaders, the picking-up of sides, or the determining of which side shall start—is almost a game in itself. Grown-ups can hardly find children’s game exciting, and they often feel puzzled at __35___ their kids play such simple game again and again. ____36_____, it is found that a child plays games for very important reasons. He can be a good player without having to think whether he is a popular person, and he can find himself being a useful partner to someone of whom he is ordinary afraid. He becomes a leader when it comes to ___37____ turn. He can be confident, too, in particular games, that it is his place to give orders, to pretend to be dead, to throw a ball actually at someone, or to kiss someone he ___38____(catch). It appears to us that when children play a game they imagine a situation ___39____ their control. Everyone knows the rules, and ___40___(importantly), everyone plays according to the rules. Those rules may be childish, but they make sure that every child has a chance to win.. Keys: if so that why However his has caught under 33 【参考答案】if 【考查内容】条件状语从句 【试题解析】难度适中,句与句之间缺连词,根据句意和逻辑关系,填 if 34 【参考答案】so that 【考查内容】目的状语从句 【试题解析】难度适中,句与句之间缺连词,根据句意和逻辑关系,填 so that ,以便,为了 35 【参考答案】why 【考查内容】宾语从句 【试题解析】难度适中,句与句之间缺连词,放在介词后面的,应该是宾语从句,不缺成分, 根据句意,应该填 why 36 【参考答案】However

more importantly

【考查内容】副词 【试题解析】难度较大,易错,意思是但是,填 However 37 【参考答案】his 【考查内容】物主代词 【试题解析】难度较大,易错,固定搭配,come to one’s turn, 轮到某人 38 【参考答案】has caught 【考查内容】时态 【试题解析】难度适中,易错,用现在完成时,表示对现在的影响 39 【参考答案】under 【考查内容】介词 【试题解析】难度适中,考察固定搭配 under one’s control ,表示受某人控制 40 【参考答案】more importantly 【考查内容】副词的比较级 【试题解析】难度适中,考察副词的比较级,more importantly 表示更重要的是。 Section B Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can be used only once. Note that there is one word more than you need. A. extensive G. delicately B. appeals H. efficient C. debated I. experienced D. necessarily J. withdraw E. audience K. decline F. confidence

A century ago, American political leaders judged public opinions by people's applause and the size of crowds at meeting. This direct exposure to the people's views did not public support. Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas took place before 44 43 each other seven times in the summer and autumn of 1858, two years before they became presidential nominees (总统候选人). Their debates in cornfields and courthouse squares. A century later most presidential 45 firsthand. This distance between leaders and debates, although seen by millions, take place before a few reporters and the technicians in television studios. The public's response cannot be 41 produce in their accurate knowledge of public opinions. It did, however, give political leaders ___42


followers is one of the difficult problems of modern democracy. The media provide information to millions of people, but they are not yet so public. Is government by acclamation (欢呼、欢迎) possible when the scale of communication is so large and impersonal? To make up for the 47 in their ability to experience public opinions for 48 use of public-opinion polls to themselves, leaders have turned to science, in particular the science of opinion polling (民意调查). It is no secret that politicians and public officials make and types of to 41 【参考答案】D 【考查内容】词汇在具体语境中的运用。 【试题解析】此题判断词性为副词,只有 DG 为副词,根据句意,民众的掌声和人数并不一定 能真正地反映出公众的观点。只有 D 符合句意。 42 【参考答案】F. 【考查内容】词汇在具体语境中的运用。 【试题解析】此题判断词性为名词,根据句意,“然而,在获取民众的支持中,它确实给到政 界领导人信心”。 43 【参考答案】C 【考查内容】词汇在具体语境中的运用。 【试题解析】此题判断词性为动词,且为动词过去式的形式,只有 C 和 I,根据句意,林肯和 道格拉斯在竞选中辩论了 7 次。所以选 C。 44 【参考答案】E 【考查内容】词汇在具体语境中的运用。 【试题解析】此题判断词性为名词,根据句意,“在观众面前辩论”,所以选 E。 45 50 49 help them decide whether to run for office, what policies to support, how to vote on important issues to make in their campaigns. President Lydon Johnson was famous for carrying the latest Gallup and Roper poll results in his pocket, and it is widely believed that he began from politics because the polls reported losses in public support. All recent presidents and other major political figures have worked closely with polls. 46 at providing leaders with feedback from the


【参考答案】I 【考查内容】词汇在具体语境中的运用。 【试题解析】此题比较容易出错,考生会误认为 firsthand 是形容词,然后找个副词来修饰。其 实不然,在这里,firsthand 是副词,前面 be 动词后要加动词的过去分词构成被动,根据句 意,由于不直接面对观众,所以“民众的反映不可能被直接地感受到”所以选 I。其实此题下 一段有提示,47 题空格后面“in their ability to experience public opinions”,这里出现了“体验 民众的观点。 46 【参考答案】H 【考查内容】词汇在具体语境中的运用。 【试题解析】此题判断词性为形容词,根据句意“新闻媒体在给政界领导人提供民众的反馈信 息方面却不是很高效”,所以选 H。 47 【参考答案】K 【考查内容】词汇在具体语境中的运用。 【试题解析】此题判断词性为名词,根据句意“为了弥补他们获得民众反馈的这种能力的下 降,他们开始求助于民意调查”,所以选 K。注意 decline 在这里做名词用。 48 【参考答案】A 【考查内容】词汇在具体语境中的运用。 【试题解析】此题判断词性为形容词,根据句意“政界要员广泛使用民意调查来帮助他们决 定……”make extensive use of“充分利用,广泛使用”。所以选 A。 49 【参考答案】B 【考查内容】词汇在具体语境中的运用。 【试题解析】此题有一定难度,判断词性为名词的复数形式,只有 B 为名词的复数形式。 types of appeals to make,“所做出的各种的呼吁”make an appeal “呼吁、上诉” 50 【参考答案】J 【考查内容】词汇在具体语境中的运用。


【试题解析】此题判断词性为动词原形,根据句意“他开始从政界退出,因为民意调查报道他 的公众支持减少”,所以选 J。 III. Reading Comprehension Section A Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. Radio began as a point-to-point communication device. In 1919, Radio Corporation of American would charge a fee if you sent a message from one radio to another. Either the senders or the recipients pay the fee. The purpose was basically to undercut the telegraph, and they made their money ____51_____, not by providing radio as a ____52____ but by selling hardware. In about 1922, radio _____53_____ into a broadcast mechanism. For broadcasting, in the simple sense, there was a ____54____ and it broadcast, and lots of people could hear it. But broadcasting was seen as a way to drive business to the radio hardware makers. The stations were ___55_____ by people who made radios or ___56_____, by churches and universities that wanted to get their ___57____ out but weren’t going to make money. And there was a lot of stuff which sounds very ___58___ today about how this medium was going to ____59____. And in the 20s, Radio Broadcast Magazine _____60____ a $500 prize for the best essay that answered the question: “ Who is going to pay for broadcasting, and how? ” The winner suggested a ____61____ on radio listeners. Now, it sounds a little strange to us, but that’s actually the British model. The BBC supports itself by a tax on TV and radio sets. There was some discussion about ____62____, and Herbert Hoover, the Secretary of Commerce then, was strongly against this idea. He said it was ____63_____ that we should allow so great a possibility for service ___64____ by advertising chatter. The Commerce Department was __65____ radio at the time. After the creation of national radio networks then the pressure – advertisers wanted to go on with it, people who owned the radio network wanted to sell ads, and that’s how radio developed as an advertising medium. 51. A. briefly 52. A. listener 53. A. developed 54. A. magazine 55. A. wanted 56. A. in some cases 57. A. way 58. A. critical 59. A. communicate B. naturally B. service B. extended B. platform B. made B. in return B. message B. persuasive B. broadcast C. basically C. broadcaster C. made C. stop C. sponsored C. on the contrary C. profit C. familiar C. emerge D. eventually D. applicant D. drove D. station D. sold D. on the whole D. opinion D. great D. survive


60. A. offered 61. A. reward 62. A. broadcasting 63. A. essential 64. A. sent 65. A. regulating 51. A. briefly 【参考答案】C 【考查内容】副词

B. won B. tax B. advertising B. inconvenient B. created B. producing B. naturally

C. missed C. fine C. chattering C. difficult C. drowned C. providing C. basically

D. abandoned D. rent D. modelling D. unbelievable D. suggested D. developing D. eventually

【试题解析】注意这句话有个并列连词 and,所以对应前半句中的 basically,这里也一样。 52. A. listener 【参考答案】B 【考查内容】上下文理解 【试题解析】通过上下文可知,这里的收音机不是作为一种设备或者服务。 53. A. developed 【参考答案】A 【考查内容】句意理解 【试题解析】这句话的意思是收音机发展成了一个广播机制。 54. A. magazine 【参考答案】D 【考查内容】上下文理解 【试题解析】要广播,就需要有一个电台,并且下文有出现过 stations. 55. A. wanted 【参考答案】C 【考查内容】上下文理解 【试题解析】这些电台是由那些做无线电的人赞助的。 56. A. in some cases 【参考答案】A 【考查内容】逻辑关系 【试题解析】做无线电的人和不以赚钱为目的的教堂和大学是并列的关系,所以选 A 表示有 时候,在一些情况下。 57. A. way 【参考答案】B B. message C. profit D. opinion B. in return C. on the contrary D. on the whole B. made C. sponsored D. sold B. platform C. stop D. station B. extended C. made D. drove B. service C. broadcaster D. applicant


【考查内容】上下文理解 【试题解析】无线电就是把信息传递出去的。 58. A. critical 【参考答案】C 【考查内容】上下文理解 【试题解析】现今,关于无线电的许多东西还是很熟悉的。 59. A. communicate 【参考答案】D 【考查内容】上下文理解 【试题解析】下文提到有杂志出钱奖励一篇回答了关于谁来支付广播的文章。 60. A. offered 【参考答案】A 【考查内容】上下文理解 【试题解析】提供 500 美金的奖金。 61. A. reward 【参考答案】B 【考查内容】上下文理解 【试题解析】本段最后一句话中出现了 tax. 62. A. broadcasting 【参考答案】B 【考查内容】段落大意 【试题解析】最后一段总的都在谈论广告。 63. A. essential 【参考答案】D 【考查内容】上下文理解 【试题解析】上文提到 Herbert Hoover 持反对意见的,所以对于广告这件事,他觉得是“不可 思议”的。根据句意“他说我们竟然允许这么大的可能性让我们的服务被广告所淹没简直太不 可思议了!”should 表示惊讶的语气,翻译为“竟然”。 64. A. sent 【参考答案】C 【考查内容】动词的搭配 B. created C. drowned D. suggested B. inconvenient C. difficult D. unbelievable B. advertising C. chattering D. modelling B. tax C. fine D. rent B. won C. missed D. abandoned B. broadcast C. emerge D. survive B. persuasive C. familiar D. great


【试题解析】根据句意“他说我们竟然允许这么大的可能性让我们的服务被广告所淹没简直太 不可思议了!”should 表示惊讶的语气,翻译为“竟然”。 65. A. regulating 【参考答案】A 【考查内容】上下文理解 【试题解析】根据下文提到的,广告很晚进入收音机,可知 Commerce Department 那时候正在 规范无线电。 Section B Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read. (A) The day began early. An agreement had been made with the little boys the evening before. They were to be allowed to celebrate the Fourth of July, the glorious day, by the blowing of horns exactly at sunrise. But they were to blow them for precisely five minutes only, and no sound of the horns should be heard afterward till the family were downstairs. It was thought that a peace might thus be brought by a short, though crowded, period of noise. The morning came. Even before the morning, at half-past three o’clock, a terrible blast of the horns aroused the whole family. The number of the horns was most remarkable! It was as though every cow in the place had arisen and was blowing through both her own horns! “How many little boys are there? How many have we?” exclaimed Mr. Peterkin, going over their names one by one mechanically thingking he would do it, as he might count imaginary sheep jumping over a fence, to put himself to sleep. The counting could not put him to sleep now, in such a loud noise. And how unexpectedly long the five minutes seemed! Elizabeth Eliza was to take out her watch and give the signal for the end of the five minutes, and the ceasing of the horns. Why did not the signal come? Why didi not Elizabeth Eliza stop them? And certainly it was long before sunrise; there was no dawn to be seen! “ We’ll not try this plan again,” said Mrs. Peterkin. “If we live to another Fourth,” added Mr. Peterkin, hurrying to the door to inquire into the state of affairs. Alas! Amanda, by mistake, had waked up the little boys an hour too early. And by another mistake the little boys had invited three or four of their friends to spend the night with them. Mrs. Peterkin had given them permission to have the boys for the whole day, and they understood the day as beginning when they went to bed the night before. This accounted for the number of horns. B. producing C. providing D. developing


It would have been impossible to hear any explanation;but the five minutes were over, and the horns had ceased, and there remained only the noise of a singular leaping of feet, explained perhaps by a possible pillow-fight, that kept the family below partially awake until the bells and cannon made known the drawning of the glorious day, the sunrise, or “the rising of the sons,” as Mr. Peterkin jokingly called it when they heard the little boys and their friends clattering down the stairs to begin the outside festivities. 66. According to the passage, which event happened first? A. Mr. Peterkin noted how many boys there were. B. The Peterkins were awakened by the boys. C. Elizabeth gave the signal to stop the horns. D. Mr. Peterkin exclaimed how many boys they had. 【参考答案】B 【考查内容】细节题 【试题解析】本题较难,学生易选错 D 答案,因为文中的““How many little boys are there? How many have we?” exclaimed Mr. Peterkin”;但是在上一段中“a terrible blast of the horns aroused the whole family.”,可以看出是 The Peterkins 是先被吵醒的,所以本题选 B. 67. What did the 7th paragraph talk about? A. The palce where the boys blew their horns. B. The time when Elizabeth Eliza stopped them. C. The way how the boys blew their horns. D. The reason why more horns were over there. 【参考答案】D 【考查内容】段落概括题 【试题解析】本题可以定位到第七段,根据最后一句“This accounted for the number of horns.”, 意思是“这解释了 horns 的数量”,所以本题答案是 D. 68. The probable main idea of this passage is that _______________. A. the little boys didn’t carry out the agreement thoroughly B. the little boys didn’t see the signal to stop blowing their horns. C. the little boys blew horns to greet the dawn of July 4th so early. D. the Peterkins enjoyed children’s blowing of the horns on July 4th. 【参考答案】C 【考查内容】主旨大意题 【试题解析】本题是概括全文大意题,根据第二段“An agreement had been made with the little boys the evening before. They were to be allowed to celebrate the Fourth of July, the glorious day, by


the blowing of horns exactly at sunrise.”虽然后面出现了一些小问题,第七段“Amanda, by mistake, had waked up the little boys an hour too early. And by another mistake the little boys had invited three or four of their friends to spend the night with them.”因此推断出是庆祝这个节日,而且吹号角提 前了 1 小时。 69. Which question is not answered in the story? A. When did the horn blowing begin? B. How long ago did the custom start? C. Why did the boys blow the horns in the morning? D. How did the Peterkins feel about the horn blowing? 【参考答案】B 【考查内容】细节题 【试题解析】本题细节题,要到文中找出答案。A,第七段“Amanda, by mistake, had waked up the little boys an hour too early.”。C,第二段“They were to be allowed to celebrate the Fourth of July, the glorious day, by the blowing of horns exactly at sunrise.”。D,最后一段可以看出。只有 B 文中是找不到答案。 (B)

Settling in to life at Oxford When you first arrive in Oxford, it may take a little while for you to find your way around. The university is a large organization that is fully integrated into the city and has been evolving for 800 years. Some of the first things our students do when they arrive include finding a bike(most students in Oxford find cycling is the best way to go around), setting up a bank account, getting their computer and mobile phone working, finding their department, getting to know their college and working out the best places to socialize. One of the major events you will experience shortly after “coming up” to Oxford is matriculation. Matriculation is held at the University’s Sheldonian Theatre and is the ceremony at which you are formally admitted to the university. International students are invited to an orientation day at the start of the academic year. Sessions run throughout the day that will give you practical information about living and studying in UK and introduce you to other graduate students from for all over the world who are starting their studies at Oxford at the same time as you, as well as to current Oxford graduate students and staff who will be able to help and advise you. The day covers topics such as studying and learning in the Oxford


system, University services, information on living in Britain and culture differences, as well as addressing practical issues such as employment, immigration and visas, health and safety. You can choose which talks to attend and at the end of the day there is a social hour so you can meet fellow students. Another good thing to experience early on is college dining. Most colleges have a tradition of regular formal hall dinners, which consist of three or four courses, and the atmosphere of an evening out in a nice restaurant. On some of these occasions you can invite people around to your college for dinner and then they may return the favor. In this way, you can get to know people studying your own and other subjects at the same time as visiting many of the historical college grounds and dining halls. Further information on your first few weeks at Oxford is available via the Students Gateway on our website, and you can get first-hand accounts of what life at Oxford is like by watching videos of students talking about their experiences on our Wall of 100 Faces.

70. Which of the following is not the first thing for a newcomer to Oxford to do? A. to find a best place to socialize C. to go to the Sheldonian Theatre 答案:C 解析:第一段的最后一句话可以看出,只有 C 选项是没有包括在内的。所以 C 选项符合 题干要求。 71. When do students feel they are truly admitted to Oxford University? A. They arrived in Oxford and settled down on campus. B. They received the offer from the admission office. C. They met the staff and took some required courses. D. They experienced the matriculation in the university. 答案:D 解析:由文章第二段最后一句话可知,只有当学生经历了录取入学的开学典礼之后,才能 够正式被录取。因此,D 选项符合要求。 72. Which is an orientation important for international students? A. It is a good chance to ask the staff for help. B. It offers practical information about living and studying. C. It helps get students’ computers hooked to the Internet. D. It can help deal with the problem of culture differences. 答案:B B. to set up a bank account D. to get mobile phone working


解析:由第三段开头句可知,对于国际学生,可以提供住宿和学习信息。因此,B 选项符 合题干要求。 73. “return the favor” in the passage probably means ______________. A. inviting you for dinner C. sharing favorite videos 答案:A 解析:由倒数第二段可知,你可以邀请人们到你的大学你请吃饭,然后他们也许会回请 你。因此 A 选项符合题干要求。 (C) When a big boat, like a cruise ship, goes through the ocean, it often creates waves. This happens when the large engines on the back of the cruise ship cause the water on the ocean’s surface move up and down violently. These waves move out from the boat in both directions. If you are captaining a smaller boat, you’d better steer clear of a ship’s wake, so that your boat is not surfing on the waves, causing it to overturn A wave is a pattern of motion. When you look at a wave, it may appear as simply water moving across the surface of the ocean. In fact, this is false. The water is actually not moving in the same direction as the wave. While the wave itself -- the pattern of motion – is moving across the surface of the ocean, the water is actually moving in a circular motion, which brings the water molecules back to their original position. The water merely gives the appearance of moving forward. If this is confusing, think of the kind of wave you do at a baseball stadium. Viewed from a distance, the wave is clearly moving across the stadium. But the thing that makes up the wave – the people – are not moving across the stadium, they’re just moving up and down in their seats. This is just like the water in an ocean wave. A lot of water is moving up and down, which gives water the appearance of moving along with the wave. Surfers pay a lot of attention to waves. If you’re not in an area where the waves are suitable for surfing, then you can’t surf. Usually, surfers gather in areas known for big waves – waves that rise high off the ocean’s surface. If the wave is bigger, then the surfer is often able to surf for longer distances and perform more tricks. The height of a wave is known as its amplitude. If you could make a wave freeze, then you could measure the wave’s amplitude by running a tape measure from the ocean’s surface to the very peak of the wave. All waves can be measured using amplitude and wavelength. While the waves created by a boat have very small amplitude – sometimes as small as a few centimeters – the wavelength can be very short, as lots of waves are being generated. By contrast, a tsunami has very high amplitude, sometimes more than 100 feet, but a relatively long wavelength, as it’s a high wave. B. visiting your historic college in return D. providing you with some good advice


Waves generated in the same way can have great differences in amplitude and wavelength. For example, think back to the cruise ship. While each ship creates waves caused by the movement of the boat, the properties of each of the waves may be very different. For example, a larger cruise ship, with powerful engines, may create a wave that has high amplitude and a short wavelength. However, if the ship’s engines slow down, they may then start creating less powerful waves at a slower rate. This would cause the waves’ amplitude to decrease, but its wavelength to increase. 74. What does the phrase “steer clear of a cruise ship’s wake” in the 1st paragraph mean? A. keep awake while steering a ship B. get a clear view of what is ahead C. keep away from the cruise ship D. follow the cruise ship very closely 【参考答案】C 【考查内容】细节理解 【试题解析】这道题目稍微有点难度,需要学生理解上下文之后搞清楚:如果你开的是较小的 船,那么为了不翻船,最好不要靠近较大的船只。 75. The author gives an example of wave people do in the stadium in order to _____________. A. illustrate how excited people are in a basketball stadium B. clear the confusion over measuring the wave’s amplitude C. demonstrate how to make waves in a basketball stadium D. explain why the water appears to move along the waves 【参考答案】D 【考查内容】段落理解 【试题解析】这道题目难度不大,作者举了在体育场的人们发出的波动的例子,是为了更形象 地说明水和水波同时出现并向前进。 76. The last paragraph gives us the impression that ________________. A. the wave’s amplitude may vary, but its wavelength remain the same B. the move powerful the ships engines are, the higher the waves they generate C. the amplitude of a wave depends on the direction the water moves forward D. measuring the amplitude and wavelength of waves is not quite easy 【参考答案】B 【考查内容】段落理解 【试题解析】难度适中。最后一段的第一句话就表明了这一段主要讲的是波纹也是不同的, “For example, a larger cruise ship, with powerful engines, may create a wave that has high amplitude and a short wavelength”这句话也说明引擎越有力,波浪就越高。

77. What is this passage mainly about? A. How waves are created and measured. B. What makes the sea water move forwards. C. Why people create waves in the stadium. D. How to steer a cruise ship in the rough sea. 【参考答案】A 【考查内容】主旨大意 【试题解析】难度适中。整篇文章谈论的都是关于水波的,从它的产生到最后一段讲的如何测 量。 Section C Directions: Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words. The paper is written in an attempt to discuss what the creative process is .Though much theory has accumulated ,little is really known about the power that lies at the bottom of poetic creation. It is true that great poets and artists produce beauty by employing all the powers of personality and by combing emotions, reason, and intuitions(直觉). But what is the magical synthesis(合成) that joins and arranges these complex parts into poetic unity? John L.Lowes, in his justly famous” The Road to Xanadu,” developed one of the earliest and still generally acceptable answers to this interesting question. Imaginative creation. He concludes , is a complex process in which the conscious and unconscious minds jointly operate. “there is ….the deep well with its chaos(杂乱) of accidently mixing images ,but there is likewise the vision which sees shining in and through the chaos of the potential lines of form , and with the vision, the controlling will ,which gives to that potential beauty actuality.” The deep well is the unconscious mind that is peopled with the facts , ideas , feelings of the conscious activity. The imaginative vision , an unconscious activity, shines through the land of chaos, of lights and shadows , silently seeking pattern and form. Finally , the conscious mind again, through will , captures and embodies the idea in the final work of art. In this way is unity born out of chaos. Though there can be no absolute certainty, there is general agreement that the periods in the development of a creative work parallel(与….相似), to some extent ,Lowes’s theory of well , vision , form and will. There are at least three stages in the creative process: preparation, inspiration, work. In a sense, the period of preparation is all of the writer’s life. It is the deep well . It is especially a period of concentration which gives the unconscious mind an opportunity to communicate with the conscious mind. When remembrance of things past reaches the conscious level of the writer’s mind, he is ready to go on with the process. Part of this preparation involves learning a medium---


learning a language , learning how to write, learning literary forms. It is important to note here that form cannot be imposed upon the idea. Evidence, though not enough, shows that the idea gives birth to the form that can best convey it. It is the vision, according to Lowes, that sees shining in and through the chaos of the potential lines of form. (Answer the questions or complete the statements in no more than TEN words) 78.John L. Lowes has provided an acceptable answer to the question of ______________________. 79._________________________are the four elements of John L. Lowes’ theory. 80. How does the preparation stage contribute to the development of a creative work? 81.According to the passage, what is the relationship between the idea and form. 78.答案:what the creative process is. 解析:根据题干的关键词“John L. Lowes”和“an acceptable answer”可以把答案定位在第 二段第一句,然后再结合第一段第一句就可以得出答案了。 79.答案:Well, vision, form and will. 解析:根据题干“he four elements of John L. Lowes’ theory.”可以把答案定位在第四段第一 句末尾,Lowes’s theory of well , vision , form and will.答案就很明显了。 80.答案:The unconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind (in this stage). The unconscious and conscious mind communicate with each other there. 解析:首先对于特殊疑问词“how”我们应该用”by doing …”表达方式的结构来回答或者用一句 话来回答。另外,根据题干关键词“the preparation stage”,可以把答案定位在最后一段第三句, 最后要注意表达结构及语法的正确性。 81.答案:The idea gives birth to the form/ The idea is superior to the form. 解析:根据题干关键词“the relationship between the idea and form”,可以把答案定位在最后一 段的倒数第二句“Evidence, though not enough, shows that the idea gives birth to the form that can best convey it”。

第 II 卷(共 47 分)
I. Translation Directions: Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the brackets. 1. 均衡的膳食是保持健康的关键。 (key) 【参考答案】(Having )a balanced diet is the key to maintaining healthy/good health. The key to maintaining healthy is to have a balanced diet. 【考查内容】the key to 表示“是…的关键” 【试题解析】均衡的膳食用 balanced 来修饰,并且要注意 the key to 的词组中 to 是介词。 2. 没有什么能比得上我现在看到的景色。 (than)

【参考答案】No scenery is better/ more beautiful than what I am enjoying here. 【考查内容】形容词比较级及定语从句的用法 【试题解析】定语从句先行词在从句中作宾语,可以省略。 3. 每个人都要为自己的决定负责,因为人生就是一系列的选择。 (responsible) 【参考答案】Everyone should be responsible for his decision, because life is a series of choices. 【考查内容】be responsible for“为…负责” 【试题解析】because 引导原因状语从句 4. 学生应该学会如何保护自己以防止意外伤害的建议是很有用的。(suggestion) 【参考答案】The suggestion that students should learn how to protect themselves from unexpected injuries is quite useful. 【考查内容】同位语从句 【试题解析】suggestion 表示建议,同位语从句中的谓语动词要用 should 加动词原形或省略 should。 5. 无论遇到什么困难,只要你坚持不懈的努力,你所有的梦想都会实现。(whatever) 【参考答案】Whatever difficulty you may/might meet (with), all your dreams will come true, as long as you keep on working hard. 【考查内容】whatever 引导让步状语从句 【试题解析】因为有两个从句,所以在翻译时注意主句放在两个从句中进行平衡。 II. Guided Writing Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese. 描写一件你珍藏的物品。文章要具体说明何时、何地、怎样得到这件物品以及为什么珍藏到现 在。


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