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高考英语 词汇最后冲刺 熟词新义汇总

1.It takes a couple of minutes for the drug to act. 起作用 2.The president should be addressed as “ Mr. President” . 被称作 3.The picture looks good against the white wall. 在...相称下

4.Lay down your arms or we’ll fire! 武器, 开枪,开火 5The theatre only admits 1,000 persons. 容纳 7.Long plane trips don’t agree with me. 适应 8.Attempts are being made to arrest the spread of the disease. 遏制,阻止 9.The worthy professor is now available. 可见到的 10.We appreciate the danger ahead. 意识到 11. Many of his friends backed his plan. 支持 13.The boy badly wants a new bike. 非常,急迫 14.All our plans broke down. 破灭 15.The football player has a solid build. 体格 18.The whole village was blanketed with heavy snow. 被...覆盖 19.The behavior of this comput er is very good. 性能 21.We chanced to be out when she called. 碰巧 22.Do you think long dresses will ever come back? 再 流行 23.This style is certain to come in this year. 流行 24.On the whole she counted herself a fortunate person. 认为 26.The tornado claimed dozens of lives. 夺走 27.Every minute counts. 重要 28.The UN has done a lot for the cause of the world peace. 事业 29.Mother cans fruit. 把...做成罐头 30.The corporation has enough capital to build another factory. 资金 31.Do you deal with Smith, the butcher? 有生意、贸易往来 32.Can you develop this film for us? 冲洗 33.The game ended in a draw. 平局 34.The farmers drove wells to water the crops. 打井 35.You must pay a deposit if you want to reserve the room. 定金,押金 36.We sheltered from the storm in a deserted hut. 荒芜的,空无一人的 37.I can’t digest her endless complaint a moment longer. 忍受,消化,领悟 39.Customs duties are paid on imported goods. 税 40.He directed the building of the new bridge. 主持 41.Now we are leading an easy life. 舒适的 42.His name escaped me for the moment. 想不起 43.He boasted that he would throw me downstairs; but I made him eat his words. 收 回 45.Please send this parcel by express delivery. 快递 46.Living in the country can excuse you from the worry of the heavy traffic and the polluted environment. 免除 47.How do you employ your spare time? 利用
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48.Have you entered yourself for the sports meet to be held next week? 报名 参加 49.He extended his hand in greeting. 伸出手 51.The fall of the river here is three feet. 落差 52.Does he have any family? 子女 53.She’s a very good woman; unkindness is foreign to her nature. 无关的。冷酷 不是她的本性。 55.The show was far from being a failure; it was a great success. 远非,远不是 56.The driver paid a fifty-dollar fine for speeding. 罚金 57.She’ll soon leave London for good. 永远 58.She signed the letter in good faith, not realizing its implications. 真心实意 60.All this waiting and delay is really getting her down. 使她疲惫不堪 61.He got through £300 in a week. 用完 62.Please don’t give my secret away. 泄密 63.He gave out that he was going to America. 宣布 64.Given the general state of his health, it may take him a while to recover from the operation. 考虑到 65.He as good as said I was a liar. 实际上 67.We study for the good of the people. 利益 68.These apples are still green , you can’t pick them. 生的,未熟的 69.The boys have got out of hand. 难管,失控 70.The cars are made for the home market. 国内 71.The people of Hechuan held out for 36 years on the Fishing Castle. 坚持抵抗 72.Things are beginning to hot up in the Middle East again. 紧张 73.Don’t look after your own interests. 利益 74.The government instituted a consunmer protection agency. 建立 75.The company is introducing a new family saloon this year. 推出一种新 的家庭轿车 76.The place is inviting. 诱人的 77.Our intelligence shows that the enemy is advancing. 情报 78.If she is poor, she is honest. 虽然她穷,但她诚实 79.His success was due to industry. 勤奋 80.Mother is ironing my shirt with an electric iron. 熨,烫 81.He introduced his speech with a joke. 以...开始 82.He doesn’t like eating potatoes boiled in their jackets. 带皮的 83.He jammed four apples in his pocket. 塞 84.He jobbed his son into the position. 利用职权 85.His joke killed the audience. 他的笑话使听 众笑得死去活来。 86.The suspect is still at large. 逍遥法外 87.My father gave me a lecture for smoking. 训斥 88.He said he would be here by 12 o’clock , but he let us down. 使某人失望 89.M y father gave a liberal amount of money each week. 一大笔 91.They laboured through the thick forest and up the steep hill. 艰难地做
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92.Jam’s depression seemed to be lifting at last. 提升 93.We are longing for him to come back as soon as possible. 盼望 94.He was let off without punishment, we won’t let him off so easily next time. 不受处罚 95.My watch loses a minute a day. 慢 96.To be frank, this mission is beyond my might. 权力,力量 98.To learn English well is a must. 必要的事 99.---May I have one? ---Yes, by all means. 当然可以 100.He is so mean and selfish that it is very difficult to make friends with him. 吝啬 101.All these things do not matter now. 与。 。 。有关 102.He narrowly escaped drowning. 差一点淹死 103.There was a note of warning in what he said. 口气,调子,成分 104.Miss Watkins was a nobody. She was a drifter. No family, no close friends. 无 名之辈 105.Reporters have a good nose for news. 嗅觉,找出或分辨事物的能力 106.The nature of iron differs greatly from that of wood. 性质 107.His latest play is nothing. 一文不值 108.The climbers had to negotiate a steep rock face. 处理,解决,攀越 109.The scholar narrowed his interest to Tang poetry. 局限 110.Though living abroad for a few decades, a lot of overseas Chinese still have the habit of observing the Chinese tradition. 遵守 111.The outgoing President Bush attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games. 即 将卸任 112.If everyone does his part, the project will surely be a success. 职责, 分担责任 113.I placed an order with them for 500 pairs of shoes. 订购 114.It promises to be fine tomorrow. 预示,有...的希望 115.The speaker spent several days polishing her lecture. 润色,修饰 116.He had to present a smiling face though heavy-hearted. 露出 117.When the fire alarm sounds , each man rushes to his post. 岗位 118.She was voted “most promising young actress, 2009”. 最佳年轻女演员 119.The British are a seagoing race. 民族 120.The upper reaches of Minjiang River serve as ecological barriers of Sichuan Province. 上游 121.Mrs. Whiteman rests with her husband. 与先生长眠一处 122.The warning was radioed to headquarters. 用无线电传送 123.I could hear the sound of his ragged breathing. 急促的 124.We managed to raise him on his mobile phone. 我们设法打他的移动电话找到了他。 125.She managed to stay her anger. 克制 126.We have established trade ties with these regions. 关系,联系 127.The manager was ready to shoulder the blame. 承担 128.You saw hardly a soul in the village. 见不到人
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129.She is sound in body and mind. 她身心健康 130.They took his money but spared his life. 饶恕,赦免,不伤害 131.He sprang to his feet and rushed out of the room. 跳起身 132.The younger man will succeed Mr. White as director. 接替怀特先生当主任 133.The divorced woman is the talk of the street. 话题,谈资 134.I am not familiar with chemical terms. 术语 135.Tires are usually made of rubber. 轮胎 136.Harris got a ticket for speeding. 罚单 137.She is mending a tear in her dress. 破洞 138.Applications for the job are coming in slowly in twos and threes. 三三两两 139.The new dictionary has really taken off. 受欢迎,成功 140.He is too sad to hear the bad news. 听到不幸的消息他极其悲痛 141.The laboratory is kept at an uniform temperature. 一律的,均匀的,一致的 142.After a fierce struggle, he got the upper hand of his opponent. 胜过对手 143.My father values honesty beyong all things. 尊重,重视,珍视 144.For example, in a virtual space, students can “visit” ancient battlefields. 虚拟空间 145.She gave us her version of what happened that day. 说法,版本 146.The rocks were worn away by the sea. 冲蚀 147.The stream wound its way through the village. 蜿蜒曲折 148.It is a wonder that he remained alive after dropping from the roof of a ten-storied building. 奇迹 149.Your idea won’t work in practice. 你的想法在实践中行不通 150.When did he take up football? 从事 进入考场莫心慌,适度紧张极正常, 看清题目再下笔,先易后难巧安排。 易题切莫丢分数,难题力争不空白。 答题规范多拿分,条理清楚是关键。 书写准确不笔误,得出结果要分析。

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