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【创新设计】2014-2015学年高中英语同步精练:必修2 Unit 1课时精练(2)(人教版,重庆专用)]

Unit 1 Cultural relics 课时精练(2) (人教新课 标,重庆专用)
(时间:45 分钟) Ⅰ.短语填空 1.________, he came back to his life. 2.They closed the ________the library. 3.I would do it by myself ________ask for help. 4.The leader________him very much, so he was sent abroad for further study. 5.You'd better learn what to________the problem. 6.She ________the children's safety and started out early. 7.The naughty boy ________ his father. 答案 1.To our surprise 4.thinks highly of Ⅱ.单项填空 1.Jenny is always absent from school, ________I suppose is why she is criticized now and then. A.which 解析 B.who C.that D.what 2.entrance to 3.rather than 7.looks like

5.do with

6.cares about


挨批评的原因。代替前面一句话的意思,且在从句中做主语,用关系代词 which。 答案 A

2.(2009· 重庆)Professor Williams keeps telling his students that the future________to the welleducated.

A.belongs C.is belonging 解析

B.is belonged D.will be belonged

考查动词的用法。belong to 表示“属于” ,不能用于被动语态,而且也没

有进行时形式,因此只有 A 项正确。 答案 A

3.—Can I believe in our monitor? —________. He is honest. A.Don't worry about it B.There's no doubt about it C.That's kind of you to say so D.Just soso 解析 考查交际用语。——我能相信班长吗?——毫无疑问。他很诚实。根据

答语 He is honest. 推知“毫无疑问” 。 答案 B

4.Liu Yang is regarded as our national hero, who is________. A.thinking high of C.highly thought of 解析 B.thought high of D.thinking highly of


动语态。 think highly of 意为“对……评价高” , 其被动结构为 sb be highly thought of。 答案 C

5.You'd better not________the radio, or you'll not be able to put it together again. A.take away C.take out 解析 B.take apart D.take in


装起来。take away“拿走” ; take apart“拆开” ; take out“取出” ; take in“接受; 理解;吸收;欺骗” 。



6.Little ________ about her own safety, though she was in great danger herself. A.did Rose care C.Rose does care 解析 B.Rose did care D.does Rose care

考查倒装句式。句意:尽管 Rose 自己处在危险中,但她丝毫也不在乎

自己的安全。否定副词 little 放在句首,句子用倒装句式,时态为过去时。 答案 A

7.The twins look so much ________ that it's hard to tell them apart. A.like 解析 B.possible C.alike D.similar


look alike “长得像” ,alike 为表语形容词;tell...apart“区别开” ,apart 为副词。 答案 C

8.—What do you think ________ Mr Wang? —He is well thought of by us. A.of 解析 B.about C.over D.of


What do you think of ?句式表示: “你认为……怎么样?”be well thought of 被 评价很高。 答案 A

9.Can you see a man and his horse ________ are crossing the bridge? A.which 解析 B.who C.that D.what

考查定语从句。句意:你看到横穿桥的人和他的马了吗?先行词为 a

man and his horse,既指人又指物用关系代词 that 引导从句。 答案 C

10. The beggar asked me for a meal and a glass of beer.________, he stood on his head and sang songs. A.As a result B.In return for this

C.In turn for this 解析

D.As a matter of fact


交换。as a result“由于……的结果” ; in return for this“以……来回报” ; as a matter of fact“事实上” 。 答案 B

11.Nowadays, college and high school students are getting a chance to learn what it takes to________in space. Some day you might get to design, build and launch your own satellite. A.explode 解析 B.explain C.explore D.express


有一天你会逐步去设计、建造和发射你自己的卫星。根据语境此处有“探险”的 意思。 答案 C

12.I prefer________the movies rather than ________at home. A.go to;stay C.going to;staying 解析 B.to go to;stay D.to go to;staying


式为:prefer to do sth rather than do sth。 答案 B

13.He often helps the students ________he thinks are not quick at their studies. A.whose 解析 B.who C.when D.they


处先行词为 students,在从句中作主语。 答案 B

14.If you don't want to choose the thinner one, ________. A.I will either C.either I will B.nor will I D.neither won't I



可知句子时态用将来时。 答案 B

15.He is a man of great knowledge, ________much can be learned. A.in whom C.from whom 解析 B.about whom D.of whom

考查定语从句。 句意: 他是一个知识渊博的人, 从中可以学到许多东西。

此处 learn from 为短语,介词提前,先行词为 a man。 答案 C

Ⅲ.完成句子 1.她宁愿晚饭后去散步也不愿呆在家里。 She prefers________ ________a walk after supper rather than stay at home. 2.他认为一天骑车十英里没什么大不了的。 He________ ________ ________biking ten miles a day. 3.杰克和比尔是双胞胎,所以他们长得很像。 Jack and Bill are twins, so they________ ________. 4.这个国家仍然处在战争中。 The country is still ________ ________. 5.令我高兴的是莫言获得了诺贝尔文学奖。 ________ ________ ________, Mo Yan won the Literature Nobel Price. 答案 1.to take 2.thinks nothing of 4.at war 5.To my excitement Ⅳ.完形填空 (A) Not too long ago,an incident that happened at Walt Disney touched me greatly.A guest checking out of our Polynesian Village resort(度假胜地)at Walt Disney was asked how she__1__her visit.She told the frontdesk clerk she had had a wonderful vacation , 2__several rolls of Kodak color film she had not yet__3__.At that moment she was particularly__4__over the loss of the pictures she had 3.look alike

shot at our Polynesian Luau,as this was a memory she especially treasured. Now,please understand that we have no written service rules__5__lost photos in the park.Fortunately,the clerk at the front desk understood Disney's idea of caring for our__6__.She asked the woman to leave her a couple of rolls of unused film,__7__she would take the pictures of the rest of our show for her at Polynesian Luau. Two weeks later the guest received a__8__at her home.In it were photos of all the actors of our show, __9__signed by each performer.There were also__10__of the public procession and fireworks in the park , own__11__after work.I happened to know this story because this guest wrote us a letter.She said that never in her life had she received such good service from any business. Excellent service does not come from authoritative handbooks.It comes from people who__12__—and from a culture that encourages and models that attitude. 1.A.expected 解析 意” 。 答案 D B.dropping C.losing D.breaking B.realized C.paid D.enjoyed

她被问到对参观满意与否。enjoy one's visit 意为“享受参观的乐趣,满

2.A.taking 解析

她说她度过了一个愉快的假期,但是令她伤心的是她丢失了 (losing)好

几卷柯达彩色胶卷。lose 意为“遗失” ,表示无意行为,符合语境;take 意为“拿 走” ;drop 意为“落下,下降” ;break 意为“破裂,打破,违犯” ,三项通常表示有 意行为。 答案 C B.taken C.washed D.loaded

3.A.developed 解析

客人把装在相机拍摄好了却尚未冲洗的胶卷给丢失了。 develop 意为“显

影;冲洗” ,通常指胶片等的冲洗,符合语境;take 意为“拿,取,拍摄” ;wash 意为“洗涤,冲洗” ,通常指衣物等物件的清洗;load 意为“装载,装填” 。

答案 4.A.silly 解析

A B.nervous C.calm D.sad

客人对在该度假胜地拍摄的照片的失去感到很伤心。sad 意为“忧愁的,

悲哀的” ,符合语境。silly 意为“愚蠢的,无聊的” ;nervous 意为“紧张的,不安 的” ;calm 意为“镇静的,沉着的” 。 答案 D B.making C.finding D.keeping

5.A.covering 解析


的事情提供服务的规则。 答案 A B.guests C.managers D.clerks

6.A.workers 解析

旅游地应该关心照顾游客(guests), 而非工人(workers), 经理(managers)

或职员(clerks)。 答案 B B.permitting D.hoping

7.A.betting C.promising 解析 答案 8.A.film 解析 答案

她答应(promising)为这位游客拍摄。 C B.card C.camera D.packet

两周后,该游客收到了一个包裹(packet)。 D B.personally D.frequently

9.A.violently C.gently 解析

包裹里是我们表演的演员的照片, 并有每一个表演者的亲笔(personally)

签名。frequently 意为“常常,频繁地” ;violently 意为“强烈地” ;gently 意为“温 柔地” 。


B B.pictures D.performances

10.A.rules C.handbooks 解析 答案 11.A.case 解析

同时还有公园里游行队伍和燃放烟花爆竹表演的照片(pictures)。 B B.work C.time D.position


的。case 和 position 与文意不符。 答案 12.A.care 解析 C B.serve C.like D.know

良好的服务来自于那些会关心的有心人, 来自于对那种态度予以鼓励和

以之为榜样的文化。care 意为“注意,照料,关心,护理” ;serve 意为“服务, 招待” ;like 意为“喜欢,爱好” ;know 意为“知道,了解” 。 答案 A (B) Advertising is a form of communication intended to inform potential customers about products and services.Many advertisements are also designed to generate increased__13__of those products and services through the creation and reinforcement of brand image and brand loyalty.For these purposes advertisements often__14__both factual information and__15__messages.TV,radio,newspapers,the Internet,and billboards,every major__16__is used to deliver these messages.Advertising is often placed by an advertising__17__on behalf of a company. Advertisements can also be seen on the seats of grocery carts,on the sides of buses , __18 systems.Advertisements are usually placed anywhere an audience can easily or frequently access visuals or audio. __19__which usually spend large sums of money on advertising but do not strictly__20__a product or service to the general public include political parties , , and militaries looking for new

recruits.Additionally, and rely upon free channels,such as public service announcements. 13.A.quantity C.value 解析 B.quality D.consumption

设计广告的最终目的是增加产品和服务的消费。consumption 消费,符

合语境。quantity 数量;quality 质量;value 价值。 答案 D B.contain C.expose D.compose

14.A.attach 解析

广告内容包括真实性和说服性的信息。contain 包含(表示实际包含的成

分);attach 附上,认为……有重要性;expose 暴露,露出;compose 构成, 组成。 答案 B B.impressive D.attractive

15.A.persuasive C.positive 解析

persuasive 说服性的,与上文中的 factual 对应。impressive 印象深刻

的;positive 积极的;attractive 有吸引力的。 答案 A B.website D.program

16.A.broadcaster C.medium 解析

从上文的 TV,radio,newspapers,the Internet,and billboards 可知,

它们都是 medium(媒体,媒介)。 答案 C B.sponsor C.agency D.designer

17.A.announcer 解析

广告代理机构代表公司发布广告。 agency 代理机构,符合语境。

announcer 广播员;sponsor 赞助者;designer 设计者。 答案 C

18.A.sent 解析




从上文的 Advertisements can also be seen 可得到提示,在电话中可

听广告,故选 C。 答案 C B.Organizations D.Foundations profit organizations 可 判 断 , 此 处 指

19.A.Companies C.Factories 解析

从 下 文 的 some non

organizations(组织)。company 公司;factory 工厂;foundation 基金会。 答案 B B.buy C.sell D.provide

20.A.make 解析 答案

有些组织虽然花大笔的钱做广告,但不出售(sell)任何产品或服务。 C

Ⅴ.阅读理解 Once there was a rich,beautiful and wise princess.Tired of those who were only interested in her money,she said that she would only marry whoever managed to present her with the most valuable and sincere gift of all. Soon the palace was filled with gifts of every kind.Among all these gifts, she found a simple dirty stone.She wondered who had offered this gift.She pretended to be highly offended(冒犯)by the gift when the young man was brought before her.He explained, “Dear Princess,this stone represents the most valuable thing one can give — it is my heart.It is also sincere.And because it is not yet yours, it is as hard as a stone.Only when it is filled with love will it become more tender(柔软的)than any other's.” The young man quietly left,leaving the princess surprised.She was so in love that she took the little stone with her wherever she went.And for months she gave the young man gifts and all her attention.But his heart remained as hard as the stone in her hands.Losing hope,she ended up throwing the stone into a fire.Then in the heat of the fire,the stone became a golden figure.Then the princess understood that she herself would have to be like fire. During the following months,she devoted her life,her wisdom and her wealth to

her country.And the people started to call her,the “Princess of Fire”. And, as with the stone, the Princess of Fire melted the hardness of the young man's heart.And,just as he had promised,he became so tender that he made the princess happy till the end of her days. 【语篇导读】 本文主要讲述了一位公主因为一块石头而觅得良缘的故事。

1.How did the princess feel when she first saw the stone? A.Angry. 解析 B.Excited. C.Curious. D. Sad.

推理判断题。根据第二段中的“ She wondered who had offered this

gift.She pretended to be highly offended...”可知,当公主看到那块石头时,她 很想知道谁送了那块石头。当送石头的人被带到她面前时,她故意表现出很生 气的样子。所以本题选 curious,其它选项不合题意。 答案 C

2.Why did people call the princess,the “Princess of Fire”? A.She got angry easily. B.She liked to throw things into a fire. C.She was once burnt by fire. D.Her love for her people was like fire. 解析 推理判断题。根据倒数第二段“ During the following months , she

devoted her life,her wisdom and her wealth to her country.And the people started to call her, ‘the Princess of Fire’ . ”可知,人们给公主这一称号,是因为 她深爱着她的国家,将自己的生命、智慧与财富都献给自己的国家。 答案 D

3.What can we learn from the text? A.The princess married the young man in the end. B.The young man's heart was always as hard as a stone. C.People in the princess' country were poor. D.The young man was interested in the princess' money.


细节理解题。根据最后一段中的“And,just as he had promised,he

became so tender that he made the princess happy till the end of her days. ” 可知,最后公主与那位送石头的年轻人结婚了。 答案 A

4.Which of the following words can best describe the young man? A.Mean and shy. C.Proud and poor. 解析 B.Wise and loyal. D.Naughty and wise.

推理判断题。 根据年轻人对自己送石头的阐述以及履行他对自己许下的

诺言,可知他既聪明又忠实。 答案 B

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