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unit 3 百万英镑综合课件公开课

Do you know him?

Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Mark Twain’s House

Do you know any evaluation given to him?
America's short story writer novelist Humorist

public speaker America's best known literary figure Literary giant

Read the short passage quickly and fill in the chart.
Real name Meaning of his pen name Birth date Birthplace

Place where he grew up His famous stories

Fill in the blanks.
Real name of MT Meaning of his pen name Birth date Birth place Samuel Langhorne Clemens river November 30th, 1835 Florida

In Hannibal, Missoouri, Place where along the Mississippi he grew up River. His famous stories The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Do you know any of his works? Can you name any of them?

His famous works The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

《汤姆· 索亚历险记》

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

《哈克贝利· 弗恩历险记》

Life on the Mississippi

his short stories

Running for Governor


The Million Pound Bank Note


The holy passion of Friendship is of so sweet and steady and loyal and enduring a nature that it will last through a whole lifetime, if not asked to lend money.
友谊是如此圣洁的一种激情, 是如此甜蜜、牢固和 忠诚, 这样的特质可使友谊维系终身—只要不向 对方借钱。

—Mark Twain

We are living in a magic world, one where anything may happen!

Buy a car
Buy technology

Make Makean an investment investment Give some to the charity

Go Go shopping shopping Save money


Buy a house

Save money

Do you know what happened to Henry Adams in the reading text?


We are going to study the play ―The Million Pound Bank Note‖ by Mark Twain. First, let’s learn something about play. 戏剧包括哪些要素? 情感,欲望,争斗,妥协。 什么是戏剧冲突? 戏剧冲突表现在人物性格的冲突上,具 体表现为一系列的动作。

什么是戏剧语言? 戏剧语言包括人物语言和舞台说明。舞 台说明是写在剧本每一幕的开端,结尾 和对话中间的说明性的文字,内容包括 人物表、时间、地点、服装、道具、布 景、以及人物的表情、动作、上下场等, 它具有增强舞台气氛,烘托人物心情, 展示人物性格,推动情节展开等多种作 用。

Main characters
two old and wealthy brothers

father and son-in-law

father and daughter


make a bet on him


A p_________ and l______ American ennliess ost



A brief introduction to the story
the bet




The story began


Read the play carefully and answer the following questions:
1. Where does Henry Adams come from?
Does he know much about London?

2. What did he do in America? 3. Why is Henry lost in London? How did he get there? 4. How many questions do the brothers ask Henry? What is the brothers’ concern?

5. Why do the brothers give Henry the letter? 6. Can you find the examples of polite requests? 7. Can you guess why the brothers do not permit Henry to open the letter until 2 o’clock?

? Learning tip: ? Answer the questions by looking at the picture and glancing(浏览;粗略地看 ) at the beginning and ending of the text.

1. Where does Henry Adams come from? Does he know much about London? Henry comes from San Francisco. No, he doesn’t know London at all. 2. What did he do in America? He worked for a mining company.

3. Why is Henry lost in London? How did he get there? He was sailing out the bay when he was carried out to sea by a strong wind and was survived by a ship for London.

4. How many questions do the brothers ask Henry? What is the brothers’ concern?
Seven. They want to know whether or not Henry is penniless.

5. Why do the brothers give Henry the letter? ? It was his first visit to London so nobody knew him. ? He had no money so he would have to rely on the bank note. ? They thought he looked honest because he asked for a job and not charity.

6. Can you find the examples of polite requests?
?Would you step inside a moment, please? ?Good morning, sir, would you please come in? ?Permit me to lead the way, sir. ?How do you do, Mr…er…? ?I wonder, Mr Adams, if you’d mind... ?May we ask what you’re doing in this country…? ?Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll…

Put the following events in correct order.
(1) Henry wandered in London streets. (2) About a month ago Henry Adams was sailing out of the bay. (3) The next morning he was spotted by a ship. (4) Towards nightfall he found himself carried out to sea by a strong wind. (5) On the ship he earned his passage by working as an unpaid hand.

(2) About a month ago Henry Adams was sailing out of the bay. (4) Towards nightfall he found himself carried out to sea by a strong wind. (3) The next morning he was spotted by a ship. (5) On the ship he earned his passage by working as an unpaid hand. (1) Henry wandered in London streets.

Read Act one again, then fill in the following form. The million pound bank note Before Henry coming to London A month ago, Henry sailed ______ out of the bay. He was carried out to sea by a strong wind and was spotted by a ship. _______

He earned his passage ________ by working unpaid, which accounted forhis appearance. __________



He landed in Britain by accident ____________.

million Henry

pound coming to He lost his way, _________ wandering bank London on the pavement _________. note He went to the American ________ seek help. embassy to ______



Two ________ wealthy brothers
Henry was _______ invited to

million Henry’s made a bet.

pound luck
bank note

changed _______ enter their house.

Henry was given the
letter with a million

pound bank note.

Retell the story by filling the following passage. Henry was an _________. American One day he had an accident in a bay ___. Luckily he was survived by a ship for _______. London He arrived in London by earning his passage without pay.

He was lost ___ in the street in ____. rags To

his surprise an incredible _________ thing
happened. Two rich brothers gave him

a million pound bank-note because
they had made a ____. bet

What do you think of Henry?

Tells the truth to the brothers. It is my first trip here.

Well, to be honest, I have none.
(no money)

Well, I can’t say that I have
any plans.

Wants work but not charity. I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand. Could you offer me some kind of work here? I don’t want your charity, I just want an honest job.

Well, it may seem luck to you but not to me. If this is your idea of some kind of joke, I don’t think it’s very funny. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll be on my way.

What kind of persons you think Oliver and Roderick are?

Oliver and Roderick:

rich (servants and not worrying about
giving a stranger a million pound bank-

note), mischievous (prepared to bet one
million pounds just for a bit of fun), good judges of character (they see Henry is honest and proud)


What do you think will happen to Henry? Will the bank-note help him or get him into trouble? Give a possible development to the story.

The first place I’d like to go?



Using Language
At the restaurant


Unit 3



A. He was not taken seriously. B. He was treated politely.

What would happen to Henry at the restaurant?

1) What did he really do after he leaves the brothers? 2) What food did he order? 3) Did he get into any trouble with the note after the meal?
Learning tip: Answer the questions by looking at the picture and glancing(浏览;粗略地看 ) at the beginning and ending of the text.

1) What did he really do after he left the brothers? He went to the restaurant. 2) What food did he order? ham and _____ eggs and a nice He ordered some _____ steak and a cup of_______ coffee and big _______ pineapple dessert together with a large a_________________ glass of _____. beer 3) Did he get into any trouble with the note after the meal? Yes, he did.

Reading-I (3m)

Read through the text quickly and then complete the True or False questions. T 1. The owner looked down upon Henry when he noticed Henry’s appearance. F 2. Henry asked for more of the same food because he is an American who like to eat a lot. F 3. When Henry saw the million pound bank-note, he was happy and proud of it. F 4. The owner didn’t believe that the bankLearning tip: notethe was real and he asked Henry Catch useful information. Don't to get read the sentence by sentence . out of the restaurant.

enjoyed a good meal in a restaurant. To his surprise,

a million pound note.
refused to take any money , extremely polite to Henry

Read the dialogue carefully again. Try to find out how Henry was treated at first and the sentences expressing their attitude toward Henry.

Before showing the note
one’s reserved 1.That___________.

goodness My________! He________ eats like _____. a wolf

Waiter 1.It’ll_______ cost a large amount of money ___________. 2.Again, 2. everything? 3.What’s 3. there to wait for?

if he’s 2. We’ll see _________ clever as a wolf, eh ___________________? 3.Well, we will have take a chance to_________________. 4…if you____________ pay the bill…

After showing the note
sorry, sir, 1.I’mso _____________ so sorry. _____ 2.Oh, please, don’t worry, sir. Doesn’t matter at all.



2.And you put him in the back of the restaurant!

3.Just having you sit here is a great 3.bow honor! … bow 4. _______… …

The great change of their attitude

What made them change their attitude?
The genuine one million pound bank note.

Oral Practice(3m)

Post Reading

What kind of person is the owner? why? He is somebody who is only impressed by one’s appearance and how much money somebody has. 势利 的
snobbish [‘sn?b??]

Is money so important? Some people say that

money is everything. They think that money
can bring them happiness. But others don’t


M o nis ey s Money notI everything!
Money can buy a house, but not a home.


Money can buy a bed, but not sleep.
Money can buy a clock, but not time.

Money can buy a book, but not knowledge.
Money can buy you a position, but not respect.

Money can buy you medicine, but not health.
Money can buy a friend, but not love.

Money can buy you blood, but not life.

Only money can bring people happiness. Agree: only money can bring people happiness.
If I have lots of money, I can buy a big house, my family will be happy.

Disagree: not only money can bring people happiness.
Money can buy a big house, but you can’t buy a home. so you can’t buy happiness.

Language points

1. This unit is a play based on a short story by Mark twain. be based on 以…为基础/基于… e.g. The novel is based on his own experiences. ______ on his own experiences, his novel attracts many young people. A. Being based B. Basing C. Based D. To base

2. He was brought up in Hannibal. bring up 抚养/养育,提出,呕吐 bring sth along 带来 bring back 拿回来 bring in 产生 bring about 引起 bring out 出版,使显示

3. He is best known for his novels set in his boyhood world on the river. be set in 以…为背景 e.g. The novel is set in London in the 1960s. 相关短语: set …free 释放 set about (doing) sth set aside 放在一边/省出,保留/不理 会,不顾

set down 写下/制定/让某人下车 set off 出发/引爆/激起 set up资助/设置, 竖起/建立/(体育) 创 纪录/造成 set out (to do sth)出发做某事。

4. scene n. 现场, 场面, 景色, (戏剧)一场
①Firefighters were on the scene immediately. 现场 ②The rocking boats along the river bank make a beautiful scene. 景色 ③The boy led his mother to the scene of the accident. 现场 ④The scene in the hospital is very moving. 场面 ⑤The last scene of the play was very impressive. (戏剧) 一场

behind the scenes 在后台, 在幕后, 暗中

on the scene 在/到现场
come on the scene 登场

①scenery 是总称, 指大范围的自然风光,是由多 个scene构成的景色, 常译为 “景色”, ―风景”. ②scene指展现在眼前的情景, 也可经指scenery 的一部分, 指某处小范围的景色, 大多包括景物 中的人及活动, 可译为 “情景”, ―景色”, ―场 面”, ―(戏剧)一场” ③view是指人以一定的角度(或从远处或从高处 等)所看到的景色,还有 “观点”, ―看法”的意思. ④sight 是眼睛所看到的景象, 可以指美丽的 风景,也可以指悲惨的景象, 用其复数sights表 示名胜古迹, 人文景观等.

5. Roderick and Oliver have made a bet. bet n. (1) agreement to risk money, etc. on an event of which the result is doubtful 赌博 make a bet打赌 咱们赌下次大选好吗? Let’s make a bet on the next election.

bet – bet – bet – betting have a bet打赌 win/lose a bet 打赌赢/输了 accept/take up a bet同意与…打赌 bet on sth 对某事打赌 make a bet on sth with sb. 和某人在…… 上打赌

6. … they see a penniless young man wandering on the pavement outside their house. wander v. & n. v. (1) 游荡/闲逛;漫步/游sp 在小城闲逛 wander ______________________ in the small town 漫游世界 wander _________________ the world He told us that we could wander _____________ around at will. (随便逛逛)

(2) 迷路,走失 The traveler wandered for some time in the fog. (3) 走神 My attention/mind wandered.
n. 漫游,闲逛 go for /take a wander 去溜达

7. Permit me to lead the way, sir. permit vi. 许可;允许 vt. 许可;允许 n. 许可证,执照 【辨析】permit 许可证,执照 permission 允许,许可,同意

1) permit sb to do sth.=allow sb to do sth.


Her mother would not permit her to come back late.
Permit me to explain it.

2) permit/allow doing 许可、容许(某事物)存在、发生或被(某人) 做 在我们的办公室里不准吸烟。 permit smoking the office. We don’t ______________in
犯人每天允许有两个小时的户外活动。 were permitted The prisoners _______________two hours’ outdoor exercise a day.

8. Mr. Adams, if you’d mind us asking a few questions. mind sb. doing 介意某人做某事 eg: 你介意我在这里吸烟吗? Do you mind my/me smoking here? eg: 你介意我打开窗户吗? Do you mind my/me opening the window?

9. go head: be carried out; take place执行, 进行,举行 1) 尽管天气不好,旅行将照常进行。 Despite the bad weather, the journey will go ahead. 新桥的修建将按计划进行。 The building of the new bridge will go ahead as planned.

?-“Can I have a look at the sport section?” -- “Yeah, go ahead. I’ve read it.”

1) 执行,进行,举行 =take place 2) 可以;做吧;说吧 ;继续=allow sb to do sth

11. I'd just about given myself up for lost when i was spotted by a ship. had just done... when was/were about to do... when 正要做... 突然... was/were doing ... when was/were on the point of doing... when 正在做... 突然...


I was about to go to bed when my girlfriend called me.

我正在吃冰激凌, 突然下雨了。 I was eating ice cream when it rained. I had just finished my ice cream when it rained.

spotless adj. 没有污点的, 纯洁的 spotted adj. 有斑点的, 玷污的

12. The fact is that I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand, which accounts for my appearance.
事实上我靠做义工来赚我的船费, 这就是导致我衣冠不整的原因了. account for :导致;解释;是... 的原因,占百分比
请你对自己的所说的话作出解释。 Please ____________what you said. account for 他因病缺席。

accounts for His illness __________his absence.

on account of =due to=owing to =because of 因为;由于 on no account =by no means=in no case 决不 (放句首,主句部分倒装) take sth into account/consideration =take account of 考虑;注意

On no account _________ write my name on the blackboard. A. must you B. you must C. could you D. you ought to
评价它的表现时, 你不应该考虑他的年龄。

When judging his performance, you should not take his age into consideration/account.

He was absent on account of illness.

I’d ____ A his reputation with other farmers
and business people in the community, and

then make a decision about whether or not
to approve a loan. A. take into account B. account for C. make up for D. make out take into account考虑 account for说明……的原因 make up for 弥补 make out理解,辨认出

13 appearance n. 1) arrival 出现,来到 警察突然出现, 小偷就逃跑了。 The sudden appearance of a policeman caused the thief to run away. 2) 外貌,外表 勿以貌取人——外貌不可靠。 Don’t judge by appearances---appearances can be misleading.

14. I went to the American embassy to seek help.
? ? ? ? seek vi.&vt. (sought, sought) 【相关短语】 seek to do sth. 试图/努力做某事 seek for寻找= hunt/look for= in search of ? seek after 追求 ? seek out =pick out 挑出;挑选


He is seeking a new job.
他们一直在设法解决问题. They are seeking to solve the problem. 他在寻找自己的灵魂伴侣。 He is seeking for his soulmate.

15. patience
? ? ? ? ? ? ? n. 耐性,耐心 adj. patient 耐心的; 【否定】:impatient 【相关短语】 lose one’s patience失去耐心;发脾气 with patience耐心地= patiently be patient with对……有耐心

patience ?Success requires ____________. with patience/patientlyat the ?Fans waited ___________________ airport for Fan's arrival. be patient with ?Teachers should _________________ their students.

16. reserve

vt 预定;预约;保留;预留 n. 保护区;储备物

I'd like to reserve a table for eight for eight o'clock. These seats are reserved for special guests. reserve sth for sb 为某人预定 /预留某物

12. I’m afraid that it will cost a large amount of money.
amount n. 量, 数量, 数额 vi. 合计, 共计
His earning were;相当于 said to amount to 300,000,000 $. amount to 总计 Her answer amounts a complete a large amount of +n.to [U]+ V. (单数refusal. ) A largeamounts amount of help has been given =large +n. [U]+V. (复数 ) to us by government. 许多;大量 Large amounts of Harbin beer were transported to Huang Yan.



1. many 2. few/a few 3. a good/great many 4. a (large/ great/ big/ small) number of 5. many a +单数名词 6. more than one +单数名词

1. much
2. little/a little 3. a good/great deal of 4. a large amount of

5. large amounts of


a lot of/lots of plenty of a large quantity of

large quantities of

13. manner n. ? n. 常作复数(pl.) “礼貌;规矩” It’s good / bad manners to do sth. 做…是有/没有礼貌的 ? n. 常做单数:“方式,方法” ? in a …manner 以…的方式 ? 有礼貌的,没有礼貌的???

在就餐时,正确使用刀叉是礼貌的。 服务生应该礼貌的招待顾客。

It is good manners to use knife and fork correctly. Waiters should treat their customers in a polite manner.

14. It is very kind of you to help me. It is very difficult for me to help me. It is so foolish of you to apologize to him. It is impossible for me to finish it in a week. It is + adj+ of/for sb to do sth
good,nice,right,wrong,clever,careless,polite, foolish; 若形容词仅仅是事物特征 ,用for sb.,这类形容词
有difficult,easy,hard,important,dangerous, (im)possible 等。 ,用of sb.。

ps: 形容词是描述人的性格、品质的,用of sb ;如kind,

15. Well, we will have to take a chance. 哦,我们要赌一把了。 take a/ the/ chance/ chances 碰运气;冒风险

16. Do you think it’s genuine? genuine 1) real, not fake or artificial 真的,非伪造的,非人工的

a genuine pearl a genuine note 2) sincere, honest 真诚的,真实的 She seems genuine but I can’t trust her.
辨析 real, true与genuine的区别 real作“实在的,真的”解,指客观存 在 的,而不是想象的或幻觉的东西。 real的反义词是imaginary。 That is a real dog not a toy.

true―真实的,正确的”,指事物与实际 情况相符,是合乎道理的,而不是杜撰 或错误的。反义词是false. This story is true to history. genuine 由gene (基因)转化而来,因而


True friendship lasts forever. It’s a _____ real pity that we have to give up the chance. His action was praised by all the people, and they said he was a ________ genuine Chinese.

17. I did hear that the Bank of England had issued two notes in this moment. issue 1) publish 出版,发行 The Bank of England issued the million pound notes. 2) come, go or flow out 流出 blood issuing from a wound

18. Indeed, sir, I hope you’ll come here whenever you like.

1) in fact 事实上,其实

I don’t mind. Indeed, I am willing to
help you.

2) truly, really, certainly 的确,实在的,确实 - Did he finish the work? - Indeed, he did.

19. As for the bill, sir, please forget it. as for 至于, 关于 You can have a bed, but as for the

children, they will have to sleep on
the floor.

关于As 的固定搭配有哪些?

I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字 母或汉语提示, 写出该单词的正确形式。 1. You should not park your car on the __________ pavement (人行道). 2. Photography will not be _________ permitted (允 许) inside the courtroom.

3. The secret of a good relationship is to accept other persons’ _____ faults (过错), and not to try to make them change. 4. You should _____ seek (寻求) advice from your lawyer on this matter.

5. Spain is our favorite holiday s_____ spot
and we all like traveling there.

6. He w________ wandered around the mall for half

an hour as if he had nothing else to do. patience (耐性) made her the 7. Her _________ best nurse in the hospital.
8. We met the officials of the __________ embassy (大使馆) at dinner that same evening.

II. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. Do you permit your children to ________ smoke

2. Would you mind _________ washing (wash) the

dishes tonight? I am so tired.
3. When I woke up, I found myself _____ pulled

(pull) into another room.
4. To _______ tell (tell) you the truth, I fell asleep in the middle of the speech.

III. 用适当的介词填空。 1. He should have finished his homework ___ at this moment. 2. The beautiful house ___ on your left is

3. As a matter ___ of fact, he is a cheat, so

don’t believe him.

4. I only found my lost pen ___ by

5. He was standing there until the ship sailed out ___ of the bay. 6. The little girl stared ___ at the little cats in their basket. 7. I didn’t wake up __________ until / till eight o’clock this morning.

8. He could not account ____ for the time

he spent away from his work.
9. The boss once earned his living by

working ____ as a nurse in a hospital.
10. I never smile ___ at those who are rude to me.

for such 11. He is unwilling to work ____

little money.
12. Luckily, I met an old friend of

mine ____ on my way home.
13. I don’t care _______ about the price, so long as the car is in good condition.

IV. 用括号中所给词或短语的适当形 式完成下列句子。 make a bet; go ahead; by accident;
stare at; account for; on the contrary

1. Don’t _________ staring at me like that. It’s not
my fault anyway. 2. He could not __________ account for his absence from school.

3. He __________ made a bet that he would win the

4. It doesn’t seem ugly to me; ______________, on the contrary I think it’s rather beautiful. 5. I don’t know whether he did it __________ by accident or by design. 6. If you want to take a shower, just ________ go ahead and take one.

根据括号内的提示翻译下列句子。 1. 假如时间允许,我们就去购物。 (permit) If time permits, we’ll go shopping. 2. 你对待他人要有耐心。(be patient

You should be patient with the others.

3. 迟到并不是我们的错。(It is not ... fault)
It was not our fault (that) we were late / for being late. 4. 老实说,因为我太累了所以没有给你 回信。(to be honest) To be honest, I didn’t reply to your letter because I was so tired.

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Unit 3 COLORS LESSON 17 教案-公开课-优质课(清华版一...
Unit 3 COLORS LESSON 17 教案-公开课-优质课(清华版一起精品一上)_一年级英语_英语_小学教育_教育专区。Unit 3 COLORS LESSON 17 教案 一、教学目标: 1. ...
Unit 3 COLORS LESSON 18 教案-公开课-优质课(清华版一...
Unit 3 COLORS LESSON 18 教案-公开课-优质课(清华版一起精品一上)_一年级英语_英语_小学教育_教育专区。Unit 3 COLORS LESSON 18 教案 一、教学目标: 1. ...
Unit 3 My weekend plan (第3课时)教学设计-公开课-优...
Unit 3 My weekend plan (第3课时)教学设计-公开课-优质课(六上人教PEP版...播放课件。 听录音,完成听力检测,为 Let’s talk 铺垫 Listen and answer. ...
Unit 3 My weekend plan (第1课时)教学设计-公开课-优...
Unit 3 My weekend plan (第1课时)教学设计-公开课-优质课(六上人教PEP版...播放课件。 导入本课话题 Let’s chant. -Where is it? -Yes, it’s the...
Unit 3 Lesson 1 What day is today(1)-公开课-优质课(...
Unit 3 Lesson 1 What day is today(1)-公开课-优质课(鲁科版起精品四...4) 课件展示一张对比表,请学生观察总结归纳介词 on、at 的不同用法。 5) ...
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