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2012届高考英语顶尖学案:大纲版 BookⅠ Unit 22 A world of fun

2012 届高考英语顶尖学案:大纲版 届高考英语顶尖学案:
Unit 22 A world of fun 充满趣味的世界

1. the ir disappointment, To only a ____________ (少数)of people support these new laws. 2.You don’t really see anything—it was only ____________(想象). 3.They have made remarkable ____________(成就)since they started their research in the field. 4.Having worked for many years,he knows how to balance his work and __________(娱乐). 5.The __________(吸引力)of the moon for the earth causes the tides. 6.She __________(分)the reward into five equal shares. 7. The __________(受伤)to their key player could be a decisive factor in the game. 8.用 educate 的适当形式填空: (1)He was ____________at a very good school in his teens. (2)No country can afford to neglect the ____________of its young people. (3)They engaged a young ____________to teach them Spanish. 9.用 end 的适当形式填空: (1)—How did the story ____________? —Just like most romantic stories,it had a happy ____________.The

prince killed the monster and saved the princess in the ____________ and they lived happily ever after. (2)I can’t put up with his ____________ complaints any more. 1.minority 2.imagination 3.achievements 6.divided ending 7.injury end 8.(1)educated



(2)education (3)educator (2)endless


1.______________ 朝着正确的方向 2.______________ 3.______________ 4.______________ 5.______________ 6.______________ 7._____________ 8._____________ 建立在……基础之上 有共同之处 被分成…… 各种各样的 通向;导致 走进;进入 处于危险之中

9._____________ 脱下;起飞;成功 10.____________ 切掉;切断;突然中止 1.in the right direction 2.be based on

3.have...in com mon 4.be divided into 5.a variety of 8.in danger 6.lead to 9.take off 7.step into 10.cut off

1. ___________________ at the Headland, visitors can take the shuttle to the Lowland. 在高地上尽享车乘游览之后,游客们可以乘往返的汽车去低地。 2 . Visitors can go on exciting rides where they can feel

_________________ the things they have seen their heroes do in the movie. 游客们可以进行刺激的车乘, 从中他们可体验到做他们所看到的电影中的主人公 们所做的事情会感受如何。 3. there isn’ one ____________________, If t don’ worry, theme t the parks are coming! 如果你的住处还没有主题公园,不要着急,它们快来了! 1.Having enjoyed the rides 2.what it is like to do ? 3.where you live yet

1divide vt.& vi. 分;划分;隔开

【教材原句】 (P67)The park is divided into two sections. 这个公园被分成两部分。 ①(朗文 P592)The money will be divided (up) equally among his children.那些 钱将平均分给他的几个子女。 ②The class was divided into three groups when we went on our outing.我们 外出郊游时,全班分成了三个小组。 ③He knows how to divide his energy between his business and family.他懂 得如何在工作和家庭之间分配精力。 比较网站 separate,divide

(1)separate 指把原来连在一起或靠近的分开来,也可指“离别” 。 (2)divide 侧重于把原来的整体分成若干部分。 【高效记忆】 即境活用 1.用 separate,divide 填空。 (1)请把好苹果与坏苹果分开。 Please ______ the good apples from the bad ones. (2)这个岛屿被分成几部分。 The island is ______________ several parts. (3)台湾不应该从中国大陆分离出去。 Taiwan should not be ______________ China,the mainland. 答案:(1)separate 2risk n. (2)divided into vt. (3)separated from



【 教 材 原 句 】 (P67)The parks are becoming more advanced and new technology allows us to experience almost anything without actually being in danger or risking injury. 主题公园越来越先进, 新技术保障我们几乎能经历一切但又不必冒着受到伤害的 危险。 (1)n.冒险,风险 ①(朗文 P1768)I encourage people to take risks by trying new things.我鼓 励人们冒险尝试新事物。 ②Don’t drive after drinking,otherwise you are putting your own life at risk. 不要酒后开车,否则你就会使自己的生命处于危险之中。 (2)vt.冒……的危险

③ ( 牛 津 P1725)We ’ ve been advised not to risk travelling in these conditions. 我们受到忠告,在这种条件下不要冒险出行。 ④(牛津 P1725)The re was no choice.If they stayed there,they risked death. 他们别无选择。如果待在那儿,就面临死亡。 即境活用 2.完成句子 (1)仅是为拿到那一点钱就去触怒老板不值得。 It is not worthwhile to _________________________ offending your boss just to get such a small sum of money. (2)我不想冒遭人袭击的危险一个人在晚上外出。 I don’t want to _______________________ to go out alone at night. 答案:(1)take a risk of 3prevent (2)risk being attacked

vt.& vi. 防止;妨碍

【教材原句】 (P69)He cut off the electricity quickly and prevented an accident. 他迅速切断电源,预防了一次事故。 ①(朗文 P1612)Guards stood at the doors to prevent anyone from leaving. 守卫站在门边阻止任何人离开。 ②Her sudden arrival prevented him going out. 她的突然到来使他不能外出。 思维拓展 ③Nothing can prevent/stop/keep him from carrying out his plan.什么也阻 止不了他执行计划。 ④He had to defend himself against their charges.

他必须对他们 的指控为自己辩解。 即境活用 3.Many more policemen should be sent to ________ them ________ some endangered animals. A.prevent;to hunt C.keep;to hunt B.stop;hunting D.keep;hunting

解析: B。 选 keep/prerent/stop sb.from doing sth.阻止某人做某事, 其中 keep sb.from doing sth.中的 from 不可省。 4amusement n. 消遣;娱乐(活动)

【教材原句】 (P64)Have you ever been to an amusement park? 你去过娱乐公园吗? ①Both adults and children like to watch cartoons just for amusement. 成人和儿童都喜欢看卡通作为消遣。 ②(牛津 P63)To my amusement,he couldn’t get the door open. 使我感到好笑的是,他竟然打不开门。 思维拓展 ③Parks provide people with a place to amuse themselves and to escape their busy lives for a while.公园为人们提供自我娱乐的场所,有助于他们从繁 忙的生活中解脱出来轻松一下。 ④(朗文 P63)Listening to the radio keeps me amused while I’m driving. 边开车边听广播让我很开心。 ⑤(牛津 P63)I didn’t find the joke at all amus ing. 我认为这笑话一点也不可笑。 即境活用 (1)我们都对他那愚蠢的行为感到好笑。 We ____________________________ his foolish behaviour. 答案:were all amused at

(2)孩子们玩捉迷藏游戏取乐。 The children ________________________ playing hide-and ? seek games. 答案:amused themselves by 5imagination n.想象(力);空想;想象的事物 【教材 原句】 (P69)The only limit to the fun is the imagination of the designers of the thrill rides-and it seems to be endless! 乐趣的唯一局限在于动感电影设计师的想象力——想 象似乎是无止境的! ①You didn’t really see anything—it was only imagination. 实际上你什么也没有看见,那只不过 是幻想而已。 ②(牛津 P1017)It doesn’t take much imagination to guess what she meant. 不难猜出她的意思。 思维拓展 imagine 想象,认为;以为 imagine sth. 想象某事 imagine wh-/that clause 认为,以为…… imagine(sb.)doing sth. 想象(某人)做某事) ③(牛津 P1018)Can gou imagine what it must be like to lose your job after 20 years? 你能想象得出干了 20 年之后被辞退会是什么样的滋味吗? ④ It is difficult for young people to imagine the working people ’ s sufferings before liberation. 年轻人很难想象解放前劳动人民的苦难。 即境活用 5.完成句子

(1)我几乎不能想象彼得五天之内横渡大西洋。 I can hardly ________________________ across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. 答案:imagine Peter sailing (2)你能想象没有手机和互联网你的生活会是什么样 吗? Can you _____ _______________________ without your cellphone and the Internet? 答案:imagine what your life will be like 6in the direction 朝……方向 【教材原句】 (P66)Excuse me.Am I going in the right direction? 劳驾,我走的方向对吗? ①(朗文 P568)The trucks headed in the direction of town. 卡车朝着市区的方向行驶。 思维拓展 ②(朗文 P568)I saw smoke coming from the direction of the parking lot. 我看见烟从停车场的方向飘过来。 ③People started running in all directions directly/the moment the fire broke out. 一发生大火,人们开始四散奔逃。 ④You have to follow the doctor’s directions. 你必须遵照医生的指示。 即境活用 6. How can you possibly catch up with them if you are riding ________ the opposite direction? A.to C.in B.towards D.under

解析:选 C。in the opposite direction 朝相反的方向。

1【教材原句】 (P67)Visitors can go on exciting rides where they can feel

what it is like to do the things they have seen their heroes do in the movie. 参观者可乘坐富于刺激的车辆, 这样他们可亲身感受到电影中英雄们做的事是什 么样子的。 【句法分析】 feel what it is like to do sth.感觉做某事是个什么样子;其中

it 是形式主语,不定式才是真正的主语。 ①I felt what it was like to experience an earthquake. 我知道了经历地震是什么滋味。 ②He felt what it was like to miss his hometown. 他体会到思念家乡的滋味。 即境活用 7.What________like to lie on the soft beach enjoying the summer sun? A.do you C.are you B.does it D.is it

解析:选 D。根据句子结构可知,to lie on...是不定式作真正的主语,故前面要 用 it 作形式主语。 2【教材原句】 (P67)If there isn’t one where you live yet,don’t worry, the theme parks are coming! 如果在你居住的地方还没有主题公园,不要焦急,它们就要来了。 【句法分析】 where 在此引导一个地点状语从句。where 引导的地点状语从

句也可放在句首。 ①Put the bottle of medicine where the child cannot reach it. 把这瓶药放在小孩子够不到的地方。 ②Where others are weak,he is strong.

别人的弱点正是他的优势。 ③When solving the problem a second time you’d better be more careful where you have made a mistake. 当你第二次解决这个问题的时候,你最好在出过差错的地方更加小心。 即境活用 8.(2009 年高考江苏卷)_______ unemployment and crime are high,it can be assumed that the latter is due to the former. A.Before C.Unless B.Where D.Until

解析:选 B。句意:在那些失业率和犯罪率都很高的地方,我们可以认为后者是 由于前者的原因。根据句意可知此题应该选 B 项。

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