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考点松散了,课本上的词汇和语法 还要不要复习?

41. A. Quit B. Changed C. Lost D. Finishe 42. A. condition B. place C. Sight D. show 43. A. suggestion B. comment C. decision D. call 44. A. by B. proudly C. outside D. angrily 45. A. draw B . say C. arrange D. pick 46. A. appreciate B. supply C. order D. discover 47. A. dollar B. job C. hot meal D. gift card 48. A. easy B. low C. soft D. loose 49. A. giving B. saving C. spending D. begging 50. A. yet B. even C. still D. just 51. A. declared B. shared C. ignored D. expected 52. A. food B. medicine C. toys D. clothes 53. A. sleepy B. watery C. curious D. sharp 54. A. whoever B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever 55. A. message B. example C. experience D. adventure 56. A. rely on B. respect C. learn from D. help 57. A. suddenly B. vividly C. differently D. perfectly 58. A. time B. power C. patience D. money 59. A. need B. love C. fear D. memory 60. A. strong B. sweet C. strange D. simple

? ? ? My kids and I were heading into the supermarket over the weekend. On the way ,we spotted a man holding a piece of paper that said, “ __41___ my job. Family to Feed.” At this store, a __42___ like this is not normal. My 10-year-old noticed him and made a __43____ on how bad it must be to have to stand ___44____ in the cold wind. In the store, I asked each of my kids to __45___ something they thought our “friend” there would ___46___. They got apples, a sandwich and a bottle of juice. Then my 17-year-old suggested giving him a ___47____. I thought about it. We were ___48__ on cash ourselves, but… well, sometimes __49___ from our need instead of our abundance is ___50__ what we need to do! All the kids __51____ something they could do away with for the week. When we handed him the bag of __52__, he lit up and thanked us with ___53__ eyes. When I handed him the gift card, saying he could use it for __54____his family might need, he burst into tears. This has been a wonderful ___55__ for our family. For days the kids have been looking for others we can __56___! Things would have played out so __57____ if I had simply said, “No, we really don?t have ___58___ to give more.” Stepping out not only helped a brother in __59___, it also gave my kids the __60____ taste of helping others. It?ll go a long way with them.

? ?

? C ? Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was one of the most popular of modern artists. The Pompidou Centre in Paris is showing its respect and admiration for the artist and his powerful personality with an exhibition bringing together over 200 paintings, sculptures, drawings and more. Among the works and masterworks on exhibition the visitor will find the best pieces, most importantly The Persistence of Memory. There is also L’Enigme sans Fin from 1938, works on paper, objects, and projects for stage and screen and selected parts from television programmes reflecting the artist?s showman qualities. ? The visitor will enter the World of Dali through an egg and is met with the beginning, the world of birth. The exhibition follows a path of time and subject with the visitor exiting through the brain. ? The exhibition shows how Dali draws the viewer between two infinities (无限). “From the infinity small to the infinity large, contraction and expansion coming in and out of focus: amazing Flemish accuracy and the showy Baroque of old painting that he used in his museum-theatre in Figueras,” explains the Pompidou Centre. ? The fine selection of the major works was done in close collaboration (合作)with the Museo Nacional Reina Sofia in Madrid, Spain, and with contributions from other institutions like the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.

? 28. Which of the following best describes Dali according to Paragraph 1? ? A. Optimistic. B. Productive C. Generous. D. Traditional. ? 29. What is Dali?s The Persistence of Memory considered to be? ? A. One of his masterworks. ? B. A successful screen adaptation. ? C. An artistic creation for the stage. ? D. One of the beat TV programmes. ? 30. How are the exhibits arranged at the World of Dali? ? A. By popularity. ? B. By importance. ? C. By size and shape. ? D. By time and subject. ? 31. What does the word “contributions” in the last paragraph refer to? A. Donations. B. Projects. C. Artworks. D. Documents.

? ?


? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Building Trust in a Relationship Again Trust is a learned behavior that we gain from past experiences, 36 . Trust is a risk. But you can?t be successful when there?s a lack of trust in a relationship that results from an action where the wrongdoer takes no responsibility to fix the mistake. Unfortunately, we?ve all been victims of betrayal. Whether we?ve been stolen from, lied to , misled, or cheated on, there are different levels of losing trust. Sometimes people simply can?t trust anymore, 37. It?s understandable, but if you?re willing to build trust in a relationship again, we have some steps you can take to get you there. ● 38 Having confidence in yourself will help you make better choices because you can see what the best outcome would be for your well-being. ●39 If you?ve been betrayed, you are the victim of your circumstance. But there?s a difference between being a victim and living with a “victim mentality”. At some point in all of our lives, we?ll have our trust tested or violated. You didn?t lose “everything”. Once trust is lost, what is left? Instead of looking at the situation from this hopeless angle, look at everything you still have and be thankful for all of the good in your life. 40 Instead, it?s a healthy way to work through the experience to allow room for positive growth and forgiveness. A. Learn to really trust yourself. B. It is putting confidence in someone. C. Stop regarding yourself as the victim. D. Remember that you can expect the best in return. E. Seeing the positive side of things doesn?t mean you?re ignoring what happened. F. This knowledge carries over in their attitude toward their future relationships. G. They?ve been too badly hurt and they can?t bear to let it happen again.

Large and rich vocabulary is power!

一轮复习回归课本,夯实基础词汇,扩 大词汇量!

语法复习回归自然,只讲基础句法,词 法!

突破重点,高频词汇: 基本,特殊,高考
?V: 词的延伸(同义,反义,名词形式) ?Adj.: 同义词,反义词,名词形式,动词化 ?N:基本含义,同义词,反义词

1. v.
? devote: ? :Professor Li devotes two hours every day ____ to doing his part-time job. ? :Doctor Li devoted himself to make making the research into the cause of cancer. ? :_______ devotionto his duty ? :a ________friend /husband devoted

? chat …with : talk …with ? :say tell speak reply respond argue quarrel debate sigh add comment complain explain scream shout yell whisper smile remark communicate

? raise the flag ? your hand ? your voice ? money for…. ? cows for milk ? the salary

2. adj.
? broad: ~road/shoulders/knowledge ? :broaden our horizon/view/knowledge/street ? : worsen/lighten/strengthen/lengthen….. ? : narrow ? clear:obvious/noticeable / ? :~his voice/the river ? :unclear ? careless: careful ? : carelessness….. ? :care ? :with care

3. n.
? At this store, a __42___ like this is not normal. (2015年高考全国卷1) ? 42. A. condition B. place C. sight D. show

? condition /situation ? sight /view/scenery/scene


?低频词汇怎么讲? ?1. 选出不同类的词汇。 ?2.写出近义词,反义词。 ?3.连线 ?4.根据释义写出该单词,也可以用于口头 复习

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1. A. cousin B. relatives C. uncle D. aunt 2.A. tradition B. custom C. culture D. habit 3.A. continent B. ocean C. harbor D. coast 4.A. baggage B. suitcase C. cabbage D. luggage 5.A. scenery B. forest C. mountains D. waterfall 6.A. eagle B. penguin C. pigeon D. sweater 7.A. chat B. talk C. argue D. sigh 8.A. urban B. downtown C. countryside D. town 9.A. ministry B. president C. chairman D. cooker 10.A. test B. quiz C. survey D. chest 11.A. climate B. frost C. misty D. stormy 12.A. pleased B. terrified C. tired D. depressed 13.A. shelter B. reporter C. survivor D. miner 14. A. completely B. sincere C. useless D. extreme

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

spot : ________spotless , _____the spot find on frighten terrify: __________be ____ to death pleased: happy and satisfied, glad, cheerful,delighted impressive: ~ scenery /speectouched/moved nearby: near distant faraway topic: theme subject issue wealthy: rich ,well off, poor, badly off lose catch sight ? of : sight of , see, witness, notice, observe, gradually: suddenly approximately: about , around at dawn: at dusk,at night,at midnight slightly : greatly within : beyond frequently: often

? ?

? miss mine study march strike marry game book order value matter stand stage terribly badly state stay head company rest right promise present

语法(句法-词法 讲练结合)

?讲:理解概念,建立体系,只讲基础 ?练:长难句 ? :二卷中的语法填空,改错,书面表达

? ? ?


五大句型、时态语态 陈述句、疑问句、祈使句、感叹句 倒装句、强调句型

? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?


并列句(非谓语动词做伴随状语,结果状语) 名词性从句(非谓语动词做主语、宾语、表语) 状语从句(非谓语动词做状语) 定语从句(非谓语动词做后置定语)

名词 形容词,副词 代词 介词 连词

? 填、改、写作 ? Every year the expert will_____(invite) to give speech. ? In this college up to 200 foreign experts_____(employ)every year.

长难句。 ? 今年全国公务员考试考题: 大舅去二舅家找三舅说四舅被五舅骗去六舅家偷七舅 放在八舅柜子里九舅借十舅发给十一舅工资的1000 元. ? 问:1.究竟谁是小偷? 2.钱本来是谁的? ? Uncle 1 went to uncle 2?s home to find the 1000 Yuan that uncle 3 said would be sent to uncle 11 as his salary by uncle 10 who had borrowed from uncle 9 and that had been stolen by uncle 4 who was cheated by uncle 5 to uncle 6?s home to steal money put in the uncle8 ?s box by uncle7.

? of/in/with/….. ? the number of people learning English in china is….. ? that/which ? the dining hall full of students in the morning ? English spoken by those who first spoke…is quite different from English spoken now by those

? 1.小组听写,组长或组员批改,定时定量定地听 写。不仅减轻老师负担而且给同学学习机会。 ? 2. 听英语默写英语 ? 3.朗读和背诵 ? 早课至少前30分钟处于积极的大声背诵的状态。 ? 背什么? ? 课本含有黑体字多的段落和词汇填写 ? 读书虫,查字典


? God helps those who help themselves.

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