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单词讲解 Unit11

Unit11词汇讲解 1. (v.)总结 summarize/se Eg.在这一章结尾对研究结果作了总结. The results of the research are summarized at the end of the chapter. 2.和percent区别: percent百分之。。 percentage百分比、百分率 Eg.最近房价上涨了50%. House prices have risen/gone up by 50 percent.

--女职员占多大比率?--30%. --What percentage of the female staff is? --30 percent. 3. (adj.)频繁的 frequent (adv.) frequently Eg. some frequent visits to this country 频频访问这个国家 a frequently asked question 一个最常见的提问 Buses run frequently between the city and the airport.

4. 填写问卷、调查表 fill in a questionnaire 5. = fame Eg.好、坏名声 a good/bad reputation 赢得/树立声誉 earn/establish/build a reputation 有损某人的名声 ruin/ damage one’s reputation 6. eg. a murder suspect 一个杀人嫌疑犯 Eg.我怀疑他不是真的警察。

I suspected that he was not a real policeman. (adj.)怀疑的;可疑的 suspicious Eg.我觉得他行为可疑,便报了警。 I became suspicious of his behavior and contacted the police. 7.(v.)manage经营管理 = run; be in charge of; control 8. eg.medical staff全体医护人员 teaching staff 全体教师 注意:The staff are all here.(集合n)

9. (v.)require require sb to do be required to do require that..(should)… (n.) requirement (详见大纲词讲解) 10. for the sake of sb/sth= for one’s sake由于;为了。。利益 eg.They stayed together for the sake of the children. 为了孩子,他们还待在一起。

Eg.为了健康,她戒了烟。 She gave up smoking for the sake of her health. 11.= fact; actually; as a matter in of fact; in actual fact Eg.她看起来信心十足,而实际上紧张的 She 要命。 seemed confident, but in reality she felt extremely nervous/tense. 12. eg.The competition is open to both teams and individuals. 团队和个人均可参加比赛。

13.永久的;固定的 permanent Eg.temporary work 临时工作 temporary relief from pain 暂时缓解疼痛 a temporary measure/ arrangement 临时措施/ 安排 14.1).eg.a football/ tennis coach 一个足球/网球教练 2). a coach station长途汽车站 We travel by coach. 乘长途公共汽车旅行. 15. (n.) cooperation

16. (v.) expect 1).We expect a rise in food 预料;预计 prices this month. 2). I’m expecting a visit/letter/ 等待;期待=wait for call from him. 3).Her parents expected high 指望;期望;要求 standards from her. 17.=watch; take care of Eg.我们请邻居在我们外出时照看一下房 We asked the neighbors to keep 子。 an eye on the house for us while we’re away.

18. 使某人激动、兴奋excite sb (adj.)感到激动兴奋的 excited (adj.)令人激动兴奋的 exciting (n.) excitement 19.=rule eg.fire regulations防火条例 safety regulations安全规章 20. eg.Homework is taken into account as well as exam results. 除考试结果外,课程作业也要计入成绩。

Eg.The company takes environmental issues into account. 考虑到了环境问题。 21.使某人尴尬 embarrass sb embarrassed 尴尬的 embarrassing 令人尴尬的 embarrassment (n.) Eg.The question about one’s private life will embarrass him. It was so embarrassing to sing in public.

22.violent 1).暴力的eg.violent crime暴力犯罪 2).强烈的eg. a violent explosion 剧烈的爆炸 (n.) violence暴力 Eg.Violence broke out in prison last night.昨晚监狱发生了暴力事件. 23.(v.) explode (常bomb, gas, unclear…) 24. Eg.他辞去了经理职务。 He resigned as manager.

(n.) resignation eg. a letter of resignation辞职信 25. Eg. an ambitious young man 一个雄心勃勃的年轻人 (n.) ambition 1).夙愿 Eg.他一直未能实现当个工程师的夙愿. He never achieved her ambition of becoming an engineer. 2).野心;雄心;抱负 Eg.He was motivated by 他被个人野心所驱使 personal ambition.

political ambition政治抱负 She was intelligent but suffered from a lack of ambition. 她很聪明,但缺乏远大志向。 26.=as complete,not separate eg.The festival will be great for the country as a whole. 这次会演对整个国家都将意义重大。 on the whole 总的来说;大体上 = in general Eg.~, I’m in favor of the idea. 大体来说,我赞成这个想法。

27. Eg.in actual fact实际上 the actual age实际年龄 The actual cost was higher than we expected. 实际成本比我们预计的要高。 (adv.) actually实际上;事实上 = in fact; in reality; as a matter of fact 28. Eg.我会在几天内给你个确切的答 复/决定。 I can give you a definite reply or decision in a couple of days.

(adv.) definitely 肯定;无疑 =certainly; without doubt Eg. We definitely afford such a car. 我们肯定买不起这辆车。 (n.) definition 定义;释义 29. =stand Eg.a bookstand书摊 30.祝贺某人某事 congratulate sb on sth. (n.)congratulations (on sb/sth) 31.(adj.) financial财政的;金融的

Eg. financial crisis 金融危机 financial aid 财政上的援助 financial center 金融中心 32. (v.)把。。和。。结合起来 combine sth with/and sth. Eg.The hotel combines comfort with convenience. 这家旅馆既舒适又方便。 He has successfully combined a career and bringing up a 他成功的兼顾了事业和抚养子女. family.

33.新郎 bridegroom 34. (n.) exception例外 eg.Most buildings in the town are modern, but the church is an exception. 城里大部分是现代建筑,不过教堂是个 例外。 35.词组: live up to one’s expectations 不辜负期望 live up to one’s name 名副其实

36.1).(UN)羞愧;羞耻 Eg. She hung her head in shame. 她羞愧的低下了头。 2).(CN) What a shame/pity!真遗憾 It’s a shame/pity that… Eg. –I failed my exam. --Oh, what a shame! 你不能来真叫人遗憾。我盼望见到你呢. It’s a shame (that) you can’t come. I was looking forward to seeing you.

(adj.)感到羞愧的,羞耻的 ashamed (adj.)可耻的 shameful 37. (n.) pursuit 1).追求 追求一个目标 Eg. pursue a goal/aim 2).追逐=follow Eg.The singer was pursued by the press. 被记者穷追不舍 38.Eg.The hotel can accommodate up to 400 guests. 这家旅馆可供500人住宿。

(n.) accommodation住宿;膳宿 eg.The price of the trip includes flights and accommodation. 旅行的费用包括机票和住宿费。 39.1).谢绝;婉拒=refuse Eg.decline an offer or invitation 谢绝对方的主动帮助或邀请 2).减少;下降;衰退 Eg.The number of tourists to this resort declined by 10%. 到这个胜地游客减少了10%.

An increased in cars has resulted in the decline of public transport. 汽车的增加导致了公共交通的减少。

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