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英语:短文改错百篇练习一(1-20) 审核人:Lydia. Xian
短文改错练习(1) Rowena and Billy Wrangler are model high school students . They study hard . They do extreme well on achievement tests . And next year , Rowena will attending Harvard University . Billy , her younger brother , hoe to go to Cornell . That makes Rowena and Billy different from most students is that they don’t go to school . In fact , they've never been to school . Since a kindergarten , they have studied at home . Neither Rowena or Billy feels as if they have missed out on nothing by being taught at home . As many of the more than one million people who receive home schooling in the United States , they feel if they have gotten a good education . 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85.

短文改错练习(2) Did you enjoy yourself yesterday? I suppose you do. But I’d like to tell you what a bad day I had yesterday. Nothing just went wrong. On the morning, my alarm clock didn’t ring, since I woke up an hour late. I was in such a hurry that I burnt my hand when I was cooking the breakfast. Then I ran out of the house to catch the 8:30 buses. This is the bus I usually take. But, you may laugh, I missed it of course. I am very unhappy, and scared as well because teacher hates the students coming late to school. So I ran three miles to school only to discover that nobody was there. The school was quiet but peaceful. Our classroom was 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85.

locked. I realized that moment: It was Sunday.

短文改错练习(3) Get a good education is more important today than ever before .In Canada mostly children attend public schools. Public schools are mainly found by governments through tax income. Students in Canada taught in English and in French. The rests of Canadian children attend private schools, that are supported mainly by fees paying by parents .By law ,the children must attend the school from age 5 to 16. There are several different levels in the Canadian education system .The first was called Elementary Schools ,which include kindergartens through grade 7 or 8. 76. _______________ 77. _______________ 78. _______________ 79. _______________ 80._______________ 81._______________ 82._______________ 83. _______________ 84._______________ 85._______________

短文改错练习(4) Yesterday we went to plant trees on the hill near to our school. The boys were made dig pits(坑).The girls were told to plant the young trees into the pits. All of us worked very hardly. Soon we were all wet with sweat.After the young trees planted, we 76. 77.? 78. 79. 80.? ? 81. 82. 83.? 84. 85 ? ? ?

began to water it.The water was at the foot of the hill. But we stood in line to pass pails(桶) of water from one to other up to the hill. We did not finish water the trees until it was dark.Though we were tired,we feel very happy.

短文改错练习(5) A few months after returning the US from Germany , I took 76.

part in a college course in French. Since I have learned to speak German good in Germany, I thought that it might be interested to begin studying another language. At the first class, the teacher asked us to do a pronunciation exercise, in which he would say one word or two in French, and each student would do their best to copy. When he got to me, he kept having me to say more words, and I finally asked him why. “I find it great funs. It’s the first time I’ve heard an American speak French with a German accent.”he explained it.

77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85.

短文改错练习(6) It was fine yesterday. The sun was shining in the sky. I went boating by myself. I didn’t take many friends with me because I wanted to row alone. I hired a boat and rowed slowly to the center of lake. A fresh breeze was blowing, fish was swimming and birds were singing. When I reached the center, I took up the paddles(桨)and lie down in the boat. With the blue sky over me or green water around me I was extremely relaxed. Over about two hours passed in this way before I knew them. I came back home very late. I didn’t feel tiring at all, for I had really had a good time. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85.

短文改错练习(7) I was anxiously expected your letter, and at last it has reached to me. I am very glad to know that everyone at home is enjoying good health as usually. Things here are same now as they were before. The final examination will take place in next week. So 76.________ 77________ 78________ 79 ________ 80 ________

I am now busy preparing for my lessons. It’s nice to think that the summer vacation is coming near. I can’t say much I want to see you all again. I am looking forward to spend summer days with you. Give my love to Father, Mother and anyone at home.

81________ 82________ 83 ________ 84________ 85________

短文改错练习(8) One afternoon , when I was on my way home , the sky changed suddenly . Dark clouds were gathered . I began to feel worried because I didn’t have both a raincoat or umbrella about me . It soon started to rain . Just as I was hurrying home , I heard of someone calling me from behind . I turned to have a look and find that he was Liu Wei , a good neighbour of mine . He offered to share his umbrella with me . We walked all the ways home . Without Liu Wei’s help , I would have got wet to the skin . How much thankful I was for his help ! 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85.

短文改错练习(9) I worried about the missed bag all the evening. I tried to remember exact what I had done from the time I left the store until at the time I got home. I remembered whether I had looked at the bag while I was having lunch. So I must have it when I left the store. I remembered showing it to a friend on the bus. But I had the bag then. I came directly from the bus to my house, and I must have forgotten it on the bus. I was in hurry to get off and forgot to check the packages lying on the floor. I should be much careful next time. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85.

短文改错练习(10) A kind of little car may someday take place of today’s big ones . If people drive such cars in the future ,there would be less pollution in there air . There will be more spaces for parking cars in cities . The streets will be less crowd . And driving will be safer as these little cars can go only 65 km per hour . The future cars will be fine for getting round a city , so they will not be useful for long trips . Little cars will go 200km , before needing to stop more gas . If big cars are still used along with the small ones , two sets of roads that will be needed in the future . Some roads will be used for the big fast cars and another roads will be needed for the slow small ones . It is said that third such little cars fit in the space now needed for one car the usual size . 83. 84. 85. 81. 82. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80.

短文改错练习(1) 76.extreme—extremely 80.right 84.As—Like 85.if—as if 短文改错练习 (2)76.do→did 第一个 the 77.Nothing→Everything 82.am→was 85.but→and 短文改错练习(3) 76.Get-- Getting 77.mostly-- most 78.found --founded 79. in Canada∧-are 80.rests- rest 81.that -which 82.paying-- paid 83.the school 84.was --is 短文改错练习(4) 85. √ 78.In→On 79.since→so 80.去掉 84.√ 77.will—will be/attending—attend 81.a kindergarten —kindergarten 78.hope—hopes 79.That —What 83.nothing —anything

82.or— nor


83.在 teacher 前加 my/the

76. 第二个 to 去掉 为 them

77. made 后加 to 78. √ ?79. hardly 改为 hard 80. trees 后加 were 81. it 改

82. But 改为 So 83. other 改为 another 84. water 改为 watering 85. feel 改为 felt 短文改错练习(5) 76. returning 后加 to 80.对 掉 it 短文改错练习(6) 76.many→any; 77.row→be; 78.of^lake→the; 79.第二个 was→were; 81. 81. √; lie→lay; 82.or→and 短文改错练习(7) 76. expected 改为 expecting 掉 in 82. right 为 everyone 短文改错练习(8) 76.sky-weath 77gathered-gathering 78.both-either 79. or ^umbrella-an 80 heard of 81.find-found 82.he-it 83. √84.ways-way 85.much 短文改错练习(9) 76.missed-missing77. exact-- exactly 78.去 at √ 79.whether-that 80. have∧ it --had 81. 81. 去掉 for 83. say 后加 how 84. spend 改为 spending 85. anyone 改 77. 去掉 to 78. usually 改为 usual 79. are 后加 the 80. 去 83.去掉 about; 84.them→it; 85.tiring→tired. 77. have 改为 had 78. good 改为 well 79. interested 改为 interesting 84.funs 改为 fun 85.去

81.one 改为 a 82.their 改为 his 83.去掉 to

82.But—So 83.forgotten--left 84. in∧ hurry --in a hurry 85.much --more

短文改错练习(10) 76. take^ place——the 80.正确 81.so——but 85.third-three 77.would ——will 82.stop^ ——for 78.spaces ——space 83. 去 掉 that 79.crowd ——crowed 84. another — — other

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