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广东省2013高考英语一轮复习周周练 第一周 星期四

第一节 单项填空 1. When he learned that his brother had returned from abroad, he set off to his home _____. Which of the following is not OK? A. immediately B. right away C. right then D. right now E. at once 2. With income going down and prices ______, it is very hard to make a living nowadays. A. rising up B. rising C. rise D. rise up 3. You could hear water pipes cracking _____ they _____ because of the cold. A. when; burst B. before; were burst C. when; were burst D. before; burst 4. You can hardly imagine the once clear canal _____ so seriously polluted that no fish can live in it. A. have become B. having become C. to have become D. to become 5. There on the shore you can see a steam powered ship covered with dirt _____, waiting to be taken apart. A. lay in ruins B. lie in ruin C. laid in ruins D. lie in ruins 6. It is reported that five passengers got killed and _____ got _____ in the traffic accident. A. much more; injured B. many more; wounded C. many more; injured D. much more; hurt 7. Steel, brick and cement are all necessary building materials _____ . A. with which to build a dam B. which to build a dam with C. building a dam with D. to build a dam 8. It came to the world _____ that more than 10 prisoners were buried _____ by the terrorists. . A. as shocking; alive B. a shock; living C. shocked; live D. as a shock; alive 9. When the earthquake, a destructive natural disaster, happened, ninety-nine coal miners were trapped in the coal mine _____the ruins, waiting _____. A. in; to be rescued B. under; for being rescued C. in; to rescue D. under; to be rescued 10. Electricity plays _____ part in our life that it is unimaginable to live without it. A. such important B. so important C. such important a D. so important a 11. We should have ourselves _____ if we want to get the work _____ in the given time. A. organize well; finished B. well organized; done C. well organized; to be finished D. to be organized well; to be done 12. The story that happened 30 years ago still remains ____ in my mind as if it _____ yesterday. A. clean; happened B. fresh; happened C. clear; was happened D. clearly; happened 13. ---Will you please help me _____ the exercise books to the students?
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----Sorry I have been in a race and my strength has completely _____. A. give out; given out B. give off; given up C. give out; given in D. give up; given up 14. Seventy percent of the students _____ taken part in the work and seventy percent of the work _____been finished. A. has, has B. had , had C. has, have D. have, has 15. He was honored _____ an outstanding scientist _____ his contribution to the economic reform. A. as; because B. after; for C. as; for D. for; for 16. People can make silly mistakes about a person if they judge him ____ the clothes he wears. A. by B. with C. accordingly to D. through 17. Remember never to ask a European and an American personal questions. It is almost certain that they ______ for it . A. are not prepared B. don’t prepare C. haven’t prepared D. are not preparing 18. It will at least take five months to repair the ship that was seriously _____ by the hurricane. A. destructed B. ruined C. damaged D. broken 19. Thousands and thousands of people lost their homes in the earthquake and it was impossible to provide them _____ enough food, clothing and _____at that time. A. with; shelter B. for; houses C. by; housing D. with; shelter 20. It is reported that a large number of people _____ been killed and the number ____ added up to nearly 70,000 A. has; has B. have; have C. has; have D. have; has 21. The president was _____ a speech to senators _____ a group of armed young people burst into the hall A. giving; as B. making; when C. delivering; while D. speaking; when 22. A party was held _____ the heroes who had helped saved thousands and thousands of lives in the big earthquake in Sichuan. A. in time of B. in honor of C. in name of D. in place of 23. The soldiers have been trying hard to search for anyone alive buried in the ruins and _____them out if found. A. find B. make C. dig D. let 24. Many people thought it useless ______ again but the captain insisted on trying _____second time, which turned out to be a success. A. to try; the B. trying; a C. trying; the D. to try; a 25. We don’t need to do extra work this evening. The day’s work was almost ______ now. A. at the end B. at an end C. at one end D. at our end 第二节 完形填空 One afternoon I was sitting at my favorite table in a restaurant, waiting for the food I had ordered to arrive. Suddenly I 26___ that a man sitting at a table near the window kept glancing in my direction, as if he knew me. The man had a
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newspaper 27 ___in front of him, which he was 28_____to read, but I could 29 that he was keeping an eye on me. When the waiter brought my food the man was clearly puzzled (困惑) by the 30 way in which the waiter and I 31 each other. He seemed even more puzzled as time went on and it became 32 that all the waiters in the restaurant knew me. Finally he got up and went into the 33__.When he came out, he paid his bill and 34 ____without another glance in my direction. I called the owner of the restaurant and asked what the man had 35 . “Well,” he said, “that man was a detective (侦探). He 36 you here because he thought you were the man he 37 .” “What?” I said, showing my 38 ____. The owner continued, “He came into the kitchen and showed me a photo of the wanted man. I must say he looked very much like you! Of course, since we know you, we told him that he had made a 39 .” “Well, it’s really 40____I came to a restaurant where I’m known.” I said. “Otherwise,” I might have been in trouble.” 26. A. knew B. understood C. noticed D. recognized 27. A. flat B. open C. cut D. fixed 28. A. hoping B. thinking C. pretending D. continuing 29. A. see B. find C. guess D. learn 30. A. direct B. familiar C. strange D. funny 31. A. chatted with B. looked at C. laughed at D. talked about 32. A. true B. hopeful C. clear D. possible 33. A. restaurant B. washroom C. office D. kitchen 34. A. left B. acted C. sat down D. calmed down 35. A. wanted B. tried C. ordered D. wished 36. A. met B. caught C. followed D. discovered 37. A. was to beat B. was dealing with C. was to meet D. was looking for 38. A. care B. surprise C. worry D. regret 39. A. discovery B. mistake C. decision D. fortune 40. A. a pity B. natural C. a chance D. lucky 第一节 语法填空 Then, later that afternoon, another big quake (41)____ was almost as strong as

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the first one shook Tangshan. Some of the rescue workers and doctors (42)(trap)__________under the ruins. More buildings fell down. Water, food, and electricity were (43)___to get. People began to wonder how long the disaster (44) (last)________. All hope (45)( not lose)__________. Soon after the quakes, the army sent 150,000 soldiers to Tangshan to help the recue (46) (work)________. Hundreds of thousands of people were helped. The army organized teams to dig out those who were trapped and to bury the (47) (die)_____. To the north of the city, most of 10,000 miners were rescued (48)______the coal mines there. Workers built shelters for survivors (49)___ homes had been destroyed. Fresh water was taken (50)___ the city by train, truck and plane. Slowly, the city began to breathe again. 41___________42____________43________________44_______________45____________ 46___________47____________48________________49_______________50____________ 第二节 阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 A I was a freshman in college when I met the Whites. They were completely different from my own family, yet I felt at home with them immediately. Jane White and I became friends at school, and her family welcomed me like a long-lost cousin. In my family, it was always important to place blame when anything bad happened. “Who did this? ”my mother would scream about a dirty kitchen. “This is all your fault, Katharine, ”my father would insist when the cat got out or the dishwasher broke. From the time we were little, my sister, brothers and told on each other. We set a place for blame at the dinner table. But the Whites didn’t worry about who had done what. They picked up the pieces and moved on with their lives. The beauty of this was driven home to me the summer Jane died. In July, the White sisters and I decided to take a car trip from their home in Florida to New York. The two older sisters, Sarah and Jane, were college students, and the youngest, Amy, had recently turned sixteen. Proud of having a new driver’s license(驾照) ,Amy was excited about practicing her driving on the trip. She showed off her license to everyone she met. The big sisters shared the driving of Sarah’s new car during the first part of the trip, but when they reached less crowded areas, they let Amy take over. Somewhere in South Carolina, we pulled off the highway to eat. After lunch, Amy got behind the wheel. She came to a crossroads with a stop sign. Whether she was nervous or just didn’t see the sign no one would ever know, but Amy continued into the crossroads without stopping. The driver of a large truck, unable to stop in time, ran into our car. Jane was killed immediately. I was slightly injured. The most difficult thing that I’ve ever done was to call the Whites to tell them about the accident and that Jane had died. Painful as it was for me to lose a good friend, I knew that it was far worse for them to lose a child. When Mr. and Mrs. White arrived at the hospital, they found their two daughters sharing a room. Sarah had a few cuts on the head; Amy’s leg was broken. They hugged(拥抱)us all and cried tears of sadness and of joy at seeing their daughters. They wiped away the girls’ tears and made a few jokes at Amy as she learned to use her crutches(拐 杖). To both of their daughters, and especially to Amy, over and over they simply
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said, “We’re so glad that you’re alive. ”I was astonished. No blame. No accusations (谴责). Later, I asked the Whites why they never talked about the fact that Amy was driving and had run a stop sign. Mrs. White said, “Jane’s gone, and we miss her terribly. Nothing we say or do will ever bring her back. But Amy has her whole life ahead of her. How can she lead a full and happy life if she feels we blame her for her sister’s death? ”They were right. Amy graduated from the University of California and got married several years ago. She works as a teacher of learning-disabled students. She’s also a mother of two little girls of her own, the oldest named Jane. 51. The author of the passage is _____. A. Mrs. White’s niece B. Jane’s school friend C. The Whites’ cousin D. Sarah’s friend from college 52. How did the author’s parents differ from the Whites? A. The author’s parents were less caring. B. The author’s parents were less loving. C. The author’s parents were less friendly. D. The author’s parents were less understanding. 53. How did the accident occur? A. Amy didn’t stop at a crossroads and a truck hit their car. B. Amy didn’t know what to do when she saw the stop sign. C. Amy didn’t slow down so their car ran into a truck. D. Amy didn’t get off the highway at a crossroads. 54. The accident took place in ______. A. Florida B. California C. South Carolina D. New York 55. The Whites did not blame Amy for Jane’s death because _____. A. they didn’t want Amy to feel ashamed and sorry for the rest of her life B. Amy was badly injured herself and they didn’t want to add to her pain C. they didn’t want to blame their children in front of others D. Amy was their youngest daughter and they loved her best B Can you remember the day when you spoke your first word? If you can, you are unusual. Try to imagine what first few months of your life were like. I am sure you just spent most of your time eating, sleeping and crying. As you grow older, you were awake more of the time. It took your parents more time to play with you and talk to you. You watched and listened curiously. You began to know that people made certain sounds to go with certain things. Then you began to try making the sounds you heard. And step by step you were able to make the right sound for one thing. On that day you came to understand the secret of language. The secret is that a certain sound means a certain thing. One sound might be as good as another. But it is no good as a word unless everybody agrees on its meaning. Only when a group of people use the same set of sounds of things, can they understand each other. Then, and only then do these people have a LANGUAGE. After you found the secret of language, you learned words. Some of the words

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meant things, such as BOOKS, CHAIRS and SHOES. Some words meant doing things, such as GO and SWIM. And other words describe things, such as GOOD and DIRTY. Soon you learned to put words together to express one's idea, such as "1 want to go out and play with my friends." This is language. By means of language people can communicate. So we say languages are means of communication. 56. can remember the day when___________. A. One; he spoke his first word B. No one; he spoke his first word C. Most people; they spoke their first words D. None; they spoke their first words 57. When you were a little baby, you_________. A. made sounds to let people know that you wanted to eat B. spent most of your time playing with your parents C. could not hear any sound around you D. spent most of your time eating, playing and crying 58. The secret of language is that____________. A. one sound might be as good as another B. people can understand each other C. a certain sound is for a certain thing D. there is a special sound for each person 59. You could learn words_____________. A. before you knew what the language was B. after you knew what the language was C. if you knew the secret of the language D. when you were a baby 60. The aim in using language is . A. to get everything one wants from others B. to say what one wants to know C. to share ideas, opinions, news, etc with one another D. to make oneself understood by others C 信息匹配 阅读下列材料,从所给的六个选项(A、B、C、D、E 和 F)中,选出符合各小题要求的最佳 选项,选项中有一项是多余选项。 首先,请阅读下列的应用文: A. “Just do it!” — This slogan (口号) speaks out to teens. It tells them to do something, but only if they think it’s worth it. And if so, why not do it wearing Nike? B.“Always Coca-Cola.” — Coke’s slogans change every few years, but this one has enjoyed a lasting popularity because it shows the brand’s spirit. It seems to say “Coke is the only drink there is; there are no other forms of drink.” C. “Share moments, share life.” — This slogan from Kodak connects photos and beauty. It asks people to remember the happy moments in life by taking photos of them — using Kodak film of course! D. On hearing the slogan “Make yourself heard”, you will know there is Ericsson product for you to call anyone.
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E. There are some public service advertisements (PSAs) that educate people about public service projects, such as Project Hope. Its slogan is “Project Hope — Schooling every child.” F. One magazine ad says “Make me your window on the world!” The advertisers say that the weekly magazine can bring the world to your home. “ Have you ever wondered what the Chinese eat for breakfast? Did you know that the Sahara Desert is getting bigger every year? This fascinating magazine ,full of colour pictures , is your window on the world. 请阅读以下购买者的信息,然后匹配购买者和他/她拟购买产品的广告语: Jack passed the entrance exam and was admitted to a famous university. These days, his father is looking for a mobile phone for him so as to keep in touch with each other closely. Tom was a senior middle school student. He likes sports very much and plays football every afternoon. But after class this afternoon he has to buy a pair of shoes because his shoes have been worn out. There’s a party this evening — for Mary’s 15th birthday. Her family are making preparations for it. Her brother’s job is to buy some drink. Joan doesn’t want to forget the past, especially the happy moments. Bill travels a lot when he was younger. Now that he has stopped his work, he enjoys reading about foreign people, places and customs. 购买者 广告语 61. Jack A. Just do it! 62. Tom B. Always Coca-Cola. 63. Mary C. Share moments, share life. 64. Joan D. Make yourself heard. 65. Bill E. Project Hope — Schooling every child. F. Make me your window on the world! 星期四(U4-M1) 第一节 单项填空 1-5 CBDBD 6-10CADDD 11-15 BBADC 16-20 AACDD 21-25BBCBB 第二节 完形填空 26.选 C 。作者正在等着上饭的时候,突然注意到(noticed)坐在靠近窗口的一个人不停 地 朝他这边扫视,引起了他的警觉。know 意为“知道,了解,认识,认出”;understand 意 为“懂, 了解,听说,以为”;notice 意为“注意到,看到,留心”;recognize 意为“认出,认可, 承认”。 根据句中关键词“Suddenly”可知只有 noticed 符合语境。 27.选 B。 那个人在面前展开(open)一张报纸,装作在看报。flat 意为“(使)变平”; open 意为“展开, 开始, 展现”;cut 意为“切,割,剪”;fixed 意为“固定,注视”等。 根据下文“which he was 39 to read”可知报纸是展开的。 28. 选 C。 那个人虽然展开了报纸,但是假装(pretending)在看报。他是在拿报纸作掩 护,实际上是在窥视作者。hope 意为“希望,盼望,期待”;think 意为“认为,以为,预

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料”;pretend 意为“假装,装扮”;continue 意为“继续,连续”。从下文“but I could 40 that he was keeping an eye on me.”可知那个人并非真的在看报。 29. 选 A。 作者可以看出(see)那个人一直在窥视他。see 意为“发觉,注意,看见”; find 意为“发现,找到,感到”;guess 意为“猜测,推测,认为”;learn 意为“获悉, 了解,认识到”。该题根据上文意境容易做出判断。 30. 选 B。 那个人对我和服务员之间闲谈 (chatted with) 的那种常见的或听惯的 (familiar) 方式感到困惑。direct 意为“直接的,直率的”;familiar 意为“常见的,听惯的,熟悉 的”; strange 意为“陌生的, 奇怪的”; funny 意为“有趣的, 好笑的, 滑稽的, 古怪的”。 服务员和顾客之间简短的闲谈在服务场合是司空见惯的,由此常识可做出判断。 31. 选 A。 参考第 42 题。chat with 意为“与??聊天,与??闲谈”;look at 意为“看 着,考虑”;laugh at 意为“嘲笑,漠视”;talk about 意为“谈论,讨论,议论”。因 为作者常去那家饭店,对那里的人和环境都比较熟悉,和服务员之间的闲聊是常有的事。 32. 选 C。 很明显(clear) ,那个饭店的服务员都认识作者。true 意为“真实的,真正的, 正可知作者是这家饭店的常客,因此,这里所有的服务员都认识他是显而易见的。 33. 选 D。 最后那个人站起来走进厨房 (kitchen) 从下文“He came into the kitchen?” 。 可知答案。 34. 选 A。 那个人从厨房里出来付了账单后,没有再朝作者那边看一眼就离开(left)了 饭店。 leave 意为“离开, 动身, 剩下”; 意为“行动, act 扮演”; sit down 意为“坐下”; calm down 意为“平静下来,镇定下来”。从下文可知侦探弄清作者不是他要找的人时,就 离开了饭店。 35. 选 A。 我向饭店主人询问那个人想要 (wanted) 什么。 want 意为“想要, 希望, 需要”; try 意为“试图,试,试验”;order 意为“命令,吩咐”;wish 意为“希望,想要”。表 示“想要??”时,want 后可以直接跟宾语,wish 后须加介词 for 后才能跟宾语。 36. 选 C。 侦探原以为作者就是他在寻找(was looking for)的人,于是就跟随(follow) 他来到这家饭店。 meet 意为“遇见, 相遇, 和??会面”; catch 意为“捕获, 赶上”; follow 意为“跟随,注视,追随,注视”;discover 意为“发现,发觉”。侦探发现可疑的人后, 往往对其跟踪或盯梢。 37. 选 D。 参考第 49 题。be to beat 意为“打算打(败)”;be dealing with 意为“在 处理,在对付”;be to meet 意为“打算会见/迎接”;be looking for 意为“在寻找,在 期待”。 38. 选 B。 作者得知自己被误认为是嫌疑人而被盯梢时,表现出惊愕(surprise) 。care 意为“注意,照料,忧虑”;surprise 意为“惊奇,惊愕,诧异”;worry 意为“烦恼,忧 虑,苦恼”;regret 意为“遗憾,悔恨,抱歉”。句中的“What?”为关键信息词。 39. 选 B。 饭店的人告诉侦探他搞错 (mistake) 了。make a discovery 意为“发现”;make a mistake 意为“做错,犯错(误)”;make a decision 意为“做出决定”;make a fortune 意 为“发财,赚(大)钱”。侦探误以为作者是嫌疑人而对其进行跟踪,结果被饭店人员 证明侦探搞错了。 40. 选 D。 作者到店员认识他的饭店用餐感到很幸运(lucky) 。pity 意为“憾事,怜悯”; natural 意为“自然的”;chance 意为“机会,运气”;lucky 意为“幸运的,侥幸的”。 第三节 语法填空 41 which 42 were trapped 43 hard 44 would last 45 were not lost 46 workers 47 dead 48 from 49whose 50. to 第四节 阅读理解 51. 选 B。根据短文第一段中 Jane White and I became friends at school, and her family
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welcomed me like a long-lost cousin.可以确定此题的答案。 52. 选 D。根据全文内容,尤其 In my family, it was always important to place blame when anything bad happened.一句可以确定此题的答案。 53. 选 A。根据短文 Whether she was nervous or just didn’t see the sign no one would ever know, but Amy continued into the crossroads without stopping. The driver of a large truck, unable to stop in time, ran into our car. 可以确定此题的答案。 54. 选 C。 根据描述事故的部分中 Somewhere in South Carolina, we pulled off the highway to eat.一句可以确定答案。 55. 选 A。根据短文倒数第二段中 But Amy has her whole life ahead of her. How can she lead a full and happy life if she feels we blame her for her sister’s death?两 句可以推断出答案。 56-60 BDCBC 信息匹配 61-65 DABCF

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