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Book 2 Module 1
1 be connected with =be related to sth. 和……有联系 2 take exercise=exercise 锻炼 3 be crazy about 迷恋 go crazy 变得疯狂 4 have a temperature/fever 发烧 5 lie down 躺下 6 begin with 以……开

始 7 put…into… 将……投入…… 8 become/fall ill 生病 9 head towards/to/for… 朝……前进 10 catch/get a cold 感冒 11 get flu 染上流感 12 have a sweet tooth 好吃甜食 13 get/be injured 受伤 14 return to normal 恢复正常 15 above normal 超过正常标准 16 below normal 低于正常标准 17 breathe deeply=take a deep breath 深呼吸 18 out of breath 上气不接下气 catch one’s breath 踹口气 hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸 19 keep fit/healthy 保持健康 20 keep us fit/healthy 保持我们的身体健康 21 be fit for 适合 22 be off work 不工作,休息 23 be out of work 失业 24 be at work 在上班 25 keep…away 使离开 26 at least 至少 27 at most 至多 28 be worried/anxious about 为……而担忧 29 be anxious for … 渴望… 30 be anxious for sb to do 渴望 sb 做 31 see sb doing 看到 sb 正在做 32 make sure 确保,确实 33 would rather do 宁愿做 would rather sb did sth. 宁愿某人做某事(过去时 表示现在和将来的情况) would rather sb had dong 宁愿某人做某事(过去完 成时表示过去情况) 34 go/be on a diet 节食 35 a bit of 一点儿,有点儿

36 miss school 37 pay for… 38 a free health care system 39 the problem with……… 40 have problems with… 41 pick sb up 42 be privately owned. 43 I rarely get toothache. =Rarely do I get toothache. 44. This is because … 45. make a prediction 46. contribute … to …

缺课 支付 免费医疗体系 …的问题 有…的问题 (用车)接某人 私人拥有 我很少牙痛、 这是因为… 进行预测 把…贡献于…

47. Take more exercise or you will become ill. 多锻炼锻炼身体,否则你就会生病的。

Take more exercise and you will become really fit. 多锻炼锻炼身体,你就会变得健
康。 48. I’m captain of the class team at school. 我在学校是班级足球队的队长。 Module 2 1 be/become/get addicted to sth. 对某物上瘾 2 be in danger 处于危险之中 3 be out of danger 脱离危险 4 ban sb from doing sth. 禁止某人做某事 ban doing 禁止做某事 5 There is a ban on… 有一个关于…禁令 6 affect=have an effect on… 对……有影响 influence=have an influence on 7. No point (in) doing sth 做某事没有意义 8 Develop interests 培养兴趣 9.break into a house 破门进入一个房子 10.break into tears 大哭起来 11. be related to sb. 与某人有关系/关联 12.take/follow one’s advice 听从某人建议 give sb some advice on sth. 就某事向某人建议 13.in order to(句首句中),so as to(句中) 为了,以便 14.give up 放弃 15.share…with sb… 和 sb 分享… 16.compare… to… 把…比做… 17.compare… with… 把…和…做比较 compared with/to 与…比 18.do/make a survery 做一个调查 19.make a list of 列一个名单 20.stop sb from doing … 阻止 sb 做某事

keep sb from doing prevent sb from doing 21. against the law 违法 break the law 违法 obey the law 守法 22. under medical treatment 在治疗中 23.continue to do=continue doing 继续做 24.offer sb sth=offer sth to sb 向 sb 提供 sth 25.cause many deaths 导致许多人死亡 26.illnesses (which are)related to smoking 和吸烟有关 的疾病 27.die of hunger 死于饥饿 28.die from an accident 死于一起事故 29. This is my treat . 我请客 treat sb. to sth. 用某物款待某人 treat sb .as … 把某人视为… 30.a heart attack 一次心脏病发作 31.ask sb for money 向 sb 要钱 32.be in pain 处于痛苦之中

记录,做笔记 注意到 与某人交换意见 与某人互道感想 5. change… into… 把……变成…… 6. music instruments 乐器 7. of all time 有史以来 8. something wonderful 很精彩的某种东西 9. the rest of his life 他的余生 10. go deaf 变聋 11. No way! 没门,不可能 12. at an early age 在很小的时候 13. a leading/top composer 一个优秀的/首席作曲家 14. receive many prizes 获得了许多奖 15. play the violin/piano 演奏小提琴//钢琴 16. have talent for… 具有……的天赋 17. show talent for 表现出对……的天赋 a talented musician 一个有天赋的音乐家 18. lose interest in… 失去对……的兴趣 get lost = lose one’s way 迷路 33.take sth. to sw. 把某物带到某地 34.leave school 辍学,离开学校 be lost in thought 限于沉思之中 35.mind doing 介意做 lose heart 丧失信心 36.in public 当众地 lose weight 减肥 37.the public 公众 19. mix… with… 把……和……混合 20. have a deep influence/effect on… 38.set/fix a date 确定一个日期 39.increase to… 增加到… 对……有深远的影响 40.increase by… 增加了 21. encourage sb to do 鼓励某人做…… 41.by this time 到这时为止 22. as well as ①和;同;以及 42.during the 1990s 二十世纪九十年代 ② 之外=besides 或 in addition to in the 1990’s / 1990s 23. As time goes by/on 随着时间的流逝 43. inject …into 注入 24 be composed of 由… 组成 44.reduce to 减少到 25. if so 如果这样的话 reduce by 减少了 if not 如果不是这样 45.I couldn’t agree more 我再同意不过了 if any 如果有 46. That’s a good point. 有道理 if necessary 如果有必要 To the point 切题 if possible 如果有可能 47. participate in 参与 26. 强调句型 48. distract from 分心 ① It is/was + 主语/宾语/状语 + that (who) + 句 Module 3 子其余部分 I saw Li Ming on the playground yesterday. 1. sb. is impressed with sth. 某人对某事印象深刻 = umpress sb. with sth. ② 对“… not …until…”强调,用 sth. make a good impression on sb. 某事给某人留 It is/was not until … that … He didn’t start his homework until his mother 下好印象 came back. 2. split up 分裂,分割,离异/婚

3. make/take a note of take note of = take notice of 4. compare notes with sb.

③对特殊疑问句的强调, 用 特殊疑问词+ is it that + 句子其余部分 Where did he see Li Ming yesterday? → Where was it that he saw Li Ming yesterday? ①Who saw Li Ming on the playground yesterday? ②When do you go to school every day? 27. make a record 录制唱片 keep / hold a record 保持记录 set a record 创记录 break a record 打破记录 28. 当 way 作先行词时,用 that / in which / -- 引导 定语从句 Module 4 1.tell sb. of sth. 告诉某人某事 2.aim to do sth. 目标是做… aim at doing sth. 4.show sb. in /out 恭迎某人/恭送某人 5. take turns 轮流 in turn 依次,轮流 It’s one’s turn to do sth. 轮到某人做某事 6.manage to do 设法做成… 7.suggest doing sth. 建议做… 8.be fond of 喜欢 9. tell by… 从…可以看出 10. put off 推迟,延期 11. get tired of 对…感到厌烦 be tired from 因…而疲倦 13. attempt to do stn. 企图做 14.. observe sb doing sth. 看到某人正在做某事 15. all the time 一直,总是 17. can’t stand 不能忍受 18. in one’s twenties 在某人二十多岁的时候

9. land safely 安全着陆 10. in space 在太空中 11. take photographs of=take a photograph of 拍照 12. a success/ failure 一个成功/ 失败的人,一件成功/ 失败的事 a surprise 一个使人惊奇的人,一件令人吃惊的事 13. offer sb’s congratulations on/upon… 对…表示祝 贺 14. take off 起飞;脱下;请假; (事业)腾飞 18. wish…success/luck 祝…成功/好运 19. look through the telescope 透过望远镜看过去 20. a five-day visit to China 对中国为期五天的访问 21. succeed in doing sth. 成功地做了某事 22. come on 来吧,快点,得了吧 23. go aboard (the ship/plane) 上船/飞机 All aboard! 请大家上船/车/飞机 Welcome aboard! 请上船/车/飞机 注意:go abroad 出国 24. at the start/beginning of… 在…开始时 25. be welcome to do sth. 可随意做(用于邀请某人做某事) 26. more or less 或多或少 27. divide…into… 把…分成… (把整体分成部分) be divided into… 被分成 28. concentrate (one’s attention) on/upon… 全神贯注于…

fix one’s attention on/ upon 集中注意力于 fix one’s thought on/upon 集中思想于 fix one’s eyes on/upon 目不转睛地注视着
29. to one’s delight be delighted with be delighted to do sth. 30. daily newspaper home news international news 31. cultural events financial reports film reviews, book reviews 32. royal family 使某人高兴的是 对…感到满意 很高兴做某事 日报 国内新闻 国际新闻 文化事件 财政报道 影评,书评 皇室家族

Module 5

1. in total = totally = in all 合计,总共 2. now that = since 既然 3. believe in 相信(某人为人)信仰 believe sb=believe what sb says 相信某人所说的话 4. be similar to sth. 和…相似 5.play a part in… 在…中扮演角色,起作用 6.take part in… 参加 7. work on… 从事 Module 6 8. send/receive messages of congratulations 发送/收到 1. come out 出版;出来;发芽,开花 贺信 come about 发生 congratulate sb on sth. 向某人祝贺某事 come to oneself 苏醒

上升 想出(一个主意),提出 碰到,遇见 实现 2. fall in love with sb. 爱上某人(表动作) be in love with sb. 爱上某人(表状态) 3. play a part in… 在…中起作用 play the part of … 扮演…角色 4. to one’s surprise 令某人吃惊的是 in surprise 吃惊地 5. care about 关心,顾虑,在乎 care for 照顾, 喜欢 6. (every)now and then 时而,不时地 ,偶尔

come up come up with come across come true

It is suggested that … 有人建议 18. replace him/take the place of him/take his place 代替/取代他 in place of=instead of (作状语)而不是,代替 19. beong to sb. 属于某人

= from time to time =occasionally =now and again =every now and again 7. martial arts masters with unusual abilities
有非凡能力的武术大师 8. be popular in… 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 在…处受欢迎

be popular with/among sb.…受某人的欢迎 take place=happen 发生 as far…as 远到…, 像…那样远 at the age of… 在…岁时 win a prize 赢得一个奖 argue with sb about sth 和某人争辩某事
argue for argue against argue sb into doing sth. argue sb out of doing sth. 主张 反对 说服某人做… 说服某人不做…

14. Good for you! 干得好/真不错/真棒! be good for sb. 对某人有好处 do good to sb. 对某人有好处 do harm to sb. 对某人有害处 be good to sb. 对某人友好/和善 It is no good doing sth. 做某事没有好处 15. What is on the box? 电视正在演什么 16. The thing is… 情况是… 17. It is generally agreed that… 人们普遍认为…

=People generally agree (that)…
It is said that … It is believed that… It is reported that … It is proved that … 据说 人们相信 据报道 据证实


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