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综合试卷 1---6
1. no exception 不例外/no doubt 毫无疑问 /no wonder 难怪,不足为奇 2.It is no wonder that 不足为奇/ there is no doubt that 毫无疑问 3. be shaped like sth 外形像… 4.wrestle with 与某人摔跤;努力对付或解决/ push for 强烈地要求, 为…奋力争取; 5. be loaded with sth(honor/ charm) 装有,载有引申为富有,充满 6.turn over a new leaf 重新开始,改过自新; 重新做人 … 7.Catch up on 事后了解,弥补 /catch on to 理解 /catch on 变得流行; <非正>理解; 投合心意 8. appeal to 诉诸武力; 向…投诉; 向…呼吁; 对…有吸引力 / see to 负责; 注意; 照料 /subscribe to 订阅;同意,赞同; 支持; 捐赠 9.status 身份,地位/identity 一致;身份;特征/statue 雕像 10. not a bit 一点也不 //not a little 非常,很多 11.be blessed with sth(natural treasures) 幸运的享有某物 12. be abundant in 丰富的, 大量的 13.set aside 留出时间金钱等;不予理会/set forth 陈述; 阐明; 出发/set out 出发;开始;着手 /set down 记下; 写下;确定 14. at length 终于(最后;详细地) /at large 详细地;总体地;未被捕的/at risk 处境危险/ at random 随意的 15.act as 担任;充当/ act for 代理/act out 将…付诸行动/act on 对…起作用;按照…行事 16. barely managed to 勉强成功地应付 17.make out 辨别; 理解/lay out 设计; 安排;铺; 摊开/break out (战争、火灾等)爆发; 逃脱/leave out=omit 省去; 不考虑; 遗漏 18. define(动词) definition(名词) 19. go with the flow=follow the crowd 随大流

20.Complusory education 义务教育/optional 任选的 21. It is obvious/apparent/evident that 显而易见 22. Be to 1. 表义务 2. 表命令 3.计划安排 4. 注定要怎样 23. Be condemned to /be sentenced to 被宣告 ... 24.Be served as /functioned as/acted as 充当 25.Make for 有助于 26.concrete Adj:具体的;实质性的;混凝土的 n:水泥;混凝土;具体物 27.Specific 具体的 /explicit /明确的;清晰的 28. Moral sense 公共道德 29. Offensive 令人不快的; 冒犯的; 侮辱的/aggressive 侵略的;进攻性的;好斗的;有进取心的 30.Call for 需要/provide for 为 ... 作准备/fall for 上当;被…迷倒 31.Every coin has a silver lining 黑暗中总有一丝光明

综合练习 6--9
1.Confuse A and B=mistake …for/mix A with B 混淆;混合 2.trigger my memory 引发回忆 3.clear the way 让路, 扫清道路 4. shock sb back to life 电击 5. Well up 涌现,涌上心头 Anger well up inside me./tears well up in my eyes. 6.take into account=take into consideration 考虑 7.hire out 出租;受雇 8. get one’s way 随 心 所 欲 /mend one’s ways 改过自新 9.underline/emphasize/ stress/highlight 都有强调的意思 10. On behalf of/ stand for/represent 都有代表的意思 11. follow upon 追随/pick up on 对…熟悉起来,了解,注意到 12. thick and thin 艰难险阻 13. black and white 黑白; 白纸黑字; 书面;清清楚楚 / black and blue 青一块,紫一块 14. A liberal tip 慷慨的小费(liberal 还有自由的意思) 15.it’s a long shot 很少机会成功的尝试 16.conscience 良心,道德 /conscious 意识 17. reflect on 反思 18. Calculate on/ upon 计算 rely on /be dependent on 期待(指望;依靠)/依靠;信赖

19. In line with/in tune with 跟…一致;符合/(与 ... )协调; (与 ... )一致 20. let’s play it by ear 看情况而定 21. everything is in the bag 一切安排妥当 22. It count for nothing 毫无价值 23.get back in shape 恢复体型 24. Set alarm bells ringing 敲响警钟 25. burst on 突然来到(突然出现于) ( the literary scene) 突然出现于文坛 26. What lies behind …. 27.boom/booming 繁荣;兴旺(动词或名词)/adj 28.Up in the air 悬而未决 29. have a tendency to do sth/tend to/ incline to 倾向于 30. abandon oneself to 沉溺于; 放纵,自暴自弃 31. enlarge one’s vision 开拓视野 broaden one's scope of knowledge and widen one's horizon 拓宽知识面和开拓视野 综合练习 10-12 1.make the headlines 成为头条 2. go about (one’s daily routine) 流传,忙于某事 3. be allergic to 对…过敏; 讨厌,厌恶 4. be obedient to 顺从,服从 5. be doomed to 注定要… 6.Put away 暂时不用,收好 /give away 屈服, 赠送, 泄露/wipe away 抹掉,清除//turn away 拒绝 7.Catch you later=see you later 再见,稍后见 8.be tailored to /for 量身定做 9. We hit it off instantly 我们一见如故 10. reward sb for sth/reward sb with sth 因某事而奖励某人 award sb sth /award sth to sb 把某人某物给某人 11.The job market picks up 这里 pick up 表示市场好转 Pick up the friendship 这里表示友谊恢复 Sb also picks up the point. 重提某个话题,回到某问题 12. scientific(adj)---scientifically(adv) strategic(adj)--- strategically(adv) 注意正确的词性转换 13. have an appetite for sth 食欲;嗜好;喜欢 14. The majority of= most of 大多数 15. drop off/fall off On the decline(名词)/decline(v) 都有下降的意思 16. Suppose that=supposing that =if 假如 17. given that=considering that (考虑到) Provided that= providing that=n condition that 18. distinguish between A and B 区分

distinguish oneself by 使引人注目 19. across the frontiers/the borders 穿过,跨越国界 20. break off 使) 分离; (折断使) 脱离; 停止; 断交; 21. build up a fine reputation 建立名声 a thriving business 兴隆的事业 one’s strength 强身健体 /the traffic is building up 交通开始堵 22. drop out 从活动中退出; 中途退学;脱离传统社会 23. Put/ lay/ place + emphasis on 重视 24. rather 宁愿; 有点; 颇; 相反地 25. attribute to 归因于; 归功于; 归结于 give rise to 引起;使发生;导致 26. By virtue of 凭借…的力量,由于 27. empty vessels make the greatest sound 不懂装懂的人 28.enough is as good as a feast 知足常乐 29. account for 说明;在数量、 比例上) 占;对…负责 30.Keep sb company/accompanied 与某人为伴

综合练习 13-泰州一模
1. In parallel with 平衡,与…平行,与…同时 2. get one’s way 随心所欲 3. get away with 侥幸成功,逃脱处罚 4. get away from 离开, 逃脱 5. have power over 能支配; 对 ... 有控制权 6. touch on 触及; 论及 7. rest on 依靠 8.arise from :accident arises from carelessness. 由…产生 9.Put on 穿上,假装,上演 /Put down 镇压;记下;贬低 /Put up 张贴; 举起; 建造; 提高 /Put out 扑灭;生产; 出版 /Put off 延期; 敷衍; 使分心 /Put away 放好;;储存 /Put in 投入 10. Face up to 勇敢地面对; 11. Delicate 微妙的; 熟练的; 纤弱的; 易损的 /dedicate 奉献,献身 fragile 易碎的, 脆的; 虚弱的 12. The world is your oyster 世界尽在你的掌握之中 13.Forward the plot 推进,促进或发展情节 one’s plan/career 计划/职业 14.Be awake to/be aware of/be conscious of 意识到 15.ceiling 天花板, 最高限度 (工资, 价格, 人口等) 16. In the event of 万一,倘若

17. In the case of 18. Settle for 19.Call a spade a spade 20. hang in there 21. Cry for the moon 22. get the ball rolling 23.Make way for 24.A Scrooge 25. Be marked as Eg: he was marked as an enemy of the poor. 26. Catch sb off guard 27. By and by 28.Not be around 29. Earn international recognition 30 .dive in 31. Be suspended

就……来说"、"至于……" 满足于 直言不讳 坚持住; 坚持到底; 忍耐一下 海底捞月; 想入非非 开始吧;使蓬勃发展 给…让路 吝啬鬼 赋予特质 趁某人不备,使触手不及 不久以后; 不久之后; 渐渐地 不再走红,退出视野 获得国际认可 热切投入某事; 开始猛吃; 朝下跳入水中 被暂停,被停学

南通一模—练习 19
1. analysis---analyses(单复数) 2.subject (话题,主题;实验对象) 3. procedure/step (过程,步骤) 4.drawback/shortcoming/disadvantage/Weakness (劣势,缺点) 5. be rooted in /be anchored in 扎根于 6.access/evaluate 评估,评价 7. Live up to one’s fame/reputation 不辜负某人的名声 8. hold on to 坚持,克制,不放弃 9.consistent/constant/continuous efforts 持续的努力 10. live through 经历…而未死 11.survive 幸存; 比…活得长, 经历…之后还存在 12. An intermediate stage 中间阶段 13. no less…than 与…一样,不比…差 /not… less than / 至少 adj 反义词的意思 14. no more …than 和…一样不 15. /not more…than 不如,比不上 15. Not so much …as =rather than =more A than B 与其说,不如说是 16. bread is the staff of life 民以食为天 17. A good appetite is a good sauce 饥不择食 18. After meat, mustard; after death, doctor 后送伞 ;马后炮 19. Cultivate sb’s sense of responsibility 培养某人的责任感

/ cultivate good habits 养成好习惯 20.draw on 吸收,利用 21.drag sb out of depression 从 ... 压抑中拉出 22. it’s considerate of sb to do sth 某人做某事是很体贴的 23.it’s typical of sb to do sth 做某事是某人的典型特点 24.Come off 1. 举行 2. 成功,达到预期的效果 3.进展,进行 4. 跌下,分离 25. Out of order 出故障;违反会议规则 26. around the clock 昼夜不停 /around the corner 就快到来 27.take to 喜欢,习惯于,开始从事 /take after 长得像某人 /take in 欺骗;吸收,吸纳 /take up 开始从事,占据时间,空间 /take off 起飞;脱下;事业腾飞 /take on 承担;呈现面貌;开始雇佣 /take down 写下,记下 /take away 拿走 /take over 接管 /take for 把...误认为 28.tell right from wrong 明辨是非 29.credit 学分;信用,信誉;赞誉 30. Stand up to 勇敢面对 /wake up to 意识到 /live up to 不辜负 /look up to 尊重,崇拜,往上看 /face up to 勇于正视,大胆面向

综合练习 19---三模
1. it’s too loud 2. it’s not in my line 3. it’s got me beat 4. A quarter of=a fourth of=25% 5. figure out /work out 6.squeeze /cease /freeze 7.As plain as day =it is obvious that/ it is apparent that 8. get on my nerves 9. draw a blank 10. get cold feet 11.Up to my neck 12. As + adj/adv+as… 太俗了, 颜色过于花俏 不是我所擅长的 难为我了 1/4 想出; 解决; 计算出; 弄明白 想出;锻炼;事情进展良好 挤,榨 停止,终止,结束 使结冰 显而易见的 让我心烦 一无所获 临阵畏缩 工作忙得不可开交

as+ much/many+n+as As much an effort As many essays 13. superficial 表面的,肤浅的 14. The Tropic of Cancer 北回归线 15. equator 赤道 16. extend one’s hand/health care to /the deadline/credit to … 1. 延长 2. 伸展 3. 发出邀请 4.给予 17. In store for 即将到来,等待;快要发生 18. Set down 制定 ;放下,搁下 19. Be unwilling to=be reluctant to 20. arise from=result from 原因,由…产生 21.Be able to =be capable of 能够 22. keep/lose track of 记录,保持联系/失去联系 23. Knock down 拆掉(建筑物等);开车撞倒;降低价格;击倒 24. Chat away 闲聊 /look away 不再看某人 25. be clean of=wipe away the stain of the past 洗去污垢 26.ask for 请求…; 要求…; 找…; 自找麻烦 27. There you are 原来你在这儿啊! //here you are 给你 28. hold water 站不住脚 /a lame excuse 一个蹩脚的理由 29. Follow suit 跟着做,如法炮制 30. The play of the sunlight/moonlight 阳光/月光闪烁 31. Nothing …more than 没有……比.只不过,仅仅 take to /take after /take in up /take off /take on /take down /take away /take over /take for [词典]喜欢; 习惯于…; 开始从事; 觉得(某事)容易学 [词典]长得像,性格类似于,效仿 [词典]吸收; 领会; 欺骗; 接待/take [ 词典]占用; 开始从事; 接受(提议) [词典]起飞; 脱掉; (使) 离开; 突然成功 [ 词典]承担; 呈现; 雇用; 录用 [词典]取下; 拆卸; 记录,记下; 笔录 [ 词典]剥夺; 拿开; 减去; 使停止 [词典]接管; 带; 帮…学习; 在…上花费 [词典]为…承担…; 信以为真,认为理所当然

综合练习 22—小练习 91
1. Legend has it that…. 2. Edition /version 3. thin 4. As it turns out 据传说 版次,版本 译文,版本,形式 薄的; 瘦的; 细的; 稀少的 最终证明,后来发现

5. Shadow 影子、阴影 /shade 阴凉、阴凉处 6. Social graces 社交礼仪 7. relunctantly=unwillingly 不情愿 8. brochure 宣传小册子 9.at odds with sb 与某人不一致,与某人争执 10. Be entitled to sth/to do sth 有权;有资格 11.A common practice 通常的做法 Common sense 常识 Common people 普通人 12.Be at a disadvantage 处于劣势 13.attend to /see to /tend to sb 都有照顾某人的意思 14.Pull through 恢复健康,精神状况转好,情绪转好 /pull over 靠边停车 15.Put over 推迟,把…讲清楚 16./put through 接通电话,使经历,完成 16. be abused by the fierce wind 狂风肆虐 17. Take a lead/beating /a stand 领先/ 挨打,受打击/表明立场 18. misbehave 行为不端 19. Money is tight 钱紧,不够用 A tight schedule 日程安排紧 20.shut/separate/ withdraw from society 与尘世隔 21. free from the surroundings =block out the surroundings 摆脱,免于受环境的干扰 22. Call for 要求; 需要; 去接某人 /allow for=make allowance for 允许有; 考虑到; 体谅; 留出 23. hit a light switch 开灯 Sth hits sb 突然想起… 24.be explicit about 对 ... 明确; 明白 ... 25.Consist in=lie in 在于 26. turn off 关掉,(使)厌烦…,(使)对…失去兴趣 /turn away 转过脸去; 拒绝(某人) /turn in 上交;告发;上床就寝 27. it’s your call 由你决定 28. identification/identity His identity couldn‘t be determined。 Early identification of a disease can prevent death and illness. 表示认同、确认;鉴定、识别;身份证明身份。 29. rob sb of sth 抢劫(某人)的(某物);剥夺某人的某物 /deprive sb of sth 剥夺某人某物 30. fall out 争吵,发生,解散,掉出,掉队,结果是 31. get around 绕开; 传播; 随意走走; 说服;逃避

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