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【高考总动员】2016届高考英语 语法专项突破 第9节 名词性从句课件 北师大版

第九节 名词性从句

考点一 名词性从句连接词的用法 1.连接词that在从句中没有任何含义,只起连接作 用,不作任何成分。 That he will come to the meeting made us excited. 他要来参加会议使我们大家很兴奋。

2.连接词whether,if意为“是否”,只起连接作用, 不作任何成分。若在两者之间二选一,应选择whether。 Whether we will go there tomorrow depends on the weather.我们明天是否去那里取决于天气。

3.连接代词who,whom,whose,what,which, who(m)ever,whatever,whichever既起连接作用,同时又 在从句中充当主语、宾语、表语、定语等成分。 She didn't know what life in a foreign country would be like.她不知道外国的生活会是什么样。 Whoever breaks the rule should be punished. 不论谁违反了规则都要受到惩罚。

4.连接副词when,where,why,how既起连接作用, 同时又在从句中作状语。 She has decided how she should settle the matter. 她已做出决定如何来解决这件事。




词”虽然都有“无论??”的意思,但是用法有区别:“疑 问词+ever”既可以引导名词性从句也可引导状语从句, 而“no matter+疑问词”只能用来引导状语从句。

The book can be of great help to whoever wants to do the job. 那本书对于想要做这份工作的人很有帮助。 Whatever/No matter what you say,I will not believe you. 无论你说什么,我都不相信。

考点二 主语从句 1.that引导的从句作主语时,常用it作形式主语,常见 句式有: (1)It+系动词+形容词(necessary/right/likely/unlikely/ wrong/ important/certain等)+that从句。 It is surprising that she is (should be) so angry. 她那么生气,令人惊讶。

(2)It+be+名词(短语)(a pity/a shame/no wonder等)+ that从句。 It is a pity that you cannot come to our party. 你不能来参加我们的聚会真是遗憾。 (3)It+be+过去分词(said/told/reported/decided等)+ that从句。 It is reported that many people are homeless after floods. 据报道洪水过后很多人无家可归。

?seem/appear+形容词 ? (4)It+?occur to sb. ? ?matter


It seems reasonable that young people are more interested in pop music.年轻人对流行音乐更感兴趣,这好像 是合情合理的。

2.其他连接词引导主语从句时也可用it作形式主语。 If a person does his best,it doesn't matter what people think of him.如果一个人尽了他最大的努力,那么人们如何 评价他并没关系。

考点三 宾语从句 1.动词find,feel,think,consider,make,believe等 后有宾语补足语时,需要用it作形式宾语而将宾语从句后 置。 Many students in this school make it a rule to come to the evening classes. 这个学校的很多学生都把上晚自习当成一种规定。

2.有些动词带宾语从句时习惯上需要在宾语从句前加 it,这类动词有:hate,enjoy,like,love,dislike, appreciate等。 I would appreciate it if you could send me a reply at your earliest convenience. 如果您能够尽早给我回信的话,我将不胜感激。

3.一些由“动词+介词”构成的短语动词如depend on,see 语。 Yon may depend on it that they will support you. 你相信好了,他们会支持你的。 Will you see to it that you will take good care of my car while using it? 你能确保在使用我的车的时候把它保养好吗? to等可跟that引导的宾语从句,必须用it作形式宾



believe,suppose,expect等动词引导的宾语从句中的否定词 要转移到主句中,即主句的谓语动词用否定式,从句的谓语 动词用肯定式,这一现象称为否定转移。 I don't think that your suggestion will work. 我认为你的建议行不通。

考点四 表语从句 1.表语从句还可由as if,as though,because等词引 导。 It looks as if we shall stay the night here after all. 看来我们不得不在这里过夜了。 The patient looked as if he had been ill for a long time. 看上去,病人似乎已经病了很长时间。

2.当主句的主语是reason时,表语从句要用that而不用 because引导,常用句型The reason why...is that... The reason why he is absent from school is that he is sick. 他没来上学的理由是他生病了。

考点五 同位语从句 同位语从句常放在fact,news,word(消息),idea, truth,doubt,belief,thought,problem等词的后面,对前 面的名词做进一步解释,说明前面名词的具体含义。引导词 常用that,也可用其他连接词引导。需注意的是,同位语从 句有时不直接跟着它所说明的某个名词后,而是被别的词隔 开。

Then arose the question how we were to collect the money. 然后我们如何筹钱这个问题就产生了。 The rumor that they would get married spread at once. 他们要结婚的谣言马上传了开来。



同位语从句是对前面的名词做进一步解释,引导词只起 引导作用,不可省略;定语从句是对前面的名词进行修饰、 限制,引导词(即关系代词/关系副词)在句子中作一定的成 分。

The news that they had won the game soon spread over the whole school.他们赢得了比赛,这一消息很快传遍了整 个校园。(同位语从句) The news (that) you told me yesterday was really disappointing.你昨天告诉我的那个消息真令人失望。(定语 从句)

[本节小结] 名词性从句在历年的高考题中都有所涉及,并且近几年 的高考试题更侧重在具体语境中考查有关其语序或连接词的 选择、主从复合句时态的呼应等方面的内容。that和what 引导的名词性从句的区别、定语从句和名词性从句特别是和 同位语从句的区别仍是高考考查的热点。因此考生除牢固掌 握相关的基础知识外,还要加强对从句语法特征的思考,形 成良好的英语思维能力和判断能力。

Ⅰ.用适当的连接词填空 1.(2014·北京高考)The best moment for the football star was ________ he scored the winning goal. 【答案】 when

2.(2014·北京高考)Some people believe ________has happened before or is happening now will repeat itself in the

【答案】 whatever

3.(2014·大纲全国卷)Exactly ________ the potato was
introduced into Europe is uncertain,but it was probably around 1565. 【答案】 when

4.(2014·福建高考)Pick yourself up.Courage is doing ________ you're afraid to do. 【答案】 what

5.(2014·湖南高考)As John Lennon once said,life is
________ happens to you while you are busy making other plans. 【答案】 what

6.(2014·江苏高考)—What a mess! You are always so lazy! —I'm not to blame , Mum.I am________ you have

made me.
【答案】 what

7 . (2014· 山 东 高 考 )It is difficult for us to
imagine________ life was like for slaves in the ancient world. 【答案】 what

8 . (2014· 陕西高考 )________ the delayed flight will take off depends much on the weather.



9. (2014· 四川高考 )Grandma pointed to the hospital
and said,“That's ________ I was born.” 【答案】 where

10 . (2014· 天津高考 )I think ________ impresses me about his painting is the colours he uses.



Ⅱ.语篇填空 用适当的连接词完成下列短文 I am going to tell you an unbelievable thing that happened in my restaurant today. This afternoon a poorlydressed gentleman came into my restaurant.Nobody knew 1.________ he was.We wondered 2.________ he was so hungry.We were surprised 3.________ he finished two orders of food in a very limited time.We doubted 4.________ the man was able to pay the bill.The gentleman asked 5.________ we would mind waiting for just a few minutes.Then we were shocked to see 6.________ he took out of a letter and a million pound bank note.







genuine.Mr.Clements said it was true because two of this amount had been issued by the Bank of England this year.He thought 8.________ the gentleman showed them couldn't be a fake. 9.________ a gentleman with a million pound bank note was in rags and ate in our small restaurant was a big puzzle to all the people there.I really couldn't describe 10.________ excited I was.





4.whether/if 8.what 9.Why

5.whether/if 10.how



综合演练 语法填空 用适当的连接词完成下列短文 Three years had passed and things were even worse than before.One can hardly imagine 1.________ the poor people suffered.Most of the workers lost their jobs and in order to provide for their families they sold 2.________ they had in their houses.They could neither get food nor clothing.Many of them fell ill and died.

Then they began to understand 3.________ the factory owners were their enemies.But they believed 4.________ if the government knew 5.________ hard their conditions were,they would give them some help.In a meeting they decided 6.________ they should send some of their men to London to tell the government of the truth.Jackson was chosen to be one of them to go to the capital.He felt proud 7.________ he could do something for his friends.

A few days later,when Jackson came back from London and was asked to tell about 8.________ had happened there,he replied in a low voice,“I will never forget 9.________ we workers were treated there.I will never forgive those who refused to hear us.Friends,let us do 10.________ we can to struggle against the capitalists and the government which/that supports them.”

【答案】 6.that

1.how 2.what 7.that 8.what

3.that 9.how

4.that 10.what


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