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Introduce the new English teacher (myself)

How to introduce a person

人物介绍的几个要点 1. name, age, sex, birth-place, background (概况) 2. appearance, character (外表、 性格) 3. ed

ucation (教育背景) 4. big events in his or her life (in order of time) (经历、生平) 5. evaluation (评价)

The teacher will introduce herself to the whole class ! My name is … ( about 150 words )

Some more wonderful sentences to introduce a person

1. 介绍概况:同位语结构、分词结构,使文 章简洁。如: (1)Abraham Lincoln, the son of a poor family (一个贫苦家庭的儿子), was born in Kentucky on February 12, 1809. [同位语] (2)Sun Showier, a world champion in diving (一位跳水的世界冠军), is a boy of 14 from Guangdong. [同位语] (3)Born in Maryland, USA in 1985(他1985年 出生于美国马里兰州), Michael Phelps is a famous swimmer.[分语短语]

2. 描写外貌:巧用with短语。如: My history teacher is a beautiful woman, with long hair and big eyes (她长着两只大眼睛,留 着长发). 3. 生平事迹:尽量用复合句、并列句、非谓 语动词短语和倒装等高级语句。如: (1)In his life, he got many honours, one of which is the 2005 CCTV Moving China Award (其中包括获得“2005感动中国年度人物”的称 号). [定语从句]

(2)In 2006, having broken the world record and got the gold medal (在他打破世界纪录并获 得金牌之后), he became the idol of the youth. [分词短语] (3)Not only does he show interest in science (他 不但对科学极有兴趣), but also he has a gift for music. [倒装句式] 4. 评估:尽量运用短语。如: Lei Feng set an good example to us (给我们树 立了一个良好的榜样), so all the people show great respect to him (很敬重他).

1. 外貌(appearance/look) good-looking相貌英俊的 funning-looking外表可笑的 ugly-looking丑陋的 ordinary-looking 外貌平平的 white-haired白头发的 near/far-sighted 近/远视的 charming有魅力的 fashionable时尚的 slim 苗条的 fat胖的 lovely 可爱的

2. 性格气质(character) kind-hearted好心的, warm-hearted 热心的, absent-minded 心不在焉的, bad-tempered 坏脾气的, a strong will很强的意志力, naughty 淘气的, smart/bright 聪明的, wise睿智的, hard-working/diligent 勤奋的,

humorous 幽默的, attractive 有魅力的, talkative能说会道的, confident 有信心的, independent 独立的, sociable 爱社交的、外向的 patient 有耐心的, determined 有决心的, polite 有礼貌的, be willing/ready to help others 乐于助人

3. 生日、出生地 (birth/age) …, (who was) born in …, is a… 4. 家庭背景(family background) … was born in/ into a poor/rich family出生在 贫穷的/富裕的家庭 as a child of … years old, he…还是个……岁的 孩子时 his/ her father was very strict with him… 父亲 对他//她严格要求 spend his childhood in …在……度过了他的童 年 live a happy/hard life生活很幸福/艰苦

5. 教育背景(schooling / education background) be admitted to …university考取……大学 graduate from …department of … university从 某大学某系毕业 receive/get a doctor’s degree获取博士学位 go abroad for further studies 出国深造 When at college, he majored in French/he was a French major. 读大学时他主修法语

6. 主要事迹(main event) serve as做……工作 devote oneself /one’s effort/one’s life to; be devoted to 致力于 make up one’s mind to do/be determined to do 决心做 have a gift/talent for / be gifted/talented in 有……的天赋

7. 成就(achievement) excellent /outstanding /remarkable出色的 be good at/ do well in… 擅长 famous/well-known at home and abroad国内外 著名的 make great/rapid progress in 在…取得很大/快 速进步 overcome many difficulties/go through hardship克服困难 set a good example to为……树立好榜样 speak highly of… 高度赞扬… be honoured as…被授予……

win the …prize 获得……奖项 win (won) a gold /silver/ bronze medal 获得金//银/ 铜牌 make great contributions to为…作出 巨大贡献 He is the pride of China. 他是中国的 骄傲。

介绍美国新担选总统的巴拉克· 奥巴马 请根据下面表格,用英语介绍美国当 选总统巴拉克· 奥巴马

姓名 出生时间 出生地点 家庭 小时梦想 教育 职业

巴拉克· 奥巴马 ( Barack Obama ) 1961年8 月4 日 夏威夷檀香山(Honolulu, Hawaii) 父亲是肯尼亚黑人,母亲是美国白人 当总统 哈佛法学院(Harvard Law School),博士 毕业后一直从政。2008年11用4日,在大选 ( the general election )中击败麦凯恩 (John McCain ),成为美国第44任总统, 首位黑人总统。


Barack Obama, the son of a black father from Kenya and a white American mother, was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4th, 1961. When he was only a small boy, he dreamt of becoming the President of the United States. Since he graduated from Harvard Law School with a doctor’s degree, he has been struggling for success in politics.

On November 4th, 2008, he defeated John McCain in the general election and was elected the 44th President of the United States, making him the first African American President of the country. The success of Obama greatly inspired people from all over the world, especially black people, to work hard to achieve their goals.

Yang Liwei astronaut, hero, hard working, brave, calm, height: 168 cm, weight: 65 kg “I thought 21 hours was too short to stay in space.”

用英语写一篇短文,内容包括: 1.对该人物的简单介绍; 2.喜欢该人物的理由; 3. 从该人物身上得到的启示。

Sample Yang Liwei, 168 cm tall and weighing 65 kg, is an army pilot and astronaut of Shenzhou V, I admire Yang Liwei a lot because he has strong will power and is hardworking, brave and calm in the flight. Being the first Chinese to travel in space, Yang Liwei is a hero of our nation in our heart and mind and whenever we review the moments which Yang Liwei was traveling in

Shenzhou V in space, holding our national flag in hand, we will be proud of our country and think highly of him. What impressed me most is his saying that “I thought 21 hours was too short to stay in space.” I believe that China will make greater progress in space flight in the future.

Write a short passage to introduce yourself to the teacher (about 120 words )

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