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2014 高考英语完形填空抓分练习精品题(7)及答案

阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项 I consider myself something of an expert on apologies. A quick temper(脾气) has __36__ me with plenty of opportunities to make them. In one of my earliest _37_, my mother is telling me , “Don’t watch the __38__ when you say ‘I’m sorry’. Hold your head up and look at the person in the __39__, so he’ll know you __40__ it.” My mother thus made the key point of a(n) __41__ apology: it must be direct. You must never __42__ to be doing something else. You do not __43__ a pile of letters while apologizing to a person __44__ in position after blaming him or her a mistake that turned out to be your __45__. You do not apologize to a hostess, whose guest of honor you treat __46__, by sending flowers the next day without mentioning your bad __47__. One of the important things you should do for an __48__ apology is a readiness to __49__ the responsibility for our careless mistakes. We are used to making excuses, which leaves no __50__ for the other person to __51__ us. Since most people are open-hearted, the no-excuses apology leaves both feeling __52__ about themselves. That, after all, is the __53__ of every apology. It __54__ little whether the apologizer is wholly or only partly at fault: answering for one’s __55__ encourages others to take their share of the blame. 36. A. provided 37. A. dreams 38. A. side 39. A. mind 40. A. imagine 41. A. useful 42. A. pretend 43. A. hold on B. mixed C. compared D. treat D. ideas D. bottom D. eye D. regret D. basic D. expect

B. courses C. memories B. ground B. soul B. enjoy C. wall C. face C. mean

B. successful B. forget B. put aside

C. equal

C. refuse

C. look through D. pick up


44. A. poorer 45. A. fault 46. A. cruelly 47. A. manners 48. A. active 49. A. raise 50. A. situation 51. A. advise 52. A. wiser 53. A. purpose

B. weaker B. reason B. freely

C. worse C. result C. roughly

D. lower D. duty D. foolishly D. roles D. easy D. bear D. room D. blame D. cleverer D. advantage D. remains D. actions

B. excuses C. efforts B. effective C. extra

B. perform C. admit B. need C. sigh

B. forgive C. warn B. warmer B. method C. better C. end

54. A. cares 55. A. facts

B. matters C. depends B. states C. rights

36-40 ACBDC 46-50CABDD

41-45BACDA 51-55BCABD


完形填空(记叙文) (2012 天津市十二区县重点中学高三毕业班联考二) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 I got off the college shuttle bus and started walking. That's when I heard piano music and singing__16__above the noise of the people and the traffic. I walked a little__17__so I could find out where it was coming from.Through the crowd I saw a young lady sitting at a piano with a__18__next to her. She was singing songs about love, keeping on trying. The way she was singing__19__me a bit. I stood there watching her__20_for about fifteen minutes, thinking that it must take__21__to perform on her own in the middle of a__22__New York ferry terminal. So I stood there listening. She must have felt my_23__because she would__24_look in my direction. Having enjoyed her music for several minutes, I walked over and put

some money in her carriage and she said, “Thank you.”__25__continuing my way home, I said to her, “I have been going__26__a tough time lately, but you've made me hopeful again.” “I'm happy that I could help,” she replied. “Why are you so sad?” “Well, my mum told me she had got__27__from her job, and that made me sad. I'm not so sure what to do ...” “You see, here’s the problem.” She explained.“When walking, your head was down. Don't look defeated, because__28__ comes in different ways and if your head is down you might never see it. You should smile more ... lift your head up.” I smiled weakly, amazed by__29__she was encouraging me. So, I asked her why she was playing the piano in the middle of a crowded place. She explained to me that she sees a lot of __30__people in the world and she tries to__31__the pain and bring more positivity by sharing __32__music. She told me that when she wasn't making music she studied__33__. So, that was how she knew some of the things she was telling me. I smiled a little__34__because I knew that she was doing a good thing. After that we parted, my heart touched and__35__by a musical soul! 16. A.liftingB. risingC. soundingD. discovering 17. A.fasterB. calmerC. slowerD. easier 18. A.capB. reference bookC. carriageD. note 19. A.informedB. comfortedC. discouragedD. cured 20. A.playB.sitC. participateD. concentrate 21. A.timeB. kindnessC. fortuneD. courage 22. A.bigB. brilliantC. modernD. crowded 23. A.senseB. presenceC. pleasureD. fault 24. A.rarelyB. occasionallyC. eventuallyD. carefully 25. A.Instead ofB. In spite ofC. In harmony withD. On account of 26. A.on B. outC .throughD. along 27. A.stolenB .employedC. firedD. lost 28. A.opportunityB .incidentC. musicD. friendship 29. A.whoB. whenC. whatD. how

30. A.negativeB. commonC. positiveD. extraordinary 31. A.relieveB. infectC. devoteD. suffer 32. A.lightB. motivationalC. depressingD. reliable 33. A.biologyB. psychologyC. biographyD. geography 34. A.widerB. longerC. betterD. tenser 35. A.shakenB. intendedC. appreciatedD. lightened


完形填空 It was in my high school science class.I was doing a task in front of the classroom with my favorite shirt on. A 36 came."Nice shirt," I smiled from ear to ear.Then another voice said,

"That shirt belonged to my dad.Greg's mother works for my family.We were going to 37 I that shirt away, but gave it to her 38 ." I was speechless.I wanted to hide.

39 me shirt in the back of the closet and told my mom what had happened.She 40__, "I will no longer work for your family," she told him.That 41

then dialed her

night, Mom told my dad that she couldn’t clean anymore; she knew her life's was something greater. The next morning she 42

with the personnel manager at the Board of

Education.He told her that without a proper education she could not teach.So Mom decided to__43__a university. After the first year in college, she went back to the personnel manager.He said, "You are 44 aren't you? I think I have a___45_for you as a teacher's assistant.This

opportunity deals with children who are mentally challenged with little or no chance of 46 . Mom accepted the opportunity very 47 .

For almost five years, as a teacher's assistant, she saw teacher after teacher give up on the children and quit, feeling 48 .Then one day, the personnel manager


and the principal you 51 50


in her classroom.The principal said, "We have watched how

the children and how they communicate with you and admire your hard-working

over the last five years.We are all in 52 that you should be the teacher of

this class." My mom spent more than 20 years there. 53 her career, she was voted Teacher comment made in my classroom

of the Year.All of this came about because of the 54 that day.Mom showed me how to handle 36.A.noise 37.A.get 38.A.otherwise 39.A.settled 40.A.teacher 41.A.purpose 42.A.went 43.A.visit 44.A.serious 45.A.career 46.A.learning 47.A.patiently 48.A.upset B.voice B.take B.anyhow B.pushed B.employer C.sound

55__situations and never give up. D.tune D.throw D.actually D.stuck D.adviser D.victory

C.carry C. instead C.saved C.director

B.encouragement C.achievement B.met B.continue B.fortunate B.duty B.judging B.eagerly C.worked C.attend C. careful C.position C. obeying

D.stayed D.prepare D.responsible D.part D.imagining D.skillfully D.ashamed D.showed up D.receive

C. successfully C.guilty C.took up C.treat C.task D.attempt

B.frightened B.went up B.protect B.intention B.argument B.During

49.A.looked up 50.A.believe 51.A.spirit

52.A.discussion 53.A.At 54.A.worthless 55.A.challenging

C.disagreement C.On


D.With C.hopeless D.coldless D.strange

B.thoughtless B.different


36-40 BDCDB

41-45 CBCAC

46-50 ABADC

51-55 ADBBA


完形填空(记叙文) (2012 河南省普通高中毕业班高考适应性测试) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题 卡上涂黑。 Last week I took my children to a restaurant. My six-year-old son asked if he could say grace(做祷告). As we bowed our__36___he said, "God is good. God is great. Thank you for the__37__,and I would even thank you__38__if mom gets us ice cream for dessert. And Liberty and Justice for all! Amen!" Along with the__39__from the other customers nearby I heard a woman say, "That's what's__40__with this country. Kids today don't even know how to__41__. Asking God for ice cream! Why, I never!" Hearing this, my son burst into tears and___42__, "Did I do it wrong? Is God mad at me?" As I__43__him and assured(使确信) him that he had done a terrific__44__and God was certainly not mad at him, an___45__gentleman approached the table. He winked(眨眼)at my son and said, "I___46__to know that God thought that was a __47__prayer." "Really?" my son asked. "Cross my heart."Then in a theatrical__48__the old man added, "Too bad she never asks God for ice cream. A little ice cream is good for the__49__sometimes." Naturally, I bought my kids ice cream at the end of the__50__. My son stared at his for a moment and__51__did something I will remember the rest of my__52__. He picked up his ice cream and without a__53__walked over and placed it in front of the woman. With a big__54__he told her, "Here, this is for__55__. Ice cream is good for the soul sometimes, and my soul is good already." 36. A.faces B.heads C.shoulders D.hands

37. A.help B.care C.food D.joy 38. A.more B.again C.indeed D.anyway 39. A.grace B.noise C.laughter D.complaints 40. A.interesting B.familiar C.common D.wrong 41. A.eat B.pray C.bless D.talk 42. A.complained B.begged C.asked D.argued 43. A.beat B.held C.scolded D.heard 44. A.job B.duty C.service D.show 45. A.angry B.honest C.anxious D.elderly 46. A.pretend B.happen C.hope D.intend 47. A.legal B.magic C.awful D.great 48. A.whisper B.manner C.hurry D.whistle 49. A.kid B.heart C.soul D.woman 50. A.street B.restaurant C.meal D.conversation 51. A.so B.then C.even D.instead 52. A.family B.love C.journey D.life 53. A.word B.thank C.look D.notice 54. A.nod B.kiss C.smile D.sign 55. A.God B.you C.us D.all


阅读下面短文,从所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 I had been inside the prison called Gander Hill several times already by the time I met Ray in the spring of 1993. My father worked there with a group, 36 inmates 37 ,

(犯人) to improve their communication and speaking skills. I was a senior in majoring in speech communications, and group at Gander Hill. Teaching communication 39 38

I started my own volunteer student

getting people to tell their stories, but Ray could

tell you how much he


playing his guitar without speaking. Sometimes he moved

his hands across the air as if he were playing his favorite blues scale. He always gave me a slight He loved 42 41 when he saw me come into the small church for the meeting.

his guitar stories. Although he had been an inmate at Gander Hill 43 ,one that he said he had

for over a decade, he always had a song in his head, been writing in his mind since his 45

44 . He looked forward to playing again the

a child counts the days until summer vacation. When my group 46 established itself at Gander Hill, the men were 48 47 a

night of celebration to which they could

one or two family members. The night 49

of the celebration was just like Christmas for them. They gathered with their ones, whom they had not seen or touched for several months or longer. lived in faraway Texas, no one came to the celebration as Ray's 50

his family

51 , but he waited

patiently for me to arrive. As he rehearsed his song in his head, I walked into the prison with a 52 . 53 he were putting his life back into harmony. I have 54 his

Ray tuned that guitar

never heard a guitar tuned like that before or since. He looked at me

shoulder and nodded a thank-you before bringing his song to life on the guitar. I watched Ray's fingers 55 across the strings as if they were himself, running free.

And for those moments, he was. 36. A. asking 37. A. college 38. A. gradually 39. A. promises 40. A. hated 41. A. nod 42. A. practising 43. A. in short 44. A. arrival 45. A. means 46. A. hardly B. teaching B. prison B. usually B. means B. regretted B. signal B. playing B. in public B. moment B. way C. ordering C. seminar C. constantly C. shows C. missed C. impression C. sharing C. in vain C. past C. approach B. suddenly D. permitting D. church D. eventually D. connects D. disliked D. whistle D. handling D. in particular D. birthday D. method C. formally D.

formerly 47. A. forbidden 48. A. follow 49. A. interested 50. A. Since 51. A. expert 52. A. violin 53. A. even though 54. A. through B. allowed B. accompany B. educated B. While B. sponsor B. magazine B. as if B. across C. relaxed C. invite C. surprised C. Although C. guest C. flower C. as long as C. over D. promised D. require D. loved D. Unless D. owner D. guitar D. as well as D. under

55. A. jump B. tremble C. gesture D. dance

36-40 BADBC 41-45 ACDAB

46-50 CBCDA




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