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牛津英语高一必修三 重点总结

必修三 重点单词: forecast:预报 预测 tap:轻拍 flesh:肉

Unit 1





roll:卷起来,滚动 disability:缺陷,伤残 ignore:忽视

narrow:狭窄的 panic:惊慌,惊恐

firmly:牢牢地 analyse:分析 approach:靠近,方法,路径 contrary:相反的 hesitate:犹豫 重点短语: wish for:渴望 roll up:卷起来

attach:使得…链接在一起;附在…上 observe:观察 apply:申请;运用

reduce:减少 relief:宽慰

tolerate:容忍 recover:复原

all of a sudden:突然

mistake…for:把……错当成 pay back:偿还 work out:计算出

watch out for:留心…… make sense:有意义 make the most of:最大限度利用

be linked to…和……有联系 come across:偶然遇到

contrary to:与……相反 重点句型: once(she was ) out in the street, she walked quickly towards her usual bus stop. (省略句) 当主, 从句的主语一致或从句是 it is/was…结构时, 通常可以把从句中的主语和 be 动词 省略:When(you are)driving the car,you must be careful. If (it is) heated, water will turn into steam. Polly found herself staring up at the face of an old man with a beard.(动词+宾语+宾补) However,it was in war that they found their greatest use.(强调句) 现在分词短语作状语:现在分词短语作状语时,它的逻辑主语必须和句子的主语已知, 两者是逻辑上的主谓关系。现在分词短语作状语课表示时间,原因、伴随、方式、结果。 Hearing the knock on the door, they stopped talking. (时间状语)

Being ill,he did not go to school yesterday.(原因状语) They stood there,waiting for the bus.(伴随状语) Her husband died last year,leaving her with three children.(结果状语) 动词不定式作结果状语,表示结果出乎意料 They hurried back home, only to find their house broken in.

even though;even if(含有假设含义) :即使 even if it rains tomorrow, we will go there on time. John is an honest man, I say it, even though I have opposed him. the rest of:(注意单复数)for the rest:至于其他 the rest is history:后来的事就不用说了 wherever:无论什么情况下 Wherever possible, the jobs are given to local people. 究竟在哪儿:wherever did you get that idea? in sight:在职业内,看得见的 at first sight:乍一看 catch sight of:看到,发现 at the sight of:一看见 out of sight:看不见

lose sight of:看不见,小时

out of sight,out of mind:眼不见,心不烦

in the sight of:从……眼光来看

approach:靠近,接近 :As you approach the town, the first building you see is the church. 着手处理:I am not sure how to approach the problem. 方法,态度:I have just read a book which has a new approach to Shakespear. 通路,道路:All approaches to the city were blocked. Hold back: 阻挡 Hold off:推迟 hold down:抑制 hold up:支撑 hold on:稍等 hold with:反对 hold on to:紧紧抓住 hold to:信奉

Hesitate about/over : 对......犹豫不决

hesitate to do sth. 犹豫着做某事/不情愿做某事

Don’t hesitate to do it. Take actions at once, and you will grasp the chance.

Reach out:伸出手

beyond one’s reach:某人能力所不能及之处

out of one’s reach:

Within one’s reach

reach a decision/an agreement/a result:达成......

Watch out for: 密切注意,留心...... You should watch out for fast traffic. He minds so much about his position in the office that he watches out for any chance to be promoted Watch for:等待 watch it:小心,留神 watch your step:小心谨慎 be on watch:值班

Watch over:看守,照看

watch oneself:自我克制

Keep watch for:注视,监视 Anxious:be anxious about sth. Be anxious for sb. be anxious to do...渴望做某事

Be anxious for sth.渴望某物 Relief:

be anxious that... in relief:如释重负

to sb’s relief:让某人感到欣慰的是 with relief:宽慰地

Find relief from:从......拜托出来 Pay back:偿还 向......报复 :I will certainly pay you back for what you did to me.

Pay off: 还清 pay sb. a call/visit Get across:使通过;使被理解;使被传达;把...说清楚 Please get your idea across to the students. I don’t think that your speech got across to the crowd, for they appeared quite puzzled. Get about:四处走动 复过来 Get down to:开始做 Increase:增加 increase by:增加了... 面增加 On the increase:在增加 Increase to:增加到...... Increase in...在某方 get behind:落后 get by 通过 get over:从......恢

The number of the students in our school has increased _______ 20%. Tolerate: tolerate doing... 有类似用法的动词有 避免过错少延期(avoid,miss,delay) 建议完成多练习(suggest,finish,practise) 喜欢想象禁不住(enjoy,imagine,can’t help) 承认否认与嫉妒(admit,Deny,envy) 逃避冒险莫原谅(escape,risk,excuse) 忍受保持不介意(stand,keep,mind) Relate: relationship :关系 relate sth:联系某物 relative:相比 relate sth. to sth. 把...和...联系起来

relate to:有关,涉及, ;理解 some parents can’t relate to their children,which often sets off the conflicts of feelings between two generations. The cost relates to the amount of time spent on the job. be linked to:和...有联系,有关联 link A to B 合 与......有关的短语:join...to Be connected with... In relation to... connect...to... Connect... With... link A with B together link up:使结

Be related to...

Have connection with... Have something to do with...

Be associated with...

Be concerned with...与...有关 Recognize:认出,认识,识别 recognize sb. as/to be... Recognize that...

We are good friends, we have _______ each other for 10 years. Make sense:有意义 ;有道理;讲得通;易于理解,道理明显 what he said doesn’t make ant sense.

I have read the material several times, but it doesn’t make any sense to me. Make the most of: 最大限度的利用 make use of :利用 Make full/good use of 用 Make little use of:不充分利用 Take advantage of:利用 The use we make of our time is not proper。 Ignore:忽视 be ignorant of sth. 不知道某事 Be in ignorance of sth. 对某事不了解 be ignorant that... 不知... ignorance:无知 come into use:开始使用 make the best of make better use of :更好的利

He ignored the doctor ’s advice, so he is in ignorance of his serious illness now; that is to say, he is ignorant that he is in danger now. Distance: distant:远方的 在远处 keep one’s distance from:与...保持距离 距离 Distance learning:远程学习 Attach:固定,附上 attach sth. to sth. 把物体固定在某物上 于... The blame for this accident attaches to the driver who drank too much. Work out: 制定出,计算出;设法弄懂;锻炼 You can’t predict everything, often things don’t work out as you expect. Finally,things worked out very well fou us. Work on:致力于 work up to: 逐渐发展到 I work out regularly to keep fit. be attached to... 附属 keep sb. at a distance:与某人保持 at/from a distance 在远处,从远处 in the distance:

Apply: application:申请表


apply sth. to:将某物用在......上 he wants to find a job in which he can apply his foreign languages. apply for:申请 I have applied for many jobs,but have receiver no reply so far. apply to sb./sth. 适用于... Thoes were old regulations--they do not apply to us any more. Come across:偶然发现,碰见,无意中发现,被理解;表现得 Come up:走近 Come up with:提出 come up against:碰到 come about:发生 come up to:达到,比得上 come to:达到,谈到

Contrary to:与...相反 contrary to what we had expected.John passed the exam at his first attempt. on the contrary: 恰恰相反: He said it was ugly.on the contrary, i found beauty in it. To the contrary(作定语): 相反的:if there isn’t any plan to the contrary, we will meet at 7:00. mistake... for:把...错当成... You must mistake me for my sister. Make a mistake 误解 表达倍数的方式:A is ...times +the size (length/width/height...) of B by mistake be mistaken for sb. Be mistaken about:

A is ...times as 形容词原形(big,long,wide...) as B A is ... times 比较级(longer,bigger...) than B ... times what 从句 this table is three times what that one is。 ... Times as many/much +as... This table is three times as much as that one.

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