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8月3日 1、完型填空



A boy was walking home from school when he saw a large, tempting (诱人的)apple on one of the branches of an apple tree hanging out over a tall fence. The boy wasn’t much of a fruit-eater, chocolate if given the choice, 37 36 a bar of

, as they say, the forbidden fruit can be tempting. Seeing the apple, 38 he felt and the more he wanted that apple. 41 up

the boy wanted it. The more he looked at it, the 39

as high as he could , but even as his tallest 40 he was unable to touch It. He began to

and down , as high as he could, at the 42 of each jump stretching his arms to get the apple . Still it remained out of 43 . Not giving up , he thought , if only he had something to height and he didn’t want to Looking 46 45 44 on . His school bag wouldn’t give enough

the things inside , like his lunch box , pencil case , and Gameboy . 47 luck , even a ladder , but it was a

, he hoped he might find an old box , a rock , or ,

tidy neighborhood and there was nothing he could use . He had tired everything he could think to do . walk 50 48 seeing any other choices , he gave up and started to

49 . At first he felt angry and disappointed thinking about how hungry he had become from his , and how he really wanted that apple . The more he 51 52 like this , the more unhappy he became.

,the boy of our story was a pretty smart guy, even if he couldn’t always get what get he wanted .He 53 ,I don’t have the apple and I’m feeling miserable as well. 55

started to say to himself .This isn’t There’s 54

more I can do to get the apple that is unchangeable, but we are supposed to be able to

our feelings. If that’s the case, what can I do to feel better? 36.A. preferring 37.A. so 38.A.sadder 39.A. expanding 40.A. strength 41.A.jump 42.A. tip 43.A hope 44.A. put 45.A. break B.offering B.then B.angrier B. stretching B. length B.look B. stage B. hand B. stand B. shake C.receiving C..but C. hungrier C.swinging C. range C. walk C. top C. sight C. get C.take D.allowing D or D.tastier D.pulling D.heigh D.glance D. level D. reach D. hold D. strike

46.A. 47.A.for 48.A. After 49.A. back 50.A. wishes 51.A. thought 52.A.Therefore 53.A. skilful 54. A. something 55.A.change

B. forword B. with B. Through B. away B. beliefs B. imagoned B.However B. cheerful B. anything B.express

C.down C.on C .Without C. up C. efforts C.tried C.Moreover C.harmful C.everything C.forget

D. around D. of D.Upon D. down D. goals D. cliamed D.Otherwise D. helpful D.nothing D.describe

No one is glad to hear that his body has to be cut open by a surgeon(外科医生) and part of it taken out.Today,however,we needn't worry about feeling pain during the operation.The sick person falls into a kind of sleep,and when he awakes, the operation is finished.But these happy conditions are fairly new.It is not many years since a man who had to have operation felt all its pain. Long ago,operation had usually to be done while the sick man could feel everything.The sick man had to be held down on a table by force while the doctors did their best for him. He could feel all the pain if his leg or arm was being cut off, and his fearful cries filled the room and the hearts of those who watched. Soon after 1770, Josept Priestley discovered a gas which is now called “laughing gas”.Laughing gas became known in America.Young men and women went to parties to try it. Most of them spent their time laughing,but one man at a party,Horace Wells,noticed that people didn't seem to feel pain when they were using this gas.He decided to make an experiment on himself.He asked a friend to help him. Wells took some of the gas, and his friend pulled out one of Well’s teeth. Wells felt no pain at all. As he didn't know enough about laughing gas,he gave a man less gas than he should have.The man cried out with pain when his tooth was being pulled out. Wells tried again,but this time he gave too much of the gas,and the man died.Wells never forgot this terrible event. 6.It is ____ since a man being operated felt all the pain. A. a few more years B. not long C. few years D. two thousand years

7.Long ago, when the sick man was operated on,he ____.

A. could feel nothing C. could feel all the pain

B. could not want anything D. could do anything

8.Using the laughing gas, the people did not seem to ____. A. he afraid of anything C. want to go to the parties B. feel pain D. be ill operation went on, he _____.

9.If a man took less laughing gas than he should have when an A. felt nothing C . still felt pain B. felt very comfortable(舒服的) D. would die

10. One who took too much of the laughing gas ___. A. would laugh all the time C. would never feel pain B. would die D. would be very calm

When natural disasters strike, the governments at different levels always give a quick response.They send 76r______ teams, deliver relief supplies, 77______ meanwhile call on citizens to take immediate action.People, near and far, respond quickly and effectively.They 78_______find ways to provide easy 79a______ to food and clean water or donate money. In addition, other countries and non-profit 80________(组织)express sympathy and provide support to the people 81a_______ in the disasters and the families of the 82_____ (死者) .For example, they fly food and supplies and send specialists to assist in 83s______ for survivors.We are fully 84c_______ that, with all the international effort being made, we will win the battle 85______ natural disasters.

参考答案 1、完型填空 36. A 根据前面的句子可知,男孩并不是很喜欢吃水果,因此如果要他选择的话,他更喜欢吃一块巧 克力。 37. C 根据下面的句子“禁果诱人”可判断,上下文之间是转折关系,所以选择 but。 38. C 根据下文第 50 个空所在的句子中出现的 hungry 一词可判断,此处选择 hungrier,表示“他越看

那只苹果就越觉得肚子饿”。 39. B 为了够到那只苹果,小男孩踮起脚尖,尽可能把身体伸展到最高的程度。expand 扩大,扩充, 扩展;stretch 伸展,舒展;swing 摆动,摇动;pull 拉,扯,拔。 40. D 根据语境可知,小男孩是站着伸手去够苹果,因此此处指的是身体的高度,不是力量、长度或 范围。 41. A 根据生活常识可判断,既然小男孩站着够不到苹果,他只能开始上下跳跃。 42. C 每次跳到最高的时候,小男孩就伸长了胳膊去够苹果。at the top of 在……顶部或顶端。 43. D 根据下文可知,小男孩最终没有摘到苹果。out of reach 是固定短语,意为“手够不着, 达不到”。 44. B 根据下文内容可知,小男孩没有放弃,他想如果自己踩在某些东西上面就能够到苹果了。 45. A 小男孩身上背着书包,可他不想弄坏里面装的东西。break 在此处表示“弄坏,折断”。 46. D 根据上下文内容可知,为了找到能踩在脚下的东西,小男孩四处环顾。look around 四处环顾。 47. B 小男孩希望自己能够找到一个旧箱子,一块大石头,或者,如果顺利的话,能找到一架梯子。for luck 为了吉利,为了祈求好运;with luck 如果一切顺利的话;其他两个介词不能与 luck 搭配。 48. C 小男孩尝试了所有的方法,在眼看没有任何其他选择的情况下,小男孩只好放弃了。 49. B 没有办法摘到苹果,小男孩只好失望地走开。walk away 走开。 50. C 根据上文可知,小男孩做了很多努力,因此耗尽了力气,觉得又累又饿。 51. A 此处表示他越是这样想,就越觉得不开心。 52. B 根据上下文内容可知,此处存在的是转折关系,所以选择 however“然而,可是”。 53. D 根据下文内容可知,小男孩开始理智地看待自己遇到的问题,觉得生气、失望、难过等都没有 帮助,不能从根本上解决问题。 54. D 结合上文内容可知,小男孩清醒地认识到自己已经没有其他法子可用了,苹果也不会得到了。 55. A 小男孩的反省也是文章主题的升华:面对无法解决的问题,我们可以做到的就是改变自己的情 感态度。

2、阅读 BCBCB 3、短文填词 76.rescue
81.affected 82.dead 77.and 83.searching 78.either 84.convinced 79. access 85.against 80.organizations

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