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Language points

1. I saw several young people enter the
waiting area looking around curiously. curious adj. = eager to learn or know be curious about sth. 对……好奇

be curious to do sth. 急于……
out of curiosity 出于好奇

As a little girl, she was curious about
the origin of human beings. The tourists were surrounded by the curious children.

? ? ? ? curiosity(n.) ----curious(adj) 10. curiosity 11. curiosity 12. curious

2. …Yesterday, another student and I, representing our university's student asociation, went to the Capital International Airport to meet this year's international students. represent (v.) 代表;象征 representative (n.) 代表
P44 1. represents 2. representative

3. Tony approached Julia, touched her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek.
verb + sb. in/ on/ by +the 身体部位 (1) approach 名词 n. 靠近;临近;接近 going near or nearer to a place The enemy ran away at our approach.
在我们接近时, 敌人跑了。

We heard the approach of the train.

n. 方法;步骤;通路;通道

The approach to the house was a
narrow path.

The best approach to learn a foreign language is the study of the spoken language.

at the approach of winter 冬季将临的时候
be easy of approach 容易到达; 容易接近

on the approach of death 临死的时候

v. 走近;靠近;接近 come near or nearer

to someone or something You must approach the bird very quietly or it will fly away.
你必须悄悄地走近那只鸟, 否则它会飞走的。

The summer is approaching.

approach sb. about sth.

approach sb. for information

approach sb. with a suggestion

(2) touch vt. a. 触摸, 接触, 触及, 轻触 I told you not to touch my things. b. touch sb./ sth. (with sth.) 感动(某人)触动某人(某人的感情) Her miserable experience touched us all deeply / touched our hearts with sorrow. 她经历很不幸,我们深受 感动 / 我们都很伤心。

c. 接触,联系 n. get / keep in touch with sb. 与~取得/保持联系 be in/ out of ~ (with sb.) 与--有/无联系 We’ve been out of touch for years.

approach(v.) approach(n.) 3. approached/ were approaching 4. approach

? 3. approached, touched her shoulder

? I guessed that there was probably a major misunderstanding. ? major [?meid ??] a.主要的 n.少校;专业(学 生) vi.主修------ majority [m??d ??riti] n.多数,大多数 P45 13. major 14. majority 15. major

6. Not all cultures greet each other the
same way, nor are they comfortable

in the same way with touching or
distance between people. not … nor 即不……又不…… not all 连用形成部分否定

nor / neither 否定副词, 常置于句首, 此 时句子要倒装, 即助动词/系动词/情态 动词放在主语之前 I don’t like her, nor/neither does Lily. I am not a nurse, nor/ neither is Lily. nor = and also not / neither

? ? ? ? 6. Not all, are they touching distance

7. In the same way that people communicate with spoken language, they also express their feelings using unspoken “language” through keeping physical distance,actions or posture.

(1) that引导的是方式定语从句。 The way that/ in which/或不用关联词。 (2) using引导的是状语, v-ing做状语。

express vt. (用语言,神色,动作等)表达,表示 (感情,意见) express sth. ( to sb.) The guests ~ their thanks before leaving. 你对我的帮助,我感激不尽。 I can’t ~ to you how grateful I am for your help.

express oneself (清楚地) 表达自己的意思 他仍然不能用英语表达自己的意思。 He is still unable to express himself in English n. 快车(=express train) The 8 am express to Beijing.

(邮局, 铁路, 公路等部门提供的) 速 递, 速运 send goods by express 特快货运 n. expression 表达,表情 a happy ~ 愉快的神情

spoken English written English English-speaking countries 1. I don’t do well in __English. A. speaks B. to speak C. spoken D. speak 2. We must practise __English every day. A. to speak B. speak C. in speaking D. speaking

7. in which

8. likely 常用于

sb. /sth. is likely to do sth.
It is likely that… 主语既可以是人也可是物
英语几乎不能说: it’s likely to do sth.

It is likely to rain.
(句子中的it是天气, 并不是形式主语。)

区别: likely, probable, possible

1. possible 常常用于下列结构: 主语不能是人
It is possible for sb. to do sth.

It is possible that 从句
2. probable: 常用于it is probable +that
主语不能是人, 几乎不能说it is probable to

do sth.

9. general 1). adj. 普遍的,全面的 A matter of ~ concern/ interest 普遍(公众)关心/感兴趣的事情 Air-conditioner is in general use now. 2).总的,整体的 general idea of the passage In general 大体上, 通常, 总的来讲 In general, he is a good guy.

generally speaking
frankly speaking

honestly speaking avoid vt. 避开,避免 avoid (sth / doing) I think she is avoiding me. I avoid meeting him. avoidable adj.

? ? ? ? general (n./ adj.)---generally (adv.) 5. Generally 6. general 7. general

? ? ? ? ? 1. approaching 2. shaking 3. communicate 4. gestures 5. represents ? ? ? ? ? 6. express 7. avoid 8. defence 9. dormitories 10. crossroads

? ? ? ?

1. On the contrary 2. in general 3. nor 4. on the cheek

? ? ? ?

5. as well 6. are similiar to 7. get close to 8. are likely to

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1. representing student association/ Union 2. looking around curiously 3. approached touched her shoulder 4. appearing suprised/ in surprise in defence

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

5. dashing through the door smiling face 6. Not all are they touching distance 7. in which 8. In general avoid difficulties cultural crossroads

? ? ? ? ? 1. adult 2. approach 3. defend 4. greeted 5. representing ? ? ? ? ? 6. dormitory 7. curious 8. major 9. crossroads 10. misunderstood

? ? ? ? ?

1. statement 2. association 3. curiously 4.misunderstanding 5. flight

? ? ? ? ?

1. defend against 2. get close to 3. is likely to 4. putting up 5. In general

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