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Unit 13 People
Language Points

Idioms & Phrases
talk…into 1、说服……做 ___________
do an IQ test 2、做智商测试 ___________ academic research 3、学术研究 _______________ be open

to new ideas 4、善于接受新观点 ________________

have a positive attitude towards life ____________________________ 6、和……相处有问题

have problems getting on with _________________________

Idioms & Phrases
by birth 7、是与生俱来的 _________ have a lot to do with… 8、和……有很大关系 ________________ in terms of 9、从……方面来说 _________ be willing to do 10、乐于做…… ____________ compared to 11、与……相比/对照 __________ 12、控告……偷钱 accuse… of stealing money _____________________

Idioms & Phrases
for the first time 13、第一次 _____________ keep disturbing… 15、不停地干扰…… ______________ 16、变得越来越心烦意乱 get more and more annoyed ______________________

glare at 17、怒视 ________
glance at 18、瞥了一眼 ________

thanks to 19、由于 ________

Idioms & Phrases
sigh with relief 20、松了一口气 ____________ convenience store 21、便利店 ______________ can’t help laughing 22、禁不住笑了 _______________ to be honest 23、老实说 ___________ read between the lines 24、领会言外之意 _________________ 25、导致、造成 _________ lead to

Idioms & Phrases
take… seriously 26、认真对待 ____________ It’s fun doing… 28、做……很有乐趣 ____________ a sense of hum0r 29、幽默感 _____________ in certain cases 30、在某些情况下 ____________ speaking of 31、说到、谈到 __________

become distant 32. 变得疏远 ____________

Key words 1.while
L1: While your IQ tells you how intelligent you are, your EQ tells how well you use your intelligence. conj. ? She listened closely while he read. when ? Some people work better to music while others do not. used to contrast two things ? While I am willing to help, I don’t have much time available. Although

n. a period of time ? See you in a little while. ? Would you like to come in and rest for a while? ? She continued working, all the while keeping an eye on the clock. ? (every) once in a while ? =occasionally

2. measure
L1: … their character, as measured by EQ tests, might actually matter more than their IQ. A. to find the size, quality etc. of sth. in standard units ?Can you measure accurately with this ruler? ?The tailor measured me (up) for a suit. ?measuring jug/cup/tape B. (linking verb) +noun: to be a particular size, length, amount, etc. ?The main bedroom measures 12ft by 15ft. ?The pond measures about 2 meters across.

C. Judge the importance, value or effect(=assess) ?Regular tests are used to measure students’ progress. n. A. step ?Measures are being taken to reduce crime in the city. B. unit of size or quality ? An inch is a measure of length. ? to take sb.’s measure/to take the measure of sb. ?Do you make suits to measure?

3. matter
L1: … their character, as measured by EQ tests, might actually matter more than their IQ. v. to be important ? It doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you look neat and tidy. ?Money was the only thing that mattered to him. ?I don’t care what it looks like—what matters is that it works.

n. A. subject or situation ?I don’t talk to my employer about private matters. ? a matter of sth./doing sth. ? This is a matter of life and death. ?“I think it is the best so far.” “Well, that’s a matter of taste.” B. substance ?The universe is composed of matter. ?reading/printed matter

C. problem ?Is something the matter with Bob? He seems very down. ?There is something the matter with my eyes. ? as a matter of fact ? no matter who, what, where… ?Call me when you get there, no matter what the time is.

4. deserve
L1: … who you think deserve good grades, sometimes end up failing exams? v. if sb./sth. deserves sth. it is right that they should have it. (thoroughly/fully/well) deserve + n./pron./to do ?I think we deserve a rest after all that hard work. ?He richly deserves all that happened to him. ?The place deserves a visit. ?He deserves to be locked up for ever for what he did.

adj. deserving & deserved deserving ? a cause _________ of attention deserved ? a _________ victory/success

5. end up…
L1: … who you think deserve good grades, sometimes end up failing exams? v. to be in a particular situation, state, or place after a series of event end up + doing/ adj./prep. Phr. ?Most slimmers end up putting weight back on. ?If you try to remember everything, you will end up remembering nothing. ?If he carries on driving like that, he'll end up dead. ? If you continue to steal you'll end up in prison.

6. recognise/recognize
L1: Professor Mayer, recognised by many as a leading expert in the study of changes to people’s EQs,… A. to know who sb. is or what sth. is, because you have seen, heard ?I recognized her by her red hair. ?Do you recognize this tune? B. to accept or admit that sth. is true ?They recognized the need to take the problem seriously. ?One must recognize that homesickness is natural.

C. to accept or approve sb./sth. officially ~ sb./sth. (as sth.) ?The book is now recognized as a classic. ?British medical qualifications are recognized in Canada.

7. require
L1: This requires a high EQ - the higher the better. A. to need sth.; to depend on sb./sth. B. to make sb. do or have sth. esp. according to a law or rule require+ n./pron. + doing=to be done + sb. to do + that sb. (should) do

1. 和孩子打交道需要极大的耐心。

? Dealing with children requires great patience.
2. 我们的教室需要打扫。

? Our classroom requires cleaning/to be cleaned.
3. 他们要求我们保持沉默。

? They required me to keep silent.
4. 我们要求他9点之前到那儿。

? We required that he (should) get there before nine.

require VS. request
? require (vt.) requirement (n.) ? request (n./vt.) ask for sth. in a polite and formal way (in speech or writing) ?I request him to help. ?make repeated request for help

L1: And the fact that it might be possible to raise EQs means that schools need to make sure that their students are receiving the education they really need,… move higher ? Can you raise the torch so I can see. increase ? raise salaries/prices/taxes ? We need to raise public awareness of the issue. ? We are raising money for charity.
collect money

cause a reaction

? The way the research was carried out raises doubts about the result. ? Over time, people began to catch animals and raise them. take care of children/animals/crops ? I was raised by my aunt on a farm. ? He did not raise the subject again.
start subject

9. concentrate
L4: … of course, the more upset I got, the less I was able to concentrate. A. to give all your attention to sth. and not think about anything else: concentrate (sth.) (on sth. / on doing sth. ) ? You’ll definitely solve the problem if you concentrate all your efforts on it. ? 吵闹声不绝于耳, 我无法集中精力学习。 ? I can’t concentrate on my studies with all that noise going on.

B. to come or bring together at one place ? Birds concentrate (in places) where food is abundant. ? We need to concentrate resources on the most rundown areas. ? Never concentrate the heat in one place for too long. ? concentration (n.) ? Concentration on your studies will result in good grades. ? concentrated (adj.) ? concentrated study/heat/effort

10. doubt
Essay: I never doubted that we would be friends. A. to feel uncertain (about sth.) doubt +n./pron. +that… +whether/if ? It is human to doubt. ? “Do you think England will win? “I doubt it.” ? I don't doubt that he'll come. ? I doubt whether he'll come. ? 不知道那是不是他想要的。 ? I doubt if that was what he wanted.

n. (feeling of) uncertainty or disbelief doubt about sth./that…/whether… ?There is (no) room for doubt. ?I have grave doubts about her honesty. ?She had her doubts (as to) whether he would come. ?I have no doubt that you will succeed.

? beyond/without/no doubt ?This meeting has been, beyond doubt, one of the most useful we have had so far. ?You are without doubt the cleverest students I have ever taught. ? There is no doubt that… ?There is no doubt that he deserves the title “outstanding player of his generation”.

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