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必修一Module2 corner 教案

Module 2 Corner
教学设计 一、教材分析 The emphasis of this period will be placed on the important new words, expressions in the part of Corner. And get the students to fi nd out the meaning of the

title , then give some explanations about them , and offer practice to make students master the important words of usage. To consolidate the contents of the reading passage , students should be required to retell the text in their own words .In order to arouse students’ interest , the teacher can hold a competition on different culture. 二、教学目标 1.知识目标 Get the students to learn and grasp the following important useful new words and expressions in the part: relationship, formal, relaxed, similarly, discipline, state schools, private schools This is true of..., where discipline and respect for the teacher is considered very important. 2.能力目标 (1)Enable the students to learn how western schools are different from Chinese schools. (2)Help the students learn how to compare different schools and the relationship between students and teachers. 3.情感目标 (1) Let students respect different culture (2) Develop students’ sense of cooperative learning. 三、教学重难点 重点 Learn about different schools in western countries 难点 How to talk about different schools. 四、学情分析 学生对跨文化交际等背景知识了解的少,培养充分利用工具书和上网查资料,培养自学 能力。 五、教学方法 学案导学:见学案 新授课教学基本环节:预习检查 总结疑惑; 情景导入 展示目标; 合作探究 精讲点拨; 反思总结 当堂检测;发导学案 布置预习。 六、课前准备 1.学生的课前准备:预习课文,初步理解,查阅资料,尝试练习。 2. 教师的教学准备:多媒体课件制作,课前预习学案,课后延伸拓展学案,分好小组。 七、课时安排 四十分钟 八、教学过程 Step 1 Revision Have a revision about the expressions of Preference. T: G ood morning! Class.First of all, let's review what we have learned y esterday.


Listen to me caref ully! I will give you the definitions of two words. We call No.1 middle school state school, while we call Jingshan middle school private school. So do you understand the meanings about "state school" and "private school". S: Yes. 公立学校和私立学校. T: Ok, I want you to use the structures of preference to make sentences of private schools and state schools. S1: I would rather study at state schools than study at private schools. S2: I would prefer to study at state schools than study at private schools. S3: I would study at state schools rather than study at private schools. S4: I prefer to study at state schools rather than study at private schools. S5: I prefer studying at state schools to studying at private schools. T: Very good! 设计说明:大家一起来复习这个结构,使学生们牢牢记住这个结构;营造一种温故而知新的 教学氛围。 Step 2 lead-in (导入) T: As you know,“Different countries have different customs, so different countries have different schools. In this lesson we will learn some differences between schools in different countries.” Step 3 Read the whole passage (阅读) Read the passage silently and fast. Answer the following questions. 1. What kind of differences in schools does this passage describe? S: It describes the relationship between teachers and students and the differences between state schools and private schools. Step 4 Go through each paragraph Para 1 Question: 2. What is the relationship between teachers and student s in some countries like France and Britain ? S: The relationship between teachers and students in France is formal. But in Britain, the relationships are quite relaxed, but the teachers can have big problems with discipline. Fill in the blanks according to the text The relationship between teachers and students in Germany, and Spain is ____________, where _________ and ________ for the teacher is considered very important. The same is ______ ______ Russia. In northern European countries, _________, the relationship between teachers and students is _____ _______ and _____ _______. In America, students and teachers are quite _______ ______ each other. The Key: quite formal, discipline, respect, true, of, however, much, friendlier, more relaxed, relaxed with. Para 2 Question: 3.What is the main difference between state schools and private schools? S: State schools are paid for by the government, but in private schools, the parents pay for the education of their children.


differences Relationship (Ts and Ss) Schools State schools Private schools France formal government parents America Relaxed and friendlier 设计说明:对课本内容的表格化处理.通过表格的形式对教材内容进行处理,帮助学生掌握 这堂课的内容。 Step 5 Language Points ( 语言点 ) 1)relationship n. 关系 relationship between And B / with sb. (人、团体、国家之间的)关系,联系 She has a very close relationship with her sister. 她和她妹妹关系非常的亲密。 I have establi shed a good working relationship with my boss. 我已经和我的老板建立起良好的工作关系。 血缘关系 a father-son relationship 父子关系 2) formal ①正式的,礼节的 反义词 info rmal The Prime Minister made a formal declaration. 首相发表正式文告。 formal clothes 礼服 ② 拘泥形式的,刻板的 You needn’t be so formal with me. 你对我不必要如此拘谨。 3) relaxed adj 轻松的, 松懈的, 宽松的 He appeared relaxed and confident before th e match. 比赛之前,他显得 镇定而自信. She had a relaxed manner. 她的举止特别自然. a family-run hotel with a relaxed atmosphere. 家庭经营的旅店,气氛自由随便. be relaxed about sth 不加以拘束的 I am relaxed about what th e kids wear to school. 孩子们穿什么上学,我觉得无所谓。 relaxing 令人放松的, 轻松的 a relaxing drink/walk/evening 使人感到轻松的一杯饮料/一次 散步/一个夜晚 4) be true of (某种情况)适用于,适宜于;合乎事实的. It is true of everybody. 这件事适用于每个人. come true 变成现实 be true to life 栩栩如生 5) have problems with 会碰到??的问题 6) similarly 相同的,同样的(可以修饰动词,也可以修饰整个句子) Husband and wife were similarly successful in their chosen careers. 夫妻俩在各自选择的事业上都很成功。


The United States won most of the track and field events. Similarly, in swimming, the top three places went to Americans. 美国赢得了田径比赛大多数项目的胜利。同样,在游泳方面,美国人也囊括了前三名。 7) can 可能性 Children can be tiresome . 孩子们有时很烦人。 Jogging can be harmful for the health. 慢跑也可能会对健康有害。 Step6 listen to the tape ( 听 ) While listening to the tape, pay attention to the pronunciation. Step7 Discussion: (讨论) What’s the relationship between teachers and students in China? 设计说明:鉴于他们是高一新生,学校生活又是学生非常熟悉的话题,从学生的现实生活出 发,以轻松愉快的聊天形式来展开讨论,能使学生对本节课的学习有了更进一步的了解,谈 谈自己的看法, 自己作为学生和老师之间的关系. 让课堂形成轻松活泼的氛围。 Step 8、Homework(作业) Please write a composition your school and your teachers. Then explain your opinions. 设计说明:作业作为课堂教学的延续,它既是教师教学活动的一个重要环节,又是学生学习 过程中的一个重要组成部分。 通过笔头落实,可以检测每位学生课堂掌握的情况, 巩固所学, 真正使每位学生参与交流与合作,讲练结合,事半功倍 【课后反思】 新课程的教学实施中, 要充分考虑到与学生的实际生活相结合,发挥学生的主动能力, 才能真正落实到“备教材”与“备学生”, 有利于学生的自我发展与提高。 本节课体现了在 利用生活 实际,创设情境,与实际相结合.经验告诉我们,教师的教法得当,学生才会对英


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