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unit7 词语的翻译三


汉语的连词 并列连词:和、跟、同、与、及、 以及、并、并且、而、而且、或、 或者、不但……而且、或者……或 者 …… ? 从属连词:因为……所以、何况、 况且、尽管、不论、无论、由于、 只有……才、除非、如果、即使、 然而 ……

? 并列连词的译法 ? 1译为英语相应的并列连词:and, as, but, both…and, though, for, either...or, neither…nor, or, nor, however, nevertheless, while, then, yet ? 不是他该受责备就是我该受责备。 ? Either he is to blame or I am. ? 他说它是白色的,但是他错了。 ? He said it was white; however, he was mistaken.

? 天色已暗,尽管如此,他还在工作。 ? It was dark; nevertheless, he went on working. ? 他既健康又活泼。 ? He is lively as well as healthy. ? 他既不求名,又不求利。 ? He wants neither fame nor wealth.

2. 译为英语的关系代词
? 我们现在多么尊重张教授,可是从前我们总是轻 视他。 ? How much we respect Professor Zhang, whom we used to despise so much. ? 他要小郑拿一杯茶,但她装作没听见。 ? He asked Xiao Zheng to bring a cup of tea, who pretended not to hear. ? 他对孩子们很不耐烦,可她却很少这样。 ? He was very impatient with the children, which she seldom was.

? 1译成英语相应的连词:

? After, although, as, as soon as, as long as, as if, as though, as…as…, before, because, but if, even if, in order that, in case that, if, lest, than, now that, seeing that, until, unless, when, while, though, provided that…

? 他虽然成功了,却不骄傲。 ? Successful as he is, he is not proud. ? 太阳一定落下去了,因为天色 渐渐暗下来了。 ? The sun must have set, for it is growing dark.

2. 译为英语的副词:therefore, though, however ? 他忙得很,所以不能来。 He was very busy; therefore, he could not come. ? 无论多么艰难,总之要尽你的力量去做。 ? However hard it may be, try your best. ? 虽然他说她要来,可是结果没来。 ? He said she would come, though she didn’t.

3. 译为“and”
? 如果说了实话,你就不必害怕。 ? Speak the truth and you needn’t have fear. ? 你给了他们希望,也就给了他们生 命。 ? You give them hope and give them life.

4. 译为英语的关系代词、连接代词 或关系形容词 如果谁不劳动,谁就不能得食。 ? He, who does not work, shall not eat. ? 无论谁去,我都没意见。 ? Whoever goes, I shall have no objections.

? 无论你走哪一条路,你都可以到达那 里。 ? Whichever way you take, you’ll be there.

4. 译为英语的关系代词、连接代词 或关系形容词

? 那位科学家虽然已经非常疲惫, 仍继续进行实验。
? The scientist,who was dog-tired, went on with the experiment.

? 计算机尽管有许多优点,但它不能进行创 造性的工作,也不能代替人。 ? Electronic computers,which have many advantages,can not carry out creative work and replace man. ? 由于电阻小,铜被广泛地用来输送电流。 ? Copper,which offers very little resistance,is used widely for carrying electricity.

5. 译为英语的复合结构 ? 如果天气允许,我明早八点钟来。 ? Weather permitting, I’ll come at eight tomorrow morning. ? 由于再也没什么可讨论的了,他们 回家去了。 ? No further discussion arising, they went home.

6. 译为英语的分词、分词短语、形容词、 形容词短语、不定式短语

? 由于采用这个方法,他克服了困难。 ? Having adopted this method, he overcame the difficulties. ? 他的英文很好,所以赢得了她的羡慕。 ? Being so good at English, he was admired by her.

? 不知该怎么办,她开始哭起 来。 ? Not knowing what to do, she began to cry. ? 由于一路很劳累,他病了。 ? Exhausted by the journey, He became ill.

7. 用倒装语序或no matter how/what/when
? 如果他有时间,我们一定回来。 ? Had he time, we would certainly come. ? 不管你说什么,我必须开舞会。 ? Say what you may, I must give a ball. ? 无论你什么时候来,我都欢迎。 ? No matter when you come, you’re welcome.

Exercise: Please translate the following passages into English. ? 睡眠不足是造成疲劳驾驶的主 要因素。如果驾驶员一天驾驶 超过10小时以上,而睡眠不足 4.5小时,则事故率最高,睡眠 不足导致驾驶过程中不断打哈 欠、频繁揉眼睛、手脚不灵活 等。

? Lack of sleep is the main cause of fatigue driving. The accident rate is the highest when the driver has been on the road for more than 10 hours with less than 4.5 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep makes one yawning or rubbing his eyes and slow in response while driving.

? 因此,充足的睡眠对驾驶来 说是十分重要的。闷热的天 气极易导致驾驶疲劳,统计 发现,疲劳驾驶和酒后驾驶 导致的交通肇事已超过超载、 超速等,成为“马路新杀 手”。

? Therefore, sufficient sleep is very important to driving. People can easily get fatigue in hot temperature. According to statistics, accidents due to fatigue and drunk driving have become the new “road killers”, surpassing those due to overloading and speeding.

? 此外,还有很多其他不遵守 交通法规的现象,比如打手 机,无证驾驶、闯红灯、尾 随、在车流中穿行甚至逆行 的现象也时有发生。

? In addition, it is not uncommon to see other violations of traffic regulations, e.g. using mobile phones while driving, driving without a license, ignoring the traffic lights, following the car in front too closely, traversing in the river of cars or even against it.

? 许多司机在车里挂满了各种装 饰物,这也会影响注意力的集 中,成为一种潜在的危险。

? Many drivers hang all kinds of small things in their cars, which can be distracting and present potential risks.

? 新技术给汽车带来的安全措施 往往会被驾驶员的不良行为所 抵消,所以,通过加强宣传教 育提高驾驶人员的素质便成为 关键的问题。

? Safety measures brought by the new technologies are often offset by the misconducts of the drivers. Therefore, it has become the key issue to improve the quality of the drivers through campaigns and education.

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