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【内蒙古新人教版英语高三单元测试4 必修1 Unit 4 Earthquakes

内蒙古自治区新人教版英语高三单元测试 4 必修 1 Unit 4 Earthquakes
Part one: 1. The Second World War brought great _______to the people of Europe and the world. A. steam B. suffering C. power D. flame

2. The mountain climbers ________in the storm were finally rescued by helicopter. A. ruined B. transported C. trapped D. sheltered

3. I _______hope that you?ll make an excellent engineer in the future. A. extremely B. fluently C. officially D. sincerely

4. More than twenty miners were reported to be _______alive when the tunnel fell in. A. buried B. damaged C. expressed D. frightened

5. Don?t you realize the ________these chemicals are doing to our environment? A. shelter B. track C. damage D. outline

6. He defeated the other competitors and won the world _______for the high jump. A. track B. title C. judge D. headline

7. He _______his back in Tuesday?s game, and will be unable to play tomorrow. A. rescued B. trapped C. shocked D. injured

8. Her actions ______her love for her children more than any words could do. A. commanded B. scheduled C. burst D. expressed

9. The car accident seemed to have completely ______his confidence. A. shocked B. requested C. determined D. destroyed

10. The natural _______is believed to have caused heavy losses in this area. A. view B. block C. voyage D. disaster

11.______of people who were killed or injured reached more than 40,000. A. The number B.A number C. The amount D. An amount

12. The army organized teams to dig out those _______were trapped and to bury _______dead. A. /; the B. who; / C. /; / D. Two; the

13. The performance _______nearly three hours, but few people left the theatre early. A. covered B. reached C. played D. lasted

14. I was told that there were about 50 foreign students _______Chinese in the school,

most ________were from Germany. A.study; of whom B.study; of whom C. studying; of them D.studying; of whom

15. ---John and I will celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary next month . ----On, _________! A. cheer up B. well done C. go ahead D. congratulations

16. So funny did he look that everybody at the English party ________laughing. A. burst out B. burst into C. burst forth D. burst with

17. The door _______open and in rushed the crowd, shouting with anger. A. pushed B. knocked C. forced D. burst

18. As soon as she saw her boyfriend, she ______tears. A. burst into B. broke out C. burst out D. broke in

19. If ________in wet sand, the vegetables can remain fresh for a long time. A. being buried B. having buried C. buried D. burying

20._______in deep thought ,Jack didn?t notice a car racing towards him . A. Burying B. To bury C. Having buried D. Buried

21._____what you said, he could have completed the work ahead of time. A. Judged by B. Judged from C. Judging from D. To judge from

22.________the best in a recent science competition, the three students were awarded scholarships totaling $21,000. A. Judged B. Judging C. To be judged D. Having judged

23. They wouldn?t hesitate to call the police at the first sign of trouble .They did it __________. A. at no time B. for the moment C. right away D. so far

24. I?ve got something ________.I have to deal with it right away. A. urgent B. stable C. delicate D. mature

25. I?m sorry to say that our food is almost ________.We can?t survive if there is no one to help us. A. by the end Part two :完形填空 I consider myself something of an expert on apologies. A quick temper(脾气) has 26 me with plenty of opportunities( 机会 ) to make them. In one of my B. at the end C. in the end D. at an end

earliest 27 , my mother is telling me, “Don?t watch the

28 29

when you say ?I?m , so he?ll know

sorry?. Hold your head up and look at the person in the you 30 it.” 31

My mother thus made the key point of a(n)

apology: it must be direct. You 33 a pile of letters while

must never 32 to be doing something else. You do not apologizing to a person turned out to be your 35 honor you treat bad 37 . One of the important things you should do for an to

34 in position after blaming him or her for a mistake that . You do not apologize to a hostess(女主人), whose guest of

36 , by sending flowers the next day without mentioning your


apology is readiness

39 the responsibility(责任) for our careless mistakes. We are used to making 40 for the other person to 41 us. Since most people are 42 about themselves.

excuses, which leaves no

open-hearted, the no-excuse apology leaves both parties feeling That, after all, is the 43 of every apology. It 44

little whether the apologizer is encourages others to take their

wholly or only partly at fault: answering for one?s 45 share of the blame. 26. A.provided 27. A.dreams 28. A.side 29. A.mind 30. A.imagine 31. A.useful 32. A.pretend 33. A.hold on 34. A.poorer 35.A.fault 36.A.cruelly 37.A.manners 38.A.active 39.A.raise 40.A.situation B.mixed B.courses B.ground B.soul B.enjoy B.successful B.forget B.put away B.weaker B.reason B.freely B.excuses B.effective B.perform B.need C.compared C.memories C.wall C.face C.mean C.equal C.refuse

D.treated D.ideas D.bottom D.eye D.regret D.basic D.expect D.pick up D.lower

C.look through C.worse C.result C.roughly C.efforts C.extra C.admit C.sign

D.duty D.foolishly D.roles D.easy D.bear D.room

41.A.advise 42.A.wiser 43.A.purpose 44.A.cares 45.A.facts

B.forgive B.warmer B.method B.matters B.states

C.warn C.better C.end C.depends C.rights

D.blame D.cleverer D.advantage D.remains D.actions

Part three :阅读理解 A Car Pollution Some cars do not run the way they should. Bad smoke from a car can get into the air. This bad smoke is called pollution. Pollution turns the air a gray(灰色的) color. It is very dirty. It is not good for people to breathe this dirty air. To keep pollution down, the states tests cars every two years. This test checks to make sure the cars do not pollute the air. If a car does not pass the test, the owner cannot drive it the next year. Some car owners drive their cars even though they cannot pass the test. It is also very bad for the air. People want to find a way to get these cars off the road. So a state program( 项目) was started that now seems to be helping. In this program the States buys cars that cannot pass the test or will help pay for repairs. This program has been helping people buy better cars or fix their old ones. It has also been helping to cut down on pollution. To meet the needs for the program, a car must be drivable and the owner must meet certain income(收入) restrictions(限制). In order to get help from the program, a motorist must have a family income of no more than 185% of the national poverty guidelines(贫困线). For a family of four, that would be no more than $32,653 each year. The state program that takes polluting cars off the road has just finished its first year, and people say it has been successful. For the past year, the state program has been bu ying cars that can?t pass the test. Some car owners get as much as $1,000 for their old ones, while others receive as much as $500 for repairs. The cars bought by the States through the program are put out of use and sent to

dismantlers(拆卸厂). 46. Cars get tested every two years to make sure ________. A. the owners can get some money C. they don?t pollute the air not 47. A car owner can get some money from the program if he / she has ________. A. a motor B. only one car C. a small family D. a low income B. they can get repaired on time D. the government can decide to buy them or

48. After being bought by the government, a car will be ________. A. put out of use B. repaired B One silly question I simply can?t understand is “How do you feel?” Usually the question I asked of a man?s action—a man on the go, walking along the street or busily working at his desk. So what do you expect him to say? He?ll probably say, “Fine, I?m all right, ” but you?ve put a bug in his ear—maybe now he?s not sure. If you are a good friend, you may have seen something in his face, or his walk, that he overlooked(忽略) that morning. It starts him worrying a little. First thing you know, he looks in a mirror to see if everything is all right, while you go merrily on your way asking someone else. “How do you feel?” Every question has its time and place. It?s perfectly acceptable, for example, to ask “How do you feel?” if you?re visiting a close friend in hospital. But if the fellow is walking on both legs, hurrying take a train, or sitting at his desk working, it?s no time to ask him that silly question. When George Bernard Shaw, the famous writer of plays, was in his eighties, someone asked him, “How do you feel?” Shaw put him in his place. “When you reach my age, ” he said, “either you feel all right or you?re dead. ” 49. The question “How do you feel?” seems to be correct and suitable when asked of ______. A. a man working at his desk C. a stranger who looks worried B. a person having lost a close friend D. a friend who is ill C. tested again D. reused

50. The writer seems to feel that a busy man should______. A. be praised for his efforts B. never be asked any question

C. not be bothered(烦扰)

D. be discouraged from working so hard

51. George Bernard?s reply in the passages shows his______. A. cheerfulness B. cleverness C. kindness D. politeness

1-5 B C D A C

6-10 B D D D D

11-15A D D D D BACDA

16-20A D A C D CABDD

21-25C A C A D 26-45 ACBDC BCABD 46-51CDA DCB

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