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Module 6 War and peace
★ 必考单词 1. abandon v. 放弃, 抛弃 2. drown v. 淹死;使溺死 3. survior n. 幸存者 survive v. 幸存 survival n. 幸存 4. last v. 持续 5. occupy v. 占领;占据 occupation n. 占领;职业 6. troop n. 部队;士

兵 7. commander n. 指挥官 command v&n. 命令 8. eventually adv. 最后,终于 9. wound vt&n 使受伤 10. shocked adj. (感到)震惊的;惊骇的 shock Vt. & n. 使某人震惊 shocking adj. 令人震惊的 11. memorial n. 纪念碑;纪念馆;纪念品 memorable adj. 难忘的 12 overlook v. 俯视,往下看;忽视 13. condenm v & n. 责难;谴责 14. nationality n. 国籍 15. rescue v. 营救,拯救 16. drop v. 扔下,投下 17. compaign n. 作战行动,战役,运动 18. vies n. 观点 19. chaos n. 混乱;无秩序 20. senseless adj. 无意义的,欠思考的 sense v. 意识,感官 realize V. 意识到 21. sacrifice n. &v. 牺牲 22. baggage n. 行李, (军队的)行装 23. confidential adj. 机密的,秘密的 24. mess n 混乱的局面 25.perfume n. 香水 27 scissors n & v. 刮胡子 28. stockings n. (常复) (女士)长袜 29. yell v. 大叫,呼喊 30. barbershop n. 理发店 31. cheers int. (用于祝酒)祝你健康 32. liberation n. 解放 libarate v. 解放 33. constitution n. 宪法 34. worthwhile adj.值得做的,有价值的,有用的 35. encourage v. 鼓舞,鼓励 courage n. 勇气 36. surrender v&n 投降 37. strategy n. 策略,战略 38. quote v. 引用,引述 39. disagreement n. 争论,矛盾,意见不合 agreement n. 同意,一致 40.personnel n. 全体人员 41. civilian n. 平民;文职人员 42.despite prep. 不管,不顾 ★必备短语 1. declare war on 向?? 宣战 2. make a breakthrough 取得重大突破(进展) 3. pick up 停下来让某人搭车(船) ;救起 4. to one’s astonishment 令某人惊讶的是 ★必会句型 1. Many of the men were either killed or (要么??要么??)wounded by machine gun fire. 2. We weren’t supposed to do (不应该做) that. ★ 高频词汇 1. last (1) vi. 持续
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The war lasted four years befire the North won in the end. (2) vi. & vt. 维持,耐用 They had enough food to last themselves a whole month. 填填练 Don't worry, the food can last ourselves half a month. 不用担心,十五足够我们吃半个月。 2. occupy v. (1) 占领,占据 The akllkied forces occpupied that country for several years after the Second World War. (2) 占(时间,空间) ;占用 Reading occupies most of my free time. The bathroom is occupied. (3) (常与 oneself 连用或作被动式)使忙于,使从事 She is occupied in writing a novel. 思维拓展 Occupation n. 职业;消遣;占有 Occupy oneself in/with 是自己忙于 ?? Be occupied in 忙于?? Occupy 是新课标中的一个重要单词,高考对它的考察主要体现在两个方面: (1)与 possess 的区别,occupy 表示 占用 , possess 表示 所有权 。 如: ① After his uncle died, Tom manged to possess the big ranch. ② All the tables are __occupied__, so we had to find another restaurant. (2) occupy 的引申义“是忙于??” ,是常考的内容,这是,要注意与 be devoted to, be interested, concentrate/focus on 等近义词搭配的特点。 Eg: Danis is _______ hunting foe a new job and has no eye for his wife and children. A. occupied in B. buried for C. absorbed to D. engaged to 3.abandon (1) vt.&vi. 放弃,抛弃 He abandoned the plan. He abandoned his family. (2) vt. (与 oneself 连用)使放纵,使听任 She abandoned herself to despair. He let out abandoned laughter. 思维拓展 Abandoned._adj.被遗弃的,恣意放荡的 abandon oneself to _沉湎于,陷入_ 填填练 Those who _abandon themselves ___to_despair can not succeed. 4. drown v. (1)_ 淹死,使溺死,淹没 She fell over board and was drowned. (2)_(声音等)压过 The noise of the machine drowned his voice. (3)_解(忧愁等) ;沉溺于
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It is no use trying to drown your sorrows in drink. He drowned himself in work. 思维拓展 be/get drowned 淹死,溺死 drown oneself 投水(自杀) drown oneself in 埋头于 be drowned in sth 对??入迷 选选看 Every student is/drowns drowned/themselves_ in/in doing their homework. 5.overlook (1)_俯瞰__ We stand on the hill overlooking the valley. (2)___忽视,不理会,未注意到__ It’s easy to overlook a small detail like that. 6 chaos n. 混乱的局面 = mess In chaos___混乱,紊乱______ in a mess_处于混乱之重____ Make a mess of __把??弄糟搞坏___ 填填看 Look what __a__ ___mess__ you have _made__ of your dress playing in tthat dirt. 7.worthwile adj__值得做的,值的出力的______________ 比较网站 Worth 意为“值(多少钱) ” “相当于??的价值”或“值得”等。其后通常解表示钱 数的名词或相当于“代价”的比喻性名词。 Be worth 后还还可接动词-ing 形式,意为 “值得做”应使用主动结构表示被动意义。 Be woth 不能接不定式。 Worthy 的结构是:be worthy of sth./be worthy of doing sth./sth. is worthy to be done 或 sth.is worhty of being done. Worthwile 要与形式主语 it 并用,构成 It is/was worthwhile doing/to do sth.,worth 也可 用于这个句式中。 选选看 ① It wasn’t _worthwile/worth___ contnuing with he project. ② Whatever is _worth__ doing at all is ___worth_ doing well. ③ The student is well _worthy_ to be taught. 8.sacrifice 细绳,献身 (1) Leifeng often make sacrifices for other people. (词性:__n__ ) (2) A mother will sacrifice her life for her children. (词性:__v__ ) 思维拓展 Sacrifice?_for/to_ 为??而牺牲,牺牲??而换得?? __at/by_ the sacrifice __of_ 以??为代价 __make__ sacrifices/a sacrifice__for/todo_ 为??做出牺牲 填填练 ① His parents make sacrifices to pay_ for his education. ② He is trying to seek success __at the sacrifice of his health. 9.despite prep. 不管,不顾 Despite, inspite of, though, although
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① Demand for these books is high, _despite_ their high price. ② Demand for these books is high, ___in_ spite of their high price. ③ Demand for these books is high, ___though/although their price is high. 10.pick up (1)停下来让某人搭车(船等) ;救起 We’ll send the ambulance to pick him up. They picked up the surviors in the lifeboat. (2) 拾起,捡起 He picked up a pen on the road. (3)偶然学会(获得) She picked up the local accent, then started to use it. (4)变好,逐渐恢复 A bit of exercise will pick you up. (5)重新开始 He picked up the story where he had left it the day before. (6)收到信号 The enemy planes are picked up by our radar installation. (7)加快 About a mile our of the station the train began to pick up speed. 思维拓展 Pick at 一点点地吃;找??岔;挑毛病 Pick on (作挨骂或受罚对象)挑中(某人) ;使烦恼 Pick out 挑出;辨别出 智击高考 Pick 构成的短语在高考中属高频词汇。尤其是 pick up 和 pick out, 另外,常与 up 和 out 构成的其他洗浴在特定情景中也经常会让考生辨认。 如: Take up 从事 take out 拿出 put up 举起 put out 熄灭 Set up 建立 make out 辨认清楚 turn up 出现 turn out 结果是 eg: The manger _________ some French when he was on a business trip in Europe. A. made up B. took up C. grew up D. picked up

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