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English around the world课件3

?Period 2 Learning ?about Language & Using Language

? Ⅰ.单词识记 ? 1.________ /'ju?sId?/ n.使用,用法;词语惯 usage command 用法 request ? 2.________ /k?'mɑ?nd/ n.& vt.命令,指挥, expression 掌握 African ? 3.________ /rI'kwest/ n.& vt.请求,要求 ? 4.________/Ik'spre?n/ n.词语;表示,表达 ? 5.________/'?frIk?n/ adj.非洲的;非洲人的;

有中西部特征的 6.midwestern/mId'west?n/ adj.________ 中西部的 _______________
东方的 ________ 东部的 7.eastern/'I?st?n/ adj.________ 东南方的_____________ 来自东南的 → 8.southeastern/?sauθ'I?st?n/ adj.________ northwestern 对应词_________________ 出租车 9.cab/k?b/ n.________ 口音 ________ 腔调 ________ 重音 10.accent/'?ks?nt/ n.________

? Ⅱ.短语天地 play a part in ? 1._____________________ 扮演一个角色; 参与 believe it or not make sense ? 2._______________ 信不信由你 代替 而不是 ? 3._______________讲得通,有意义 期望做某事 ? 4.instead of_______________ 和……一样 _______________ 坚持 别挂断(电话) ? 5.be expected to do_______________ ? 6.the same as_______________

? Ⅲ.句型搜索 ? 1.________ ________ ________ ________, there is________ ________ ________ ________standard English. ? 信不信由你,(世界上)没有什么标准英语。 ? 【答案】Believe it or not;no such thing as ? 2.However,on TV and the radio you will hear differences in________ ________ ________ ________ ________. ? 然而,在电视上或收音机上,人们讲的英语

? 3.So people from the mountains in the southeastern USA speak with almost________ ________dialect________people in the northwestern USA.
? 所以美国东南部山区的人们和西北部的人们 几乎说一样的方言。 ? 【答案】the same;as ? 4.The USA is a large country________ ________many different dialects are spoken. ? 【答案】in which

? ? ? ? ? ? 1.command (1)n.命令,控制,掌握;指挥权 He said that I had a good command of English. 他说我的英语学得好。 He has 1,000 men under his command. 他指挥一千个人。

? 【常用搭配】 ? at/under one's command奉某人之命,由?? 指挥 ? have a command of掌握,精通 ? (2)vt.命令,指挥,支配 ? I command him to start at once. ? =I command he(should)start at once. ? 我命令他立刻动身。

? 【温馨提示】 ? command后可接that从句,从句中的谓语动词 用should+动词原形,should可省略。 ? The nurse commanded that I(should) lie down. ? 护士吩咐我躺下。

? 完成句子 ? ①船长下令把所有囚犯都释放了。 ? The captain________________________that all the prisoners be released. ? ②吉尔非常精通法语。 ? Jill________________________French.

? ③将军命令部下攻城。 ? The general________his men__________________the city. ? ④我命令他立即就去。 ? I command that he________at once. ? 【答案】①gave the command ②has a command of ? ③commanded;to attack ④(should) go

? 2.request ? (1)n.[U,C]要求,请求;需要,需求;请求的 事(+for/+to do/+that) ? She made a request for some water.她请求给点 水。 ? Mr. Paine made a request that I should help him. ? 佩恩先生要求我帮助他。 ? (2)vt.要求,请求;请求给予(+that/+object +to infinitive) ? We requested that the next meeting be held on a

? ? ? ?

【常用搭配】 request sth要求??,请求?? request sb to do sth要求某人做某事 request that sb(should)do(虚拟语气)要求某人 做??

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

完成句子 ①他们要求再给一些帮助。 The________further aid. ②要求全体俱乐部会员出席会议。 All club members________ the meeting. ③她要求不要向任何人谈起她的决定。 She________that no one________of her decision. ? 【答案】①made a request for ②are

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

3.straight (1)adv.立刻;直接地;一直;径直地 Go straight down the road and then turn left. 沿着这条路一直走,然后左转。 (2)adj.直的,笔直的;正直的,坦诚的 It's time for some straight talking. 现在该开诚布公地谈谈了。 【温馨提示】 straight本身就可以作副词,straightly不是它

? ? ? ?

用上述知识完成句子 The smoke rose________upward. 【答案】straight 【解释】此处意为“烟笔直地往上冒”,空 缺处缺少一个副词修饰动词rose,straight副 词。

? ? ? ? ?

4.direction (1)n.方向;指导 They hit a truck coming in the opposite direction. 他们撞上了一辆迎面开来的卡车。 All work was produced by the students under the direction of John Williams. ? 所有作品都是在约翰·威廉姆斯的指导下由 学生们创作完成的。

? ? ? ? ? ?

(2)n.指示,说明书(常用复数) Follow the directions on the medicine bottle. 遵照药瓶上的说明。 【常用搭配】 in?direction/in the direction of朝??方向 in all directions=in every direction朝四面八方

? 用上述知识完成下列句子 ? ①“You must follow the________for the use of the medicine,”my doctor said to me. ? 【答案】directions ? 【解释】directions说明书。

? ②On hearing the sound,the birds flew away in

? ? ? ? ?

5.especially adv.特别;格外;尤其 I love Italy,especially in summer. 我喜欢意大利,尤其是在夏天。 【词句辨析】especially/specially especially侧重“不同寻常”;specially意为 “专门地,特别地,特殊地”,侧重特殊的 目的。

? 汉译英 ? ①我是专门来问你一个问题的。 ? 【答案】I am here specially to ask you a question. ? ②我特别喜欢在课堂上使用音乐的想法。 ? 【答案】I especially like the idea of using music in the classroom.

? 6.standard n.& adj. ? (1)n.标准;水准 ? the standard of living(=the living standard)生 活水平 ? Your work is not up to the standard. ? 你的工作不符合标准。 ? (2)adj.普通的;平常的;模范的 ? standard sizes一般尺寸 ? standard works模范作品

? 1.make sense有意义,能理解;合理,有道 理,讲得通 ? This sentence doesn't make sense. ? 这个句子完全讲不通。 ? What you said makes no sense. ? 你说的话没有道理。

? 【归纳拓展】 ? make sense of了解??的意义;理解?? ? Can you explain it to me?I can't really make sense of the poem. ? 你能给我解释一下吗?我实在搞不懂这首诗。

? 汉译英 ? 我看不懂那幅画。 ? 【答案】I can't make sense of that painting.

? 2.believe it or not信不信由你(常用作插入语, 也叫独立成分) ? Believe it or not,he walked 12 miles to get help from you. ? 信不信由你,为向你们求援,他步行了12英 里。 ? 【归纳拓展】 ? 类似的插入语还有: ? to tell(you)the truth(跟你)说实话 ? generally speaking一般说来

? 完成句子 ? ①______________,the naughty boy enjoys reading. ? 信不信由你,这个淘气的男孩喜欢读书。 ? ②__________________________,I don't know him. ? 说实话,我不认识他。 ? ③________________________,it is easy to learn English.

? 3.play a part(in)在??中起作用;在??
中担任角色(相当于play a role in)

? Hopefully I can still play a part in the games.
? 希望我仍然能成为比赛中的一分子。

? 【归纳拓展】
? play an important role/part in在??中起重要 作用 ? play the leading role/part

? 用所给词的适当形式填空 ? —What do you think________an important part in their lives? ? —Folk music.(play) ? 【答案】plays ? 【解释】play a part in?表示“在??中起作 用”,是固定短语,动词不能更换。另外, 要注意句中的do you think是插入语。例如: Who do you think will go with the teacher?你

? 1.Believe it or not,there is no such thing as standard English.信不信由你,(世界上)没有 什么标准英语。 ? (1)no such thing没有这样的事情 ? such与all,no,some,any,few,little, many,much,several,one等词连用时,应 位于它们的后面,遇到不定冠词a(n)时,要 放在a(n)之前。 ? many such books许多这样的书 ? several such students几个这样的学生

? ? ? ? ? ?

【温馨提示】 不可说no such a thing,no such a man。 There is no such street in the city. 这城市没有那样的街道。 (2)such?as?此处意为“像??这样的”。 To sell such a suit as that to a millionaire!Ted is a fool.

? 把那样一件衣服卖给一位百万富翁!特德是 傻瓜。

? 【温馨提示】 ? such as与such?as?作“像??这样 的”“诸如此类的”解释时,可相互转换。 ? Such languages as Chinese,Japanese,Russian and German are difficult to learn. ? =Languages such as Chinese,Japanese, Russian and German are difficult to learn. ? 像中文、日文、俄文和德文等语言很难学。

? 完成句子 ? ①There is no________thing________(像?? 这样的??)free lunch. ? 单句改错 ? ②I never heard such stories that he told us. ? _______________________________________ _________________________________ ? 【答案】①such;as ②that改为as

? 2.So people from the mountains in the southeastern USA speak with almost the same dialect as people in the northwestern USA. ? 因此,美国东南部山区的人同美国西北部地 区的人所说的方言几乎是一样的。 ? 本句出现the same?as结构,意为“和??一 样”,the same修饰dialect,as为关系代词, 引导定语从句people in the northwestern USA(speak with)。

? You must show my parents the same respect as you show me. ? 你必须像尊重我一样尊重我的父母。 ? Could you buy me the same book as you gave Tom yesterday? 【词句辨析】the same?as/the same?that ? (1)the same?as表示同类事物。 ? This is the same pen as I used yesterday. ? 这支钢笔和我昨天用的那支一样。(as表示同 类型的钢笔)

? (2)the same?that表示同一事物 ? This is the same pen that I used yesterday. ? 这就是我昨天用的那支钢笔。(that表示同一 支钢笔) ? (3)the same?who/when/where和??相同 的?? ? He lives the same room where his father once lived. ? 他住在他父亲曾经住过的同一个房间。

? 【温馨提示】 ? such,so等都可与as连用,但用于这些结构中 的as不能换成that。 ? It's so lovely weather as everyone enjoys. ? 这是大家都喜爱的好天气。

? 用适当的词完成下列句子。 ? ①They are faced with the same kinds of challenges and problems in life________you are. ? 【答案】as ? 【解释】句意:“他们在生活中面临着跟你


? Ⅰ.词语辨析 ? 用so和such填空 ? 1.He wasted________many hours in Senior Three that he got punished in the entrance exam. ? 【答案】so ? 2.No________people are trusted by us. ? 【答案】such

? 用specially和especially填空 ? 3.He often catches colds,________in early spring. ? 【答案】especially ? 4.This is________made for the disabled(残疾 人) . ? 【答案】specially ? 用recognize和know填空 ? 5.He is________as one of the best students in his class.

? Ⅱ.单词拼写 ? 1.ISBN stands for International S________ Book Number. ? 2.In which d________ are you going,north or south? ? 3.There was an________(表情)of anger on her face. ? 4.In the U.S.A.,Kentucky and Tennessee are________(临近的)states. ? 5.________(闪电)is usually followed by

? 【答案】1.Standard 2.direction 3.expression ? 4.neighbouring/neighboring 5.Lightning ? 6.southwestern

? Ⅲ.选择合适的单词或词组,并用其适当形式 填空 because of;make use of;such as;play an important part
in;recognize;actually;accent;be based on;fluently; gradually;official;native;come up

? One day,I was walking along the street with

my daughter when a man with
sunglasses1.______to us and asked me where

the Blue Moon Hotel was.He had a broad

?I felt very surprised.How did she pick up Australian English?My daughter told me there was an Australian student in her class.She often6.______every opportunity to communicate with him to learn English.She copied what he had said.7.______,she made great progress in her English.She also told me Australian English8.______British English and that English was also Australia's9.______language.My daughter encouraged me to listen to the tape to copy the speakers more.I agree with her,because

? 【答案】1.came up 2.accent 3.because of ? 4.fluently 5.native 6.made use of 7.Gradually ? 8.was based on 9.official 10.plays an important part in

? Ⅳ.完成句子 ? 1.Encouraged by the teacher's words, he__________________(学习比以前更努力 了) . ? 【答案】worked harder than ever before ? 2.The UN__________________________(在 国际关系中起着重要作用). ? 【答案】plays an important part/role in international relations

? 3.He went and tried his fortune in Shenzhen_________(在二十世纪八十年代, 当时他二十多岁). ? 【答案】in the 1980s,when he was in his twenties ? 4.He told me that__________________________(即使失败 十次他也会继续努力的). ? 【答案】he would keep on trying even though he failed ten times ? 5.He can hardly take good care of

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