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cultural relcs

Unit 1

Cultural relics

By Li Ping

Can you give me some examples of cultural relics that you know at home and abroad?

? We will have a competition. There’re two parts in this competition. In the first part, I’ll show you some pictures about cultural relics in China. You’ll give their names. In the second part, I’ll show you some descriptions and pictures in foreign countries. You’ll name them. ? The whole class will be divided into 4 groups.

1. If you are the first one to have the right answer, you can get one point for your group.
2. Try to speak English. But if you can’t, Chinese is also acceptable. 3. Only after I say “one, two, three, begin”, can you put up your hand.

the Potala [p?u'tɑ: l?] Palace 布达拉宫

The Great Wall 长城

Forbidden City紫金城/ The Palace Museum故宫博物院

Jiuzhaigou 九寨沟



Yuan Ming Yuan (in China)

The Terracott Warriors and Horses 秦始皇陵兵马俑

Mogao Caves 敦煌莫高窟

the Large Buddha of Leshan 乐山大佛

The Pyramids['pir?mid] in Egypt


The tombs(墓) for Pharaoh ['f?r?u](法老) in ancient Egypt (cultural and natural relics).

1. It is located in ( 位于)pairs , France. 2. It’ s the biggest arch(拱门) in the world. 3. It is grand(雄伟 的 ) and beautiful in the night light. 4. It was built by Napoleon in 1806 in memory of(纪念 ) French Army.

Triumphal[trai'amf?l] Arch 凯旋门

Taj Mahal[ta:dЗ] [mз'ha:l ]泰姬陵
1. It lies in(位于) India. 2. It is the grave(坟 墓) a king built for his wife. 3. It showed the deep love of the king and queen.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa比萨斜塔
1. It is the famous Italy building. 2. It got its name because it leans( 倾斜) to the earth. 3. It is actually used for telling people time.

Louvre['lu:v?] Museum卢浮宫
1. It is a very big, old and wellknown museum in Paris, France. 2. It was built in the 13th century. 3. It was a castle for the king of France. 4. It lies beside Seine(塞纳河) River.

The Statue of Liberty

1. It is the symbol of the USA. 2. The Goddess(女 神) holds a torch(火 炬) in her right hands.

From the pictures above, what words can you use to describe a cultural relic ?

rare old

valuable cultural relic
mysterious 神秘的

What are cultural relics?
survived ? A cultural relic is something that has ________( 幸存) for a long time, often a part of something remained(保留) when the rest has old that has ________ been ___________ destroyed (毁坏); it tells people about the past.

Do cultural relics only refer to thebuildings?Can you give some other examples?

Look the pictures below and talk about the types of cultural relics.

ancient building

ancient village

handcrafts (手工艺品)

handcrafts (手工艺品)

natural environment

folk culture 民俗文化

In a common sense, people might think that cultural relics should be concrete objects such as ancient buildings, paintings, historical sites. Actually, cultural relics can be viewed as natural environment, folk culture, handcrafts, traditional custom, including the performance and festivals.

Do you know some cultural relics in Tianshui? Can you introduce them to all of us here?

Meiji mountain(麦积山石窟) Fuxi temple(伏羲庙) Yuquan temple(玉泉观) Tomb of Li Guang(李广墓) 胡氏民居


What do you think of these cultural relics? Are they in good condition?

Task 3: Individual work ---Writing(Homework)
what should we do to protect the cultural relcs?

Writing:保护文化遗产已经成为我们十分紧的任务。 我们必须采取一些措施。 1.开展文化遗产资源调查。 2.建立有效的文化遗产保护机制。 3.呼吁社会上的每一个人来保护文化遗产。 4.使文化遗产保护的法律体系越来越完善。 5.政府必须投入资金来重建和保护我们的文化遗产。 总之,我们会尽力来保护我们珍贵的文化遗产。 Hints:1. 对于某人来说做什么事很紧要 It is urgent for sb. to do sth. 2.采取措施take measures 3.开展调查make a survey 4.资源resource 5.有效的effective 6.呼吁某人做某事call on sb. to do sth. 7.法律体系legal system 8.重建rebuild

Writing:保护文化遗产已经成为我们十分紧 的任务。我们必须采取一些措施。 1.开展文化遗产资源调查。 2.建立有效的文化遗产保护机制。 3.呼吁社会上的每一个人来保护文化遗产。 4.使文化遗产保护的法律体系越来越完善。 5.政府必须投入资金来重建和保护我们的文化 遗产。 总之,我们会尽力来保护我们珍贵的文化遗产。 Hints:1. 对于某人来说做什么事很紧要 It is urgent for sb. to do sth. 2.采取措施take measures 3.开展调查make a survey 4.资源resource 5.有效的effective 6.呼吁某人做某事call on sb. to do sth. 7.法律体系legal system 8.重建rebuild

Task 4: Individual work

Pre-reading 1. Have you ever seen a piece of amber? What do you know about it?

Color: yellow-brown feel like: feel as hard as stone Amber is the fossil(化石) form of resin(树脂) from trees. It takes millions of yaers to form.





Prediction ? Look at the title and the picture of the reading passage and predict what it is about. Then skim it quickly and see if you were right.


Main idea: the history of The Amber Room.

1. Finish the writing. 2. Preview the reading passage and try to finish Ex. 1&2 on page 2.

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