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week 6-9 Narration

Critical Reading
My mother for whom I have My Beloved love is now fifty years of age. my deepest Mother My mother, a fifty-year-old woman, very person love the most. Though very scantily

educated, she is is the adept inIbringing me to tell She doesn?t know a lot of knowledgemeans ofcan tell me what is right what is right from what is wrong by but she her own instructive behavior. or what is wrong by her behavior. My mother is very diligent. She always gets up very early to cook meals for the whole family. She cares for her child and treats my grandmother very well just like she is her own mother. She saves every penny that she She and keeps everything in order. As she is She is thrifty and industrious. can looks older than herself. But she busy all the time, she looks older than she really is: Her face hair works as hard without complaining. Her face is wrinkled, her wrinkled, her hair silver white, and some of her teeth movable, movable. But becomes silver white, and some of her teeth become but she works as hard as as hard as ever without complaining. she works ever without complaining. Also, she is a good-hearted and sincere woman. She gets along well with her neighbors. Our neighbors, whenever they have problems, will come to her for help. And my mother will try her best to help them with their problems. Once, I asked her why she do so, she said that if I want others love me, at first I must love others. Once, I really grateful to my mother, it is do her utmost to how to be a good I am asked her why she would always her who told me help others, and she person. I will love son,for all my life. hearted said, “Remember, her taking the initiative in lending somebody a hand is equal to redoubling the value of your own life. Lending somebody a hand is to give yourself a great blessing, son.”

Story telling

What is Narration ?
A narrative reports an incident or series of incidents occurring over a period of time. The scenes described are often chronological, and use dialogue, revealing details, scenes, and characters.


My Story
An adventure
I?d like to tell you my adventure at 4 years old.

The way I learned to swim is weired and akward.
My parent always believe that I could have a long life expectancy, for I miraculously survived from horrible accidents several times. Here is one adventure. “Do you still remember the pool?” “which pool?” “I don?t believe that you?ve forgotten. The pool that you nearly got drowned. ” …

Task 1 Features of Narration
Sample 1: “The Most Important Day in My Life” (pp. 177-79) Sample 2: Wuthering Heights (excerpt from Chapter 1) Sample 3: “The Insurance Office “ Sample 4: “High Hats” Sample 5: “A Touch of Lemon” by Rick Phillips Sample 6: “Sandy, I Can’t” by Lawrence A. Kross

Wuthering Heights
1801. - I have just returned from a visit to my landlord - the solitary neighbour that I shall be troubled with. This is certainly a beautiful country! In all England, I do not believe that I could have fixed on a situation so completely removed from the stir of society. A perfect misanthropist's heaven: and Mr. Heathcliff and I are such a suitable pair to divide the desolation between us. A capital fellow! He little imagined how my heart warmed towards him when I beheld his black eyes withdraw so suspiciously under their brows, as I rode up, and when his fingers sheltered themselves, with a jealous resolution, still further in his waistcoat, as I announced my name. 'Mr. Heathcliff?' I said.
A nod was the answer.

Chapter 1

Chapter 4

Before I came to live here, she commenced - waiting no farther invitation to her story - I was almost always at Wuthering Heights; because my mother had nursed Mr. Hindley Earnshaw, that was Hareton's father, and I got used to playing with the children: I ran errands too, and helped to make hay, and hung about the farm ready for anything that anybody would set me to. One fine summer morning - it was the beginning of harvest, I remember - Mr. Earnshaw, the old master, came down-stairs, dressed for a journey; and, after he had told Joseph what was to be done during the day, he turned to Hindley, and Cathy, and me - for I sat eating my porridge with them - and he said, speaking to his son, 'Now, my bonny man, I'm going to Liverpool to-day, what shall I bring you? You may choose what you like: only let it be little, for I shall walk there and back: sixty miles each way, that is a long spell!' Hindley named a fiddle, and then he asked Miss Cathy; she was hardly six years old, but she could ride any horse in the stable, and she chose a whip. He did not forget me; for he had a kind heart, though he was rather severe sometimes. He promised to bring me a pocketful of apples and pears, and then he kissed his children, said good-bye, and set off.

Features of Narration
(1)Narrative perspective In sequence of time; flashback; narration interspersed with flashback The narrative is non-linear, involving several flashbacks, and two primary narrators: Mr. Lockwood and Ellen "Nelly" Dean. (2) Narrator first person; third person

The Insurance Office
A man went to an insurance office to have his loife insured. The manager of the office asked him how old his parents were when they died. “Mother had a bad heart and died at the age of thirty. Father died of tuberculosis when he was thirty-five.” “I am very sorry,” said the manager, “we cannot insure your life as your parents were not healthy.” As the man was leaving the office, depressed, he met a cleark, who had overheard the conversation. “You must not be so frank and tell the truth,” said the clerk, “no office will insure you if you speak like that. Use your imagination a little.” The man went to another office and was shown into the manager?s room. “Well, young man, how old were your parents when they died?” “Mother was ninety-three, and she died from a fall off her bicycle. Father was ninety-eight and he died while he was playing football.” The manager immediately agreed to insure the man?s life.

High Hats
One day a graduate student went to see his teacher. He had just got an important job and now was coming to say good-bye to him. The teacher asked him how he would behave among the high officials. The graduate said, “I will be all right. I have prepared a hundred high hats, one for each official I meet. I am sure I will succeed.” The teacher became angry at the words. “What!” he cried, “Is this what I have been teaching you for the past ten years? Nothing but a mean flatterer.” “Forgive me, honored master!” the student rose to his feet and apologized hurriedly. “But you have always been interested in your studies only and do not know how vulgar the world has come to be. There are few men in the world who are behaving hoestely like you.” “There is something in what you said,” the teacher sighed, nodding his head. So they parted on the best terms, with the graduate?s total number of “high hats” being one less.

Features of Narration
(3) Tense : simple present and past tense (4) Conversation (5) Conflict

Any other features?

Task 2(Groupwork)
Collect Samples of Narration



Harmful Movie
Theater Manager: Madam, you may not take dog into the theater. I'm sorry it is not permitted. Woman: That's ridiculous! What harm could the movies do to a little dog like this?

Three Turtles

Three turtles decided to have a cup of coffee. Just as they got into the cafe, it started to rain. The biggest turtle said to the smallest one, " Go home and get the umbrella." The little turtle replied, “I will, if you don?t drink my coffee.” “We won?t,” the other two promised.



Two years later the big turtle said to the middle turtle, “Well, I guess he isn?t coming back, so we might as well drink his coffee.” Just then a voice called from outside the door, "If you do, I won't go."


Sample Appreciation
Sample 5: “A Touch of Lemon” by Rick Phillips Sample 6: “Sandy, I Can’t” by Lawrence A. Kross

Task 3 Revision (1)

I was always a very shy, quiet child. Because I was so shy, my schoolmates used to boss me around and make fun of me. I used to daydream to escape from it at all. But one time I had an experience that showed me that I could be more assertive and people whould respect me more. One day in school I was daydreaming about…

I was driving my new red Corvette to school. It was beautiful, more beautiful than anything else in the school parking lot. I flew like the wind with the knowledge that now the other kids wouldn?t have any reason to make fun of me, or call my name, or laugh at my worn-out clothes. I could see them admiring my car, talking to me, maybe calling me up to ask me over for a slumber party. “Hello, Cindy…”

Task 4 Making up stories
Key words Group 1,2: tree ? Group 3,4: light ? Group 5,6: apple

gold TV phone

sheep path message

Task 5 Completing Stories
Topic 1: The Man Who Was Everywhere

Topic 2: The Search for Life

Practice Revision (2)
The Day My Classmate Fell Ill
It was a Friday morning in the spring of 2003, as one of my classmates, Tom was struck down by the SARS virus he was immediately sent to hospital. The news spread quickly in campus. At first, we were terrified and wondered if we were to be infected too. However, through our government?s publicity on mass media, we gradually conquered the fear and set out to try our best to help him. Some teachers provided him ofr daily necessities while some student recorded the English class contents for him so that Tom could not be left behind. With our care and concern, Tom recovered quickly. Such an incident teaches us a good moral. Our society is full of love, warm and peace, in which everybody from man to woman, from person to person, from individual to individual, tends to be very helpful. Just like a famous song goes, “The world will turn into heaven only if everyone contributes a little.” And I do believe that it?s my great honor to live in this love-filled paradise!

The happiest or saddest or most memorable or most important day in your life ? The origin of some Chinese custom such as dragon boat festival,the lion dance ? Some well-know Chinese legend ? Choose your own topic

Working process

Remember that a narrative has a plot with a beginning, a middle, and an end. When planning your narrative, decide on your purpose first and then choose details and design your plot to meet your purpose. Be sure to make the context clear at the beginning and consider carefully the organization and the point of view to be used.

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