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第二部分:语言知识运用(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节 阅读理解(共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A,B,C 和 D 中,选出最佳选项。
A I miss my father. My father died more than twenty years ago. I was fifteen. He was kind, strong, fair, and very funny. When I was a young musician, he was my biggest fan. I played my violin for him when he visited, and he loved everything, but each time he had one request. “Could you play ?Amazing Grace??” he asked, full of hope and with a twinkle in his eyes, because he knew my answer was always, “I don?t know that one!” We went through this routine at every major holiday, and I always figured I?d have time to learn it for him later. About the time I entered high school and started guitar, Dad got cancer. The last time I saw him alive was Thanksgiving weekend in 1985. My mom warned us that Dad didn?t look the same anymore and that we should prepare ourselves. For a moment I didn?t recognize him. He looked so small among all the white sheets. We had all gathered in Ohio for the holiday, and I?m sure we all knew we were there to say good-bye. I can see now that Dad held on long enough to see us each one more time. I remember how we ate in the dining room and laughed and talked while Dad rested in his hospital bed. I wonder if it was sad for him to be alone with our voices and laughter. Knowing Dad, he was probably content. The next morning I found my moment alone with him. I pulled out my guitar, tuned to his appreciative gaze, and finally played for him “Amazing Grace.” I had worked on it for weeks, knowing it never mattered whether I actually played it well and choosing not to believe as I played that it was my last concert for my biggest fan. The cancer had stolen his smile, but I saw joy in his eyes. He held my hand afterwards, and I knew I had done something important. I argued with people all through college about my music major. I was told by strangers that music wouldn?t make me any money and it wasn?t useful like being a doctor. But I know firsthand that with music I was able to give my Dad something at a point when no one else could. 21. At first the author didn?t play ?Amazing Grace? for Dad because _________. A her father was just joking B. she found it difficult to play C. she disliked playing it D. she hadn?t learned it yet 22. From the last sentence in Paragraph 2 we can infer that ____________. A. Dad treasured love from family B. Dad was used to living alone C. Dad was too weak to feel anything D. Dad was optimistic about his health 23. When the author finally played “Amazing Grace” for Dad, ____________. A. she made him smile joyfully B. she brought him love and comfort C. she knew she must play it well D. she believed she could play it many times for him 24. Which of the following was true according to the passage? A. The author was 15 when she wrote the article. B. The author prefers to be a doctor rather than a musician. C. The author has a great affection for her father. D. The author is confident that music will make her much money. B Low-Cost Gifts for Mother's Day

Gift No. I Offer to be your mother's health friend. Promise to be there for any and all doctor's visits whether a disease or a regular medical check-up. Most mothers always say "no need," another set of eyes and ears is always a good idea at a doctor's visit. The best part? This one is free. Gift No. 2 Help your mother organize all of her medical records, which include the test results and medical information. Put them all in one place. Be sure to make a list of all of her medicines and what times she takes them. "Having all this information in one place could end up saving your mother's life," Dr. Marie Savard said. Gift No. 3 Enough sleep is connected to general health conditions. "Buy your mother cotton sheets and comfortable pillows to encourage better sleep," Savard said. "We know that good sleep is very important to our health." Gift No. 4 Some gift companies such as Presents for Purpose allow you to pay it forward this Mother's Day by picking gifts in which 10 percent of the price you pay goes to a charity. ( 慈善机构) Gift givers can choose from a wide variety of useful but inexpensive things -many of which are "green" - and then choose a meaningful charity from a list. When your mother gets the gift, she will be told that she has helped the chosen charity. 25. What are you advised to do for your mother at doctor's visits? A. Be with her. gifts. 26. Where can you find a gift idea to improve your mother?s sleep? A. In Gift No. 1. 4. 27. Buying gifts from Presents for Purpose allows mothers to A. enjoy good sleep well-organized 28. What can be a gift of organization for your mother? A. Storing her medicines in a safe place. one company. C. Making a list of her medical check-ups. information together.

B. Take notes.

C. Buy medicine.

D. Give her

B. In Gift No. 2.

C. In Gift No. 3.

D. In Gift No.

B. give others help

C. bet extra support



B. Buying all gifts for her from D. Keeping her medical

People want real action against noise, a recent public meeting in New York showed. Some want technical improvements such as quieter air conditioners or better sound barriers around major roads. Others want tougher laws to restrict noise from building sites or to require owners to take responsibility for barking dogs. But the greatest demand was a noise complaints system that works. New York City Council receives more complaints about noise than all other problems put together. So it conducted a survey and found that about half its citizens are upset by noise in one form or another –traffic, air conditioners, loud parties, etc. This inspired the Council to bring together more than 100 citizens to talk about kinds of options. The meeting found the present regulatory(管理)system strange. Depending on the problem,

responsibility for noise can lie with the Council, the Environment Protection Authority, or even the police. So complainants often feel they are getting the run-round. When the people at the meeting were asked to vote for changes, the strongest response was for a 24-hour noise hotline to be the first port of call for all complaints. The meeting also favored effective measures, such as tougher minimum standards for noise in machines like air conditioners. Other measures the meeting supported were wider buffer (缓冲) zones around noisy activities and controls to keep heavy traffic away from residential areas. I was most interested by the proposals aimed at behavioral change. There was strong support for measures to reduce traffic: better public transport, cycle ways and footpaths, even charges for road use. Many people optimistically thought industry awards for better equipment would increase the production of quieter machines. It was even suggested that noise from building sites could be reduced if New York adopted daylight saving, thus changing over the working day and providing longer, quieter evenings. 29. According to the recent public meeting in New York, what was the first step to take in order to reduce noise pollution? A. Produce quieter air conditioners. B. Provide better sound barriers around major roads. C. Establish a noise complaints system. D. Make stricter laws to require owners to take responsibility for barking dogs. 30. What does the underlined word “run-round” mean? A. Delaying action in response to a request. B. Quick response. C. Unfair treatment. D. Full attention. 31. Which of the following statements is true? A. People in New York were satisfied with the present noise regulatory system. B. Noise pollution is the most serious among pollution complaints in New York. C. Nearly all the people in New York were bothered by noise in one form or another. D. Only the Environment Protection Authority should be responsible for the present noise pollution. 32. How could noise from building sites be reduced if New York adopted daylight saving? A. The daytime would be longer and the night would become quieter. B. Both the daytime and the night would be shortened and the noise would be reduced. C. The night would be shortened and thus quieter. D.The working hours during the daytime would be shortened while the night would be longer and thus quieter.

D A blood test that can predict whether someone may attempt suicide has been developed by scientists in a breakthrough which could prevent hundreds of deaths. American researchers have found that variations(变异) in a single gene can be used to predict if someone is likely to take their own life. Researchers at John Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Maryland, found that the gene SKA2 stopped functioning correctly in people at risk of suicide. The SKA2 gene is found in the prefrontal cortex (前额皮层)of the brain, and is involved in preventing negative thoughts and controlling abnormal behavior. If there isn?t enough SKA2, or it is changed in some way, the body cannot control levels of cortisol (皮质醇). Previous research has shown that people who attempt suicide or who take their own lives have large amounts of cortisol in their systems. A test could allow doctors or psychologists to place patients on “suicide watch” and disable their access to drugs or equipment which they could use to end their own life.

The research was reported in The American Journal of Psychology. “We need to study this in a larger sample but we believe that we might be able to monitor the blood to identify those at risk of suicide. After all, suicide is a major preventable public health problem, but we have been stymied (阻挠) in our prevention efforts because we have no steady way to predict those who are at increased risk of killing themselves,” says study leader Dr Zachary Kaminsky, an assistant professor of psychological and behavioral sciences. “With a test like ours, we may be able to cut down suicide rates by identifying those people and intervening(干预)early enough to head off a catastrophe(大祸).” The blood test managed to predict those with the most severe risk of suicide with 90 per cent accuracy. They could also spot if someone had already attempted suicide with 96 per cent accuracy, simply by looking at the levels of SKA2. 33. What's the purpose of the blood test? A. To predict people?s characters. B. To help cure those who lack SKA2. C. To predict whether someone may attempt suicide. D. To see whether people get infected by illness. 34. According to the text, those who attempt suicide _____. A. have variations in the gene SKA2 B. have too much SKA2 C. have fewer abnormal behaviors than others D. have fewer amounts of cortisol in their systems 35. What is the author?s attitude towards the blood test research? A. Doubtful. B. Passive. C. Cautious. D. Objective.

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