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高中英语 模块五 Unit3 Reading课件 牛津版必修5

Unit 3 Science Versus Nature

Period One: Welcome to the unit & Reading

Welcome to the unit

Do you know cloning? Look at the following pictures and say what you know about them. I’m the world’s first cloned mammal Dolly.

Dolly and its creator

the world’s first cloned mule Idaho Gem

I was born on 4 May 2003, look! I’m growing stronger now.

scientists created me with a cell taken from my mother Rainbow.

My name is Cc, I was born in December 2002.

Our names are Noel, Engel, Star, Joy, and Mary. Can you recognize each of us?

We were born on 5 July 1998 in Ishikawa, Japan. And we were two years younger than Dolly.

My name is Andi, I’m the first genetically modified monkey.

cloned chicken

the cloned deer

dog Snuppy created by Korean and American scientists

Look! I’m having a birthday party.

Keke and Shuangshuang in China.

cloned rabbits born in Guangxi University.

Do you think human beings should be cloned? Work in pairs with your partner and discuss the questions below. 1. What effects do you think human cloning might have?

2. Do you think governments should pass laws to make human cloning legal or illegal? Why or why not? 3. If you had a cloned brother or sister who looked exactly like you, how would you feel?

Match the words with their correct meanings. mankind desperate totally breakthrough adopt deliver

consequences advances mankind

an important development breakthrough human beings

help a woman or a female animal to give birth to a baby deliver feeling that you have little hope and will do anything to get what you want desperate legally become the parents of somebody else’s child adopt

progress advances completely totally the results of an action consequences

Translate the following
克隆动物 干涉自然 成功做 …… 一般来说 指出 努力推进 怀着…..目的 怀着 目的 在成为……的过程中 在成为 的过程中 不顾一切做…. 不顾一切做 评价 cloned animals interfere with nature succeed in doing sth. in general point out push ahead with with the intention of on the way to doing be desperate to do sth. comment on

Complete the following 1. I was created using a c_______ from an adult cat. ell 2. Many people , i_________ some scientists disagree ncluding
to the decision. 3. I’d like to c____ on your article The Perfect Copy. omment 4. They will be on the way to p roducing a real-life ________ cloned animals. 5. I believe the human cloning is totally i________. mmoral 6. Science is developing so fast that it is b_______ eyond our imagination. dopt 7. Some people don’t want to a____others’ children.


Fast reading Read and answer 1. Does the article give an anti-or procloning point of view, or both? Both 2.What was the name of the first cloned mammal? Dolly 3.Is Pauline Carter pro-or anti-cloning? Anti-cloning.

Read it again and decide T or F. 1. People all over the world are happy about the idea of cloning human beings. F 2. Dolly, the first cloned mammal, is exactly the same as other sheep. F 3. According to the article, the scientist who created Dolly does not agree with cloning human beings. T

4. Cloning can be used to cure diseases because it can produce new tissues and organs. T 5. Colin Jake is against cloning humans, just like Pauline Carter. F 6. Cloning human beings is illegal in many countries, so no scientists want to clone human beings. F

Find the reasons why people are proor anti-cloning in the article and letters and write them down. Pro-cloning produce valuable tissues and organs that could be used to save human lives Anti-cloning may produce a real-life Frankenstein’s monster

Pro-cloning Anti-cloning create more diseases cure diseases like in the animal world cancer help those who are cloning shows no unable to have respect for human life children help those who human life would no want to clone their longer be unique dead children


Anti-cloning we should be having fewer babies in order to reduce Earth’s population, not cloning more

Fill in the blanks with the words in the box. consequences immoral successfully right humans younger Italian cloning cell laws

Dear Editor, I read your article about human _______with great concern. I first heard cloning of cloning animals from a single ____when I went to a seminar about cell Dolly the sheep, who was ___________cloned in 1996, in Britain. successfully At the time I thought that the whole concept of cloning was________. immoral

Why do some people think they have the _____ to go against nature? Who right will be responsible for the possible negative____________? If we interfere consequences with nature, we might create problems. It seems that I was correct — your article says that Dolly died at a much ________age than a non-cloned sheep. younger

Also I can’t accept the idea of cloning _______. We have no right to humans experiment with human life. I believe that strict_____ should be put in place laws and governments should do more to stop human cloning. For example, the work of the Italian ______doctor, Severino Antinori, must be stopped.

If I were the President of Italy, I would think about taking away his license. Yours faithfully, Wanglin

Language points
1. On the other hand, many people, including some scientists, disagree and fear that if mankind interferes with nature in this way, they would be on their way to producing a real-life Frankenstein’s monster. 另一方面, 另一方面 包括一些科学家在内的很多人则 持不同意见, 持不同意见 他们担心如果人们用这种方式干 涉自然, 涉自然 那就可能离制造出一个现实生活中的 弗兰肯斯坦怪物不远了。 弗兰肯斯坦怪物不远了。

on (the) one hand, on the other hand 一 方面…… 另一方面…… ……, 方面……,另一方面…… 如: On the one hand, rapid development of the economy will improve the living conditions of the people. On the other hand it will speed up environmental destruction. 一方面经济的迅速发展会改善人们的生 活状况, 另一方面它会加速环境的破坏。 活状况 另一方面它会加速环境的破坏。

2. I don’t want to adopt someone else’s child and I don’t want to use another woman’s egg —I want a child that is genetically related to me. 我不想领养别人的孩子,我也不想借用 我不想领养别人的孩子 我也不想借用 别的女人的卵子——我想要一个跟我 别的女人的卵子——我想要一个跟我 —— 在基因上有关联的孩子。 在基因上有关联的孩子。

1)adopt “ 收养,领养”。 如: ) 收养,领养” He adopted the orphan. 他收养了那孤儿。 他收养了那孤儿。 此外, 采纳,采用”的意思。 此外,adopt还有 “采纳,采用”的意思。 还有 如: Can a school adopt the policy prohibiting the use of mobile phones on campus? 学校能采纳禁止在学校使用手机的政策 吗?

2) be related to “与……关联, 与……关联, 关联 与……有联系” 如: ……有联系” 有联系 In his essay, the author writes about how art is related to culture. 作者在论文里阐述了艺术与文化的联系。 作者在论文里阐述了艺术与文化的联系。

3. Most of the time it turns out that humans are not really profiting when they damage the environment. 在多数情况下的结果是, 在多数情况下的结果是, 人类在破坏环 境之际并没有真正收益。 境之际并没有真正收益。 turn out+形容词 不定式 从句,意为 形容词/不定式 从句, 形容词 不定式/从句 “结果是, 证明是”。 如: 结果是 证明是”

It was a difficult time, but eventually things turned out fine. 那是一段艰难的时期, 但最终情况却不坏。 那是一段艰难的时期 但最终情况却不坏。 That guy turned out to be my friend’s brother. 结果那个家伙是我朋友的弟弟。 结果那个家伙是我朋友的弟弟。 To my surprise, it turned out that I was wrong. 令我惊奇的是, 结果证明我错了。 令我惊奇的是 结果证明我错了。

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