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Book5 Unit5 First Aid
language Points

损伤 n. injury choke 窒息 vt 使中毒 vt/n. poison 器官 n. organ 变化 n variety swell 使膨胀 vt. unbearable 难以忍受的 adj. mildly 轻微的 adj. symptom 症状 n. vital 至关重要的 adj.


自主检测 phrases

生病 fall ill

in place 在适当的位置 ? get injured 受伤 on 各种各样 触电, 电休克 ? a variety of electric shock 许多 a number of 反复,不断 over and over again

挤出 out squeeze sense of touch 触感,触觉 put one’ s hands 找到










Recitation of the important sentences ? 急救就是在找到医生之前对突然生病或受伤的人提 First aid is a temporary form of help given to someone who 供的一种暂时的帮助。 suddenly falls ill or gets injured before a doctor can be found. It keeps you warm or cool; it prevents your body from losing ? 皮肤可以保暖或御寒,保持体内水分。正是皮肤使 too much water; it is where you feel cold, heat or pain and 你感到冷热、疼痛,它还使你有触觉。

it gives you your sense of touch

So, as you can imagine, if your skin gets ? 因此, 你可以想象到, 如果你的皮肤烧伤了,就 burned, it can be serious. 可能非常严重。
These burns are serious and take a few weeks to heal.


Remove clothing using scissors if ? 除非衣服粘在烧伤面上,否则都要把它脱掉。如果 necessary unless it is stuck to the burn. 需要的话,可以使用剪刀。 If the injuries are second or third degree ? 如果属于二度或三度烧伤,就要立即把患者送去看 burns, it is vital to get the victim to the doctor 医生或送往医院,这一点至关重要。 or hospital at once.

1. variety n. 变化,多样,多变(性) ? ?观察发现: ? There is a wide of variety of patterns to choose from. 有各种各样的图案可供选择。 ? All varieties of goods for daily use are available. 日应百货,一应俱全。 ? We all need variety in our diet. 我们都需要 饮食多样化。

? ?

? ?

??自我归纳 variety 短语:各种各样的: a variety of __________________ _____________________ varieties of variety in 在……方面多样化________________ 词汇链 adj._____________ various vary adv._______________ variously vi._____________(in)

2. stick: vt./vi. 粘贴,刺入, 卡住 n. 棍棒,枝条, 球棍 ? 语境辨义: 粘贴 ? Stick a stamp on the envelope. __________ ? A thorn stuck me in the hand. 刺入 ____________ ? I’ll take a stick to that dog if it doesn’t keep quiet.________ 棍子,棍棒

stick stuck stuck

stick out 伸出 stick…on/onto … stick to
stick 把……粘贴在….. 的 相 坚持 关 短 语

be stuck in=be caught in 被困,被卡,

易混词 stick to


例 句

指坚持原则、计划、诺言、决定等, 与to搭配, 常接名词 insist on 指坚持意见、主张等,与on 搭配 常接动名词,强调动作行为。 persist in 指坚持行动,有时表示固执己见或坚 持不改与in 搭配 sticks _____ to ? He always ________ his promise. ? 他总是信守诺言。 ? They _________ ____ leaving that day. insisted on ? 他们坚持要那天走。

persists ____ in _______ studying in her spare time. ? 她坚持业余时间学习。
? She


What expressions concerning “place” do you know?

1.适当, 在合适的位置 准备就绪 2.不合适, 不适当

4. 发生 5. 就职

3. 代替

6. 首先,第一点 7. 让位于 8. 名胜

?语境填词 ? 1. As soon as all the chairs are _______________, we can let the people in. in place ? 2. I don’t think your suggestion quite in place ___________________. ? 3. Won’t you go in place of ______________________________ me? ? 你不能代替我去吗? out of place ? 4. Her dress was __________________ at the ceremony. 她的服装不适合在典礼上穿。


受伤 破碎, 断了



换衣服 被困,被陷 被感染

get burned 烧伤,烫伤

get injured 受伤,损伤

分散, 被分开
get +v.ed.

get + 过去分词

?活学活用 ? As we joined the big crowd, I got _____ from my friends. ? A. lost B. spared ? C. separated D. missed

?句型点拨 ? 1. So, as you can imagine, if your skin gets burned, it can be serious. ? 因此, 你可以想象到, 如果你的皮肤烧伤 了,就可能非常严重。 非限制性定语 ? 此处as引导的是_________________ 从句。 译为:正如,就像

类似表达: ? as you expect, 正如你所预料的/期望到的 ? as is known to us all, 众所周知 ? as we can see,依我看 ? as is reported,正如报道的那样 ? as is often the case, 这是常有的事 ? as has been said before, 正如以前所说的 ? as is announced above 正如上面所宣布的 ? ? 微课程播放 ? ?延伸:as 其它意思: ? 因为,随着,当……时候,作为

2. Turn white when pressed. 受压时变白 ? 此处是属于状语从句的省略。 ? 当状语从句的主语和主句的主语一致,可 以省略从句中的主语和系动词be, 直接用连 词+名词、形容词、现在分词、过去分词或 不定式。 ? 原句应为: ? Your burned skin will turn white ? when it is pressed.

?朗诵下面语句,观察发现省略是如何使用的: ? Though (he is) tired, he is still working hard. ? He looked everywhere as if (he was) in search of something. ? He opened his mouth as if (he were) to speak. ? While (my father was) watching TV, my father fell asleep. ? ? 微课程播放

? 词语什锦
?fall ill 生病(不可与段时间连用) ? 判断正误:他生病多久了?如下: ? How long has he been ill? (Ture ) False) ? How long has he fallen ill? (


fell fall off

fall 的 爱上某人、 相 sth 某物 关 短 语

fall down/over跌倒,倒下

fall in love with sb/
fall asleep


fall silent



? prevent sb. (from) doing ? 阻止某人干…… ? Do you know the similar phrases? ? stop sb. (from) doing ? keep sb. from doing ? protect sb. from doing 保护某人免于……

? sense of touch 触觉 ? Can you translate the following phrases? ? sense of sight___________ ? sense of hearing _________ ? sense of taste_______ ? sense of smell__________ ? sense of humor___________ ? sense of beauty_______ ? sense of direction________ ? ense of urgency(紧迫)________

sense of smell 嗅 觉 sense of sight 视觉

sense of humour 幽默感 sense of beauty 美 教材知识 感

sense of taste 味觉

sense of hearing 听觉

sense of urgenc y 紧迫 感

sense of touch

? take off ? 脱下;起飞;拿去,去掉;休假;成名 拆开 ? 辨析:take apart_______ 欺骗,理解,吸收 ? take in______ 呈现,雇佣 ? take on__________ 开始喜欢上,从事,拿起,接受,占用 ? take up_______ 认为……理所当然;想当然 ? take it for granted______________ 发生,举行 ? take place______________ 带回,使回忆起 ? take back_____

? 佳句仿写

? If the injuries are second or third degree burns, it is vital to get the victim to the doctor or hospital at once.如果属于二度或三 度烧伤,就要立即把患者送去看医生或送往医院, 这一点至关重要。 ? It is vital that …(should) do做…极为重要 ? be vital to/for sb./sth. 对某人/某事极为重要 carry out ? It’s vital that we should _______________the operation immediately. ? 我们要立即做手术,这一点至关重要。

? 佳句仿写
? Burns are called first degree, second degree or third degree, depending on which layers of the skin are burned. ? Danny left France, ____________ ______ preferring to give up his fortune. ? 尼离开了法国,宁愿放弃他的财富。




今年夏天,我和同桌去打水。在回宿舍的路 上,我不小心被一块石头绊倒,倒在了地上。 水壶被打破了,更糟的是,我的脚被烫伤了。 我的同桌赶紧扶我到了医务室。医生对我进行 了急救。她脱掉我的鞋子和粘贴在烫伤面上的 袜子,马上用凉水给伤口冲洗。她把一块湿布 拧出水后放在了烫伤面上。这样反反复复大约 半个小时直到不太疼痛时为止。


医生说这属于二度烫伤。凉水可以阻止烫伤的进 程,可以防止无法忍受的疼痛,还可以减轻肿胀 的程度。她用干而清洁又不粘皮肤的绷带盖住它。 然后用胶布把绷带固定好。医生建议我回宿舍休 息。“千万不要在烫伤处涂油或软膏,因为这会 使伤口里面的热散不出去,而且还可能导致感 染。”医生说。正如我们英语课本上所说,很可 能花上一两周才能痊愈吧。

Some words you can refer to:
desk mate 同桌 dormitory 宿舍 ? What’s worse, 更糟的是 ? clinic 医务室 ? socks袜子 ? a wet cloth 湿布 ? English textbook 英语课本


I fetched the hot water with my desk mate this summer day. On my way to dormitory, I fell over a stone and fell down. The kettle got broken. What’s worse, my foot got burned. Then I went to the clinic with my desk mate supporting me. The doctor offered me first aid. She took off my shoes and socks which were stuck to the burn, and cool burns immediately with water. She squeezed a wet cloth out and placed it on the burned area over and over again for about half an hour until the pain is not so bad.


The doctor said it belonged to second degree burns. The cool water could stop the burning process, prevented the pain becoming unbearable and reduced swelling. She covered my foot with a dry and clean bandage that would not stick to the skin, and then hold the bandage in place with tape.

The doctor suggested that I should take a rest in the dormitory. “Never put oil and ointment on burns as they keep the heat in the wounds and may cause infection.” ? As has been said in our English textbook, it will take a week or two to heal.

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