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2015 届高三英语培优辅导材料 2


I 2011 完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 It has been argued by some that gifted children should be grouped in special classes. The ___1___has been on the belief that in regular classes these children are held back in their intellectual (智力的) growth by ___2___situation that has designed for the ___3___children. There can be little doubt that ___4___classes can help the gifted children to graduate earlier and take their place in life sooner. However, to take these ___5___out of the regular classes may create serious problems. I observed a number of ___6___children who were taken out of a special class and placed in a ___7___ class. In the special class, they showed little ability to use their own judgment, relying ___8___ on their teachers? directions. In the regular class, having no worry about keeping up, they began to reflect ___9___ on many problems, some of which were not on the school program. Many are concerned that gifted children become ___10___ and lose interest in learning. However this ___11___ is more often from parents and teachers than from students, and some of these ___12___simply conclude that special classes should be set up for those who are ___13___. Some top students do feel bored in class, but why they ___14___so goes far beyond the work they have in school. Studies have shown that to be bored is to be anxious. The gifted child who is bored is an ___15___child. 1. A. principle B. theory C. argument D. classification 2. A. designing B. grouping C. learning D. living 3. A. smart B. curious C. mature D. average 4. A. regular B. special C. small D. creative 5. A. children B. programs C. graduates D. designs 6. A. intelligent B. competent C. ordinary D. independent 7. A. separate B. regular C. new D. boring 8. A. specially B. slightly C. wrongly D. heavily 9. A. directly B. cleverly C. voluntarily D. quickly 10. A. doubted B. bored C. worried D. tired 11. A. concern B. conclusion C. reflection D. interest 12. A. students B. adults C. scholars D. teachers 13. A. talented B. worried C. learned D. interested 14. A. believe B. think C. say D. feel 15. A. outstanding B. intelligent C. anxious D. ordinary 本文主要讲述有的人,主要是老师和家长,主张分快班和普通班及其理由。 1. C 由前句的 argued 可知(提出观点,即论点),填 argument(论据)。(词语复现) 2. C 为学生(children)设计的当然是“学习”情境。(词语同现) 3. D 与前面的 gifted children 相对,应选 average(普通的,一般的)。(词语同现) 4. B 由句中的 the gifted children 可知,填 special。有助于天才学生早毕业的应是“特殊的” 学校。(词语复现) 5. A 从普通班(the regular classes)里分出来的应是“学生(children)” 。(词语同现) 6. A 从 special class 出来的应是 intelligent 学生。

7. B 与前面的 special class 相对,应是 regular classes。 8. D 由前面的 little 可知,用 heavily 与之相对。 9. C 由 having no worry about keeping up 可知,会“自动地,自然而然地”考虑许多问题。 10. B 由后面的 lose interest 可知。 11. A 由前面的 concerned(担心的;忧虑的)可知,选 concern(担心;忧虑)。 12. B 指上文的 parents and teachers,用 adults 较好。 13. A 指上文中的 gifted,应当用同义词 talented,也与下句中的 top students 同义。 14. D 此处的 feel so 就是指前文的 feel bored。 15. C 由前句可知,anxious 是同词复现。 短文长度:237 个词 II.阅读 (2011·山东卷)C Diana Jacobs thought her family had a workable plan to pay for college for her 21-year-old twin sons: a combination of savings, income, scholarships, and a modest amount of borrowing. Then her husband lost his job, and the plan fell apart. “I have two kids in college, and I want to say ?come home,? but at the same time I want to provide them with a good education,” says Jacobs. The Jacobs family did work out a solution: They asked and received more aid from the schools, and each son increased his borrowing to the maximum amount through the federal loan (贷款) program. They will each graduate with $20,000 of debt, but at least they will be able to finish school. With unemployment rising, financial aid administrators expect to hear more families like the Jacobs. More students are applying for aid, and more families expect to need student loans. College administrators are concerned that they will not have enough aid money to go around. At the same time, tuition(学费)continues to rise. A report from the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education found that college tuition and fees increased 439% from 1982 to 2007, while average family income rose just 147%. Student borrowing has more than doubled in the last decade, “If we go on this way for another 25years, we won?t have an affordable system of higher education,” says Patrick M. Callan, president of the center. “The middle class families have been financing it through debt. They will send kids to college whatever it takes, even if that means a huge amount of debt.” Financial aid administrators have been having a hard time as many companies decide that student loans are not profitable enough and have stopped making them. The good news, however, is that federal loans account for about three quarters of student borrowing, and the government says that money will flow uninterrupted.

67. How did the Jacobs manage to solve their problem? A. They asked their kids to come home. B. They borrowed $20,000 from the school.

C. They encouraged their twin sons to do part-time jobs. D. They got help from the school and the federal government. 68. Financial aid administrators believe that _______. A. more families will face the same problem as the Jacobses B. the government will receive more letters of complaint C. college tuition fees will double soon D. America?s unemployment will fall 69.What can we learn about the middle class families from the text? A. They blamed the government for the tuition increase. B. Their income remained steady in the last decade. C. They will try their best to send kids to college. D. Their debts will be paid off within 25 years. 70.According to the last paragraph, the government will . A. provide most students will scholarships B. dismiss some financial aid administrators C. stop the companies from making student loans D. go on providing financial support for college students 【解析】 :66-70:BDACD 【语篇解读】 本文介绍了今年学生贷款增多给家庭带来的压力和大学学费的不断增加的 社会问题,提出政府对之做出的回应。 66.B. 推理判断题。第一段提到 Diana Jacobs 的家庭本来有一个可行的计划可以支付 两个双胞胎儿子的大学费用,可由于丈夫的失业计划瓦解了。 67.D.推理判断题。第三段指出解决方案 solution 是向学校索求更多的援助,每个儿子 增加贷款到最大额度。 如原文 “They asked and received more aid from the schools, and each son increased his borrowing to the maximum amount through the federal loan (贷款) program.” , 也即 是选项 B。 68. A。细节推断题。由第四段“expect to hear more families like the Jacobs”可以得知 财政 援助的管理员们预期会看到更多像 Jacobs 一家的情况, 同义转换即选项 A。 而 BD 原文没有 提到,C 从第五段“Student borrowing has more than doubled in the last decade”,可知在过去 10 年里已经长了一倍还多,因此是错的。 69. C。 推理判断题。 从第六段最后一句话 “They will send kids to college whatever it takes, even if that means a huge amount of debt.”可知,无论需要什么他们都会送孩子去上大学,即使那 意味着大笔的债务。 70. D。细节推断题。由最后一段可知许多公司做出决定说学生贷款利润股沟因此不再做贷 款,而好消息是联邦政府承担着四分之三的学生贷款。因此推断是 D,政府将继续承担对大 学生的资金援助。

采访:如何学好英语 你是校报小记者,最近进行了一次采访。以下是这次采访的情况: 时间:上星期五 对象:“疯狂英语”的发起人李阳老师 主题:如何学好英语

现状: (1)相当多的学生学好英语困难很大; (2)他们失去信心,有的甚至放弃了。 建议: (1)早、午、晚朗读英语,每次 20 多分钟; (2)朗读单词、课文,背诵名篇、诗歌, 甚至唱英语歌曲。 个人感受? 请将采访时间,内容,对象,主题,还有现状,建议以 5 句话写出来 Last Friday, I had an interview with Mr. Li Yang, the founder of the Crazy English ,about how we can learn English well. It is known that quite a few students have so much trouble in learning English that they gradually may lose heart in the language and some even have given it up. According to Mr. Li, we students should make the most of every morning, noon and evening, reading English as loudly as possible. He also suggested that we should spend over 20 minutes reading English words, texts, or reciting famous passages, and poems, and even singing English songs. Through this interview, I realize that it is really important to do more reading repeatedly.

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