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(湖北专版)2014高考英语大二轮 增分精品专题复习试题 夹叙夹议文(一)(含2013调研,真题,含解析)

Test 1 (2013·3 月湖北省襄阳市普通高中调研统一测试) Last week , my granddaughter started kindergarten.As is__31__ , I wished her success.I was lying.What I actually wish for her is__32__.I believe in the power of failure. Success is__33__.Success is proving that you can do something that you already know you can do,or doing something correctly the first time,which can__34__be a problematic victory.First?time success is usually a fluke ( 侥 幸 ) . First?time failure,__35__,is expected;it is the natural order of things. Failure is how we learn.I have been told of an African phrase__36__a good cook as “she who has broken many pots”.If you’ve spent enough time in the__37__to have broken a lot of pots,probably you know a fair amount about__38__.I once had a late dinner with a group of chefs,and they spent time__39__knife wounds and burn scars.They knew how much credibility (可信度) their__40__gave them. I earn my living by writing a daily newspaper column.Each week I am__41__that one column is going to be the worst column of the week.I don’t set out to write it;I try my best every day.__42__,every week,one column is inferior (较差的)to the others,sometimes extremely so. I have learned to__43__that column.A successful column usually means that I am treading (踏) on__44__ground, going with the tricks that work, or dressing up popular ideas in fancy words.Often in my inferior columns,I am trying to __45__something

I’ve never done before,something that I’m not even sure can be done. My granddaughter is a perfectionist.She will feel her failures,and I will want to__46__her.But I will also,I hope,__47__her of what she learned,and how she can do__48__next time.I probably won’t tell her that failure is a good thing,because that’s not a(n)__49__you can learn when you’re five.I hope I can tell her,though, that it’s not the end of the world.Indeed,with luck,it is the__50__. 语篇解读 作者的孙女上幼儿园了, 作者在希望她一切顺利和成功的同时, 用自己的经 历告诉我们,他也希望孙女经历失败,因为有了失败,人才能进步,失败能让我们进入一个 崭新的世界。 31.A.usual C.expected B.conventional D.contradictory

解析: 孙女去上幼儿园了,“我”希望她在那里很好,这是人之常情。因此选 B,表 示“常规的,传统的”。

答案: B 32.A.failure C.sacrifice B.success D.victory

解析: “我”实际上希望她会遭受失败。下文的“我相信失败的力量”是线索提示, 因此选 A。 答案: A 33.A.convincing C.boring B.demanding D.worthwhile

解析: 下文表达的是:成功是在证明你能做自己已经知道能做的事,或者是第一次做 对一件事,这“通常”是存在很多问题的胜利。第一次的成功通常是一种侥幸。从这些叙述 可以看出,作者不是在肯定成功的价值,所以选“枯燥的”。 答案: C 34.A.seldom C.always B.often D.never

解析: 参见上题解析。因此选 often,表示“时常,多次”,而不能用 always 总是, 每次都。 答案: B 35.A.on purpose C.in turn B.at length D.by contrast

解析: 第一次就获得成功是一种侥幸。“相比之下”,第一次失败就是预料之中的事 了。 答案: D 36.A.defining C.describing B.classifying D.viewing

解析: 曾经有人告诉我一个非洲习语用来“描述”一个好厨师。 答案: C 37.A.canteen C.dormitory B.kitchen D.corridor

解析: 如果你花费了足够的时间在“厨房”里用坏了很多锅, 那么你可能掌握了相当 多关于“烹饪”的知识。 答案: B 38.A.learning C.gardening B.cooking D.training

解析: 参见上题解析。36 空后的 cook 是线索提示。 答案: B

39.A.competing C.displaying

B.counting D.comparing

解析: 这些主厨们向作者“比较”了他们的刀伤和烧伤的疤痕。 答案: D 40.A.endeavors C.wounds B.failures D.scars

解析: 他们知道曾经的“失败”带给他们多少可信度。 答案: B 41.A.aware C.skeptical B.grateful D.confident

解析: 作者“知道”在他每个星期给报纸专栏所写的那些文章中, 总有一篇文章是该 星期最糟糕的。 答案: A 42.A.Therefore C.Still B.Moreover D.Otherwise

解析: 不过,作者每个星期所写的专栏文章总有一篇比其他的要差一些。 答案: C 43.A.update C.cherish B.review D.adapt

解析: 作者学会了“珍视”那个专栏。 答案: C 44.A.similar C.accessible B.tentative D.familiar

解析: 一篇成功的专栏文章需要作者站在“熟悉的”立场上,运用有效的写作技巧, 或者华丽的辞藻来修饰大众化的观点。 答案: D 45.A.take in C.comment on B.get through D.figure out

解析: get through 表示“完成,通过”,符合语境。 答案: B 46.A.amuse C.reward B.comfort D.tease

解析: 她会体会到失败,那么作者会想要“安慰”她。 答案: B 47.A.remind B.suspect

C.inform 解析:



remind sb.of sth.表示“提醒某人某事”。 答案: A 48.A.worse C.better 解析: 参见上题解析。 答案: C 49.A.trick C.truth B.experience D.lesson B.acuter D.luckier

解析: learn a lesson 表示“吸取教训”。 答案: D 50.A.beginning C.ending B.destination D.process

解析: 与前面的“not the end”呼应,这里选 A,表示“失败是一个崭新的开始”。 答案: A Test 2 (2013·湖北省襄阳五校高三下学期期中联考) Check Engine Light As I turned from the parking lot,heading for home,I noticed a yellow light on my dashboard (仪表板) had come on.The symbol indicated that I was to__31__the engine.I noted the water temperature and the oil light__32__to see if there were problems that would__33__an overheated engine.Noting these two gauges (仪表) were okay,I__34__I could ignore the little yellow light that caused such great__35__for at least the moment. After I retrieved my owner manual (用户手册), I__36__the check engine light comes on to indicate that there is a problem and that__37__is required.Malfunctions will often be indicated by the__38__before any problem is apparent,which may__39__more serious damage to the vehicle.This system is__40__to assist you and your technician in__41__diagnosing any malfunction. Reading the manual made me think of how we need__42__in our lives to be our “check engine light”.We need to know when a(n)__43__occurs and when service is required in our lives.We need to correct our problems before serious damage surfaces.We need a light to__44__in our minds to help us avoid conflict,pain, or disaster.We need a(n)__45__to come on to tell us to not yield to temptation.We

need to be__46__that we shouldn’t ignore good and work to make life better for all of us. God makes a magnificent “check engine light”.He gives you an awareness to keep your pathway__47__.He shows you the beauty of the earth to__48__you to him.He gives people who care about you,to help__49__your living.He has provided his word to point the__50__.Lean on God to lead your pathway from the problems that could damage your living.He can repair malfunctions before they destroy your being. 语篇解读 汽车上有个“引擎预警灯”, 在出现故障时给予提示。 我们生活中也应该有 “预警灯”以给我们的生活指明方向。 31.A.replace C.repair B.heat D.check

解析: 当“我”从停车场回家时,“我”注意到仪表板上一个黄灯在亮,这表示应该 检查引擎。check 检查,查看,符合语境。 答案: D 32.A.quickly C.luckily 解析: B.gradually D.approximately

“我”快速地检查水温和油量。 gradually 逐渐地, luckily 幸运地,

approximately 大约,均不符合语境。 答案: A 33.A.cool C.protect B.cause D.hide

解析: “我”检查看是什么引起引擎过热。cause 引起,导致。cool 冷却,protect 保护,hide 隐藏,均不符合语境。 答案: B 34.A.wondered C.imagined B.reasoned D.appreciated

解析: 注意到这两个仪表显示正常, “我”想“我”可以忽略引起焦虑的黄色小灯一 会儿。reason 推断,思考。wonder 想知道,感到诧异,imagine 设想,appreciate 欣赏, 感激,均不符合语境。 答案: B 35.A.strength C.anxiety B.difference D.risk

解析: 参见上题解析。anxiety 焦虑。 答案: C 36.A.found B.sensed



解析: 翻阅手册后,“我”发现引擎灯亮表明有问题,需要检修。第三段第二句是提 示。find 发现,查明。sense 感觉到,require 需要,believe 相信,均不符合语境。 答案: A 37.A.balance C.service B.patience D.performance

解析: 参见上题解析。service 检修,维修,保养。balance 平衡,patience 耐心, performance 性能;表演,均不符合语境。 答案: C 38.A.sight C.system B.situation D.event

解析: 根据本段最后一句中的“This system”可知答案。 答案: C 39.A.generate C.accumulate 解析: B.prevent D.increase


prevent 防止,阻止。generate 产生,引起,accumulate 积累,积聚,increase 增多,增 加,均不符合语境。 答案: B 40.A.charged C.achieved B.arranged D.designed

解析: 设计这个系统的目的是帮助你和你的技术员正确诊断故障。design 制造,设 计。charge 给??充电,收费,arrange 安排,achieve 达到目的,完成,均不符合语境。 答案: D 41.A.truly C.correctly B.simply D.slowly

解析: 参见上题解析。correctly 正确地,符合语境。 答案: C 42.A.anyone C.everyone B.someone D.no one

解析: 阅读手册使“我”想起,我们需要有人在我们的生活中做我们的“预警灯”。 答案: B 43.A.problem C.argument B.question D.accident

解析: 我们需要知道问题何时发生,我们的生活何时需要检修。

答案: A 44.A.run away C.come on 解析: B.work out D.turn up


“come on”是提示。 答案: C 45.A.cube C.flash 解析: B.alarm D.light 我们需要”预警灯”来告诉我们不要屈服于诱惑。 44 空前的“We need a

light”是提示。 答案: D 46.A.reminded C.recognized 解析: B.applied D.assured


提醒,使想起。apply 运用,recognize 认出,assure 使确信,均不符合语境。 答案: A 47.A.similar C.tough B.straight D.changeable

解析: 上帝给了你“预警灯”, 让你的人生道路保持顺直。 straight 笔直的。 similar 相似的,tough 艰难的,changeable 易变的,均不符合语境。 答案: B 48.A.adapt C.rush B.apply D.lead

解析: lead 领路,引领。adapt 使适应,apply 申请,应用,rush 迅速移动,速运, 均不符合语境。 答案: D 49.A.guide C.make B.finish D.affect

解析: 他让关心你的人指导你的生活。guide 指引,指导,符合语境。 答案: A 50.A.use C.way B.time D.sign

解析: 他的话为生活指明方向。way 道路,方向,符合语境。 答案: C Test 3

(2013·湖北省黄石三校高三下学期调研测试) If you’re going to do something,my dad used to say,do it right. Mostly he said that after my half?hearted (不尽力的)__31__to weed the vegetable garden.For some reason,he knew that there were white roots still__32__deep in the ground without looking around the garden.So I would be in the__33__again the next day with a spade dig deep and__34__the roots of our garden.As I tried to focus my attention to__35__,Dad’s words kept echoing in my mind:“Do it right.” I saw a perfect example of what Dad was talking about last week when one of the teams in the company was__36__.All of us were sad to see them go.They were good friends and__37__,and we worried about them.And__38__,at such times you always wonder:am I next? But as we watched them during the week they were given to__39__, many of us noticed that they weren’t handling this in quite the way we expected them to.__40__none of them found another job,there was also no bitterness or__41__in their departure.I didn’t hear a negative word.I didn’t see any__42__or unhappy faces—at least, not from them.Instead,I saw grace. “It’s__43__,” one of my colleagues whispered.“I went over there to offer comfort and support to them,and they__44__comforting me.” Ancient Greeks believed that swans save their sweetest song for the moments to their__45__.I don’t know if my departing friends__46__their ending as a “swan song” or not, but the calm, quiet dignity with which they embraced their cruel reality touched and__47__us. Lee , a man who has seen and__48__lots of lay?offs during

almost__40__up?and?down,on?again?off?again years with the company,__49__ nicely for all of us. “Now,that’s doing it right,” he said. Somewhere,I just know Dad was smiling his__50__. 语篇解读 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文, 以作者小时候清除菜园的杂草的事情以及公司里几 个被解雇的同事的表现,说明了作者父亲的“do it right”的教诲很正确。 31.A.attempts C.expectations B.judgements D.requests

解析: 父亲大多是在“我”没有尽力尝试清除菜园的杂草时说这句话。 attempt 努力, 尝试,符合语境。 答案: A 32.A.planted B.buried



解析: 根据上下文可知,此处表示“父亲知道仍然有一些白色的根深埋在土里”,故 buried 符合语境。 答案: B 33.A.house C.garden B.school D.company

解析: 因此第二天“我”总是又在花园里,拿着锹深挖,认真除去我们菜园里杂草的 根。 答案: C 34.A.look forward to C.fit in with B.come up with D.get down to

解析: 参见上题解析。get down to 表示“开始认真注意(或对待)某事”,符合语境。 look forward to 盼望;come up with 找到(答案);fit in with 适应。 答案: D 35.A.watching C.digging B.thinking D.working

解析: 由上句中的“with a spade dig deep”可知,此处表示在“我”专心挖草根 的时候,父亲的话一直在“我”的脑海里回响。 答案: C 36.A.turned down C.cut down B.laid off D.given up

解析: 根据后文中的“All of us were sad to see them so.”及“lots of lay?offs” 可知,此处表示“我们公司的一个团队被解雇了”。故 lay off 解雇,符合语境。 答案: B 37.A.competitors C.directors B.colleagues D.consultants

解析: 由上下文可知,此处表示“他们是我们的好朋友和好同事”。 答案: B 38.A.frankly C.equally B.naturally D.generally

解析: 并且,老实说,在那样的时候,你会想知道:我是否是下一个呢?因为同事被 解雇, 所以在那种时候, 每个人也会担心自己是否会被解雇, 故 frankly 老实说, 符合语境。 答案: A 39.A.hurry up C.pack up B.turn up D.come up

解析: 上文说到同事被解雇了, 所以此处应是给他们一周收拾东西的时间。 故 pack up 收拾行装,打包行李,符合语境。 答案: C 40.A.Since C.Unless B.When D.While

解析: 根据上下文可知,空处所在句和后一句之间是让步关系,因此选 While,表示 “尽管”。尽管没有一个人找到其他的工作,但是他们也没有痛苦或难过。 答案: D 41.A.sadness C.anger 解析: sadness。 答案: A 42.A.tears C.dangers B.smiles D.fears B.puzzle D.delight 根据语境可知,此处应该选一个与 bitterness 意思相近的词语,因此选

解析: “我”没有从他们脸上看见眼泪和难过的神色。 答案: A 43.A.upsetting C.disappointing B.exciting D.amazing

解析: 根据前文的内容和后一句中同事的话可知, 此处表示“我”的一个同事认为被 解雇的同事的表现是令人大为惊奇的。 答案: D 44.A.objected to C.ended up B.insisted on D.kept on

解析: 此处表示“我”的一个同事是去给他们安慰和支持的, 结果最后他们反过来安 慰了“我”的那个同事。end up doing 意为“以??为结果,以??告终”,符合语境。 答案: C 45.A.birth C.arrival B.death D.party

解析: 根据上下文可知, 此处把同事们离职前的淡定与天鹅临死时的歌唱作一个对比, 因此选 death。 答案: B 46.A.view C.choose 解析: B.recognize D.describe


view...as 意为“把??视为,以??看待”,符合语境。 答案: A 47.A.discouraged C.inspired B.warned D.amused

解析: 他们用来拥抱残酷事实的这种淡定和大度,感动和激励着我们。inspire 意为 “激励”,符合语境。 答案: C 48.A.celebrated C.resisted 解析: B.witnessed D.survived

根据上下文可知,此处应用 survived,表示“艰难度过,幸存”,即“Lee

见到过也经历过许多次解雇”。 答案: D 49.A.made up C.picked up B.summed up D.speeded up

解析: Lee 为我们做了很好的总结。sum up 意为“总结”,符合上下文语境。 答案: B 50.A.disagreement C.admiration B.indifference D.approval

解析: 由上文可知,这位老同事说的话与“我”父亲说的话是一样的,因此此处表示 “‘我’知道父亲一定正在某处微笑着赞同”,因此选 D。 答案: D


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