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2015 深圳市高考英语语法填空、阅读类训练(6)及答案 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Susan went to a boarding school. Here is one of the letters she wrote to Dear Mom and Dad, I’m afraid I have some very bad news for you. I have been very naughty and the school principal is very angry 62 me. She is going to write to you. You must come and take me away from here. She does not want me in the 63 . 64 (start) last night when I was smoking a cigarette in bed. This is against the rules, of 61 parents from the school.


The trouble

course. We are not supposed to smoke at all. As I was smoking, I heard footsteps coming towards the room. I did not want a teacher 65 (catch) me 66

smoking, so I threw the cigarette away. Unfortunately, the cigarette fell into the waste-paper basket,

caught fire. There was a curtain near the waste-paper basket which caught fire, too. Soon the whole room was 67 (burn) .The principal phoned for the fire department. The school is a long way from the town and by the 68 (flame). Many of the girls are in the hospital. 70 the damage. She will send

time the fire department arrived, the whole school was in The principal says that the fire was all my 69 you a bill for about a million dollars. I am very sorry about this. Much love, Susan. 【参考答案】 61.her 66. which 62.with 67.burning 63. any longer 68.flames 64.started 69. fault

and you must pay

65. to catch 70.for

完形填空 James's New Bicycle James shook his money box again.Nothing!He carefully__1__the coins that lay on the bed.24.52 was all that he had.The bicycle he wanted was at least $90! __2__on earth was he going to get the__3__of the money? He knew that his friends all had bicycles.It was__4__to hang around with people when you were the only one without wheels.He thought about what he could do.There was no__5__asking his parents,for he knew they had no money to__6__. There was only one way to get money,and that was to__7__it.He would have to find a job.__8__who

would hire him and what could he do?He decided to ask Mr.Clay for advice,who usually had__9__on most things. “Well,you can start right here,”said Mr.Clay.“My windows need cleaning and my car needs washing.” That was the__10__of James's oddjob( 零工 )business.For three months he worked every day after finishing his homework.He was amazed by the__11__of jobs that people found for him to do.He took dogs and babies for walks, cleared out cupboards, and mended books.He lost count of the__12__of cars he washed and windows he cleaned,but the__13__increased and he knew that he would soon have__14__for the bicycle he longed for. The day__15__came when James counted his money and found 94.32.He__16__no time and went down to the shop to pick up the bicycle he wanted.He rode__17__home,looking forward to showing his new bicycle to his friends.It had been hard__18__for the money,but James knew that he valued his bicycle far more__19__he had bought it with his own money.He had__20__what he thought was impossible, and that was worth even more than the bicycle. 1.A.cleaned B.covered C.counted D.checked

解析 为了买自行车,作者在数自己的钱。count 数,符合题意。 答案 C 2.A.How B.Why C.Who D.What

解析 表示方式,他到底怎么样才能得到购买自行车的其余的钱呢? 答案 A 3.A.amount B.part C.sum D.rest

解析 作者已经有了 24.52 美元,在这里用 rest 指购买自行车的其余的钱。 答案 D 4.A.brave B.hard C.smart D.unfair

解析 作者的朋友都有自行车,这样的话他和他们一起出去的话就会觉得很难。 答案 B 5.A.point B.reason C.result D.right

解析 句型:there be no point in doing sth,做什么是没有意义的。 答案 A 6.A.split B.spend C.spare D.save

解析 spare sb sth,给某人抽出某种东西,该物多为时间或金钱。 答案 C 7.A.borrow B.earn C.raise D.collect

解析 作者认识到实现自己梦想的唯一方式是自己挣钱。earn 挣钱。 答案 B 8.A.Or B.So C.For D.But

解析 上下文是转折关系,虽然他知道要自己挣钱,但是谁会雇佣他呢?

答案 D 9.A.decisions C.opinions B.experience D.knowledge

解析 Mr.Clay 对大多数事情都有自己的见解。opinions 见解。 答案 C 10.A.beginning C.requirement B.introduction D.opening

解析 那是 James 打零工的开始,beginning 开始。 答案 A 11.A.similarity C.suitability B.quality D.variety

解析 为了凑够买自行车的钱,他做了各种各样的零工。variety 种类。 答案 D 12.A.brand B.number C.size D.type

解析 为了购买自行车,他为别人刷了很多车,他自己都已经记不清刷过的车的数量了。 答案 B 13.A.effort B.pressure C.money D.trouble

解析 随着自己做零工的增加,钱也越来越多,C 项符合题意。 答案 C 14.A.all B.enough C.much D.some

解析 他知道自己不久就会有足够多的钱去买自己梦想中的自行车了。 答案 B 15.A.finally B.instantly C.normally D.regularly

解析 能够买起自行车的那一天终于到来了,finally 终于,符合句意。 答案 A 16.A.gave B.left C.took D.wasted

解析 当他数过自己的钱后,他立刻去买自行车了,没有浪费一分钟的时间。 答案 D 17.A.patiently B.proudly C.silently D.tiredly

解析 经过自己的努力,他终于实现了自己的愿望,所以当然是自豪地 proudly。 答案 B 18.A.applying B.asking C.looking D.working

解析 为挣钱而工作当然是辛苦的。 答案 D 19.A.since B.if C.than D.though

解析 该句话的意思是:James 知道他的自行车意义重大,因为他是用自己的钱购买的。

答案 A 20.A.deserved B.benefited C.achieved D.learned

解析 他通过自己的努力实现了自己的梦想。achieve 实现,符合句意。 答案 C

【由安徽省合肥市 2014 高考模拟题改编】 阅读下列短文, 从给的四个选项 (A、B、C 和 D) 中, 选出最佳选项。 "Can I get a light?" This question is among the most common between smokers. What if this question was to come from an unusual source? In April 2014, the National Health Promotion Foundation uploaded an anti-smoking advertisement onto YouTube. The anti-smoking ad has quickly been known as the "most powerful anti-smoking ad." The anti-smoking video, called the "Smoking Kid," features children walking up to adult smokers asking for a light. The children in the ad are actors but the adults smoking are unsuspecting participants in the project. The video begins with the statement "adults know that smoking is harmful, but don’t remind themselves of this fact " Once a "smoking kid" approaches the adults, every adult asked is shocked that a child with a cigarette in hand is asking for a light. The first adult starts by saying, "I’m not giving it to you," and the video goes on to state "every adult filmed said no and reminded the children that smoking is bad." Before going away, the kid hands each adult a booklet after being turned down for a light. The booklet says, "You worry about me, but why not about yourself?" Each adult looks around for the child as their faces are filled with confusion and discomfort. The video shows that a few of the smokers quickly threw away their cigarettes or put their cigarettes away, showing that this experiment was affective at that moment. The most influential element in the ad isn't the use of children or the responses from the smoking adults. It comes down to something much simpler than that. Why is it that we worry about other people, forgetting to worry about ourselves? 1. According to the text, the anti-smoking ad is ______. A. unusual B. shocking C. influential D. encouraging 2. The underlined word "unsuspecting" (in Para. 2) probably means ______ A. uninformed B. unwilling C. unfortunate D. unacceptable 3. What are the adults,reactions to the children asking for a light? A. They pay no attention to children's request. B. They reject kids,request and educate them. C. They look around for children's parents. D. They quickly throw children's cigarettes away. 4. The best title of the text might be ______. A. Give up smoking, for your own sake B. Keep away from smoking, adults C. Tell your children not to smoke D. Reject a child asking for a light 【参考答案】1—4、CABA

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