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高考时态练习题Microsoft Word 文档

1.The woman and her husband __________in the same office. [广东省] A. work B. works C. is working D. has worked

2.--I'm sorry that John is out. --Please ask him to call me as soon as he______________.[成都市] A. returned B. returns C. will return

3.一 What did you do after school yesterday? 一 I ________basketball with my friends.[北京市] A play B played C will play D.am playing

4.一 Mr. Green,____you ____Three Lanes and Seven Alleys(三坊七巷)last Sunday? 一 No.but I'll visit them next week. A. will;go to to 5.His family———the zoo last week. [吉林省] A. visit B. am visiting C. visited D. will visit B have;been to [福州市] C did;go to D.have;gone

6.I -----the CDs to you if I have time tomorrow.[北京市] A. will return B returned C have returned D return

7.--Mum, what are you doing? --Your uncle has come. I_______ put an extra fork on the table. [太原 市] A. will B. have C. would

8.--Look at the noisy kids! --Haven't you heard the saying "When the cat is away, the mice ________. "?[河南省]

A. play play

B. played

C. are playing

D. will

9.Jack has never been to Disneyland before,but he ____there this summer.[沈阳市] A. has been. B is going C went D.goes

10.Hearing that she __the entrance exam to the university,Fudy is thrilled.[青岛市] A. failed in has in 11.——It's raining! When did it start? 一 I don't know exactly.In fact,it _________all this afternoon. [北 京市] A1asts B has 1asted C.1asted D.will 1ast B. is succeeded in C. failed in is D. succeed has

12--Are you going to see the film with us? --No, thanks. I _________ it. [广东省] A. saw B. have seen C. see D. was seeing

13--Hello, this is Lily speaking. --Sorry. He

Could I speak to Mr. Black?

_________ the Xuanwu Lake Park. [南京市] B. went to C. has gone to D. will

A. has been to go to 14.Jane

_________. I'm waiting for her. [成都市] B. has come back C. hasn't come back

A. came back

15——Dick gave me a note while I ___________in the library. 一 I guess he made it to say“sorry”to you.[黄冈市] A. are reading B was reading C reads D.will read

16--I called you at half past nine this morning, but there was no answer. --Oh, sorry. I A. shop ________ with my cousin in the supermarket. [安徽省] B. was shopping C. shopped D. will shop

17—Susan, why are you still here? They are all ready to start. –I’m sorry, but I _____ when to meet. (江西) A. don’t tell wasn’t told 18.Many old houses around our school ____ next year and a large green area will appear. (上海) A. pull down down 19.--- My watch ______. --- Don’t worry. Let’s go to the Lost & Found. (浙江) A. is lost stopped 20.---Did you go to Sam’s weekend party? ---No, I___________. (年湖北宜昌) A. am not invited invite 21.-- How often ______ your school sports meeting ______? -- Once a year. A. does; hold B. was; hold C. is; held D. did; hold (南通) B. wasn’t invited C. haven’t invited D. didn’t B. is broken C. has found D. has B. will be pulled down C. will pull down D. are pulled B. didn’t tell C. haven’t told D.

22.On May 30th, , one bowl in the Ming dynasty (明朝) _______ at the price of 30.36 million Hong Kong dollars. (泰州)

A. sell was sold

B. sold

C. is sold


23.The "Thousand- hand Guanyin" _____

by many people as the best

performance at CCTV's Spring Festival Evening. (徐州) A. has been regarded B. are regarded C. has regarded D. regards

24.Those eggs of different colors are very beautiful. —Yes, they ______ in Hangzhou. (杭州) A. painted B. were painting C. were painted D. had painted

25.------Don’t litter the ground, boy ,Look at the sign:: “Rubbish into the dustbin.”

-------Sorry. (2004 年襄樊市) A, has throw must be thrown
1.[答案]A.[解析]本题考查时态。句意为“这个妇女和她丈夫在同一个办公室工作”。句中虽 然没有时间状语,但是可以从句意上看出是经常性的动作,故用一般现在时;句子主语为复 数,故动词用原形 work 2.[答案]B.[解析]考查以 as soon as 引导的从句。 以 as soon as 引导的时间状语从句常以一 般现在时代替一般将来时


was throw


must throw



3.[答案]B.[解析]由上句“昨天放学后你在干什么?”句意可知对过去发生的 事情询问,回答也应用过去式。故选 B。 4[答案]C.[解析]本题是一个单纯考查时态的题目。A 项是一般将来时,B、D 两项是现在完成时,c 项是一般过去时。句中有一个典型的表示过去时间的状语 "last Sunday",类似这样的时间状语,往往与一般过去时态的谓语动词连用, 所以正确答案为 C 项。 5.[答案]C.[解析] 由关键信息 last week(表过去)可直接选 C。

6.[答案]A.[解析] 考查 if 引导的主从复合句。以 if 引导的条件状语从句,若 主句用一般将来时,从句则用一般现在时代替一般将来时。 7.[答案]A.[解析]本题重在考查一般将来时的用法。从问句"What are you doing"推知 A 项 will 最适合语境。 8.[答案]D.[解析]谚语。固定用法。 9.[答案]B.[解析] 依据句意:“杰克以前没有去过迪斯尼乐园,但今年夏天他 打算去。”is going 正在进行时表将来,故选 B。 10.[答案]D。[解析]本题考查词义辨析 由“听说他成功地通过了考试,Judy 非 常兴奋。”可知选 D。 11.[答案]B.[解析]考查现在完成时态。从句意“事实上,已持续了整整一个下 午了”,不难看出,不能用一般过去时,此句中 last"持续”作延续性动词。从 信息"all this afternoon"可知 12.[答案]B. [解析]本题考查动词的时态。由对话的语境可推测句意“我已看过 这部电影”, 表示过去发生的动作对现在造成的影响或结果, 故应用现在完成时。 13.[答案]C.[解析] 考查现在完成时态。have gone to(到某地去了,还没有回 来);have been to(去过某地,已经回来了)。

15.[答案]B.[解析] 考查过去进行时态。while 引导的句子,当主句用一般过 去时的时候?从句用过去进行时态。 16.[答案]B.[解析] 此处意为你打电话的那个时候我正在超市,故用过去进行 时态。[答案]:D 17.[命题立意]:本题考查时态的用法。 [试题解析]:依据句意:对不起,但我不知道什么时候见面。强调动作发生在过 去,I 和 tell 之间是被动关系。 18. 命题立意]:本题考查时态和语态的用法。

[试题解析]:由题干时间 next year 科知识将来时态,句子主语是 old houses , 应用被动语态。故选 B。 19. [答案]:A[命题立意]:本题考查交际用语中时态、语态的用法。 20. [答案]:B [命题立意]:本题考查时态和语态的用法。 [试题解析]:由 Did you go to Sam’s weekend party?可知陈述过去的动作的 发生,I 和 invite 之间存在着被动关系。故选 B。 21.[答案]:C [命题立意]:本题考查时态和语态的用法。 [试题解析]:How often+一般疑问句?此句型用来提问在某一特定时间内进行某 个动作的次数, 表示“多长时间一次”。 往往针对频度副词如: always, seldom, usually, once a month, sometimes, every five minutes.等提问,常用于现在时或过去时。由题干 your school sports meeting 作主语,谓语应用被动语态。故选 C。ww.zk523u.ecom 22. [答案]:D [命题立意]:本题考查时态和语态的用法。 [试题解析]: On May 30th, ,可知动作发生在过去;其主语是 one bowl 与 sell 由 存在被动关系。 23.[答案]:A[命题立意]:本题考查时态的用法。 [试题解析]: 依据题意: “千手观音” 被许多人认为是中央电视台春节联欢晚 会最好的节目。表示过去发生或已经完成的某一动作对现在的影响或产生的结 果,应用现在完成时。其主语是 The "Thousand- hand Guanyin",要用被动语 态。故选 A。 24. [答案]:C [命题立意]:本题考查被动语态的用法。 [试题解析]:they 指代 Those eggs of different colors,主语是物,故用被 动语态。依据结构,应选 C.。

25. [答案]: D[命题立意]:本题考查含有情态动词的被动语态的用法。 [试题解析]:依据句意:垃圾必须扔进垃圾箱里。表示“命令”,句子主语是垃 圾,应用被动语态。

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