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冠 词 冠词分为不定冠词(a, an )和定冠词 (the)
一、 不定冠词的用法 1)用与可数名词的单数形式前,指人或事物的某一种类:例如: She is a girl. Pass me an apple , please. 2)、指某人或某物,但不具体说明何人或何物。例如: A boy is

waiting for you We work six days a week. 3). 表示 “一”这个数量,但数的概念没有 one 强烈.例如: We are going to have an English lesson tomorrow. I have a mouth , a nose, two eyes and two ears. 4). 用于某些固定的词组中.例如: a few, a little, a lot of 注: 用 a 还是 an, 要看后面的词读音以辅音开头还是以元音开头. 二、定冠词的用法 1) 特指某(些)人或某(些)物.例如: the photo of the boy 2) 指双方都知道的人或物.例如: -Where are the new books, Jim? - They are on the small table. 3) 指上文提过的人或物.例如: Today he is making a machine. He wants to ride the machine like a bike and fly it like a plane. 4). 用在世界上独一无二的事物前.例如: The sun is bigger than the moon. 5). 用在序数词或形容词最高级前.例如: The first truck is carrying a few baskets. The third one is carrying the fewest of all. 6). 用在由普通名词构成的专有名词前.例如: the Great Wall the North Street Hospital 7). 用在一些习惯用语中.例如: in the morning (afternoon, evening), on the left(right) at the end of 三、不用冠词的情况 1)在专有名词前和不可数名词前。例如: China, Grade Two, Bill Smith, milk 2)名词前已有作定语用的 this, that, my, your, some, any 等代词。例如: The letter is in her pocket.
没有不付出的成功,只有不努力的失败!------续梦 1


I think the shop is closed at this time of day. 3)复数名词表示一类人或事物时。例如: My father and mother are teachers. I like cakes. 4)在星期、月份、季节、节日前。例如: It is Sunday (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) Today is Mid-Autumn Day. It is cold in winter. 5)在称呼语或表示头衔的名词前。例如: Uncle Wang likes making things. What colour are Mrs Green’s shoes? 6)在三餐饭和球类运动的名称前。例如: He went to school after breakfast. Can you play basketball? 注: 在某些固定词组中,如:at home, by bus, go to school 等的名词前不用冠词。

1. _______ milk is food. ________ milk in this cup has gone bad. 2. ---Do you like playing _________ football? ---Yes. But I have only _________ basketball. 3. Do you know _______girl on ________another side of ________ lake? 4. There’s ________ “u” and ________ “s” in ________work “use”. 5. She says ________animals cant’s live without __________air, either. 6. His father, who is ________honest man, is teaching in ________ university. 7. Which is heavier, ________elephant or ________ horse? 8. ________ cold wind was blowing from the north. 9. He is always ready to help _________ old and ________ young. 10. ________ Greens are traveling in _________ South China. 11. Although ________ most of us like to drink beer, those who drink ________most are _______ least healthy. 12.Xiaomei saw _________ interesting film last night. ________ film was about _________ kind doctor. 13. You can have _________ second try if you fail _______ first time. 14. Tom went to _________ school as usual, but he didn’t know his father went to ________school for a parent meeting. 15. ________ knowledge begins with _________ practice. 解析:1./, the (milk 是物质名词,一般不用冠词, 但后面加上一个定语 in the cup 后, 使其成为特指,所以需要用定冠词 the.) 2. / , the (球类运动前不用 the ; 指一个物体要用不定冠词 a ) 3. the,/, the ( 特指这个女孩用 the;名词前已有定语 another;) 4. a, an, the (“u” 发音以辅音开头所以用 a;“s” 发音以元音开头所以用 an; 特指这个单词用 the)
没有不付出的成功,只有不努力的失败!------续梦 2


5. /,/ (泛指动物所以不用任何冠词; air 不可数名词,其前一般不用冠词) 6. an, the ( honest 发音以元音开头,故用 an, 在大学里为 in the university) 7. an, a 或 the ,the ( 不定冠词 a , an 和 定冠词 the 与名词单数连用表示种类) 8. a (物质名词 coffee, food, tea, fog, rain, snow, wind 等, 在表示 “一种”或 “一场”的意义时, 前面要加不定冠词。 9. the, the ( 形容词前加定冠词,表示一类人) 10. The ,/ ( 姓氏的复数前加定冠词 the 表示一家人;在华南是 in South China) 11. /, the, the ( most 当大多数讲时前面不用 the;后两空均为形容词的最高级,前面要加 the) 12. a, the, a ( 第一空和第三空都指一个事物,第二空是特指前面提到的电影) 13. a, the (a second try 指的是第二次) 14./, the (go to school 去上学, go to the school 去那所学校) 15./,/ (具有单纯意义的物质名词或抽象名词前,一般不用冠词)

一、在空白处填入 a / an 或 the。 1. ---Mum, what shall we have for _______dinner? ---Dumplings. ---Oh, what _______ wonderful dinner! I enjoy it very much. 2. _________ PLA was founded on __________August 1st,1927 3. _______ Kings came to us at _________ noon. 4. The scientists from ________ United States live in __________ Ninth Street. 5. The doctor to him, “Take ________ medicine twice ________day. Stay in _________ bed and you’ll be better soon.” 6. September 10th is ____________ Teachers’ Day. 7. Mr Black arrived here on __________ Tuesday morning. 8. There are four seasons in _______year. ________ first season is spring. It is __________ best one of __________ four. 9. Some people have been to _________moon, in _______ spaceship. 10. _______ China is _________ old country with _________ long history

答案 1. /, a 2. the, / 3.the , / 4. the, the 5. the, a, / 6. / 10../,an,/ a

7. /

8. a, the ,the , the 9.the, /

二、选择填空: A. / B. a C. an 1. They are living ______happy life now. 2. ______bag on ______desk is mine. 3. There is ______empty box on the table. 4. Do you like ______music of the film “Titanic”? 5. On ______Saturday, I stay in ______bed till 12:00. 6. ______Browns have been to China twice.
没有不付出的成功,只有不努力的失败!------续梦 3

D. the


7. Don’t make any noise in ______class. 8. This is such ______interesting story that you must listen to it. 9. Next week they will go to Australia by ______air. 10. Which is bigger, ______sun or ______moon? Key: 1----5 BDCDA 6----10 DACAD 三、在空白处填入 a / an 或 the。 1. This morning I bought _____ newspaper and _____ magazine. _______ newspaper is in my bag but I don’t know where I put ______ magazine. 2. I saw ______ accident this morning. ______ car crashed into ______ tree. ______ driver of ______ car wasn’t hurt but ______ car was badly damaged. 3. There are two cars parked outside: ______ blue one and _______ grey one. _______ blue one is my neighbour’s; I don’t know who ______ owner of _______ grey one is. 4. My friends live in _______ old house in _______ small village. There is _______ beautiful garden behind _______ house. I would like to have ______ garden like that.

1.a ,a, The the

2.an, a, a, The ,the, the

3. A, a, the the, the

4. an, a, a, the, a

没有不付出的成功,只有不努力的失败!------续梦 4

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