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Unit5 Nelson Mandela-习题

Unit5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero- speaking& Writing
Ⅰ.单项选择? 1.I ________ him 100 yuan and must pay him back tomorrow.? A.debt B.owe C.borrow D.lend? 2. I don't want to join the

m on holiday.I can't ________ to spend money the way they do.? A.afford B.allow C.manage D.permit? 3.So far nothing ________ Tom.I want to know the reason ________ he hasn't written to me.? A.heard from;why B.has been heard from;why? C.was heard from;that D.has heard from;that? 4.Mary is a ________ girl loved by everybody.? A.lively B.alive C.living D.live? 5.Though some foreign scientists had a ________ opinion of his new invention, his fellow workers never thought ________ of it.? A.highly;low B.low;high C.high;highly D.poor;highly? 6.I'm sure the red team will ________ the game.? A.win

B.beat C.defeat D.succeed? 7.—I'm sorry to________ you to so much trouble.? —That's all right.? A.put B.add C.give D.take? 8.I waited for the car from the factory to ________ me.? A.call on B.call for C.call out D.call up? 9.—Your daughter has two children, doesn't she?? —That's right.She ________ in 1972.? A.did marriage B.was married? C.married with John D.got married? 10.This kind of material can be used to ________ plastics.? A.taking the place of B.take place of? C.taking place of D.take the place of 11.A week is too long.Try to be back in a ________ of days. A.number B.dozen C.couple D.score

12.Those ________ things need water and air, or they will not keep them ________. A.live;living B.living;alive C.alive;lively D.lively;live 13.She can't help ________ the house because she's busy making a cake. A.to clean B.cleaning C.cleaned D.being cleaned 14.The speech was very ________ , and we were ________ to tears. A.moved;moved B.moving;moving C.moving;moved D.moved;moving 15. (2000 上海春招) It was for this reason ________ her uncle moved out of New York and settled down in a small village. A.which B.why C.that D.how 16.She ________ Robert for a year. A.married B.married with C.has been marrying D.has been married to 17.Li Ming ________ be in this city, for he has just gone to Shanghai. A.can't B.mustn't C.needn't

D.shouldn't 18.________ role she played in the film! No wonder she has won an Oscar. A.How interesting B.How an interesting C.What interesting D.What an interesting 19.After her son was lost, the old lady's hair ________ grayer and grayer. A.go B.went C.changed D.looked 20.The reason ________ she missed school this morning was ________ she had to look after her sick grandpa. A.why;that B.because;why C.that;because D.which;that 21.Do you think we should ________ Bob's while we are in London? A.call on B.call for C.call at D.call upon 22.Please find out ________ of the fire. A.the reason B.cause C.the cause D.trouble 23.Beyond ________ stars, the astronaut saw nothing but ________ space. A.the;/ B./;the

C./;/ D.the;the 24.People ________ the new TV play. A.think high of B.think well of C.think poor of D.think good of 25.Tom ________a little role in the work. A.made B.acted C.offered D.played Ⅱ.阅读理解 Thomas Alva Edison was awarded more patents on inventions than any other American. When he died in 1931, Americans wondered how they could best show their respect for him. One suggestion was that the nation observe a minute or two of total blackout. All electric power would be shut off in homes, streets, and factories. Perhaps his suggested plan made Americans realize fully what Edison and his inventions mean to them. Electric power was too important to the country. Shutting it off for even a short time would have led to complete confusion. A blackout was out of the question. On the day of Edison's funeral, many people silently dimmed their lights. In this way they honoured the man who had done more than anyone else to put the great force of electricity at his countrymen's fingertips. 1.This selection says that Thomas Edison ________. A.was the only important American inventor B.received the first American patent C.received more patents than any other American D.was the first American inventor 2.People decided to honor Edison when ________. A.he made the first electric light B.electric power was 100 years

C.the country realized electricity's importance D.he died in 1931 3.The suggested plan was to ________. A.turn off the lights in factories and schools B.observe a few minutes of total silence C.dim all electric lights D.shut off all electricity for a short time 4.Americans fully realized what Edison's inventions meant when they ________. A.heard of his death B.heard of the plan to honor him C.first used electric power D.tried to carry out the plan 5.The plan was never carried out because ________. A.not everyone wanted to honor Edison B.it was too difficult C.electric power was too important to the country D.it honored only one of Edison's inventions Ⅲ.短文改错

When John's mother died, his house became too big for him, so he bought smaller one in the next street.There was a very nice old clock in his the first house, and when the men came to bring his furniture to his new house, John thought, “I'm not going to let them to carry my beautiful old clock in their truck. Perhaps they'll break at it, and 1.________ 2.________ 3.________ 4.________ 5.________ 6.________

mending it will be expensive.” So he carried them on his arms. On the way, the small boy looked at John for a few second and said, “You are a stupid man, aren't you? Why did you buy so a large watch?”

7.________ 8.________ 9.________ 10._______

Ⅳ.书面表达 查理· 狄更斯(Charles Dickens)是 19 世纪英国著名小说家(novelist)。请根据下面提 示,用英语写一篇 100 字左右的人物生平。 狄更斯(1812~1870)出生于 Portsmouth 附近。他 12 岁时, 就不得不在工厂干活。 因为父亲负债累累,他仅上了两年学。他的知识全靠自学所得。他曾在律师事务所当过职 员(clerk),还当过记者,后来成为小说家。 他写了很多小说,其中之一名著是《双城记》(A Tale of Two Cities)。该小说于 1859 年完 成。他的作品深受全世界读者喜爱。

Answers: Ⅰ.单项选择 1.B 联系语境,我欠他 100 元钱。owe sb.some money 欠某人钱。 2.A 像他们那样花钱,我负担不起。afford 一般与情态动词 can 搭配。

3.B so far(到目前为止)决定用现在完成时,且表示被动关系。the reason 作先行 词,定语从句的引导词作原因状语,用 why/ for which。 4.A lively 活泼的,快活的,是形容词,alive 活着的,作后置定语,living 表示活着 的,live 表示活生生的,一般修饰动物。 5.C have a high opinion of sb., think highly of sb.都表示对某人评价很高,第一空需形 容词修饰名词 opinion, 第二空需副词, 修饰动词 think, 再联系语境, 选 C。 have a good/ high/ low/ poor opinion of sb./ sth.= think well/ highly/ little/ ill of sb./ sth.表示对某人或某事给予 好的/ 高的/ 低的/ 坏的评价。have no opinion of sth.= think badly of sth.表对某物印象不 好。

6.A beat/ defeat + 宾语,宾语指 “人/ 团体”,win/ succeed in +宾语,宾语是 “物 /比赛”。 7.A put sb.to trouble 固定短语,表示给某人增添麻烦。 8.B 联系语境,我等车来接我,call for 表接某人同往某处。call on 拜访某人,call up 打电话,call out 大声喊。 9.D be married 表示状态,get married 表示动作,与……结婚是 marry sb.。 10.D 取代,代替是 take the place of sb./ sth., take place 表示发生。 11.C 一周太长了,几天就回来,a number of 大量的,a dozen/ a score 不与 of 连用, a couple of =several, couple 有两种意思: 双/ 对,几个。 12.B living things 生物,keep them alive 让他们活着,alive 作宾语补足语。 13. A 这里不是情不自禁做某事, 而是不能帮助清理房间, 因此用 help (to) do sth.。 14. C moving, moved 均为分词作形容词用, 形容事物令人感动用现在分词 moving, 表 示人受到感动用过去分词 moved。 15. C 本题是强调句型, 强调原因状语 for this reason, 原句为 her uncle moved…for this reason.强调句型 It is/ was + 被强调部分 + that +句子其他部分。 16.D 联系语境,表示结婚的状态用 be married (to sb.) 17.A 李明不可能在这个城市,因为他刚刚去了上海,表示否定猜测用 can not, must 用于肯定猜测。need 与 should 不符合语境。 18.D 短语是 play an interesting role in the film, 综合运用感叹句知识,What a+adj. +n.+主语+ 谓语! How+adj.+(a+n.)+主语+ 谓语! 19.B go 在此题中是系动词,change 是变得,不是系动词,look 是系动词,但意思 是看起来,不符合题意。 20. A reason 作先行词, 从句中缺原因状语, 引导词在从句中作原因状语, 用 why/ for which, 第二部分是表语从句,当主语是 the reason 时,表语从句用 that 引导。 21.C call on sb.拜访某人,但此题中 Bob's 表示 Bob 的家,因此用 call at some place 拜访某地。call for 需要,来接人,call upon= call on。 22. C the cause of the fire 火因, cause 作名词, 前要加定冠词, 表示某事的起因, reason 应用 the reason for sth.。 23.A 在群星上方,宇航员只能看见太空,stars 属于天体,加冠词,space 表示太空 时,不加冠词。

24. B think highly/ well/ much of sb./ sth.对某人/某事评价很高或印象很好, think badly/ little/ ill of sb./ sth.对……评价很低或印象不好。 25.D play a role in…在……当中起作用,或扮演角色。 Ⅱ.阅读理解 1.C 根据文章第一句。 2.D 根据上下文。 3.D 根据上下文。 4.B 根据 Perhaps this suggested plan made Americans realize fully what Edison and his inventions mean to them。 5.C 根据第一段后两句。 Ⅲ.短文改错 1.在 smaller 前加 a 2.去掉 the 序数词前有 his 修饰了。 3.bring→take 4.√ 5.去掉第二个 to let sb.do sth. 6.去掉 at break sth.打碎或搞坏。 7.them→it 指 the clock。 8.第二个 the→a 泛指。 9.second→seconds。 10.so→such such a large watch= so large a watch。 Ⅳ.书面表达 Charles Dickens (1812~1870) , the great nineteenth-century-English novelist, was born near Portsmouth.His father was deeply in debt and he had to work in a factory at the age of twelve.He received only two years' school education.He taught himself all he knew.He had been a clerk in the lawyer's office and a reporter before he became a writer。 Charles Dickens wrote a large number of stories and novels in his life.The novel “A Tale of Two Cities” published in 1859 was one of the most famous novels.His writings are very popular with the readers all over the world。

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