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高中英语必修 1-必修 5 各单元重点词汇、短语&语法 必修 1 Unit1 Friendship tip highway survey teenage thunder power partner suitcase overcoat curtain series calm upset settle suffer recover dislike calm upset loose outdoors disagree dusty exactly entire entirely pack recover concern ignore add up calm……down walk the dog settle down on purpose in order to face to face no longer(not any longer) fall in love at dusk get along with get/be tired of pick up join in go through suffer from be concerned about have got to

重点语法: 1. 直接引语转为间接引语(陈述句) (1)”I don’t want to set down a serious of facts in a factory,” said Anne. ( 2 ) Anne said that she didn’t want to set down a series of facts in a diary. 2. 直接引语转为间接引语(疑问句) (1)”Does a friend always have to be a person?” the writer asks us. (2)The writer asks us if/whether a friend always has to be a person.

Unit 2 English Around the World accent apartment

because of

block direction flat identity lorry request subway usage request actually Spanish native straight

command elevator gas lightning petrol role standard command recognize Midwestern eastern present

come up (to) play a part play a role/part (in) make (good) use of such as base……on than ever before a number of the number of communicate with close to believe it or not

重点语法: 1. 直接引语转为间接引语(祈使句) (1) He said,“Please open the door.” (直接引语) (2) He asked, “Would you please open the door?” (直接引语) (3) He told/asked me to open the door. (间接引语) 2. 直接引语与间接引语总复习

Unit 3 Travel Journal journal disadvantage fare flame insurance midnight parcel schedule transport attitude route forecast journey pace pillow shortcoming

care about change one’s mind make up one’s mind give in as usual at midnight be fond of ever since

temple wool altitude prefer boil persuade transport determined 重点语法: 现在进行时表示将来:

valley detail bend graduate cycle bend finally fond

view source cave flow determine forecast stubborn reliable

(1) When are you leaving? (2) Where are you staying? (3) When are you coming back?

Unit 4 Earthquake earthquake pipe dirt event dam shelter headline mine burst shock judge trap useless frightening as if quake million nation survivor electricity title congratulation cyclist injure rescue frighten damage extreme sincerely cur across

well steam suffering brick disaster outline canal ruin destroy bury express smelly fresh right away in ruins

at an end a (great) number of 重点语法:

dig out the number of

thousands of

掌握由 that, which, who, whose 引导的定语从句 (1) Then later that afternoon another big quake which/that was almost as strong as the first one shook Tangshan. (2)The number of people who were killed or injured reached more than 400,000. (3)The army organized teams to dig out those who were trapped and to bury the dead.

Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-A Modern Hero quality mankind livelihood league leap cruelty relative vote educate release mean easy-going selflessly legal equal educated as a matter of fact turn to set up republic lawyer fee stage blanket president reward attack beg reward active selfish devoted hopeful willing out of work blow up lose heart be sentenced to…… principle guidance youth violence terror opinion devote escape sentence warm-hearted generous selfless peaceful giant unfair Youth League in trouble come to power put……in prison


重点语法: 掌握 when, where, shy 以及由介词+which, 介词+whom 引导的定语从句 (1) The time when I first met Nelson Mandela was a very difficult period of my life. (2) The school where I studied for only two years was three kilometers away.

必修 2 Unit 1 Culture Relics dynasty design troop evidence artist trial decorate search rare worth highly informal in search of take apart remain a mystery less than vase doubt entrance gift reception survive belong explode valuable local wooden there is no doubt that in return think highly of in the fancy style of style castle debate furniture hall select remove sink fancy apart amazing belong to remove from at war cultural relics

重点语法: 1. 限制性定语从句 (1) The amber which was selected had a beautiful yellow-brown colour like honey. (2) This was a time when the two countries were at war. 2. 非限制性定语从句 (1) This gift was the Amber Room, which was given this name because several tons of

amber were used to make it. (2) It was also a treasure decorated with gold and jewels, which too the country’s best artists about ten years to make. (3) However, the next King of Prussia, Frederick William I, to whom the amber room belonged, decided not to keep it.

Unit 2 medal basis

The Olympic Game volunteer slave responsibility bargain competition compete replace deserve nowadays hopeless take part in compete for sth. on a regular basis be admitted as deserve to do homeland stadium motto pain athlete admit advertise fine swift foolish stand for used to do as well make a bargain with someone apart from

gymnasium glory competitor pain host promise magical physical regular compete with/against sb. every four years in charge of one after another play an important role in

重点语法:被动语态的将来时: (1) Only athletes who have reached the agreed standard for their event will be admitted as competitors. (2) Nobody will be allowed to enter the stadium without ticket.

Unit 3


operate reality web rocket human race coach simplify download mop artificial totally personally over time share ……with with the help of as time goes by provide……with

revolution tube application goal virus niece solve signal universal technological mobile electronic from then on in a way deal with artificial intelligence

intelligence network finance happiness type calculate explore arise logically personal anyhow have something in common as a result after all watch over technological revolution

重点语法:被动语态的完成时: (1) Over time I have been changed a lot. (2) My computer has just been attacked by an unknown virus. (3) The problems haven’t been solved yet.

Unit 4 Wildlife Protection wildlife reserve species importance attention dinosaur protection hunting carpet mosquito income incident

less zone mercy insect harm dust

habitat respond appreciate bite wild certain fierce in danger of burst into laughter in relief according to

endanger affect succeed inspect immediately powerful die out long to do without mercy do harm to so that

decrease contain employ threaten distant secure in peace pay attention to protect……from come into being feel like doing

重点语法:被动语态的进行时: (1) We are being killed for the wool beneath our stomachs. (2) A new cinema is being built here. They hope to finish it next month.

Unit 5 Music musician performance millionaire devotion form clap dip attractive humorous brief painful dream of (about) give performance to passer-by instrument actor beard earn dream perform honest familiar sensitive afterwards to be honest pay in cash

pub cash tour pretend broadcast rely extra loosely confident upset folk attach……to play jokes on

rely on break up above all go wrong come up with

be (get) familiar with in addition be on a brief tour a big hit

or so sort out show one’s devotion stick to

重点语法: Attributive clause containing“prep.+which/whom”介词提前的定语从句 (1) Have you ever dreamed of playing in front of thousands of people at a concert, at which everyone is clapping and appreciating your music? (2) They may start as a group of high-school students, for whom practicing their music in someone’s house is the first step to fame. (3) They produced a new record in 1996, with which they celebrated their former time as a real band.

必修 3 Unit 1 Festival Around the world beauty hunter Mexico belief arrival agriculture Easter custom parking starve gather fool wipe harvest origin feast trick independence award clothing fool sadness trick award apologize weep

celebration ancestor bone poet gather rooster Christian permission harvest gain admire drown remind

forgive agricultural worldwide take place of play a trick on as though turn up set off

religious energetic fool in memory of look forward to have fun with keep one’s word remind …of…

independent Christian obvious dress up day and night parking lot hold one’s breath

重点语法:情态动词:can, could, ay, might, will, would, shall, must, can’t 等的用法 (1) can and can’t: ability; request (2) may and might: permission; request; possibility (3) will and would: promise; past habit; custom (4) shall and should: promise; advice (5) must and can’t: prediction; guessing

Unit 2 diet

Healthy Eating nut eggplant peach barbecue curiosity customer strength carrot spy breast diet roast ought

bean pepper lemon mutton hostess discount fiber debt limit garlic balance fry slim

cucumber mushroom balance bacon vinegar weakness digest glare benefit sigh barbecue stir-fry

lie glare benefit roast limited lose weight win……back spy on put on weight

consult spy sigh slim balanced diet get away with earn one’s living cut down

digest limit combine raw ought to tell a lie in debt before long

重点语法:情态动词 ought to 的用法

Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note birthplace phrase pavement bay account contrary pineapple manner barber stare seek novel unbelievable indeed by accident on the contrary as for

novel author businessman spot embassy envelop dessert rag wander spot scream ahead rude bring up stare at take a chance

adventure scene permit passage patience steak amount bow permit account bow contrary genuine go ahead account for in rags


Unit 4 Astronomy : The Science of the Star astronomy theory globe acid dioxide biologist physicist pull multiply exist float harmful unlike(介词) lay eggs carbon dioxide now that system atom carbon chain puzzle gravity climate float mass crash violent thus solar system give birth to prevent……from break out religion billion atmosphere oxygen biology satellite spaceship mass multiply pull fundamental gentle in time in one’s turn block out watch out


Unit 5 Canada “The True North” quiz continent scenery eagle topic maple Canadian baggage harbor border mixture frost

minister chat measure acre bush distance

mist dawn chat border terrify eastward slight wealthy approximately terrified within (介词) settle down have a gift for

schoolmate buffet surround mix impress upward slightly misty broad pleased prime minister manage to do in the distance

booth tradition measure confirm Canadian aboard urban downtown nearby impressive rather than catch sight of


必修 4 Unit 1 Women of Achievement achievement behavior connection bond argument support sickness consideration respect support deliver outspoken welfare shade campaign observation entertainment audience generation behave argue refer worthwhile considerate

project specialist organization childhood crowd rate kindness observe inspire intend modest move off

lead a……life by chance crowd in

refer to come across concern oneself with

look down upon/on carry on

重点语法:主谓一致: (1)……our group are all going to visit them in the forest ……our group is going to be very tired and dirty by the afternoon. (2)Everyone sits and waits in the shade of the trees while the family begins to wake up and move off.

Unit 2 Working the Land statistic crop freedom occupation bacteria mineral root struggle equip regret underline sunburn therefore lead to would rather thanks to with the hope of build up hunger for keep…free from… focus on decade hunger grain regret pest discovery summary expand export reduce rid super rid……of output battle nationality production nutrition soil comment circulate confuse skim focus disturbing be satisfied with


重点语法:动词的-ing 形式做主语和宾语 (1) Wishing for things, however, costs nothing. (2) His other hobbies include playing mah-jong, swimming and reading.

Unit 3 A Taste of English Humor actress content enjoyment fortune leather moustache slide amuse entertain slide astonishing convincing fortunate optimistic vast be/feel content with star in budget confidence explanation gesture mess occasion rhythm chew overcome whisper bored content mountainous ordinary worn-out badly off comedy detective failure humor mouthful performer Switzerland direct react convince charming drunk outstanding particular up to now pick out

重点语法:动词-ing 形式作表语、定语和宾语补足语的用法 (1) The music is exciting. (表语) (2) There is a swimming pool in our school. (定语) (3) The person translating the songs can speak seven languages. (定语) (4) We heard her singing in her room. (宾语补足语) (5) Listen to the birds singing. (宾语补足语)


Unit 4 Body Language statement canteen defence function fist Spain greet defend ease curious unspoken truly defend against come dashing spoken language prefer to facial expression be based on give a hug to sb. association flight misunderstanding ease rank Italy represent misunderstand yawn major likely false reach out on the contrary be likely to do in general put sb. at ease turn one’s back to be willing to do dormitory cheek crossroads anger cassette adult approach dash hug spoken facial subjective shake (one’s) hand get to know as well intend sb. to do sth. lose face be respectful to sb. an amazing thing

重点语法:动词-ing 形式作定语和状语 1. 定语 (1)……I saw several young people enter the waiting area…… (2)……she recognized Tony Garcia’s smiling face. 2. 作状语 (1)I stood for a minute watching them and then went to greet them. (2) She stepped back appearing surprised and put up her hands, as if in defence. (3) They also express their feeling using unspoken “language”……


Unit 5 theme

Theme Parks cartoon tourism length tournament minority creature outing freeway brochure preserve various advanced be modeled after come to life amusement carpenters deed settler cloth sunlight admission souvenir fantasy advance unique be famous for in advance

attraction engine sword translator jungle brand shuttle sneaker swing central athletic no wonder get close to

重点语法:构词法: 1. 合成 indoor 2. 派生 前缀:supermarket 后缀:amusement 3. 转化 water (n. &v.) : Don’t water the plants with dirty water. increase (n. &v.): The increase in the cost of living has led most companies to increase their workers’ pay. mind (n. &v.):He has an amazing mind. I don’t mind having a dog in the house if it is clean. disagree settler enlarge imagination unfair subway admission careful outdoor craftsman southeastern horseback world-famous


必修 5 Unit 1 Great Scientists characteristic challenge construction conclude attend pollute contribute reject expert enthusiastic draw a conclusion contribute to sth. apart from physician victim universe analyze suspect announce arise scientific severe cautious expose…to… is to blame (for sth.) be strict with cure neighborhood handle defeat foresee instruct spin infectious positive put forward a theory absorb…into… be linked to make sense

重点语法: 1. 过去分词用作定语 So many thousands of terrified people died every time there was an outbreak. 2. 过去分词用作表语 But he became inspired when he thought about helping ordinary people exposed to cholera.

Unit 2 The United Kingdom province convenience administration quarrel statue attract fold conflict architecture description sightseeing error furnish unwilling

union collection possibility delight accomplish arrange roughly

nationwide splendid be divided into leave sth. out in memory of 重点语法:

enjoyable consistent break away (from) take the place of

alike consist of to one’s credit break down

Now when people refer to English you find Wales includes as well.

Unit 3 Life in the Future aspect lack dustbin representative press swallow greedy make adjustments to sweep up dispose of impression safer belt ecology motivation fasten recycle delighted be back on one’s feet fall fast asleep surroundings switch material tolerate slide efficient take up sth. lose sight of speed up

重点语法:过去分词用作状语: Worried about the journey, I was unsettled for the first few days. Exhausted, I slid into bed fell fast asleep.

Unit 4 Making the News editor colleague appointment update inform photograph section assist acquire demand

assistant crime submit assess publish

deny process eager deliberately technically accurate concentrate on so as to 重点语法:倒装句:

approve admire amateur skeptical thorough senior depend on ahead of

polish professional meanwhile guilty gifted chief accuse …of…

(1) Never will Zhou Yang forget his first assignment at the office a popular English newspaper. (2) Not only am I interesting in photography, but I took an amateur course. (3) Only if you ask many different questions will you acquire all information you need to know. (4) Here comes my list of do’s and don’ts. Unit 5 Injury barrier shock ambulance pour temporary unbearable tightly fall ill over and over again put one’s hands on sth. 重点语法:省略句: (1) If (it is) possible, discuss what kind of first aid you should give in these situations. (2) Remove clothing using scissors if necessary unless it is stuck to be burn.

First Aid cupboard poison ceremony bleed treat complex vital firmly a variety of in place apply pressure to sth. organ electric bravery swell present mild damp first aid squeeze out a number of make a difference

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