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a bit 一小会儿; 有一点儿;相当   
a bit of 有点儿; 一点;少许  
a bit too 有点儿太  
a block of 一块, 一批  
a bottle of 一瓶  
a collection of 一批, 很多   <

br />a couple of 两三个,(少数)几个  
a cure for 治疗...的办法  
a few of 几个, 少许, 稍有  
a few 一些, 一星半点, 某些  
a glass of 一杯  
a good few 相当多,不少  
a good/great deal n.很多, 大量;adv. 非常地  
a great deal of 许多, 大量  
a great many 许多   
a great/good many of 很多的, 非常多的  
a group of 一群,一队  
a handful of 一把, 少量,少数  
A is to B what C is to D. A对B而言正如C对D一样  
a kind of 一种的; 有几分  
a large amount of 大量  
a little 一些;一点   
a little of 一点, 少量  
a lot 许多, 很多  
a lot of 许多  
a matter of (关于...)的问题; 大约  
a memorial to ...纪念仪式/纪念物/纪念碑;对...的纪念  
a (large) number of 若干;许多   
a pair of 一对,一双  
a piece of 一张/片/块...  
a pile of 一堆,许多  
a place of interest 名胜  
a point of view 观点,着眼点  
a (great, large, good, small) quantity of (大,大, 大,小)量的...   
a response to 对...回答/反应/答复  
a series of 一系列,一连串  
a shortage of ...的短缺/缺乏  

a type of 一种类型的  
a (wide) variety of 各式各样的  
a waste of ...的浪费  
a world of 大量的, 无数的; 一个...的世界  
above all 首先;重要 尤其是   
absent from 不在, 缺席  
accept...as... 把...当作...,承认...是...  
access to 通路, 进入, 使用之权  
according to 遵照;根据...   
account for .说明, 解释;占,   
accuse sb.of sth. 控告某人做某事  
achieve one's ambition 实现...的愿望  
act as 担任,充当  
act for 代理  
act on 按照...而行动, 按...去做  
act out (用手势和语言)表演出来,实行  
adapt to 适应  
add to 增加,加  
add up to 总数为;总计为  
adjust oneself to 使自己适应  
adjust to适应, 调节  
admire sb. for sth. 赞赏...的...  
admire to do sth. (美口)很想做某事  
admit doing sth 承认做过某事  
admit of 容许有,有...余地  
admit to 承认, 通向  
admitted to 被...录取, 被准许进入  
advertise for 登广告征求(寻找)某物  
advise doing sth 建议做某事  
advise sb (not) to do sth 建议(劝)某人(不要)做某事  
advise sb. against doing sth 建议(劝)某人不要做某事  
advise sb. of sth. 通知某人某事  
advise that 建议  
afford to do 有经济条件做某事,买得起,付得起  
after a (short) while 有顷, 少许, 过一会儿  
after all 总, 终归, 终久, 归根到底, 毕竟  
after doing做...后  
after graduation 毕业以后   
again and again 反复地,再三地  

agree about 对...意见一致  
agree on 就...达成协议   
agree to 同意, 答应  
agree to do sth 同意做某事  
agree with 同意; 适合于  
ahead of 在...前面, 先于; 胜过, 强于  
ahead of schedule 提前  
ahead of time 提前,在原定时间以前  
aim at 目的在于,力争  
aim for 力争...,针对;瞄准,以...为目标  
all along 顺着, 沿着, 一贯, 向来, 从来  
all at once 突然, 马上; 一下子  
all at sea 茫然不知所措  
all but 几乎; 差不多  
all by oneself 独立;单独   
all day and all night 整日整夜, 日日夜夜  
all day 整天, 一天  
all in all 最重要的, 总的说来  
all kinds of 各种各样的  
all night 整夜, 通宵, 彻夜  
all of a sudden 突然  
all of 不少于, 足足; 全体, 全部  
all one's life 终身, 一辈子  
all over 到处,遍及,浑身; 全部 结束  
all over again 再一次, 重新  
all over the country 全国  
all over the world 全世界  
all right 不错, 好, 行; 没问题的   
all round 周围,遍及四周  
all sorts of 各种各样的  
all the best 万事吉利; 一路平安; 一帆风顺(祝酒或送行时用语)   
all the more 越发, 更加  
all the same 无论如何, 还是  
all the time 一直; 始终; 老是  
all the way 全程;一直  
all the while 始终, 一直   
all the year round 一年到头, 终年  
all through 一直, 从来就  
all together 一起, 同时; 总共   
allow doing 允许做  

allow for 体谅某人的处境; 考虑具体情况  
allow into 允许进入  
allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事; 承认;认可   
along with 与...一道,和,同,加之  
among other things
除了别的以外; 以及其它  
(large/vast)amounts of 大量的  
an amount of 相当数量的; 一些  
an answer to ...的答案  
an average of 平均  
and so forth 等等,如此等等  
and so on 等等, 云云   
and then 而且, 其次, 于是,然后  
and yet 而,然而  
answer for 对...负责, 为...担保,因...受责备  
answer sb. back (与某人)顶嘴,回嘴  
any number of 许多  
any time 随时; 无论何时  
anything but 根本不, 绝不  
apart from 远离, 除...之外  
appeal to 吸引,申诉,请求   
apply for 申请...  
apply one's mind to vt. 专心于(致力于)  
apply oneself to
apply to 适用于,适合,施加于   
apply...to 把...应用于,把...粘(贴敷)在...  
approach to 接近;约等于  
argue about 辩论,争论某事  
argue against 反对  
argue for 为...而争辩,赞成  
argue with 和...争论  
arm in arm 臂挽臂,手挽手
around the clock 昼夜不停, 连续一整天; 毫不疲倦地, 不松劲地  
around the corner
arrive at a conclusion 得出结论  
arrive at 到达   
arrive in 到达, 抵达  
as (so) long as 只要;和...一样长  

as ... as possible 尽量...  
as a consequence 因而,结果  
as a consequence of 由于,因为  
as a matter of fact 事实上,实际上,  
as a result 结果;终于;因此  
as a result of 由于...的结果  
as a rule一般而言,通常  
as a whole 整个说来;总体上  
as early as 早在  
as easy as ABC 极其容易, 易如反掌  
as far as据;就...而言; 远到,直到; 像...那样远; 尽可能地   
as far as I know 据我所知  
as far as...be concerned 就...而言  
as follows 如下  
as for 关于,至于,就...方面来说  
as if 好象;似乎;仿佛   
as is often the case 这是常有的事  
as it is 照现状, 原样;照原来样子;实际上  
as many as 和...一样多,...多少...多少  
as many...as 尽可能多的  
as much as 和...一样多,...多少...多少  
as much...as 和...一样多  
as soon as 一...就...;如...一般快   
as the saying goes 常言道  
as though 仿佛, 好像   
as to 就...而论, 至于, 说到  
as usual 如往常一样; 照例  
as well 也;又;同样地  
as well as 既...也(又);不仅...而且 同样;同样好地   
as with 正如, 与...一样; 就...而言  
as/so far as I can see
据我看来, 就我所知, 依我看  
as...as 和...一样  
aside from 除...外(还有)  
ask after 问候, 探问   
ask for 要; 请求, 征求, 要(价),   
ask sb to do sth 要求某人做某事  
assist sb. with sth. 帮助某人做某事  
assure sb. of sth. 使(某人)确信(某事)  
at (the) best 充其量; 至多  

at (the) least 至少,最起码  
at (the) most 至多; 充其量不超过  
at a crossroads 十字路口, (重大的)转折点  
at a depth of 在...深处  
at a distance 隔开一段距离,留有几个,不挨近  
at a high price 以高价  
at a loss 茫然, 不知所措;亏本赔钱  
at a price 以...价钱  
at a reasonable cost 合理的造价, 合理费用  
at a time 每次,一次  
at all 完全, 全然; 究竟; 竟然; 在任何程度上  
at all costs 不惜任何代价,无论如何  
at all events 无论如何,不管怎样  
at all risks
冒着一切危险,不管怎样, 无论如何  
at all times 不论何时  
at an early age 在小时候,年轻时  
at an early date 早日; 尽快  
at an end结束  
at any cost/price/expense
不惜一切代价, 无论如何  
at any moment 随时; 在任何时候; 马上  
at any rate 无论如何;至少  
at any time 在任何时候,随时  
at breakfast 吃早餐  
at dawn 黎明时  
at dusk 黄昏时, 傍黑儿, 傍晚  
at ease 自然, 自在, 塌实, 踏实, 舒坦
at first hand 第一手地,直接地  
at first sight/glance 一看, 初见,乍一看  
at first 开始 起初  
at full (top) speed 用全速, 开足马力, 尽力地; 尽快地  
at hand 在手边,在附近, 即将到来  
at home 在家; 在国内; 感到十分舒畅  
at home and abroad 国内外  
at last终于, 最后  
at length 最后, 终于, 详细地,挺直地, 全身的(指照片、画像)  
at midnight 午夜,半夜  

at my expense 由我出钱  
at night 晚上,夜晚  
at no time 决不,在任何时候都不  
at noon 在中午  
at once 立刻, 马上; 同时  
at one time (过去)有个时期; 曾经, 一度; 同时  
at one's (own) expense由...付钱  
at one's best 处在最佳状态, 处于全盛状态  
at one's service 为...效劳  
at present 现在, 目前  
at sea 在海上; 迷惑, 茫然  
at table 在吃饭时; 正在吃饭  
at the age of ...岁时  
at the beginning of 在...的开始  
at the bottom 在底部,下边  
at the bottom of 在...底部  
at the cost of 以..作牺牲;以..作代价  
at the edge of 在边缘上; 快要,   
at the end of 在...结尾;到...的尽头  
at the expense of 归...付费归...付费, 在损害... 的情况下; 以...作代价, 牺牲...  
at the foot of 在...脚下  
at the head of 在...的前头  
at the last moment 在最后关头  
at the latest 最迟,至迟  
at the mercy of 由...决定; 任凭...的摆布   
at the moment 此刻, 当时   
at the other end of 在...的另一端   
at the price of 以...的价格,以...作牺牲;以...作代价  
at the risk of 冒...危险   
at the same time 同时   
at the school gate / at the gate of the school 在学校门口   
at the top of one's voice/lungs 高声大喊, 用最大音量喊   
at times 有时, 不时地   
at war 处于交战状态   
at will 任意,随意   
at work 在工作, 上班   
attach importance/significance/value to sth. 认为...有重要性(或意义、价值、等);
attach oneself to sb.
attach to 附在...上,把...系在...,使参加  
attach sth. to sth. 附在...上,把...系在...   
attend to 倾听, 注意, 留心; 关心, 照顾, 护理; 办理  
attract one's attention 以引起...的注意  
avoid doing sth./sth. 避免  
back and forth (前后)来回地,往返  
badly off 穷困, 贫苦, 景况不佳  
be /get tired from /with 因...感到厌倦  
be /get tired of sth/doing sth 厌倦做某事  
be able to do sth (有能力)做某事  
be about to do 即将, 就要  
be absorbed in 专心致力于...  
be accustomed to 习惯于(be used to)  
be addicted to 嗜好, 热衷于,沉溺于  
be admitted as 被接纳为, 被...录取  
be afraid of sth./sb./doing 害怕  
be afraid that-clause 害怕,担心  
be afraid to do 不敢做  
be against 反对  
be aimed at 目标为,目的是,针对  
be alike to 与...相同,与...相似  
be amazed at 对...感到惊奇  
be angry at sth 对某事生气  
be angry with sb. 愤怒;生某人的气  
be anxious about /for 为...担心,焦急  
be armed with 配备了,具备  
be at war 处于交战状态  
be attached to 亲近;亲密; 附属于,隶属于  
be available for 有效的,可获得的  
be aware of 意识到,觉察到,知道  
be away from 远离  
be bad at 在...弱,差  
be bad for 对...有害,对...不行  
be based on 依据, 建立在...基础上  
be beneficial to 有利于,有益于  
be blind to 不了解,对...是盲目的  
be bound to 一定会...,必然...  
be busy (in) doing sth. 忙于做  
be busy with sth 忙于   

be careful (in) doing sth 做...时要仔细/小心  
be careful (of) 当心,小心   
be careful with 当心,注意,节省,对...十分仔细/小心翼翼,对...精打细算  
be caught in 被困住,遇上,被抓获  
be cautious of 留心...,谨防...  
be certain of 确信,肯定  
be certain to do sth 肯定会  
be clear about 对...明白,对...明确  
be composed of 由...组成  
be concerned about/with 担心, 关心  
be connected to 和...相连,和...有来往  
be content with 对...感到满意  
be convenient for 对...方便   
be covered with/by 覆盖着  
be crazy about 对...着迷/狂热, 喜欢  
be delighted to do 很高兴  
be designed for为...设计的, 供...使用的  
be determined to do 决心要  
be devoted to 热爱, 献身于, 忠于, 专心于  
be different from 与...不同, 不同于  
be divided into 分为, 划分成, 分割成  
be dressed in 穿着  
be eager for 渴望, 期盼  
be envious of 羡慕(或忌妒)  
be equal to 等于;适合;胜任   
be equipped with 装备了,装有,具有  
be essential to 对...是必不可少的  
be faced with 面临, 遇到  
be familiar to 熟悉, 通晓  
be familiar with (某人)熟悉某物   
be famous as 作为...著名, 因...有名  
be famous for 因...而著名  
be far away from 远离  
be favourable to对...有利, 支持  
be fed up with 厌倦  
be filled with 用...装满  
be fit for 适合   
be fluent in 说得流利, 熟练掌握  
be fond of 爱好;喜爱  
be fortunate (in) doing sth. 很幸运做某事  
be free to do sth. 随意做某事  

be friendly to sb. 对...友好的   
be friends with 与...交友(友好)  
be full of 充满  
be generous with 用...很大方  
be good at 在...擅长,善于...  
be good to对...很好  
be grateful for 感谢  
be happy with 对...很满意 对...喜欢  
be hard on 对...很苛刻, 对...危害很大  
be hungry for 渴望得到  
be in fashion (人、物)合于时尚  
be in for 参加(竞赛、考试等)  
be in the habit of doing 有做...的习惯   
be infected with 感染上  
be intended for为...而设计的, 预定给某人的,准备给...的  
be interested in 对...感兴趣,喜欢  
be interested to do 有兴趣做,很想做  
be into sth 喜欢,热衷于  
be of great use 很有用  
be involved in 卷入,参加,投入,忙着  
be jealous of 嫉妒;珍惜,精心守护  
be keen about 喜爱,对...着迷  
be keen on 喜爱,爱好;渴望  
be late for 迟到   
be late(in) doing sth. 做某事做晚了或做迟了  
be likely to 很可能  
be linked to 和...有关, 与...连接  
be located in 位于,坐落在  
be lost in 沉迷于,热衷于,埋头  
be loyal to 忠于  
be made from 由...制作  
be made in 由...(产地)制造  
be made into 将...制成...  
be made of 由...制成  
be made out of 由...组成,由...构成   
be made up of由...组成  
be married to和...结婚  
be matched with 与...相搭配  
be mistaken about 对...有所误会, 把...弄错, 错看  
be modeled after照...制作...,仿效  

be necessary for 是...需要的, 对...有必要  
be occupied in 忙于...,正从事...  
be of (great) help 对...很有帮助   
be of (great )importance 非常重要  
be of (great) value 很有价值  
be of (great) worth 极有价值  
be on fire 着火了; 有热情  
be on holiday 度假, 休假  
be on show 展览, 在展出  
be pleased with对...很满意  
be poor in 在...方面差   
be popular with 深受...欢迎  
be prepared for 为...做好准备  
be proud of 以...自豪, 以...自负  
be ready for 为...做好准备  
be related to 和...有亲戚关系,和...有关  
be rich in 在...充足, 富含...  
be satisfied with 对...感到满意  
be seated 坐下, 坐着  
be sentenced to 被判处
be set in 被放/镶/建造在...; 以...为背景, 发生在  
be short of 缺乏,不足;达不到  
be sorry for 因...抱歉  
be strict in sth. 在...方面很严格  
be strict with sb. 对某人要求严格  
be suitable for 对...合适(适合)  
be supposed to 应该,被期望  
be sure about/of 确信;有把握  
be terrified at 被...吓一跳  
be thankful for 因...而感激  
be to blame 该受责备;应该负责  
be to do 将要做  
be torn open 被撕开  
be unfit for 不合适,不称职,不胜任  
be up against 面临困难、障碍等  
be up to 该由...负责;胜任  
be used to do ...被用来作某事  
be used to sth./doing sth. 习惯做某事  
be weak in/at在...弱  
be well-known for 以...出名  
be worth doing 值得做...  

be worthy of being done 值得做...  
be wrong with 出毛病,不对头  
bear sth. in mind 记住(某事)  
beat...to death 把...打死  
because of 因为;由于  
before long 不久  
beg your pardon 请原谅;对不起;我没听清楚,请再说一遍  
begin to do sth/ begin doing sth开始做某事  
begin with 首先;以...开始  
believe in 信任,信仰  
believe it or not 信不信由你, 不管你信不信  
belong to 属于, 为...之一员  
bend one's knee to 向...跪下,屈服于  
benefit from 从中得到益处  
best of all 最(好),首先  
better luck next time 下次好运些吧  
beyond control 无法控制  
beyond help 不可挽救的   
beyond hope 没有希望的   
beyond repair 无法修复,无可挽救  
bit by bit 一点一点地,渐渐   
black and blue (被打得)遍体鳞伤  
block out 画出草图, 订...计划,挡住  
blow away 刮走;吹走  
blow up 使充气, 爆炸, 放大  
both... and... 既...又..., 两个都  
both at home and abroad 国内外  
brand new 崭新的  
break away from 脱离, 背弃,与...脱离关系  
break down 出毛病, 不运转; 开始哭起来; 压倒, 破除; 中断   
break forth 迸发,突然   
break in 破门而入, 磨合, 就范, 打断, 插嘴  
break into pieces (使)成为碎片  
break into 破门而入,打断,  
break off 折断;断开   
break one's word 不信守诺言,失信  
break out 爆发, 突然发生; 逃脱, 逃走   
break the habit of doing 改掉...的习惯   
break the ice 打破沉默  
break the law 违法,犯法  

break the rule 违反规定  
break through 突破,打破; 冲破; 突围出来   
break up 结束; 分解, 腐蚀, 驱散  
break with 与...断绝关系  
bring about 引起,实现,使发生   
bring back 带回来,使恢复  
bring down 使倒下,使下降,击落,推翻  
bring forth引起; 提出 产生; 致使; 造成 结(果); 生产(婴儿)   
bring forward 提出(建议等);显示  
bring in 带入; 引入, 提出; 生产出   
bring into action 使行动起来  
bring into effect 实行,实现,实施  
bring into operation 实施,使生效  
bring on 使发作, 使出现; 使发展, 使进步; 引起, 导致   
bring out 说明,阐明,出版  
bring to an end 结束, 完成, 终止  
bring to life使苏醒  
bring to ruin 使毁灭,使落空  
bring together 使...团结起来  
bring up 教养, 教育, 拉扯大; 呕吐;提出...以供注意或考虑;谈到   
build up 逐步建立;逐步建设;逐步增大  
burn down 把...烧成平地;烧光  
burn out 烧坏;烧尽,筋疲力尽  
burn up (炉火等)烧旺起来  
burn...to the ground 把...烧成平地  
burst into laughter 突然笑了  
burst into tears  
burst up 爆炸;失败;突然发怒  
but for要不是;倘没有  
by accident 偶然, 不经意  
by air (sea/rail/ bus/train/taxi/spaceship...) 乘飞机(乘船,乘公共汽车...)  
by and by 不久以后   
by any means 无论如何  
by chance 偶然;意外地   
by doing 靠..., 通过...  
by far得多; 最最到目前为止  
by force 凭借暴力;强迫地  
by hand 手工地   

by law 按照法律  
by means of 借助于;利用;以...方法   
by mistake 错误地,由于疏忽所致  
by night 趁黑夜/夜间  
by no means 决不, 绝非  
by oneself 独自地  
by sea/ship 乘船  
by spaceship 乘宇宙飞船  
by the day按天数计费  
by the hour按小时计费  
bytheweek 按周/计费  
by the month/dozen /ton/pound/yard) 按月/打/吨/磅/ 码计费  
by the end of 在...结束之前  
by the moment 到那时候  
by the side of 在...附近, 在...旁边   
by the time+从句 到...的时候,截止  
by the way 顺便说, 顺便问一下   
by this means 通过这种方式  
by turns 轮流,交替地; 依次, 轮班  
by way of 取道,经由, 作为, 为了; 通过...方法  
by weight 按重量
call after 追喊;以...命名   
call at 到...作短暂访问;(船列车等)停靠  
call back 召回, 收回; 取消, 撤销; 回电话  
call down 祈求到;招来  
call for 喊着要人取来(某物, 喊着要(某人)来; 需要; 要求   
call in 叫...进来;叫...进去; 邀请召来, 召去; 命令收回, 请求交还   
call off 叫走,叫开; 取消(尚未开始的事),放弃(已在进行中的事)  
call on 约请; 访问; 号召  
call out 大声叫; 奉召出动  
call sb. to account要求某人作出解释;责问  
call the roll 点名  
call up 打电话给; 召集, 征召...入伍; 使人想起, 使人回忆到   
call...to account 责问,要求...说明;送欠单  
calm down 平静下来;镇定下来

calm...down 让...冷静下来  
can hardly wait to do 迫不及待地要做...  
can't bear to do sth/can't bear doing sth不能忍受做某事,吃不消, 不堪  
cannot agree more 完全同意, 说得对  
cannot but do 不得不,不会不, 不得已  
cannot help but do 不得不(接动词原形)  
cannot help doing 不得不;忍不住  
cannot help it 没有办法; 不能控制  
cannot...too...越...越好, 怎么...也不会过分  
carbon dioxide 二氧化碳  
care about 对...感兴趣;关心; 为...担忧   
care for 喜欢 对...中意; 照顾, 照料   
carry away 拿走,冲走,掠走; 吸引住; 使忘我  
carry back 运回;使回想起  
carry forward 贯彻,进行, 推进,发扬  
carry into effect 实行,实现,实施  
carry off 拿走, 搬走; 抢, 冲/卷走; 使死亡   
carry on 继续;进行;经营   
carry on with 继续  
carry out 实行,执行,进行;完成,实现  
carry through 完成, 进行(到底);贯彻   
cash in 兑现;收到...的货款,乘机获利  
cast away 扔掉, (船破之后)使遗留在...  
casual clothes 便服;平常穿的衣服  
catch at 抓住,及时抓住,渴望取得  
catch fire 着火,烧着,群情激昂  
catch on 理解,明白,变得流行  
catch one's breath 喘息;屏息  
catch sb.'s eye 引起(某人) 注意  
catch sight of 发现, 突然看见  
catch up on用额外时间)补做,赶做,补上  
catch up with 赶上  
catch up 抓起   
catch/take a cold 着凉,伤风,感冒  
catch/take hold of 抓住,抓牢,掌握  
centre on 集中于,以...为中心  
change into 变为; 换上(衣服)  
change... into... 把...变成...  
change one's mind 改变了主意, 变了卦 

charge (sb.) some money for 向(某人)要...钱,要价  
cheat sb. of sth. 骗取某人某物  
check in 到达(旅馆)并登记, 报到, 签到  
check out 付帐后离开旅馆等; 离开,离职   
check over/through 仔细检查, 核查,核对  
check up 校对,检验,检查,调查  
check up on 调查,检查,监督;核对
check with 与...相符合, 与...协商  
cheer on 向...欢呼;鼓励;声援  
cheer up 振作起来, 高兴起来  
choose between 在两者...中选择  
choose from 从...中挑选  
choose to do选择做  
choose...as... 选择...作为...  
clean out of 洗劫  
clean out 彻底清理干净, 打扫(房间/碗柜/抽屉等; 用光(某人的)钱  
clean up 使整洁, 清除, 整理; 洗脸洗手或洗澡   
clear away 把...清除掉;把...拿开以便腾出地方; 散开  
clear off 消除, 摆脱, 走开, 消散  
clear out 把...腾空;迅速离开  
clear up 收集并搬走, 把...弄整洁; 澄清, 解决, 变得清晰; 有云或雨后天晴了; 完成   
close about 围住,包围  
close down 永远关闭,停业  
close in(白昼)渐短;(敌人/黑暗的等)迫近; 关门  
close in on/upon 笼罩; 包围  
close to 离...很近, 接近  
close up 关闭;堵住;伤口愈合;缩小间距  
collect/raise money (for) 筹款,筹集资金  
combine...with... 结合, 把...与...结合起来  
come about 发生;产生;实现   
come across 走过来, 穿过; 出现于, 浮现于; 碰到;找到(尤指意外地或偶然地)   
come after 跟着, 继...而来,追赶,来取,  
come along/on 沿着...行进;一起向前走,向某人走去; 进展, 取得成功   
come at 袭击;达到;得到  

come back 回来; 被回忆起, 被想起; 复活, 恢复知觉, 恢复活力; 恢复原状, 重新流行   
come back to life 苏醒, 复苏  
come down从...下来下来;落下.倒下.坍倒;跌价;下降;从城市到较小的地方;被传下来;被拆除   
come from 从...来, 来自; 生长于   
come in进来,到达;(天气)开始转为;就职,开始执政;开始被采用,流行起来;上市;当令;可以得到,可以供应;(庄稼)到收割期   
come into being 产生;实现;使存在  
come into effect(指法律)实行;生效   
come into existence开始存在; 形成; 成立  
come into office 就职  
come into power 就职   
come into use 开始被使用  
come off (1)脱落;从...脱落 (2)消失 (3)从...摔下 (4)举行 (5)获得好的结果;成功   
come on (1)向前;继续前进 (2)跟着来 (3)进展;发展 (4)逐渐开始 (5)用作表示鼓励、挑战、恳求或要求等的感叹语   
come out (1)出来 (2)(花)开放(3) 被透露;被披露 (4)出版;发表;说出来 (5)(算术题等)被解出;(总数等)被算出 (6)(照片等)被冲洗出;在照片中显得 (7)结果;结局 (8)(染色等)褪去;(痕迹等)消失   
come out with 发表,提出;公布  
come over (1)过来 (2) 顺便来访(3) 改变立场;改变观点(4)有清晰的收听或收看效果(5) (感觉、影响等)开始支配;开始左右(6) 发生于;布满(7)占...上风;胜过(8) 逐渐变得   
come round(1)终于接受以前所反对的建议:(2)到某人的家里来:(3)恢复知觉  
come through 经历(困难);获得成功, 脱险  
come to (1)到达;来到 (2)伸展到;及到 (3)达成;结果取得;结果是 (4)开始被...所认识;被...所记起(5)临到...头上;发生于 (6)共计达 (7)恢复知觉   
come to a conclusion 得出结论; 结束  
come to a stop 停止,停下来  
come to an agreement 达成协议; 取得一致意见  

come to an end 结束; 告终  
come to life苏醒过来; 活跃  
come to light 为众人所知,显露  
come to no good end 失败; 没有好下场  
come to nothing 没实现, 没有结果  
come to one's mind 忽然想起  
come to power 上台执政, 掌权  
come to terms with 和...达成协议; 慢慢习惯;适应,接受  
come to the point说到要点;扼要地说, 到了...地步  
come true 实现, 变成现实, 梦想成真   
come up (1)上来;升起 (2) 行近;赶上;站出来 (3)到场 (4)露出地面;出芽(5)被呕吐出来 发展;流行起来 (6)被提出讨论;被谈到 (7)发生;发现  
come up to走近; 来到能说话的近处  
come up with (1)赶上 (2)提供;供给;
comment on 对...发表评论, 就...表态。  
commit a crime 犯罪,做(不合法的、错的或愚蠢的事)  
communicate with 和...沟通, 和...联系/交  
compare notes with 和...交换意见, 交换一下看法  
compare...to 喻为, 比拟   
compare...with... 与...相比(同...比较起来)  
compared with/to 与...相比  
complain of 抱怨;诉说;抗议  
concentrate on/upon 专注于,专心于  
congratulate on 祝贺, 向...道喜  
connect to 把...接到...  
connect up 接通;连接在一起   
connect with 连接;相通,衔接,联系  
consider doing sth. 考虑做某事  
consider...to be/as 认为...是...  
鉴于...,就...而论, 考虑到  
consist in 在于;存在于  
consist of 由...组成  
consult a dictionary 查字典  
consult a doctor 看医生  

consult with 与...商量(协商)  
contribute to 促成; 投稿; 捐献  
cool down 冷静下来, 冷却  
cool off 凉快一下,冷静下来,冷淡,不感兴趣  
could have done 本来是能够做, 本可以做  
count in把...计算在内  
count on 依靠;期待,指望  
count out 点...的数,, 不把...算作参加者;不把...考虑在内, 宣告失败  
count up数; 把...加起来,共计, 计算  
cover a distance of 走/跑...的路程  
cover over 遮没  
cover up 掩盖,掩饰, 隐匿;包裹  
cross off 从...划掉,删去  
cross out 删去,取消  
crowd in 拥进, 挤进   
crowd in on/upon vt. 涌入...的脑海, 包围  
cry out 大声呼喊, 尖叫, 迫切需要  
cure sb. of sth.治好...的病,改掉某人的习惯  
cut across (1) 抄近路穿过(2) 遮断,打断   
cut back (1) 切短,剪短(2) 减少;减少活动费用、人员、生产等(3) 迅速回来  
cut down (1)砍倒 (2)杀死; 伤害损害...的健康 (3)减少, 缩减, 减少某事物 (4) 改小或缩短(衣服等)   
cut in (1)抢道; 插入; 插嘴; (2)凹雕,把...刻成   
cut into (1) 切入,刺入(2) 从...中占去宝贵的时间(3) 突然加入(谈话、牌戏等)  
cut off (1)切去,剪掉,砍掉 (2)使中止通话,打断...通话 (3)隔离, 使孤立 (4)停止运转, 关掉; (5)死亡   
cut out (1)从布、纸等上弄下所需形状(2)略去;排除;不再继续  
cut out for 适合于,准备;面对  
cut short 切短, 使突然停止;打断,缩短,简化  
cut through (1) 抄近路通过(2) 迅速通过(3)穿透 剪断  
cut up 切碎, 切成小块, 剪成碎片; 使痛苦   
cut...into pieces 切开; 打碎; 砍碎

dance to 按音乐节拍跳舞  
date back to 追溯到,起源于  
date from 起始于;追溯到  
day after day 日复一日地  
day and night 夜以继日, 日日夜夜, 日夜  
day by day 一天天地  
deal with关于,论及,论述; 处理;对付,对待   
decide on/upon 就...作出决定,决定要,打定主意  
decide to do sth. 决定做某事  
defend against 保卫...免受...危害; 抵御  
depart from 离开,起程;开出  
depend on 依赖,依靠,取决于,随...而定  
develop a friendship with 和...建立起了友谊  
develop healthy eating habits
devote one's life/time to 把...用于..., 毕生从事, 全身心地致力于  
devote oneself to 把...献于; 把...用于  
die away(声音)逐渐微弱直到听不到  
die down 逐渐平静下来,直至平息(常指骚乱、火、心情的一阵波动等)  
die for 为...而死,因...而死, 渴望,切望  
die from 死于(外因)...  
die of 死于(内因)...  
die off绝种,相继死亡, 先后死去  
die out(1)熄灭;(2)绝种;消失,灭绝;(3)成为过去(常指风俗、种族、动物品种等)  
differ from 和...不同, 和...不一样  
dig in开始吃吧,挖战壕  
dig out 挖出,找出,发掘出,开垦  
dig up 挖出, 采掘, 发现, 开垦   
dip into 把手伸进,掏;翻阅一下浏览;
disagree with 与...意见不一致  
distinguish...from 区别, 识别, 区分, 把...区别于...  
divide into 分为, 分成  
divide up 分配  
do a good deed 干得好;搞好工作;做件好事  

do a good job 好好干;干得好  
do away with 废除,去掉; 杀死, 干掉  
do damage to给...造成了损害/损失  
do everything/all/what one can to do 尽我的一切力量, 想方设法, 尽其所能  
do fine 干得好  
do good有益;有用;有效;对...有好处  
do harm to 有害处  
do one a favour 帮个忙  
do one's duty 履行职责  
do one's homework 做家庭作业  
do one's best 作最大努力,尽力   
do one's hair (女子)做头发  
do right 做得对  
do sb. a favour / do a favour for sb.
do sb. good/do good to sb. 对...有利  
do sb. harm/do harm to sb. 伤害;对...有害   
do some cleaning 做(些)清洁工作  
do some cooking 做饭  
do some shopping 买东西  
do some washing 洗衣服  
do the deed 付诸行动,生效  
do up one's hair (女子)梳理头发  
do up 收拾,整理,打扮;扣紧,绑紧   
do well (病人等)康复情况良好vi. 做得好(进展情况良好,发达)  
do well by对...很好  
do well in 在...做得好  
do with(1)处理;处置(2)对待 (3)忍受 (4)需要   
do without (1)不要...而凑合过,免去...也可以(2)希望没有,用不着  
do wonders =work wonders 创造奇迹;有惊人的效果  
do wrong 做错事; 犯罪, 作恶; 判断错误  
don't doubt that+从句 确信, 不怀疑  
doubt whether +从句 怀疑, 不太相信  
dozens of 许多, 几十   
draw a conclusion下结论, 得出相同的结论  
draw back 退, 缩, 收缩; 拉开, 拉起  
draw in 拉进,拉入,诱使某人参与;渐短,(天)黑了; (火车、汽车)进站  

draw into 引诱(某人)加入,使卷入  
draw lots 抽签,抽签决定  
draw near 临近, 走近  
draw on 戴上,吸收;利用;凭;  
draw one's attention (draw the attention of sb.) 引起...的注意  
draw out 抽出,拔出;取出,展现(才能等);拉长,拖延;引诱(某人)说话  
draw up草拟,写出(计划或协议书); 停下(指车辆等)  
dream of 向往;渴望;梦想  
dream up (凭想象)虚构;凭空想出   
dress up 打扮;穿上盛装;打扮得漂漂亮亮  
drink a toast to sb. 为...干杯, 向...祝酒  
drink to 为...干杯,为...祝福 为...祝酒, 举杯祝贺  
drink to one's health/frienship为...干杯, 向...祝酒,举杯祝贺  
drink up 喝干净,喝完  
drive off 赶走  
drive out 逐出, 乘车出去 (force to go away)  
drive sb. mad 使某人发疯  
drive up 车开到, 开车来   
用车把...送到家, 使人理解,使明白  
drop in顺便走访(某人)   
drop in at some place 顺便拜访某地  
drop in on sb. 顺便拜访某人  
drop off (1)(数量、兴趣等)减低,逐渐消失 (2)下车,使(人)下车 (3)睡着, (不知不觉)入睡 (4)凋落 (5)死去  
drop out vi.掉了出来; 不参与, 离去, 放弃  
drop out of vt. 从...里掉出来,退出,  
drop sb. a line 写封(短)信  
drop to one's knees 跪下;迫使某人屈服  
drown oneself in 埋头做...,钻研...  
drown oneself in(a river)投河自杀, 淹死  
dry up 干涸,枯竭;讲不出话来,停止讲话  
due to 因...引起;可归于...  
due to the fact that 由于, 因为  
during/in the course of 在...期间,在...过程中  

each other 互相;彼此  
each time 每次  
early birds (1)早起的人(2) (开会等时) 比规定时间早到者  
earn one's living 谋生  
easier said than done 说来容易做来难, 易说不易做  
eat one's words 承认说错了,收回自己的话  
eat up 吃光;(大量)消耗  
either...or... 或者...或者...  
employ oneself in 使忙于,使从事于  
end in 以...结束,以...为结局,最后  
end up 最后成为...,终归...  
end(up)with 以...结束   
engage in 从事(某种事业等),参加  
engaged oneself in从事, 忙着  
English-speaking countries 讲英语的国家  
enjoy good health身体健康  
enjoy oneself 过得快乐, 玩得痛快  
enter into进入,开始,着手处理  
entere for报名参加   
equip with 装备,配备  
even if 即使; 虽然   
even now 即使在现在  
even so即使这样, 尽管如此  
even though 即使;纵然   
ever since 从...以来一直; 从那时起   
ever so 非常,极其(very)  
every few years/days 每隔几年/天  
every now and then有时,时时,偶尔,时常  
every other day/year 每隔一天/年  
every time 每次  
every two weeks/years隔一周/年, 每两周/年   
except for 除...以外  
except that 除了, 只是  
exchange for 把...换成,用...交换  
exchange with和...交换(某物),和...交流(思想等),和...交谈  
excuse sb. for sth. 原谅某人做了某事  
experiment on 在...身上做试验  

experiment with用...做试验,  
express one's satisfaction with 对...表示满意  
express train 特快列车  
express way/highway 高速公路 (expressway/ highroad/highway)
for nothing无代价地,白白地  
feed...to... 把...喂給, 向...供給食料  
face to face (with) 面对面(的)地;对立地  
face up to (1) 勇敢地面对; 正视,承认  
face/meet the challenge 迎接挑战  
facial expreesions 面部表情  
fail in 在...上失败,变弱, 缺乏  
fail to do 未能做...,没有做到  
fair chance 好机会,公平的机会  
fair name 好名声  
fair play 公平的竞赛,公平对待, 光明磊落  
fall asleep 入睡  
fall back后退,退却  
fall back on 求助于,转而依靠  
fall behind 落后  
fall down 掉下;跌倒,倒下,绊倒;倒塌;失败;下降  
fall for爱上,迷恋;受骗  
fall from由...落下;(由...口里)说出未达到  
fall ill 生病  
fall in love 爱上某人  
fall into 落入, 陷于(混乱,错误等), 陷入, 注入, 开始, 分成,  
fall off 从梯子上掉下来; 减少,下降,跌落,变坏  
fall on one's knees 跪下(请求等)  
fall out 掉出了;争吵,闹翻;引起,发生;原地解散  
fall out of 从...掉了出来,失去了  
fall through 失败,成为泡影,落空,  
fall to doing 着手(做)...;开始...  
fall to pieces崩溃,倒塌,解体  
fall/be in love with 与...相爱  
fallen leaves 落叶  
falling leaves飘零的落叶  
far away 遥远的   

far away from离...很远  
far behind 落后甚远, 远远落在后面  
far from 远远不,完全不   
far too 浅#??洌?太  
fast asleep 酣睡,熟睡  
fasten... to... 把...拴在/系在/钉在...上  
feast on 尽情享用(美味佳肴), 尽情欣赏  
feast one's eyes on 尽情欣赏, 大饱眼福,赏心悦目  
fed up with 厌烦  
feed ...with 用...喂... 加上(油、煤等)  
feed on用...喂养, 靠吃...过活, 以...为能源  
feed up 养肥,吃胖起来,供给...营养,  
feel at home in 精通,  
feel at home 畅快,自在, 无拘无束  
feel envy at 对...感到妒忌(或羡慕)  
feel free to do sth 觉得自己可以随意做某事   
feel like 如同,像要...似的;想要   
feel one's way 摸索着前进   
feel out 试探出,摸清  
feel sick 感到恶心  
fight about/over 因为...争吵/斗   
fight against 与...作斗争, 对抗...  
fight back 抵抗, 反击   
fight for 为...而斗争   
fight off 击退,竭力摆脱   
fight on 继续战斗   
fight one's way杀出一条血路, 从...挤出来, 艰难地前进  
fight out 通过争斗解决,平息不和  
figure for 冒充, 谋取,企图获取  
figure on 依靠,指望,把...估计在内;  
figure out计算/演算出,解决;理解, 明白   
figure up 计算...,把...总加起来  
fill in 填写,填充,填入;填平,填满   
fill out 填好,填写;胖起来, 充实  
fill up 填写(表格等);使装满,使充满,装满,充满   
fill with 使充满,装满,盛满   
find oneself 发觉自己的处境  
find out 通过探询或访问获悉,打听查明;揭发   

finish doing 完成...  
finish up with 以...结束;最后有...  
fire at vt. 射击, 炮击,向...开火  
first come , firs served先到者先受招待. 先来先服务  
first of all 首先,最主要的是  
fit in with 与...合得来,适应,和...一致  
fix a date for 确定...的日期  
fix one's eyes on/upon 盯着...看   
fix up 安排,安顿, 修理好, 解决  
focus on 把焦点对准,集中注意  
follow one's dream 追求梦想  
follow one's dvice听...的忠告/建议  
follow one's instructions听从...的指挥  
for a moment 片刻, 一会儿  
for a while暂时,一时;一会儿  
for ages 长期,好久  
for certain 肯定地;确凿地  
for company 陪伴 作伴;一起  
for ever 永远  
for example 例如  
for fear of/for 由于担心...,因为怕...,唯恐  
for fear that 以免;生怕,唯恐  
for free 免费  
for fun为了消遣,开玩笑地,不是认真地  
for good 永久地,永远  
for instance 例如,比如,举例说  
for joy高兴得  
for lack of 因缺乏;因没有  
for life 终身; 为保性命,逃命  
for one thing...for another... 首先...其次...; 一则...,二则...  
for sale 待售,出售的  
for short 简称,缩写  
for sure 确实,毫无疑问地  
for the first time 第一次   
for the last time 最后一次  
for the moment 暂时, 目前  
for the purpose of 为了  
for the sake of
因为, 为了...起见,看在...的份上  
for the time being 目前,暂时  

forbid doing 不准做,禁止做  
forbid sb. to do 不准...做...  
force sb.to do 强迫某人做...  
forget about忘记  
forget doing 忘记做过某事 (已做)  
forget it 算了吧,别再提了,让它去吧; 绝对不行  
forget to do 忘记要去做某事 (未做)  
forgive sb. for sth. 原谅某人(做了)某事  
form the habit of doing 养成做...的习惯   
free from 不受...影响的,免于, 没有  
free of 无...的;摆脱了...的  
free of charge 免费   
frighten sb. into doing sth. 恐吓某人做某事,吓唬某人做某事  
from ... to... 从 ... 到...  
from across 从...的另一边, 来自...各地的  
from beginning to end 从头至尾  
from behind 背后, 从后面, 从...后面  
from hand to mouth 现挣现吃地(仅够糊口  
from home and abroad 国内外,中外  
from now on 从此以后, 今后   
from one generation to another 一代代的传承, 一代传一代  
from one place to another 从一个地方传到另一个地方  
from the very beginning 从一开始,从最初   
from then on 自那以后   
from this point on 从现在开始, 从这一刻起, 从此  
from time to time有时,不时   
from today on 从今天开始  
from top to bottom/toe从头到脚;完完全全  
from where+定语从句 从...的地方
general idea 大意,大谱儿, 大旨, 大概  
generally speaking 总的说来, 一般地说  
generation gap 代沟   
get /have sth. done 让(别人)(做好)(某事), 使某事做好, 经受发生在自己身上的事  
get about 旅行; 走动, (消息等)传播, 忙于工作, (病后)下床活动了  

get above oneself 变得自高自大  
get across(1)讲清楚,使听懂,被理解(2)触犯,得罪,处不好(3)渡过,横过  
get after 责骂, 责备, 督促  
get ahead进步;胜过,超过  
get ahead of 超过,胜过vt. 超过(胜过,超越)  
get along(1)进行,进展,进步(2)去,继续前进(3)离去   
get along with 友好相处/和睦相处,取得进展   
get around/round 规避(法律等), 绕过,回避;走动, 传开  
get at 到达;了解;查明  
get away (1)逃脱(2开始,出发;离开;出去旅行或休假(3)使离去;移走;送走   
get away from 避免,摆脱,离开  
get away with 拿...潜逃,卷逃...;逃避责罚,逍遥法外;(以轻罚)了事;与...一同离开  
get back (1)回来,回去,返回(2)退回(3)取回;找回(失物等)   
get close to 接近  
get down on one's knees 屈膝下跪  
get down to (business/ work)认真着手进行,认真处理   
get down to doing 开始认真做...  
get down to work开始认真工作  
get down 下来,打下来,弯腰, 拿下,取下,咽下,记下,使沮丧,使气馁,使身体虚弱  
get in one's way 妨碍某人;挡住...的路  
get in(1)到达(2)带入,收进;收获
get into(1)进入;陷入(2)从事于,研究
(3)习惯; 变成  
get into a panic 惊慌失措, 惊慌起来  
get into debt 借债,负债  
get into the habit of 染上...的习惯  
get into trouble 陷入困境; 发生麻烦  
get off (1)下去,下来;下(公共汽车、火车、飞机等)(2)出发,离去;起飞;起跑(3)寄出;发出(4) 脱掉;除去,摆脱
get on one's feet 站起来  
get on well with 与...相处融洽 

get on (1)去;继续前进 (2)骑上(马等),骑上马等;登上(公共汽车、火车等),登上公共汽车、火车等 (3)相处融洽 (4)穿上,戴上;安上、放上(5)过(活);取得进展;(获得)成功    
get on with 继续下去;不松劲;不停止 进行(有进步,取得进展)   
get out 出去,离开, 逃避, 泄露, 取出, 发觉  
get out of(1)由...出来(2)逃避,摆脱
get over (1)越 (爬) 过 (2)克服; 忍受
(3)复原, 痊愈 (4)完成; 走完 忘记  
get ready(to do (使)准备好  
get rid of 消灭,摆脱,除掉  
get sb into the habit of doing 使某人养成做...的习惯  
get sb. to do 让某人做某事   
get through (1)通过;使通过 (2)打通(尤指电话)(3)结束(做完,通过,到达)  
get to 到达  
get to know (逐渐)认识  
get together (1) 收集,积聚 (2)聚集在一处,会集;召集,集拢   
get up(1)起床;使起床;起来(2)学习,研究;记熟   
get/be married to 嫁给, 娶了, 和...结婚  
get/be stuck 受阻,被困住  
get/catch/take hold of 拿到,找到,抓住;掌握  
give a concert 举行音乐会  
give a talk 作报告,作演讲  
give advice to sb 给某人提建议  
give an opinion on 对...发表意见  
give away (1)赠送,捐献(2)分发(奖品等)(3)泄露,   
give back (1)归还,送还(2)恢复,回复   
give birth to (1)生,产生 (2)引起; 造成  
give in (1)vi.屈服,让步(2)vt.交;递交,   
give in to vt. 屈服于  
give lessons to 给...上课  
give off (散)发出(蒸气), 发散(光线)  
give one's life 献出自己的生命  
give one's regards/greetings/love/wishes to 向...问好  

give oneself away 泄露,露马脚  
give oneself up to 自首,投降;埋头于,献身于  
give out分发,散发;用完,耗尽  
give over (使)停止;放弃;交托  
give rise to 产生;引起; 使发生;造成  
give sb some advice on how to do sth. 给某人提出关于如何做某时的建议  
give sb. a hand (give /lend a hand to sb.)帮某人忙  
give sb. some advice on 给某人提出关于...的建议  
give thanks to sb. for 感谢  
give up 递上去,传上去; 放弃,认输   
give way to 给...让路;为...所代替,向...妥协  
glance at 匆匆看看; 看一下(浏览)  
glance over/through 浏览,粗略地阅读  
glare at 怒目而视   
go about 走来走去,闲逛; 流传;从事,尽力,忙于,着手做;   
go after 追求,设法得到  
go against 违反, 反对, 违背, 不利于  
go ahead开始;继续 前进,领先; 走到...前面;先走   
go all out 全力以赴, 鼓足干劲  
go along 继续,进行   
go along with 同意  
go around / round 四处走动(流传)(疾病) 传播, 分配  
go away 走开,离开   
go back 回去   
go back on 背叛 食言  
go back to 回到, 返回;追溯到,回到...上来  
go bad (食物等)变坏,坏掉  
go by (1)从旁边经过;经过...旁边;(2)(时间等)过去 (3) 依从;遵照   
go down 下降,降低;沿...而去; 考试不及格; 被记下  
go Dutch 各自付帐; 打平伙   
go far 起很大作用,有出息,有成就;耐用,用很长时间,够用  
go fishing去钓鱼  
go for a walk 去散步  
go for an outing 去郊游, 去远足, 踏春 
go for nothing 白费, 毫无用处   
go for one's holiday 去度假   
go hand in hand with 并肩齐步, 携手而行  
go home 回家   
go hungry 挨饿  
go in for 致力于,赞成, 参加, 从事  
go into进入;住进;伸进; 参加,投身于,开始...生涯   
go into action开始行动, 投入战斗  
go mad 发狂, 疯了  
go off离开;逃走;私奔;(戏剧)下场; 变坏   
go off with 拿去;抢走;拐走  
go on继续走下去,先走;进行下去,继续下去  
go on a diet 限定饮食, 节食  
go on a holiday 去度假, 休假  
go on a picnic 去野餐  
go on a trip 去旅行  
go on a visit to 去游览, 去拜访, 访问  
go on doing 继续干某事  
go on for 接近(时刻、年龄等)  
go on strike 举行罢工  
go on the stage 登台演出,当演员  
go on to do sth. 继续做另一件事   
go on with 继续做,继续进行   
go out 走出房屋等,出去,出国; 出门去玩; 熄灭   
go out for a walk 出去散步  
go out of one's way 特别费心(做事),特地;走入歧途  
go outing 去效游  
go over横穿,渡过水去,翻过山去;仔细检查,复习,重做   
go shopping 去买东西  
go through通过,穿过,透过; 受苦; 仔细检查,搜查   
go through with 完成,做完   
go to bed 上床睡觉   
go to sleep 睡着, 睡觉  
go to the cinema /film 去看电影  
go under 沉没;,死,失败,破产;屈服  
go up 上涨,上升  
go with 伴随; 相配;协调   
go without 没有...也行;将就   
go wrong 走错路, 误入岐途, (机器等)发生故障  
good for nothing无用途, 没出息的人,饭桶  
good for 适于,胜任;有益于,对...有用 有效期间  
graduate from 毕业于   
grasp at 向...抓去,想抓住  
grow out of 由...产生(引起),因长大而不再做;长大得与...不相称,  
grow rich on 靠...变得富有  
grow up 向上生长; 长大, 成长 
had better (not) do 最好;较聪明地  
had rather 宁愿  
half an hour 半小时   
hand down 把...传下来; 传给后世,交给  
hand in 面交 ,递交 ,提出  
hand in hand 手拉手,携手;与...相伴  
hand on 依次传递, 传阅  
hand out 散发; 分发; 不断地提出   
hand over 送交, 移交, 缴, 交代,  
hand sth down from generation to generation 把...一代一代传下去   
hang about 闲荡;聚在...临近,徘徊,逗留  
hang back 犹豫,踌躇,畏缩   
hang on 紧握住,等待,坚持,依靠,取决于  
hang up 挂断电话,挂起,晾晒  
happen on/upon 偶然发现,偶然相遇  
happen to sb./sth. 遭到,遇到  
happen to 碰巧,正好  
hardly...when... 刚...就..., 一...就...  
hate to do sth/hate doing sth憎恨做某事  
have a bath 洗澡  
have a break 休息一会儿  
have a cold 感冒  
have a connection with和...有关/联系  
have a fever 发烧  
have a gift for有...的天赋  
have a good time(in) doing sth做某事很开心  
have a hand in 参与, 沾手  
have a hard time(in) doing sth做某事很辛苦  

have a headache 头疼   
have a long way to go 还有很长的路  
have a look (at) 看一下, 看看  
have a reputation for 以...出名, 以...见称, 享有...的美名  
have a rest 休息, 休息一下  
have a sleep 睡觉, 睡一觉  
have a try 试试, 尝尝  
have a walk 散步, 出去走走  
have a word in one's ear 给某人说悄悄话  
have a word with 和...说句话  
have access to 可以到达;可以使用;有接触、进入、使用...的机会(或权利)  
have advantages over 比...更有优势, 胜过  
have an appetite for 渴求,喜爱  
have an effect/influence on 对...有影响   
have an eye for对...有鉴赏力,有眼力  
have an idea of 知道   
have bother(in) doing sth做某事费劲  
have breakfast/lunch/supper吃早/午饭/晚饭  
have classes 上课  
have contacts with 和...有联系/接触  
have difficulty/trouble(in) doing
have done with 做完;用毕,结束  
have faith in 依赖; 信赖; 指靠  
have fun 玩, 耍笑, 玩耍, 嬉戏,  
have fun with 跟...一起玩  
have luck (in) doing sth做某事时有运气
have mercy on sb 对...怜悯,开恩,可怜,饶  
have need to do sth. 必须做某事  
have no choice but to do 除了...别无选择, 只好, 不得不  
have no idea 没谱儿,不知道  
have no idea of 不知道... 一点不知道  
have nothing to do with 与...无关; 风马牛不相及  
have on 穿  
have one's own way 自有一套办法  
have pity /mercy on 可怜某人, 对...怜悯  
have problem(in) doing sth做某事有困难  
have sb. do sth, 使...做...  

have sports 参加体育运动  
have sth /sb doing 允许...做...  
have sth done 把...给人...,把...被...  
have sth to do with 与...有关   
have sympathy for 同情某人  
have to do with 与...有关;和...打交道  
have to 必须,不得不,  
have word 得到信息  
have words with someone 和某人争吵  
have/keep /bear...in mind 考虑,想到  
have...in common 有相同之处  
have...in common with 和...有共同之处  
head first 头向前地;冒冒失失地  
head for 向...去  
head off 把...引导别的方向去, 防止,避免   
head on 迎面地,正面地  
hear about 听到;听说   
hear from 接到...的来信   
hear of 听说; 同意, 允许   
hear sb. out 听某人把话讲完  
heart and soul 心; 全心全意地, 真心诚意地  
help (to) do 有助于, 促进  
help oneself to 自取所需(食物等)  
help out 帮助解决难题,帮助摆脱困境;补助  
help with 帮忙  
help sb. with sth. 帮助某人做某事  
here and now 此时此地; 现在;立刻;马上   
here and there 到处,各处,零落散布地  
hold a meeting 开个会   
hold a sports meet 举行运动会  
hold back 阻挡,抑制;踌躇,退缩;隐瞒,保守  
hold down 阻止...上涨;抑制,控制;保持住(工作等)   
hold in 约束,抑制  
hold off 推迟,拖延;阻止,阻挡住  
hold office 担任公职  
hold on 等一会儿,不挂短;抓住不放,坚持住  
hold on to (hold onto)紧紧抓住  
hold one's breath 屏住呼吸   
hold one's head high 昂首,趾高气昂  
hold out 伸出 伸长;提出;提供;坚持,不屈服,不退让   

hold together 团结一致,同心协力;连在一起   
hold up 举起;抬起;支持住, 阻挡  
hold up one's head 抬起头来, 扬眉吐气  
hope for 希望;期待  
hope for the best 不丧失希望, 抱乐观态度  
housing conditions 住房情况, 居住条件  
how about 怎么样  
how come 为何会,为什么  
how far 多远,到什么程度  
how long 多久  
how many 多少  
how much longer还要多久  
how much 多少, 多么  
how often 多久一次  
how old 几岁, 多大  
how soon 多快, 多久  
human being 人,人类  
human race 人,人类  
hundreds of 许许多多(好几百); 数以百计   
hunt for 寻找, 找  
hurry off 匆匆离开,赶快去  
hurry up 赶快
if any 即使有, 就算有  
if necessary 如果有必要, 必要时  
if not 否则的话, 倘不, 若非  
if only 但愿,要是...就好了;只有,只要  
if possible 有可能的话, 如果可能  
if you like如果你愿意的话  
in a bad way 身体状况不好,情况不妙  
in a flash 一刹那间;瞬间,即刻, 非常突然   
in a hurry 匆忙地   
in a low voice 低声地, 低声说话  
in a minute 不一会儿,立刻; 一分钟  
in a moment 立即,立刻   
in a sense 从某种意义上说  
in a short while 不久,一会儿后  
in a state of 处于...状态  
in a way 在某一点,在某种程度上   
in a word 简言之;总之  
in a...manner以...的方式  
in addition 另外;还   

in addition to 加之,除...之外  
in advance 在前面;预先   
in advance of 在...前面, 优于, 胜过  
in aid of 为了帮助, 以助  
in alarm惊恐地,惊慌地   
in all 总共;一共   
in all directions 向四面八方; 全面地  
in all shapes and sizes 各种式样兴尺寸, 包罗万有  
in and out 进进出出  
in answer to 回答,响应  
in any case 在任何情况下,不管怎样  
in any way在任何方面;无论如何, 不管怎样  
in battle 在战斗中 在战争中  
in behalf of 代表...一方, 为了...的利益  
in brief 简单地说 简言之;以简洁的形式  
in case of 要是; .万一  
in case 假使, 以防万一  
in cash用现金支付,(有)现款  
in chains 上着镣铐,在囚禁中  
in charge负责  
in charge of 主管,负责  
in command of 指挥  
in common 共同的 (公有的)   
in common with 和...一样, 与...有共同之处, 与...相同  
in company with 陪同; 就伴  
in comparison with 与...比较  
in consequence 结果是,因此  
in consequence of 由于...的缘故  
in course of 正在; 处于...中  
in danger 在危险中  
in danger of 有...的危险  
in debt 欠债; 欠情  
in debt to sb. 欠债,欠情;受恩惠  
in defense of 保卫, 为...辩护  
in detail 详细地  
in difficulties 处境困难  
in effect 实际上;正实行中  
in English 用英语;在英语方面  
in error 弄错了的;错误地  
in every way 在各方面, 完全是, 哪一点都  

in exchange for 作为交换; 交换,调换  
in explanation of 解释; 作为...的解释,说明  
in face of 面对, 面临; 不顾, 公开反对  
in fact 事实上   
in favor of 赞成,主张;支持,赞同   
in fear of 在...恐惧中 为...提心吊胆  
in focus 焦点对准;清晰  
in force (法律)有效的;大批地  
in front 在前方, 在正对面;在人注意的地方  
in front of 在...前面 (指物体以外的前面)  
in full 全文地,全部地  
in fun 开玩笑似的; 非认真地  
in future 今后, 从今以后  
in general 一般地说; 总之; 通常  
in good health 身体健康   
in half 一半; 成两半  
in hand 现有,在手头;在进行中  
in harmony with与...协调, 和...一致  
in honour of 为了纪念...,为向...表示敬意   
in hope(s) of 希望能  
in light of 考虑到,按照,根据;鉴于  
in line 成一直线;整齐;一致  
in line with vt. 符合, 和...一致  
in many respects 在许多方面  
in many ways 在很多方面  
in memory of 纪念  
in modern times 现代,近代  
in most cases 多数情况下, 通常情况下  
in nature 自然界 性质上;实际上  
in need of 需要  
in no case 决不, 无论如何不  
in no time 马上;立刻  
in no way 怎样也不,一点也不  
in one's favor 对...有利  
in one's opinion/in the opinion of sb. 据(某人的)看法, 以某人来看  
in one's turn 轮到(某人); 现在到了(某人)自己该接班,该行动  
in order 整齐; 秩序井然   
in order that 以便;为了   
in order to 以便;为着   
in other words 也就是说;换句话说   

in part 在某种程度上;部份地  
in particular 特别,尤其  
in peace 安静;安宁; 安祥地   
in person 亲自;身体上;外貌上  
in place of 代替  
in place 在适当的位置;适当的  
in point of fact事实上  
in poor health 身体不好   
in possession of 控制, 拥有  
in practice 在实践中,在不断练习中,开业中  
in praise of 称赞; 歌颂  
in preparation for为...作准备  
in principle 原则上  
in public 当众;公开地  
in quantity 大量, 在量方面  
in question 正在谈论的, 正在考虑的  
in rags 穿着破衣服,衣衫褴楼  
in reality 实际上; 事实上; 实在  
in reference to关于  
in relation to 关于,有关;与...相比  
in relief 鲜明地, 显著地;松了口气  
in reply to 作为对...的回报/答复;响应;适应  
in respect of 关于,就...而言  
in response to 回答,响应  
in return 作为回报, 作为报答  
in return for 作为...的报答  
in reward for 作为...的报酬  
in ruins 成废墟, 毁坏, 毁灭  
in school 在求学,在学校  
in search of/for 寻找  
in season (水果等)应时的,正当时令,及时  
in secret 秘密地,私下地  
in shape处于良好(或固有)状态, 从外形看  
in short(=in a word ) 总之,简言之简单地说  
in sight 在视野内,看得见, 在望, 临近  
in sight of 看得见,在看见...的地方  
in silence 沉默着, 静静地  
in some ways 在某种程度上,在某些方面  
in space 在宇宙空间  
in spite of 尽管  
in store 贮藏, 存放  
in store for等待着...,将要到来  

in support of 为了支持(拥护)  
in surprise 诧异地   
in tears 流着泪;含泪哭  
in terms of 按照, 依据, 用...词句, 用...来,   
in that case 那样的话   
in that 因为,原因是; 这一点上  
in the 1960s 20世纪60年代  
in the air 在空中;末决,渺茫;在露天, 在户外,   
in the case of 就...来说;至于  
in the charge of 由...负责,由...照料(管理)  
in the course of 在...过程中  
in the dark 在黑暗中;秘密地;不知道  
in the day 在白天  
in the daytime 白天  
in the direction of 朝...方向  
in the distance 在远处   
in the distant future 在久远的将来  
in the end 最后,终于   
in the eyes of 在...看来  
in the face of 面对;在 ...面前;不顾   
in the first place 起初, 首先  
in the form of 以..的形式  
in the front of 在...前部 (指物体以内的前面)  
in the future 将来,以后  
in the hope of 希望,怀着...的希望  
in the meantime 与此同时;在此期间  
in the middle of 在...中间  
in the name of 以...名义; 代表  
in the near future 在不久的将来   
in the open 在户外;在露天  
in the opposite direction 向相反的方向  
in the past 在过去  
in the shape of 以...的形状, 以...的形态  
in the way of, in one's way 妨碍了; 就...来说, 在...方面  
in the way 在路上(挡道的), 妨碍人的  
in the world 究竟,到底;天下,世界上  
in this case 既然是这样, 假若这样, 这件事上, 这个案件中  
in those days 在过去,当时, 那时候,在当时  
in time of 在...期间  
in time不太晚, 及时; 迟早, 将来  

in trouble 处于困境  
in turn 依次,轮流,逐个; 反过来,转而,相应地  
in use 使用中, 被...使用,使用着,通行着  
in vain 徒劳,白辛苦  
in view 看得见, 在看得见的地方  
in view of 鉴于,由于 考虑到 ; 在(从)看得见...的地方  
in want of 需要, 缺少,  
inform sb of sth 通知某人某事  
inquire for 要求会见;要求得到 询问(商店、地点等) (ask for)   
insist that+陈述语气 坚持说,强调(某事实)  
insist that+should do 坚决要求,坚决主张,一定要,  
instead of 代替;而不是   
intend to 想要,打算  
interfere in 干涉,干预  
interfere with 打扰, 妨碍, 与...抵触  
it (all) depends 视情形而定, 要看情形了, 要看情况而定  
It (so) happened(chanced)that +clause. (有时、往往)会发生, 碰巧,恰巧  
it appears as if 看来, 似乎  
it appears that 看来, 看来好像, 似乎  
it could not be helped. 没有办法  
It is (high) time + (that) 主语+did /should do +其它。该做...了,是做...的时候了  
It is / was said that+从句 据说  
It is / was+被强调的部分+that+剩余部分   
It is / was+被强调的部分+who+剩余部分   
It is +段时间+since+主语+did. 自从...到现在已经多长时间了  
It is a pity/ a shame...that clause. 真遗憾  
It is important for sb.to do....做...很重要  
It is important that clause. ...是很重要的  
It is kind of sb. to do 你真好,谢谢你  
It is no good doing 做...是没有用的,做...没有好处  
It is no use doing 做...没用的  
It is suggested / ordered/ commanded /...that +clause. 有人建议  

It is the first/second/third time that 这是我第一次/第二次...做...  
It is time (for sb.) to do 是...做...的时候了  
It is/was because (之所以如此) 是因为  
It seems that+从句 似乎,好像,看来  
It was+段时间+before+主语+谓语. 多久后才...  
It will+段时间+before+主语+谓语 多久后才...
join hands with 互相合作,携起手来  
join in 参加,加入   
join the army 参军  
join the party 参加聚会;入党  
join up 连接;参军,入伍  
join with 结合; 和...一致; 和...一起  
join...to... 把...和...连接起来  
judging by 从...判断, 根据...来判断  
judging from 从...判断, 根据...来判断  
jump off 跳下, 跳离; 出发,开始   
jump onto 跳到...上  
jump sb. out 叱责某人  
jump the queue不按次序排队;加塞  
just a minute 等一下; 请稍等  
just a moment 请稍等  
just about 差不多,几乎  
just as 正象;正当...的时候  
just as well (to do sth.)无妨,无所谓,没关系  
just in case 以防万一; 万一   
just now 刚才;现在,这会儿  
just the same 完全一样,仍然,还是  
just then 正在那时  
just yet 恰好现在, 马上就  
keep a certain distance 保持一定距离  
keep a promise 遵守诺言,信守诺言   
keep a record (of sth.) 作记录  
keep a secret 守秘密  
keep alive 养活, 继续活着,  
keep an eye out for 当心; 提防  
keep an/once's eye on 留神看守, 注意, 监视; 照看  

keep at 坚持(做);使不停地做  
keep away from 躲开 避开  
keep away避开,戒, 站开;使离开  
keep back 隐瞒,不讲; 阻止...前进, 阻止...的进展; 留在后面,不上前;扣留,不付   
keep body and soul together 维持生活维持生命; 苟延残喘   
keep company 与...作伴; 交往  
keep down抑制 控制;压服;缩减开支  
keep fit 保持身体健康  
keep friends with 与...保持友好  
keep from 阻止;使免于;隐瞒  
keep hold of 紧紧握住某物,抓住  
keep house 管理家务;做家务  
keep in touch 保持联系  
keep in touch with 与...保持联系  
keep off 使不接近, 站开, 不接近; 不在...之上行走; 挡开, 防止  
keep on vi. 继续进行,继续下去  
keep on sth./ doing sth. vt. 继续;反复不断地做某事  
keep one's promise 遵守诺言  
keep one's eyes open 留心看着;保持警惕  
keep one's temper 忍住性子  
keep one's word 守信, 言而有信   
keep out 留在外面, 不让...进入  
keep out of 置身于外;不卷入   
keep pace/step with 并驾齐驰, 与...齐步keep sb doing sth 让某人不停地做某事  
keep silence /silent 保持沉默/安静  
keep sth. secret 把某事保守秘密  
keep the/one's balance 保持平衡  
keep time守时间, 准时  
keep to 坚持;固守(习惯等), 遵守,信守  
keep to oneself 保守秘密,不与人来往  
keep track of 记载, 记录, 登记; 与...保持联系,记住,了解...的情况,知道...消息  
keep up with 不落在后面,跟上,及时了解(情况)  
keep up 保持,维持,继续(某活动)  
keep watch 注意,警惕,提防  
keep/bear in mind 记住,想着  

keep/stay calm 保持镇静  
keep...alive 养活, 继续活着,把...保持下去  
keep...away from... 使远离  
keep...from doing sth. 阻止...做某事,抑制,忍住,防止,避开,离开  
key figure 关键人物  
kick off 踢脱(鞋子等);开球, 开始;离 开,去世  
kick the habit (of) 改掉习惯  
kill off 消灭,杀光, 除去  
kill time 消磨时间;消遣  
kill two birds with one stone
一举两得, 一箭双雕  
kind enough to 劳驾..., 好心...  
kind of 有点儿,有几分(作状语用)  
kiss sb. goodbye吻别,说拜拜  
kiss sb. hello 亲吻某人问好  
knock against 撞击  
knock at 敲  
knock down 撞倒, 击倒;降价,杀价;拆除;否定  
knock into 撞上; 钉进;灌输  
knock off 敲掉,打掉;削价,减价;停止工作,下班  
knock out 敲出,击倒,打破,打落  
knock out of 从...中敲出来,淘汰  
knock over 弄翻, 打倒; 使心烦意乱, 使不知所措; 完成, 干完   
know better than (to) 应懂得不该, 明事理而不至于(做某事)  
know by heart 记在心中  
know of 知道,听说,对...知情  
know sb. by name 仅知其名, 只知道(某人的)名字  
know sb. by sight见面认识; 曾经见过; 只是面熟  
known about 了解,听说关于...的事  
known as 被认为是,以...知名, 通称为  
known for以...著名,以...出名,以...著称,  
known to 对了解(知道), 为...所知  

lack of 缺少  
last but not least 最后也是最重要的  
last time 最后一次, 上次  
laugh at 因...而发笑; 嘲笑; 漠视,蔑视,对...一笑置之   
laugh over 边想边笑,边谈边笑  
lay aside 把...搁置一旁, 留存, 储存  
lay down one's life (for) (为)献出了生命  
lay down 躺下,放下,记下,拟定,建造 铺设(铁路)  
lay eggs 下蛋;产卵  
lay in (采购以)储存,储备  
lay off 暂时解雇;休息,休养;停止(干某事) 
lay out 花费;布置;摆开;设计,使昏倒  
lay the table 摆设餐具(准备吃饭)  
lead the way 引路, 带路; 带头,示范  
lead to 导致;导向   
learn /know by heart 记住, 背诵  
learn about 获悉, 了解  
learn from 学习,向...学习  
leave a message for sb. 给某人留口信, 为...留言  
leave alone 不管, 不理, 不干涉; 让单独呆着; 更不用说  
leave behind 遗落, 被落在后面, 忘记带  
leave off (使)停止;脱掉,不穿,不用  
leave out 漏掉, 省去; 不考虑; 离开  
leave sth. to sb. (遗)留给某人......;托付......做某事  
leave sth. with sb. 交给某人看管,照看  
leave word with给...留话  
leave...doing / done /使...处于某种状态  
lend a hand 帮帮忙  
less and less 越来越少, 逐渐地减小  
less than 不到,少于  
let alone 更不用说; 不包括  
let down 放下, 降低; 使失望, 松劲  
let in 让...进来,放进;漏水;改瘦  
let out 让...走出或流出;放大;出租,租出;说出;发出;  
llet sb./sth. alone 不干涉,不管 放任,不碰

lie in 在于;睡懒觉;位于...部  
lie on one's back/ side /stomach仰/侧卧/趴着  
lie on 取决于;压迫,是...责任 位于...面  
lie to 对...撒谎;位于...边  
light a fire 点火  
light up 点灯,开灯,点香烟;面露喜色,满面春风  
like an elephant 从来不会忘记; 像头大象  
listen to 听  
little by little 渐渐地  
live by doing 靠...为生; 住在...附近  
live in poverty 生活窘迫, 生活在贫困之中, 家境贫穷  
live on/upon 继续活着;以为...主食, 只吃(或喝)一种东西   
live through 活过;经历过...未死  
live up to vt. 实行;实践; 达到预期标准; 不辜负...的希望  
live/lead a ... life 过着...的生活  
living conditions 居住条件  
living room 起居室; 客厅  
long ago 很久以前  
long before 在...以前很久  
long for 渴望,希望,想要  
long to do 希望, 渴望  
look about 观察(事态); 扫视四周, 四下环顾;四处寻找;察看   
look after 照料, 照看   
look ahead 向前看,展望未来,为将来着想,注意,谨慎小心  
look around 环视,四下张望, 观看, 到处寻找(察看)   
look as if/though 看起来似乎  
look at 看, 盯,瞧,查看  
look back 回头看;停止不前,畏缩  
look back on/to 回顾,追想  
look down on/upon 看不起,轻视, 蔑视  
look for 寻找;期待, 预料  
look forward to 希望,期待,盼望   
look into 往...里看; 研究;调查,了解   
look like 看起来像要,是...样子,像,显得有...可能  
look on/upon...as 把...看作, 认为  
look out 朝外看,把头伸到窗等外面看; 当心,注意,警惕;找出,挑选   
look out for当心,注意,警惕;找出,挑选; 照看,照料  
look out of 从...朝外看  
look over 从...上面看;检查,查看;忽略,原谅  
look round / around 转首,环顾;观光,走访;查看,甚重考虑  
look sb. in the eye/ face因问心无愧等而)正面地看着; 勇敢地面对  
look the same 看起来都一模一样  
look through 穿过...看去;从头看完 查阅,浏览;详细调查  
look up and down 到处搜查,上下打量  
look up向上看,仰视;查寻,查阅   
look up to 尊重; 尊敬; 敬仰  
lose a battle 战败  
lose courage 失去勇气  
lose face 丢脸,失面子,失去自尊心  
lose heart 丧失勇气,失去信心  
lose no time 立即,马上,不失时机, 争分夺秒  
lose one's heart to 爱上, 十分喜爱  
lose one's life 牺牲, 丧生  
lose one's sight 失明  
lose one's voice 失声;嗓子哑了  
lose one's way 迷路, 误入歧途  
lose one's breath 喘不过气来,呼吸困难  
lose one's hair 脱发;发脾气  
lose one's head 惊慌失措,慌乱,神魂颠倒  
lose one's nerve 变得慌张,不知所措,失去了勇气  
lose one's temper 发怒,发脾气  
lose sight of 看不见; 忘记,忽略  
lose touch with 和...失去联系  
lose weight 减肥,降重量  
lots of 大量的,许多的  
love doing sth喜欢做某事  
love to do sth喜欢做某事  
luckily for sb. 对某人来说幸运的是... 
mad about/on 狂热迷恋; 因...生气  
mad at/with sb 生气; 愤怒   
mad with因...发狂   
major in 专攻,专修 主修(修改)  
make (the) bed(s) (make a bed) 铺床叠被, 整理床铺  
make a / one's living by doing 已做...为生  
make a bargain 讨价还价, 订协定  
make a bargain with sb与某人达成协议,成交   
make a beeline for 走近路前往,一直走向  
make a bet (with sb.) (与某人)打赌  
make a contribution (to) 对某事起作用, 有贡献, 参与   
make a copy of 复制  
make a deal with 与...做买卖;和...妥协  
make a decision 作出决定  
make a difference 有影响, 起(重要)作用  
make a distinction between 分清,辩别...之间的差别  
make a face 做鬼脸,做苦脸  
make a film / films 拍电影  
make a fire 生火  
make a good impression留下个好印象  
make a list of 列一张...的清单;造表,作表册  
make a living谋生   
make a long distance call 打长途电话  
make a mess of 弄坏, 把...搞得一塌糊涂  
make a mistake 犯错误   
make a mistake about sb. 对...误解, 对...有误会, 弄错  
make a noise 吵闹,发出响声  
make a note of 把...记下来  
make a plan for 为...作计划  
make a point of 特意, 一定;着重于, 强调  
make a promise 答应,允诺, 许诺  
make a record of 把...记下来;以永久的方式记下来。  
make a search for 找寻, 寻求, 追求  
make a speech 发表讲话, 发表演讲  
make a suggestion 提建议  
make a telephone call 打电话  

make a trip (to) 去旅行, 到...去旅行  
make an announcement 宣布  
make an answer 回答  
make an attack on 攻击, 向...进攻  
make an enemy 树敌  
make an explanation 作解释  
make an offer of 出价...买...  
make an offer to sb. 向...求了婚  
make clear 说明,表明  
make ends meet 使入能敷出, 收支相抵, 靠微薄收入为生  
make friends with 与...交朋友, 和...友好  
make fun of 和...开玩笑  
make it a condition that 以...为条件  
make it a rule 总是  
make it clear that 表明, 说明, 搞清楚  
make it possible for...to to do 使得有可能...,使...成为可能  
make it possible that 使可能做某事  
make it possible to do 使可能做某事  
make it达到预定目标, 及时抵达, 走完路程, 能成功, 做得到  
make matters/things worse 更糟的是  
make money out of 靠...挣钱; 从...中获益  
make money 赚钱  
make no answer 没有回答; 没有说话  
make no difference 毫无差别;没有...作用或影响  
make one's way 前进,进行;(依靠自己的努力而)成功  
make oneself heard/seen/known 使自己被别人听见/看见/认识  
make oneself understood 让...理解, 清楚表达意思  
make peace with (与...)讲和  
make progress 取得进步  
make repairs 修理,修补  
make room (for) 让位;腾出地方  
make sb./sth. do 使...做...  
make sense of 领会; 懂  
make sense 讲得通, 有意义, 言之有理  
make sure 查明,确信,设法做到  

make sure of 确定,弄清楚  
make sure(that)一定要,确保,核实,弄清楚  
make the best (use)of 充分利用  
make the most of 充分利用  
make up (1)编造,虚构 (2)组成,形成 (3)调停,和解(4)化装,打扮 (5)补偿,弥补   
make up for 补偿,弥补,补上  
make up one's mind 决心,利用  
make use of 利用; 假借  
make way for 为...让路   
make...to one's own measure
manage to do 成功地做...;设法做...  
many a 许多  
mark...with... 用...标记...  
marry sb. 娶, 嫁, 和...结婚  
masses of 大量,团,块  
may(might) as well do不妨;...也好  
may well do 极可能  
mean doing sth. 意味着做某事  
mean to do 有意做, 打算做  
medical care 医疗护理  
meet one's needs 满足...要求  
meet sb. at the station / the airport 到车站/飞机场接某人  
meet with (偶尔)遇见;碰到  
might have done本来可以,可能做得  
millions of 成百万的, 许许多多的  
mind your own business 不要管闲事  
miss doing 错过做某事  
miss one's footing and fall 没站稳摔倒了  
mistake...for... 错把...看作...  
more and more 愈来愈, 越来越多的  
more or less 或多或少; 多少;有点儿   
more than 多于; 不只  
more...than 比...多,比...更; 与其...不如。  
most of all 最最  
mouth to mouth 口对口地  
move about/around 走动,不停地走动,总是搬家  
move in 迁入; 搬进  

move off 起程 启动,离去;走掉  
move on vi. 继续前进, 继续进行,向前走,不要站着   
much of a 相当的,了不起的,十分好的  
must have done 肯定已经  
my treat我请客  
not any more 不再;再也不;不再存在;不再有更多的   
name after/for 以...命名;以...取名  
narrow escape 九死一生,死里逃生  
natural gas 天然气  
near to 接(靠)近;几乎要  
need not have done 原本不必  
needless to say 不用说,更何况  
neither...nor... 既不...也不...   
never better 从来没有这么好,不能再好了,最好的  
never mind 不要紧; 没关系; 算了!  
newspaper reporter 新闻记者  
next door 隔壁的, 在隔壁   
next to 在...的旁边;贴近;紧挨着; 几乎  
night and day 日以继夜地, 日夜不停地  
no doubt 无疑地, 必定, 当然, 大概  
no fewer than 不少于, 不下于,多至  
no later than 不迟于...  
no less than 不少于, 不亚于, 多达  
no less...than 和...一样,不亚于  
no longer 不再   
no matter what 无论什么  
no matter when 不管什么时候  
no matter where 不管哪里, 无论在何处  
no matter whether 不管是...还是...  
no matter which 无论哪个  
no matter who无论谁, 不管是什么人  
no more 再也不,不再存在, 不再有更多的   
no more than 只不过, 仅仅  
no more...than 两者同样不  
no other than正是,恰恰是 除...外没有;只有  
no sooner...than 一...就..., 刚...就...  
no way 不,决不, 没门儿  
no wonder 难怪; 怪不得; 不足为怪  

none but 只有, 只有...才  
none of your business 不关你的事  
none other than 不是别的, 正是   
not a bit 一点也不, 毫不  
not A but B 不是A, 而是B   
not a little 极, 很, 许多  
not at all 不,一点也不;不用谢,别客气  
not in the least 一点也不, 丝毫也不  
not just... but also... 不仅...而且...  
not merely...but also 不仅...而且...  
not more than 至多,不超过,不比...更...  
not only ... but (also)... 不仅...而且...   
not only...but...as well 不但...而且...  
not so...as 不象...那样,同...不一样   
not until 直到...才  
not...nor 既不... 也不...  
not...unless... 除非;如果不  
not...without... 没有...就不...  
nothing but 只有, 只不过  
nothing is more...than 没有比...更..., 最...莫过于...  
now and again 有时;不时地  
now and then 有时;不时地  
now that 既然;由于 
once upon a time 很早以前;从前   
obey the rule(s) 遵守规则  
object to 反对, 不赞成, 讨厌  
occur to 发生;被想到, 想起  
of (great) importance 很重要,非常重要  
of a kind/sort 同类的, 徒有其名的, 蹩脚的  
of a sort 同类的,勉强称得上的  
of course 当然,自然,毫无疑问  
of (great) significance 非常重要的  
of late 近来, 最近  
of one's own属于某人自己的,某人自己所有的  
off and on 断断续续地, 间歇地,偶尔  
off duty 不上班, 不执勤, 下班  
off the coast 在海岸附近; 在海面上;沿海  
off/away from/beside the point 离题, 跑题  
offer first aid to sb. 给某人实施急救  

offer sb. a lift (home) 让某人搭便车(回家)  
offer sb. sth. 给某人提供...  
offer sth. to sb. 给某人提供  
offer to do 主动提出  
on (the) one hand 一方面  
on (the)average 平均, 按平均数计算; 一般地说  
on (upon) the whole大体上;基本上;总的看来  
on / at the weekend ; on / at weekends 在周末  
on a diet 节食  
on a large/small scale 大/小规模地  
on a visit to 访问; 参观  
on account of 因为, 由于, 为了  
on all fours 四肢扑地, 爬行  
on all sides 四面八方, 到处  
on and on 不断地, 不停地;一直进行着   
on behalf of 代表, 为了  
on board 在船/车/飞机上  
on business 因公, 有事  
on condition that 如果, 条件是  
on credit 赊(购)  
on display 展出, 卖弄; 炫耀; 出风头  
on duty 值班, 上班   
on earth 究竟, 到底   
on end 竖立起来,毛骨悚然; 连续  
on file 存档,文件上档案中  
on fire 起火, 着火 非常激动,充满热情  
on foot 步行, 走路  
on guard 警惕,防范;站岗, 值班   
on hand 现有;在手边;临近  
on hold 等着通电话; 暂缓, 暂停  
on holiday 休假,度假  
on no account 决不能,决不应该   
on one's arrival (人)一到就...  
on one's knees 跪着  
on one's/the way home 在某人回家的路上   
on one's/the way to 在...的途中  
on one's guard 警惕,警戒;提防  
on one's honour 以名誉担保  
on one's own 独立,独自   
on principle 出于信念,按自己的标准  
on purpose 为了, 故意地  

on relief 靠救济,接受救济  
on sale待售, 出售, 上市, 廉价出售, 拍卖  
on schedule 按时间表, 准时   
on second thoughts 经重新考虑, 再想  
on show 展览中, 被陈列着  
on the air 广播中的,被广播的  
on the basis of 在...的基础上, 根据  
on the coast 在海岸上; 沿岸  
on the contrary相对而言; 相反,倒反,倒是  
on the edge of 在...的边缘, 快要, 将近  
on the farm 在农场   
on the go 忙碌; 匆忙  
on the left 在左边  
on the march 参加游行,行军中,进行中  
on the other hand 另一方面; 但是  
on the other side of
on the point of 即将...的时刻, 几乎   
on/over the radio 通过广播, 通过收音机  
on the right 从右边,在右边  
on the road 在旅途中,(推销员)到各地贩卖  
on the shore 在岸上,在海滨  
on the spot 当场,立即,在现场   
on the team 在球队里  
on the way (to) 在(去)...路上  
on the way home/here/there在回家/到这儿/去那儿的路上  
on the way在中途;即将来临  
on time 准时,不早不晚  
on time for 按时, 准时, 及时赶上  
on top of
在...之上,除..之外; 例外; 加于...之上  
on top of the world 幸福极了,飘飘欲仙,得意扬扬  
on TV 通过电视机;在电视上  
on watch 值班,守望, 监视  
on/upon doing sth. 一...就...  
once again 再一次  
once in a while 偶尔   
once more 再一次   
once or twice 一两次  
one another 互相  

one after another 一个接一个地, 连接地, 相继;顺次  
one by one 一个一个地  
one day (过去的)有一天;(将来的)有一天,有朝一日, 他日  
Only +状语+特定动词+主语+谓语...  
open to 向...开放, 朝  
open up 打开,切开; 开发; 开始, 开办   
operate on 给...做手术; 对...产生影响  
or else 否则, 要不然   
or rather 更确切地说  
or so 大约, 左右   
other than 非; 除了, 不同于  
ought to have done 本来应该  
ought to 应当  
out of breath 上气不接下气, 气喘吁吁  
out of control 不听约束,失去控制   
out of danger 脱离危险  
out of date 过时的, 过期的  
out of debt 不欠债  
out of doors 在户外   
out of employment 失业  
out of fashion 不时兴, 不流行  
out of favour 失宠, 不受欢迎  
out of hand马上,立刻;无法控制的,不听话的  
out of mind 发狂, 疯狂, 神经错乱  
out of one's reach 够不着  
out of order 出了毛病,发生故障; 无次序的, 混乱的,   
out of place 未在应该的位置,不得其所,不适当的   
out of practice (变得)练习不足,(变得)荒疏,(变得)拙劣  
out of print 已绝版的  
out of question 毫无疑问  
out of repair 失修的,破损的  
out of season 过时, 失去时机, 已过时, 不当令, 不合时宜  
out of shape 走样, 变形; 处于不良的(健康)状况  
out of sight 看不见, 在视野之外   
out of step 步调不一致, 不协调  

out of style 不时髦的, 不时新的  
out of the question 毫无可能的   
out of the reach of 够不着  
out of touch 失去(和...的)联系,中断联络;  
out of work 失业   
over again ad. 再一次, 重新  
over and over again 很多次, 一而再, 反复不断地  
over the top过分,过火,超出了指标  
over there 在那边  
over time随着时间的流逝  
owe...to 向(某人)借(钱);应把...归功于  
owing to the fact that 由于  
owing to 由于,多亏
pack (sth.) up收拾好,收拾工具;出故障,不运转; 收工,下班   
packs of 大量的,大部分,一大堆的  
parking lot 停车场  
pass away 终止, 停止; 死亡; 消磨时间  
pass by 经过, 走过;(时间)过去;(机会)错过;不追究,忽视,避开   
pass down (在公交车等内)往里面走;把...传给后世,当作遗产给于(常用被动语态)  
pass on 继续往前进,转移到(下一个话题);通过, 传递, 死亡, 断气  
pass on/down from generation to generation 一代一代传下去  
pass through穿过,透过, 流过, 通过,经历  
pay attention to 注意   
pay back 还钱, 还债; 报仇, 报复   
pay for 付...的货款;受...的报应 付出代价  
pay off 全部偿清; 有好结果;给薪解雇   
pay sb. a visit/ pay a visit (to) sb. 拜访, 探望  
pay the bill 付帐  
per cubic metre 每立方米  
perform a dance 表演舞蹈  
persist in 坚持  
personal affairs 私事  
persuade sb. into 说服做  
persuade sb. of sth.使某人相信某事   
persuade sb. out of doing sth劝某人不做某事 

persuade sb. to do 说服...做...  
pick off 摘下,摘掉; 一个个射死  
pick one's pocket 扒我的口袋,扒窃  
pick out 选出, 挑出, 拣出; 区别出, 看出  
pick up(1)拾起;抱起(2)(无意中)学会 (3)见到;听出,收听到(4)搭载 (5)恢复健康;(6)好转,有起色  
pile up 堆积;积聚  
piles of=a pile of 很多的,堆积如山的   
place an order 订购(货物)  
place of interest 名胜, 好玩的地方   
play a joke on 戏弄(人),对人恶作剧  
play a part/role in 在...里扮演角色,在...中起作用  
play a trick/ tricks on 开玩笑,恶作剧  
play basketball打篮球  
play on words 双关语,俏皮话,说双关语,说俏皮话, 耍文字游戏  
play the piano 弹钢琴  
play with fire 玩火,冒大风险  
play with 玩..., 和...一起玩  
plenty of 足够的,充足的,很多的  
point at 指着,指向,指明,瞄准 暗示  
point out 指出, 指明,表明,提醒   
point to 指向,面向,表明,暗示   
point where +定语从句 ...的地方,...的时候,...的程度,...的地步  
pop music 流行音乐  
pop star 流行歌星, 流行歌手  
post office 邮政局 邮局  
prefer A to B 宁愿A而不愿B  
prefer sb. (not) to do 宁愿...(不)做...  
prefer to do宁愿,喜欢  
prefer to...rather than 宁愿...而不愿  
prepare for 为...作好准备  
prepare sb for 让...为...作准备  
prepare sth for为...准备...  
prepared for 对...作好准备,准备着  
present sb with sth(present sth.to sb)把...交给,颁发,授予  
press against/on 挤,压,按  
press on 继续前进, 努力前进;挤, 压; 身负;
press sth. on sb.
pretend to do/be 装作  
prevent...from阻止, 防止,;避免,预防  
primary school 小学  
protect against 防御,保护...使不受...  
protect from 保护...使不受...  
provide for供给, 为...作准备, 规定, 考虑到  
provide sb. with sth. 为...提供, 为...配备  
provide sth. for sb. 给...提供  
provided /providing (that ) 假如, 只要  
publishing house 出版社  
pull down 拆除,推翻,打倒;拖垮,使虚弱;拉下,降低地位  
pull in (车、船)到达,停住;吸引  
pull on 穿上,戴上  
pull out of 从...驶出,驶离车站,出站;脱离,退出  
pull out 拔出,挖出;离开,撤走  
pull over 驶向路边,靠边停车/让车  
pull up 把...向上拉; 使停下来, 停下来  
push aside 推开,排除; 把...推到一边  
push on 向前推进,努力前进  
push over 推倒, (风)刮倒  
put an end to 结束, 制止  
put aside 放在一边,搁下;储存,留下;不予考虑,不顾  
put away 放好,收好; 储存;放弃; 杀死,处理掉  
put back 放回(原处),拨回(时钟); 阻碍,拖延,推迟,  
put down 把...放下,写下; 镇压;扑灭;消灭;让...下车  
put forward 提出,建议,提前  
put in order 整理, 收拾干净  
put in prison 关押, 囚禁, 收监  
put into 流入, 投入, 驶入  
put into action 付诸实施  
put into effect 实行, 生效  
put into operation 投入运行,投入营运,生效  
put into practice 付诸实施, 实行  
put into prison 关进监狱  

put off (1)推迟(约会、旅行、访问等 (2)关掉(3)脱去;除去  
put on (1)把...放上去 (2)穿上;戴上(3)表演,演出(4)开(煤气、收音机等)   
put on a performance/ performances表演节目  
put on weight 增加体重, 发福  
put one's heart (and soul) into
put out(1)拿出,伸出(2)熄灭, 消灭, 关灯(3)出版, 发布,生产(4)(用于被动)使生气   
put pressure on 对...施加压力  
put sb. in/into prison 把某人送入监狱  
put through 完成; 使通过;接通,打通  
put up with 忍受,容忍, 克服  
put up(1)升起, 举起(2)建造, 搭起, 装置 (3)留...住宿,投宿(4)提供或调拔(资金)   
put...to (good)use 加以利用,运用,采用,应用   
quantities of 大量的  
quarrel about/over 为...争吵  
quarrel with 和...吵架  
quite a few 相当多, 不少  
quite a lot of 非常多的  
quite by chance/accident 很偶然,碰巧,  
rain cats and dogs 瓢泼大雨   
rather than 倒不如说;是...而不   
reach a conclusion 得出结论  
reach an agreement 达成一致  
reach out (for) 伸手去够,把(手等)伸出去,伸出,伸展  
react to 对...起反应  
read out 朗读, 宣读, 读出声来   
read over 很快把...从头至尾读一遍, 精读,读遍  
read through vt. 读完, 读一遍  
reason with sb. 与...辩论  
reception desk 接待处  
record well (声音) 录下来很好听  
reduce to 使减少到; 适应; 归到; 化为;

refer to 涉及, 指的是, 提作, 参考, 适用于  
refer to...as...
称...为..., 管...叫..., 说...是...  
regard...as... 把...看作,把...认为   
regardless of 不顾, 不惜   
regret doing 后悔当初  
regret to do 很抱歉,遗憾地告诉  
relate to 与...有关, 涉及; 很好相处, 适应   
relative to 与...有关,关于,有关  
rely on/upon vt. 依靠, 信赖  
remark on 评论,谈论,议论  
remember doing 回想起,记得,记起  
remember me to sb. 代我向...问好  
remember to do 记着,不忘(去做),动手做(必须做的事)  
remind of 使某人想起唤起回忆;忆起 Call something to mind; remind of
remind sb. of sth. 使某人想起某情况  
remove from 迁居,搬家,迁移  
reply to 答复,回应  
report on vt.报告;汇报(某事) n. 有关...的报告  
report oneself 去报到,到...去见某人  
respect sb. as 把某人尊敬为...  
respond to 回答, 答复,响应, 对...起反应,(药物)有效  
responsible for 负责, 是...原因   
rest rooms 洗手间, 卫生间  
result from 由...造成,因...而产生  
result in 招致, 引致, 致使,使获(某成果)  
return to normal 恢复正常  
return to 回到, 返回; 恢复  
rid sb of sth 使某人摆脱某物  
right away 立即;马上  
right here 就在这里  
right now 现在;立刻   
right then 就在那时, 马上  
right there 就在那儿  
ring back 回电话  
ring off 挂断电话  

ring up 打电话  
rise by 增加, 提高, 升高了...  
rise to one's feet 站起来  
rise to 上升到  
rise up vi. 站起来, 起身; 起义,起来反抗  
rob sb. of sth. 枪走某人某物  
roll over 翻身  
roll up 卷起;抵达,聚集  
rot away 烂掉,腐烂  
round the clock 日夜, 夜以继日, 昼夜  
round up 聚拢,赶拢 围捕, 舍去以成整数  
run a farm/machine/company/a house 经营,管理;运转   
run across 不期而遇; 跑过, 横跨  
run after 追赶;追求  
run away with 和...一起逃跑,和...一起私奔;带着...逃跑,偷走  
run away 逃走, 逃跑  
run for 竞选  
run for one's life 拼命逃跑  
run into 跑进;和...相撞,撞上;偶然遇见,碰见(某人)  
run out vi.(1)跑出,冲出; 流出,漏出;(2)结束,终止,完了;(3)到期,届满  
run out of (1) 从...奔出; (2)vt. 被用完,变得缺乏,耗完供应等   
run short of 快用完;将耗尽  
rush (sb.) off one's feet 忙地不可开交,忙地不亦乐乎  
rush at 向...冲去,朝...扑过来  
rush hour(上下班时)车辆拥挤时间, (公共车辆的)高峰时间 
save one's life 救某人的命  
save time 省时间, 节约时间   
save...from... 使...避免...  
say "Hi" to sb.( for/from sb.) (代...)向...问好  
say goodbye to向...道别  
say hello to sb. (for sb.) (代...)向...问好  
say no to 拒绝,否认, 不批准  
say yes to 同意  
scarcely...when 刚...就...  

school-leavers 毕业生  
scold sb. for sth. 因为...批评某人  
scores of 大量的, 许多  
search for/after 寻找,检查,搜寻  
search out 查出, 探出, 找出  
search through 在...里搜寻  
search...for 在(某处)寻找,搜寻  
second largest 第二大  
see about 负责处理, 注意, 查看,过问, 查考   
see after 看管,照料,照顾  
see sb. do sth. 看见某人做了某事  
see sb. doing sth. 看见某人正在做某事  
see sb.off 为...送行, 向...告别; 驱逐某人  
see sb/sth. done 看见某人/物被怎么样了  
see through 看透,看穿,识破,  
see to it that 确保,务必使,负责  
see to 注意,留意, 照料, 处理  
see/think fit to
seek after 寻找;探索;追求  
seem as if 好像,彷佛,似乎  
seize every minute and second 争分夺秒  
sell out 卖完;脱销,出售,停止营业  
send away 派遣,发送, 赶出, 解雇  
send for 派人去请;派人去叫;派人去拿   
send off 送出,寄出,派遣,给...送行,解雇,开除   
send out 放出,发送, 派遣,发送, 长出, 叫退场  
send to 送到, 送进, 把...送到...去  
send up使向上,使上升;发出,射出;把...向上送;呈递  
sentence...to death 判处死刑  
separate from 分离,分开  
serve as 充当;起作用  
set about 着手,开始;旨在做,试图   
set an example 树立榜样/典范  
set aside 放在一边,不理会,不讲究;拨出(款项),腾出(时间)  
set back (把钟等)往回拨;推迟,延缓, 阻碍  
set down 使坐下;把...放下;写下;抄下;让...下车  

set fire to=set...on fire 放火,烧着,使着火  
set free 释放,使自由   
set off 启程,出发;点燃;使爆炸,发射;使开始,使行动; 衬托,烘托  
set out (1)启程;出发;开始(2)布置;安排(3)陈述;叙述;说明 (4)打算;试图;着手;使(自已)尽力 (5)设计;计划   
set sail (to/for) 启航,扬帆起航  
set to work (使)开始做...  
set up (1)竖立;升起;把...放在看得见的地方(2)建造;装配;装置(3)提出;提议 (4)引起;生产(5)树立;推崇   
set...on fire 放火,烧着  
settle down (1)停落在地上;(2)定居下来;安家落户 (3)(使)平静下来;(使)安静下来;(4)专心致志(5)舒服地坐或躺;休息   
shake hands(with)(和...)握手  
share a ride 搭车  
share happiness and sorrow with
share in 分亨,分担, 共同努力  
share with sb. 与某人共享...  
shoot at 朝...射击; 向...投  
short-wave 短波  
should have done (本)该做(而实际上没做)  
should not have done(本)不该做(而做了)  
shout at 对...吼叫 对...喊  
show around 带...参观,带...四处看看  
show off 显示(某物)的优点,衬托出(某物);炫耀,卖弄;炫示自己的才能等   
show one's face 露面  
show up领(某人)上楼;揭露, 揭发,露出, 露面,出席  
show...in 领某人进来  
show...out 领...出去  
shut down 把(窗子等)放下关好,关上; 降临, 笼罩; (使)停业, (使)关闭   
shut off 切断;中断 关掉;停止...的活动;停止运转 使隔绝;使隔离   
shut up(1)关(门窗)(2) 停止或暂停工作或营业(3)阻塞;堵塞(4)禁闭;把...关起来;监禁 (5)(使)住口  

side by side 紧挨着;肩并肩地; 一起  
side by side with 在...旁边;与...并排,并肩  
sign an agreement with 与...签定和约  
since then 打那以后, 从那时起  
sit up (使)坐起;(使)端坐; 迟睡;熬夜  
situation where ...的情景, ...的处境  
slow down 放慢速度;减退  
smile to oneself 暗自微笑  
smooth away 消除(皱纹、皱褶等); 消除(困难、障碍等)   
so (as) far as I know 据我所知  
so as to 为了;以便   
so far 到目前为止,就此范围(或程度)来说   
so far as 就...说,到...距离,到...的程度   
so far, so good 到目前为止一切顺利   
so it is / was with+宾格 ...也是如此  
so that 为的是;使得   
so what那又怎样, 这又有什么关系呢  
so/a long as 只要...就...  
so/as far as...be concerned
就...而言, 就...来说  
so+do+主语 ...也是如此  
so+主语+do 的确如此, 确实这样  
so...as to 如此...以至  
so...that 如此...以至于,太...以至于,结果是  
solar system 太阳系  
solve the problem 解决问题  
something else 别的,另外的一些东西  
sooner or later 早晚,迟早,以后,总有一天   
sort out 整理好,把...分类;挑选,精选; 解决,整顿  
sound lab 语音室  
sound like 听起来象  
sound the fire alarm 鸣响火警警报  
spare (sb.) some time(为某人)匀点儿时间  
spare time n. 业余时间  
speak for 为某人辩护,代表...讲话;要求得到  
speak highly of 高度赞扬,称赞  
speak of 谈到, 提到  
speak up/out 响亮地或清楚地说;大声讲,毫无顾虑地说出;把...说出来;表明   
speed up 提速, (使)加快速度  

spend ...on sth. 在某物/事上花(时间,金钱)  
spend money(time) (in) doing sth花钱(时间)做某事  
spit out 吐出,恶狠狠地说  
spoken English 英语口语  
sports meet 运动会  
spread out(1)铺开;展开 (2)张开(两手)或摊开(双臂)以示惊讶、无可奈何等(3)把...分期 (4)伸展;展示;发展;散开   
spring up 涌现;发生;迅速长出  
spy on 窥视, 暗中监视,侦查   
stand at attention 立正  
stand by(1)站在...旁边(2)袖手旁观 (3)拥护;支持;保卫(4)遵守(诺言、决议、宣言等)(5)作好准备;准备行动   
stand for 代表,象征,意味着;主张,支持,为...而奋斗;容忍,忍受,允许   
stand in line 排队  
stand out 站出来,突出;出色,显眼, 冒尖儿  
stand up to 勇敢地面对, 坚决抵抗, 经得起
stand up 站起;站着;向上升起;对(某人)失约;未按约定会见   
star in 主演,在...中担任主角  
stare at 盯着, 凝视   
start all over again 重新开始, 从头再来  
start doing/to do sth. 开始做某事  
start off 出发, 动身, 启程 ;迅速移开, 开始, 开始做某事   
start out 出发, 动身; 着手或打算做某事   
start with 以...开始,;开头有;首先, 第一   
starve to death 饿死  
stay away from 远离, 不要接近  
stay up 不睡,挺住,站立  
stay/keep calm 保持镇静  
stay/keep in touch (with) 和...保持联系  
step by step 逐步地,逐渐地,一步一步地  
step forward 向前走;站出来  
stick out 伸出;坚持到底;显眼  
stick to 粘在...上,附着于;坚持;不放弃,坚守; 信守,忠于   
stick with 缠住, 萦绕; 继续忠于, 继续支持, 坚持做   

still less ad. 更少,更不, 何况, 更不用说  
still more 更加,更多, 况且  
still worse (than)(比...)更差, (比...)还坏些  
stone by stone 一块石头一块石头地  
stop doing sth. 停止做(某事)  
stop from 阻止...做...  
stop to do sth. 停下来去做某事  
straight away 马上,立刻,直接  
strange to say 说也奇怪, 奇怪的是  
strike a match 划一根火柴  
struggle against 同...作斗争;挣扎  
struggle against/with 同...作斗争;同...搏斗, 挣扎   
struggle for 为争取...而斗争  
struggle to one's feet 费力地站起来  
succeed in 在...上获得成功, 成功地做...  
such as 例如,如...的, 诸如  
such...as 像...这样/那的,像...之类的  
suffer from 遭受  
suit...to... 适合  
sum up 总结,概括  
supply sb. with sth. 给某人提供  
supply sth. to sb. 给某人提供  
switch off (用开关)关掉  
switch on (用开关)开启
take (a day) off 休假(一天)  
take (a) pride in 以...而自豪;为...感到骄傲  
take (an active) part in(积极)参加  
take (the) air 呼吸新鲜空气  
take (the) trouble不辞辛劳地; 不嫌麻烦地  
take...into account 把...考虑进去;考虑;重视  
take a (one's) seat 就座; 坐下  
take a chance/chances 碰运气, 冒险, 投机   
take a deep breath 深呼吸  
take a degree 获得...学位  
take a dislike to 讨厌; 厌恶; 不喜欢  
take a hand in 参加;帮助  
take a look at 看一下  
take a photograph (of) 照一张...的相  

take a risk/risks冒险  
take a taxi 乘出租车  
take a taxi home 乘出租回家  
take a trip 去旅行  
take action 采取行动;提出诉讼  
take advantage of 趁...之机; 利用  
take after与...相像  
take aim 瞄准  
take along 随身带着  
take an interest in 对...感(产生)兴趣  
take apart 拆开(机器等)  
take away 拿走,夺去,使离去  
take back 收回(所说的话),让退(货)  
take care 注意; 留神; 慢走; 操劳  
take care of 照顾,负责  
take charge of 负责  
take charge负责  
take delight in 以...为乐  
take down (1)记下;写下; (2) 拿下,降下 (3) 衰弱;病倒 (4) 拆下;拆毁;拆卸   
take effect (药等)见效  
take exercise 运动; 锻炼  
take hold of 抓住; 掌握; 接  
take in(1)欺骗,骗而使信(2)接待,收留住下(3)理解,(思想上)接受(4)改窄,改瘦(指衣服)  
take into consideration考虑; 斟酌  
take it easy
放松些; 别紧张;别过累; 放心好了  
take it for granted that认为当然;习以为常  
take measures 采取措施; 设法  
take note of 注意  
take notes(of) 记录, 记笔记  
take notice vi.注意; 理会  
take notice of vt.注意; 理会  
take off (1)起飞(2)脱掉(3)休假 4)摸仿,学...的样 (5)取消  
take office 就职;上任  
take on(1)承担(2)雇用,招收(3)呈现...面貌 (4)开始从事(5)接纳  
take one's place 坐某人的座位,代替某人的职务  

take one's seat 就座  
take one's temperature 量体温  
take one's time 慢慢来, 别着急, 不急不忙; 从容不迫  
take out (1)拿出;取出 (2)去掉;涤除 (3)陪同或带领某人外出运动或游玩  
take over (1)接手;接管 (2)带过; 载过   
take part in 参加; 参与  
take photos 拍照  
take place 发生;产生;举行  
take possession of 占有,拥有 占领  
take pride in 为...感到骄傲;对...感到自豪   
take sides (with sb.) 偏爱; 站在一边  
take sides in (sth) 偏向...一边  
take steps 采取步骤;采取措施  
take sth. in one's arms 抱...  
take the lead 为首;领先;带头   
take the place of 代替;接替   
take the role of 扮演...的角色,起...的作用  
take the side of 和谁站在一起,偏向;支持  
take time 花费(时间)  
take to 喜爱; 开始,从事,养成,养成; 逃向, 委身于  
take turns 替换; 换班; 更替;   
take up (1)占;占地方 (2)开始从事 (3)让乘客上车;接纳  
take up arms 拿起武器  
take...as 把...作为;把...认为  
take...away from 从...拿走, 从...拿开  
take...by surprise 使...吃惊,出奇兵攻占  
take...for example 拿...举例; 譬如  
take...for 以为;错认为   
take...in one's arm (拥)抱  
take...lying down 甘心失败  
talk about/of/on 讲, 谈论, 交谈   
talk back 回嘴, 顶嘴, 抬杠, 顶撞  
talk into 说服  
talk of 谈论, 议论  
talk over 讨论, 商量; 说服  
talk to/with 和...谈话   
teach oneself 自学  
teach...a lesson 给...一个教训  

tear down 扯下; 拆毁  
tear oneself away from
tear up 撕碎; 撕掉  
tell a lie/lies 说谎  
tell about 讲诉, 告诉关于...信息  
tell from 辨别, 分辨; 从...看出来  
tell the difference between
tell...apart 分辨; 区分, 开来  
tens of thousands of 数以万计的  
thanks to 由于, 亏得, 感谢   
that is (to say) 也就是说;就是   
the day after tomorrow 后天   
the day before yesterday 前天   
the first time 第一次  
the last 最不;最后  
the least 最不  
the minute/second 一...就...  
the moment 一...就...  
the more...the more... 越...越...   
the number of ...的数量  
the other day 前不久,前几天   
the other night 几天前的晚上  
the other way round/around 正好相反, 用正好相反的方法  
the rest of 其余的, 其他的, 剩下的   
the same as 和...一样  
the same that 就是  
the same...as 与...同样的  
there is no doubt that毫无疑问......  
there is no point(in) doing sth. 做某事没有意义  
there is no use(in) doing sth 做某事没有用  
there is no/some difficulty(in) doing sth. 做某事没有/有困难  
there is nothing wrong with没有问题,很正常
there's no need to do sth. 没有做某事的必要  
these days 现在; 如今; 目前  
think about 思考;考虑   
think highly/well of 尊重;高度评价; 器重  
think nothing of 把...看得平常;把...看得不重要;不把...当一回事   

think of 思考;考虑;关心  
think of...as 把...看作是,以为...是  
think out 仔细考虑,思考;想出,设计出   
think over 仔细考虑   
think to oneself 心中想;盘算;自思自忖  
think twice 重新考虑, 仔细考虑  
think up 想出, 设计出, 发明, 编造  
thousands of 数千的, 成千上万的  
through thick and thin 同甘共苦, 生死与共, 在任何情况下, 不顾艰难险阻  
throw about 到处扔;转向航行   
throw at 向...扔去  
throw away 扔掉, 抛弃, 失掉  
throw doubt upon 使人对...产生怀疑  
throw light on sth. 解释,阐明, 使...明白(清楚)   
throw off 匆匆脱掉, 扔掉; 摆脱  
throw out (1)扔掉,丢掉(2)撵走,解雇(3)放出,发出   
throw over 背弃,抛弃,遗弃   
throw to 向...投  
throw up (1)抛起、举起或推上 (2)匆匆建造 (3)吐出;呕吐 (4)放弃;辞去   
tick off训斥 斥责; 用记号勾出;核对   
tidy up 收拾,整理,使整治; 收拾东西   
tie up 束紧,缚牢;包扎, 联系  
time and again 多次, 常常   
time and time again 一次又一次;经常;一再   
tired out 非常疲倦  
to be honest 诚实的说  
to begin with 首先,第一  
to make a long story short /(to make it short) 长话短说, 简而言之, 总而言之  
to make matters/things worse 更糟的是  
to one's (great)surprise 使...大为惊奇的是  
to one's astonishment 使某人吃惊的是   
to one's delight令高某人兴的是   
to one's face 当着某人的面  
to one's horror令某人骇然的是  
to one's joy 令高某人兴的是  
to one's sorrow 使某人悲伤的是  
to one's pleasure令某人高兴的是  

to say nothing of 更不必说;何况  
to some extent 在某种程度上, 多少, 一点  
to tell the truth 说实话; 说出真情  
to tell you the truth 实话给你说  
to the full 完全地;彻底地; 充分地  
to the point of 到...的程度  
to the point 简明扼要; 中肯; 一针见血  
toast to 为...干杯  
together with 和;加之;连同  
too...for... 对...来说太...  
too...to do... 如此...以致于不能...  
trade with sb. 和...交换, 和...通商  
translate...into 把...译成...; 把...变成  
treat ...as 作为...对待  
treat ...as through/if... 象...一样对待  
treat sb. to sth. 以...招待;以...款待  
try doing 试着  
try on 试穿  
try one's best 尽某人全力  
try out 试用; 试验;   
try to do 试图; 设法; 想  
turn a blind eye to 闭眼不看; 视而不见  
turn a deaf ear to 不听, 不理睬, 充耳不闻  
turn against 背叛;对...采取敌对态度become unfriendly to someone   
turn away 转过脸去, 转换方向; 不准...入内,不让...参加, 拒绝  
turn down 拒绝,把...开小,把(音)放低   
turn into 变成, 变得; 开到, 走进  
turn off 停止;关上   
turn on (1)打开 (2)取决于 (3)反对,攻击  
turn out (1)到外边来 (2)变成 (3)生产,制造;培养出   
turn over (1)翻转过来;翻身 (2) 仔细考虑 (3)移交给   
turn thumbs down 拒绝, 不赞同, 反对  
turn/ in (1)上交,交进去,(2)上床睡觉   
turn...into... 把...变成...  
turn to (1)转向; 翻到; 转到 (2)求助于  
turn up 出席,出现; 开大点; 查找  
turn upside down 倒放,倒置,彻底弄乱,弄得乱七八糟

under age 未成年,不够年龄  
under control 处于控制之下,被控制住  
under one's breath 低 声 说 , 小声点儿  
under the leadership of... 在...的领导之下  
under the name of 用...名字  
under the protection of 在...的保护之下  
up and down 上上下下,来回地   
up to 直到, 到...为止(用于地点、数量、程度、时间等)  
up to date 直到目前,现代的,最新的  
up to now 到目前为止, 迄今为止  
up to present 迄今, 到目前为止  
up to standard 合格,地道,符合规定标准  
up to this day到今日为止  
upon/on one's death 在某人死后  
use one's head 动脑筋, 仔细考虑  
use up 耗尽 用尽, 消耗; 使筋疲力尽   
used to do过去常常做   
varieties of 各种各样的  
various of 各种各样的  
vote against 投票反对某人  
vote down 否决  
vote for 投票赞成,投...的票  
wait at table 伺候进餐, 招待用膳  
wait for 等候,期待  
wait on 侍候; 伺候; 侍   
wait up for 敖夜等...  
wake up to 认识到...的重要性  
wake up 醒来, 唤醒; 使觉悟; 活跃起来   
walk about 徘徊(游荡)  
walk along 沿着...走  
walk away from 从...走开,离开;轻松打败;平安脱身  
walk away/off with 偷走,拿错;轻易赢取(奖赏等)   
walk down 走下, 沿路而行  
walk into 走进,撞到了...上;陷入(圈套等)  
walk off (突然)离开;带走;以散步来消除...  
walk off/away with偷走,拿错;轻易赢取(奖赏等)  

walk out 走出;把(某人)带出  
walk the dog 遛狗  
walk up and down 踱来踱去,走来走去   
wander about 漫游;闲逛; 流浪  
warm up 预热;热身;温;焐;热;暖;暖和;  
warn sb of sth 警告某人有某情况  
wash away 洗掉, 冲走  
wash out 洗干净, 洗掉;使褪色;毁坏,破坏  
wash up 洗餐具;洗手洗脸  
wash well 很耐洗  
washed out 疲倦, 疲乏  
waste money on 在...上浪费钱  
waste one's breath 白费口舌  
watch for期待, 等待, 守候; 当心  
watch out vi. 注意, 看; 警戒  
watch out for vt. 当心; 注意  
watch over vt. 看守;留心; 监督  
watch sb. do 看着某人做...,望着某人做...  
watch sb. doing看着某人做...,
wear off 消损, 磨损; 慢慢消失  
wear out 穿破, 损坏; 使筋疲力尽; 耗尽   
wear well 耐穿,经用  
weather report/forecast 天气预报  
weed out 除去, 除草  
welcome to 欢迎到...  
well off 富有的, 处境良好, 生活好过   
well-paid job 报酬优厚的工作  
well-trained 训练有素的  
what a pity 真遗憾; 太可惜  
what a shame 真可耻; 真可惜; 真糟糕  
what about+n./doing sth.? ...怎么样?  
what becomes of ...的境遇, 结果  
what do you mean by 你做...是什么意思,你做...用意何在  
what if 如果...怎么办呢   
what is called 所谓的  
what is wrong (with) 有甚么不好, 怎么了, 出了什么毛病  
what's more 而且; 此外  
what's on上演什么,发生了什么事  
what's up 怎么回事, 出什么事了  
what's worse更糟的是  

when it comes to 谈到;就...而论  
whether or not 是...还是...,不管...还是...  
why don't you你干吗不  
why not do为什么不  
wind one's way 蜿蜒向前  
wind up 终结; 收场; 关门大吉   
wipe off 擦, 洗, 除去; 还清; 消除  
wipe out 擦去,除去,消灭,毁灭  
wish...every success 祝...事事如意  
with (your) permission 如果(你)容许的话  
with a view to 考虑到;着眼于;用意在于  
with one voice 一致地;异口同声地  
with pleasure 愉快地  
with regard to 关于, 对于, 至于  
with respect to 关于, 至于  
with the help of 在...的帮助下; 借助  
with the hope of  
with the purpose of 目的是, 特地   
with the result that 结果  
without doubt 毫无疑问, 无疑  
without fail 务必, 必定  
without mercy 毫不留情地, 残忍地  
without question 无疑地;确实地;肯定地, 没有说的  
wonder at 怪, 惊讶  
word for word 逐字地, 一字不变地  
work as 当,担当, 担任...工作  
work on 继续工作;从事于   
work out 设计, 制订, 安排; 使筋疲力尽;耗尽; 解决, 找到...的答案   
work(hard)at 努力工作(学习), 从事于,致力于   
worry about 担心;惦念   
worry over 为...担心  
worse is to come 更糟的还在后头  
worse off a. (情况)更糟糕的, 更贫困的  
worse still 更糟糕的是, 不仅如此  
worthy of 值得  
would rather do宁愿做...,宁可  

would rather do ...than do ...
宁愿...也不愿..., 宁可...也不...  
would/will you be kind enough to do
劳驾...好吗? 请你...好吗?  
would/will you be so kind as to do劳驾...吗? 请你...好吗?  
would do...rather thando宁愿...也不愿..., 宁可...也不...   
wrap up 掩饰, 伪装, 使全神贯注, 围好围巾, 包起来  
write a good hand 写一手好字   
write about 写一下关于  
write back (to) 回信  
write down vt. 写下, 记下  
write out 写出来, 列出  
write to 给...写信  
write well 好使; 写得很好  
write well 好用, 写得好  
written English 英语口语  
year after year 年复一年地(表示每年的重复)  
year by year 每年,年年, 逐年(表示每年的变化)  
year in year out 年复一年地,不断地  
you can't miss it 你肯定能找到, 千万不要错过  
young and old 老老少少,不分老幼  
Youth League 青年团


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