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高二英语 40 分钟限时训练(2)

一 完形填空 A little girl lived in a simple and poor house on a hill. Usually she 41 play in the small garden. She could see over the garden fence and across the valley a wonderful house with shining golden windows high on another hill. 42 she loved her parents and her family, she desired to live in such a house and 43 all day about how wonderful and exciting 44 must feel to live there. At the age when she gained some 45 skill and sensibility(识别力), she 46 her mother for a bike ride 47 the garden. Her mother finally allowed her to go, 48 her keeping close to the house and not 49 too far. The day was beautiful. The little girl knew 50 where she was heading! 51 the hill and across the valley, she rode to the 52 of the golden house. 53 she got off her bike and put it against the gate post, she focused on the path 54 to the house and then on the house itself. She was very disappointed when she 55 that all the windows were 56 and rather dirty. So 57 and heart-broken, she didn’t go any further. She 58 , and all of a sudden she saw an amazing 59 . There on the other side of the valley was a little house and its windows were golden. Looking at her little home, she 60 that she had been living in her golden house filled with love and care. Everything she dreamed was right there in front of her house. 41. A. might B. should C. would D. must 42. A. Unless B. Although C. Since D. But 43. A. dreamed B. worried C. asked D. shouted 44. A. this B. that C. it D. which 45. A. different B. scientific C. musical D. basic 46. A. begged B. blamed C. invited D. paid 47. A. inside B. outside C. through D. along 48. A. insisting on B. relying on C. arguing about D. wondering about 49. A. traveling B. running C. riding D. walking 50. A. madly B. rapidly C. exactly D. possibly 51. A. Over B. Down C. Around D. Beside 52. A. windows B. steps C. center D. gate 53. A. Until B. As C. While D. Because 54. A. getting B. introducing C. leading D. moving 55. A. felt B. learned C. concluded D. found 56. A. transported B. bright C. plain D. wide 57. A. anxious 58. A. turned around 59. A. hill B. angry B. cheered up B. valley C. serious C. settled down C. background D. sad D. dropped in D. sight

60. A. imagined B. decided C. realized D. guessed 二 阅读理解 Arts and culture is lived and breathed in every corner of Canada. Due to a racial 1 and immigrant (移民) population the variety and richness of art and sports is very evident. Since the Second World War, Canada has produced an impressive amount of writing. From novels to poetry, the selection is wide. Native writers are also becoming better known across Canada in recent years. Musicians are reaching a higher level of recognition in the world music scene. Everything from Country to Pop, Classical to Heavy Rock can be found across Canada and across the globe performed by Canadian artists. Film Crew in Canada. The National Film Board is the primary producer of movies in Canada. However, many Hollywood studios are turning to Canada as a source for locations and as an alternative to the more expensive USA. Many well known actors, directors, screen writers and movies come from Canada and often scoop awards for their work. French art was the first to appear in Canada along the St Lawrence in and around Quebec. Since then the volume of art and artists has increased. Canadian photography as well as painting by Canadians are not well known outside of Canada but recognition is increasing. Sport is a major part of today’s society in Canada. Hockey is the most popular spectator sport with more participants taking part in curling. American style football and baseball are also very popular and all of these sports are played across Canada. 12. What would be the best title for the passage?______ A. A Brief Introduction to Canada B. Canadian Arts, Culture and Sports C. Canadian Artists D. Canadian Arts and Culture Are World Famous 13. Many Hollywood studios come to settle in Canada because______. A. the cost in Canada is lower than that in the USA. B. Canada has many well known actors and directors. C. they want to work together with the movie producers in Canada. D. they want to make movies about Canada 14. Which group of Canadian artists are well known all over the world today?______ A. Native writers and screen writers. B. Photographers and actors. C. Painters and writers. D. Musicians, actors and directors. 15. Which of the statements about Canada is Wrong?______ A. Canadian Arts has been much influenced by French people. B. Canadian people love sports very much. C. There are many big film-making companies in Canada. D. Canadian Arts and artists are becoming better known.

三 语法填空 2 Jonny:Hey!I’m just practicing Tai Chi (太极). Would you like to join me? Peter:I know nothing about it. Is it difficult? Jonny: It seems easy, but you need a lot of practice. You just follow me like this. Peter: OK. Don’t laugh 41_____ me. I may look funny. Jonny: Bend your Knees slightly and reach out your arms like tree branches, naturally and 42______ (soft). Try to keep your body straight. Move slowly, then be sure to keep your balance and don’t let your body shake. Peter: I cannot control my body well. My legs become 43_______(pain). Jonny: Keep 44_______(hold) your position for a while. It helps develop your strength and flexibility. Raise your leg and let 45______stay in the air for seconds. Peter: Be patient! Tai Chi46______ (call) “shadow boxing” in English. It asks you to act like water: to be flexible as well 47____ strong. In real competition, a Tai Chi master borrows the strength of the competitor and uses this energy to fight back. The 48_____ (hard) you try to beat him, the more likely you will get hit. He controls you! Peter: Unbelievable! Oh..., 49______ you don’t mind, I’ll stop and take a deep 50_______. 四 短文改错 Recently I read an article in a magazine. It was of a mother who was worried about his son just because of he always kept his hair long. The mother thought that was not right, but the son felt there was nothing unusually about it. Different generations have different opinions on the same thing. That is what is meaning by "the generation gap". We can see them in our daily lives. Most of our parents like listening to old song while young people prefer pop songs. Every time my father finds me listen to rock music, he always shouted, "Shut it off. It's awful! "How can we deal the generation gap?


书面表达范文 (一) 3 假设你叫李华,你的一位朋友John刚从国外归来,邀请你参加本周日在他 家举办的朋友聚 会,但你不能参加。请你根据以下要点给他写一封电子邮件: 1. 表达想参加的意愿; 2. 忙于准备期末考试; 3. 由于感冒,身体不适; 4. 表示歉意并另约时间。 注意:1.词数:100-120,开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数; 2. 可适当增加细节,以便行文连贯; Dear John, I am extremely sorry to tell you that I am unable to go to your party this Sunday. It is very kind of you to invite me to your house and I really look forward to going to your party and sharing your happy experiences abroad. Much to my regret, I will be absent from your party owing to the fact that the final exam is just around the corner, for which I am now really busy preparing. What’s worse, I have caught a bad cold lately and I am really not myself. Anyway, we will have many more chances to get together. Shall we make it after the exam? I am truly sorry. I hope you will forgive me and accept my sincere apology. I’m looking forward to your reply. (二) 假如你是李华,近日,你班正在开展一场主题为“幸福是什么?”的讨论。请你根据下 列信息,给校报写一封 120 词左右的英文信,介绍讨论的情况。 1.40%学生认为: ①幸福就是住大房,生活在大城市②身体健康,生活无压力自由自在③工 作、生活得过且过,不必吃苦 2.60%学生认为: ①幸福就是拼搏取得成功②保持自信乐观, 迎接各种挑战③爱家人爱朋友, 奉献社会 3.你的看法: (至少两点) Dear editor, I’m writing to tell you about the discussion we’ve had about what happiness is. Happiness means different things to different people. Forty percent of the students hold the opinion that people are happy when they enjoy their life by living in a spacious house in big cities. They hope to enjoy good health and feeling free themselves from stress and pressure. Living a comfortable life and free to do what they like is important to them. Besides, they don’t want to suffer a lot from working very hard. The rest of the students think happiness is hard work, through which people achieved great success. In their opinion, people should be confident, in good spirits and ready to meet all kinds of challenges. What’s more, people should love their family and friends and make contributions to society.

In my opinion, happiness depends on what we think about life. We should first work hard and be successful, and then we can consider living a comfortable life. Yours, Lihua 高二英语 40 分钟限时训练(2) 4


完形填空 41. 解析:选 C。情态动词辨析。句中的 usually 表示常态或习惯性动作,根据语境这里应该表示小女孩的 个人习惯,即通常她会在那个小花园里玩耍,would 意为“会,将会(表示按习惯可能会出现的情况)”, 故答案为 C。 42. 解析:选 B。主句意思是她向往住在那栋漂亮的房子里,从句意思是她爱她的父母和家,可见主从句 之间是让步关系,所以选 Although。 43. 解析:选 A。上句中的 desired“渴望”对本空具有提示作用,且下句提到整天 44. 解析:选 C。本句还原成正常语序应该是: 4 3 关于住在那儿是多么 的美妙和令人兴奋,所以选择 dreamed,dream about doing sth.意为“梦想做……”,故答案为 A。 must feel how wonderful and exciting to live there。可 知 must feel 缺少主语, 而分析句意可知, feel wonderful and exciting(exciting 只用来修饰事物)的应该是 to live there,可见此处真正的主语是 to live there,而空格处单词只是形式主语,能作形式主语的只有 it。 45. 解析:选 D。different 意为“不同的;各式各样的”;scientific 意为“科学的;有系统的”;musical 意为“音 乐的”;basic 意为“基本的”。下文小女孩的妈妈允许她在家附近骑自行车了,按常理推测,此处是说小女 孩到了已经具备一些基本的(basic)技能和识别力的年纪,故选择 D。 46. 解析:选 A。第 1 段提到小女孩渴望的心情,下句说她母亲最终同意(finally allowed)她可以去,可 见此处是说小女孩请求妈妈让她做某事,begged 意为“恳求”,符合文意,故答案为 A。 47. 解析:选 B。下句提到她妈妈让她在房子附近(keeping close to the house),不要走太远,说明这里表达 的是去花园外面(outside)骑车,故答案为 B。 48. 解析: 选 A。 insist on 意为“坚持”; rely on 意为“依赖, 依靠”; argue about 意为“争论, 辩论”; wonder about“想 知道;对……感到奇怪”。上句提到妈妈答应了小女孩的要求,后面妈妈又补充说不要远离自家的房子,辨 析所给的选项 insisting on 符合语境,表达了母亲对小女孩的要求,故答案为 A。 49. 解析:选 C。上文的“a bike ride”,对本空有提示作用,以及本段末句提到她骑车(rode)去了金色房 子那里,句意为她妈妈要求她不要骑(riding)太远,故答案为 C。 50. 解析: 选 C。 madly 意为“发疯似地; 疯狂地”; rapidly 意为“很快地, 迅速地”; exactly“确切地”; possibly“可 能地”。上文提到小女孩一直很喜欢对面山上的那所房子,因此当得到妈妈同意后她确切地(exactly)知道自 己要去哪里,故答案为 C。 51. 解析:选 B。文章首段提到小女孩住在山上(on a hill),所以这里是骑车下山(down the hill),然后穿过 山谷,故答案为 B。 52. 解析:选 D。下段首句提到她下车,然后将自行车靠在门柱上(the gate post),可以推知小姑娘是骑车到 金色房子的门口(gate),故答案为 D。 53. 解析: 选 B。 until 意为“到……为止; 直到…才”; as“由于; 当……时候”; while 意为“在……期间; 与…… 同时”;because 意为“因为”。所填词表示主从句间的逻辑关系,而从句子意思上看,主从句间明显为时间 关系, 需要引导时间状语从句的词, while 引导时间状语从句时, 谓语动词应该是延续性的, 而 got off her bike 为瞬间动词,所以否定 C 选项,as 符合语法和语义要求,故为答案。 5

54. 解析:选 C。get to 意为“到达”;introduce… to 意为“介绍……给……”;lead to 意为“通向”;move to 意 为“朝……移动”。本句要表达的是道路与房子的关系,应该是这条路通向那所房子,leading 符合文意,故 答案为 C。 55. 解析:选 D。上句提到她仔细看着通往房子的小路和房子,空后为“all windows”,将选项一一带入,只 有 found(发现)符合上下文逻辑,故答案为 D。 56. 解析:选 C。transported 意为“情不自禁的”;bright 意为“明亮的”;plain 意为“朴素的;简朴的;相貌 平平的”;wide 意为“宽的;广阔的”。上句说小女孩很失望(very disappointed)和后面提到很脏(very dirty), 由此可以推知这所房子远没有她当初想象得好,很一般,很普通,plain 符合文意。故答案为 C。 57. 解析:选 D。上段提到了小女孩失望,本句中又有心碎(heart-broken),由此可推断小女孩感到伤心和难 过(sad),故答案为 D。 58. 解析:选 A。动词辨析。turn around 意为“转身”;cheer up 意为“(使)高兴起来, (使)振作起来”; settle down 意为“定居; (使)安静下来”;drop in 意为“顺便拜访;降下”。下句提到女孩看到在山谷的另一 边有一所有金色窗户的小房子,可以推知 turn around 符合文意,故答案为 A。 59. 解析:选 D。句子意思为小女孩转身后看到了令人惊讶的什么。结合下句中,小女孩看到的山谷对面 的小房子和金色窗户可知,此处说的是令人惊讶的景象,sight“景象”符合文意,故答案为 D。 60. 解析:选 C。动词辨析。空后面的句子意思是小女孩通过这次经历明白原来自己一直住在充满爱和关 心的金色房子里,她所梦想和渴望的东西一直在自己的身边,也就是说她意识到了(realized)这个道理, 故答案为 C。 语法填空答案: 41.at 42. softly 47. as 43. painful 48. harder 44. holding 49. if 50. breath 45. it 46. Is called 阅读理解 12. B 本题为加标题 根据全文所叙述内容可知答案为 B 项 A 项范围太大;C 项以偏概全; D 项叙述错误 13. A 本题为细节题 根据文中第四段第二句话可知在美国拍电影费用太高 14. D 本题为细节判断题 根据文中第二段可知 native writers 只是在加拿大本土名气增加; 根据文中倒数第 二段最后一句话可知 Canadian photographers and painters 现在并不是世界有名 再根据第三、四两段可知 D 项正确 15. C 本题为推理判断题 根据文中倒数第二段内容可知 A 项正确; 根据最后一段第一句话可知 B 项正确; 根据对各项文化艺术形式的叙述中可知 D 项正确 文章第四段第一句话提到 The National Film Board is the primary producer of movies in Canada.以及后面的 However 可知 C 项叙述错误 四、短文改错(10 分)

Recently I read an article in a magazine. It was of a mother who was worried about about his son just because of he always kept his hair long. The mother thought that her was not right, but the son felt there was nothing unusually about it. Different unusual generations have different opinions on the same thing. That is what is the meaning by of "the generation gap". We can see them in our daily lives. Most of our parents like it listening to old song while young people prefer pop songs. Every time my father songs finds me listen to rock music, he always shouted, "Shut it off. It's awful! "How can

listening we deal the generation gap(代沟)? With



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