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高三英语 9 月摸底试题英语答案
(Text 1) M: Hi, Lisa! How?s the new flat? W: It?s great! But we haven?t finished moving all our furniture yet. M: Did you have any problems when you moved? W:

A few. The leather sofa was too big for the living room so it?s in the dining room for now. (Text 2) M: Susan told me you were on a diet. How much weight have you lost? W: Well, to start with, I weighed 160 pounds. The first two weeks took off 10 pounds, but then I gained 3 over the holidays. (Text 3) W: Where is my marketing project? I have to finish it today. M: I think I saw it in the left drawer, but will you please help me to put that heavy box on the shelf? W: No problem. (Text 4) W: Where have you been all this time? The train is leaving in a minute. M: I?m sorry, Susan. I?m late. I was in a department store looking for something. W: Well, let?s hurry. (Text 5) W: I have waited so long in this line and my feet hurt. M: I just hope that the tickets aren?t sold out yet. W: I?ve heard them singing and playing before, and I think the wait will be worth it. (Text 6) W: Hey, Mike. How have you been? M: Actually, I?ve been really stressed lately. I wish I knew how to relax. W: I?ve been using a very simple technique. Want to hear about it? M: Sure. W: Well, as soon as you get home from work, go into the bedroom, close the door, and sit down in a comfortable chair. M: That?s it? You just sit down? W: Yeah, but you have to close your eyes, and it should be really quiet. After about 15 minutes or so, you?ll feel a lot better. M: Hmm. I?m going to try that tonight. (Text 7) M: I hate running! W:You ought to get more exercise, Fred. It?s good for you. You know, more and more people are starting to exercise. M: You?re just saying that because you think I should exercise more. W:Well, when I came to New York five years ago, almost no one in my office exercised. Now, I just read in my office newsletter that 28% of them go to the gym three or more times a week. And look around you. Don?t you see all the people exercising?

M: How many of them are enjoying it? None! W:Oh, come on, Fred. All of them are enjoying it. M: Maybe just some of them ... I?m exhausted. I think we?d better go home. W: And we?d better get something to drink first. M: Great! (Text 8) W:Have you got any hobbies? M: Yes, I?m fond of fishing, painting, stamp-collecting, and ... W:Wow, so many! I just like taking photographs. M: In my family everyone has more than one interest. My father likes to build things out of wood and collect baseball caps. W:How about your mother? M: In her spare time, she likes going to the gym. She also likes making some things to decorate our home. W:Your sisters and brothers must like fashionable ones. M: I?ve one sister and one brother. My younger brother Alan likes singing, playing the piano and skiing. My younger sister Lisa is 12 years old. Her hobbies include making small things, playing the violin and riding her bicycle around the neighborhood. W: Your family has got a variety of interests. (Text 9) M: Can I help you, madam? W: Yes. Did you have this room checked before we moved in? The toilet doesn?t seem to have enough power and the water doesn?t drain in the shower. What do you have to say to that? M: I?m extremely sorry to hear that. I?ll attend to it right away. We usually check every room before new guests move in. We?ve been busy with a large conference. W: That?s not what you should do, after all. One doesn?t expect this sort of thing here. M: No, madam. I do apologize. It?s most unusual. We do try to check the rooms as thoroughly as possible. Anything else? W: Well, your air conditioning doesn?t seem to be working too well. It?s so hot up there. M: I?ll just try to make it work better and you?ll find it a little cooler in a short time. I?ll also send someone along right away to look at the toilet and shower. (Text 10) M: Hello everyone. Today I?d like to talk about three things with regards to smoking. As we all know, smoking is bad for you. Smoking not only makes you smell terrible, it?s also terrible for your health. Many researchers in the past have linked smoking with cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and even bad breath and yellow teeth. Many of these are serious diseases that can lead to death of an individual. Even passive smoking can be very harmful. Passive smoking is also called second-hand smoke. Exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke causes disease, disability, and death. Surveys and research have shown that the number of people smoking has actually been falling in the past few years. However, what?s alarming is that the number of youths smoking is on the rise. This is troubling and something must be done to prevent this. So what can we do about it? A law has recently been passed to make all restaurants and most indoor places smoke-free. This will hopefully prevent the young people from picking up the

habit. This is an excellent law, because it will lead to a reduction in smoking overall, and especially in youths.

听力: 1-5 CBCAC 6-10 BCABC 11-15 BAACA 16-20 BBCBA 单项选择: 21-25 BADCB 26-30 ABCBA 31-35 CADBD 完型填空: 36-40 CABDD 41-45 BCADB
46-50 CBDAC 51-55 DBCAB 71-75 FCDBE

阅读理解: 56-59 CBBB 60-62 CBD 63-66 BABB 67-70 CBCA 短文改错:

Last week my sister and I went to the park by a bike. I was riding with my sister sit on the stting seat behind. While we came to the crossroads, a young man and a girl came up and stop us. When/ As stopped ?We?ve found you at long last,? they said. But we didn?t know him. We were puzzling. Pointing to them puzzled a policeman not far away, the young man explained at us,“He stopped us about half an hour ago to and made us catching the next person who breaks the rules. So come on, stand here. Wish you catch won?t have to wait as long∧ we did. Good luck. ” wouldn?t as One possible version: Dear Anna, How time flies! We have to say goodbye to you because you are going back to America soon. I?d like to say thanks to you on behalf of the whole class for your teaching us so well. We really appreciate the classes you gave us, in which we could feel happy and relaxed. We also enjoyed the various activities you organized for us. I believe everyone benefits a lot from your classes. Besides, what impressed us most was “Never give up”, which you told us again and again. So even now we are still encouraged to open our mouths to speak. What?s more, you were always calling for team spirit and only in this way did we communicate with each other and share our ideas. We are looking forward to your second visit to China. Yours, Li Hua


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