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01 Manager, I am an exchange student from China. Yesterday, I went to your cinema to see a film. The film was very well, but I did not enjoy it because there were some probl

em in the cinema. First, the film was delayed as there were so much advertisements at the beginning. It was rather annoyed. Second, the sound of the film was too loud that I could hardly bear. The EXIT sig ns could not be seen clearly, which presented potential safety hazards. If something terribly should happen, it will be difficult for people to get out quickly. As a visitor to your city, I’m disappointed with my experience in your cinema. I am writing a letter in the hope that you can consider on these problems and make more improvements. Yours faithfully, Li Hua

02 This morning on my way to school I was deep moved by what I saw outside a bank. An old man was counting his money in the front of the bank. Suddenly a young man came running and knocked him down. To make things bad, his money was lying in all direction. At once the people around rush to pick the money up, while the old man stood there, not know what to do. Surprisingly, everyone gave back the money they had just picked. The old man counted the money again and found that not a single bill was missed. To my great joy, there are now a lot of nice people in your life. It’s true what honesty is more important than money!



03 Years of school life has taught me a lot of thing, of which teamwork is the most important for me. In fact, I didn't realize its importance until I was chosen the monitor of my class in my senior middle school. At first, I did most of the duties myself when other students cared little about class activities. As result, I was tired out and depressing. Then I turned to his teacher and he advised me to cooperate to others. Thus I began to recognize the strengths of my classmates and had everyone do their part in class. It is working in teams instead of on my own who has freed me of trouble and made my work more efficiently. 04 The first time I decide to leave home was when I was upon graduation in high school. I was having trouble get along with my parents. I had about fifty dollar in my pockets, and I thought about leaving home. It took me only two weeks away from home while I started to feel homesick. Living on my own is a total different experience for three main reasons: being more responsible, more decisive and more creative. Because of I’m on my own, I get to deal with my duties without being told. I have to be more careful because my parents are not here to give me their advices. In the other hand, I can make my own future plan. I have made rules for me to follow. 05 I just come back from Britain last week. I was luckily enough to be one of the student from different countries to visit the UK from Feb.16 to 28. We paid a visit to many places, like London, Oxford or the Lake District. I learned much about British culture and history in London, where was my favorite. I also liked Oxford, in which I saw much more old buildings. The Lake District was beautiful, but it was pity that it rained heavily when they were there. The most excited thing



for me in the Britain was that I made a lot of friends there.

06 Dear Jim, I'd like to tell you something more about our school sports meet. It was holding on Oct. 6, which was a fine day. There were over 1,000 students and teachers attend it. Wang Lin, a student from my class won the 100-metre race. He finish the race in 12.6 seconds and broke the school record. We can’t speak too high of him. To my great joy, my class was rewarded first prize. The sports meet was really success. That was because we were all trying to do my best. Although I was not one of the winner, I was proud of that we had done. Looking forward to receiving your letter. Yours, Li Ping 07 As a teenager, I remember Dad get home lately every night. He already had a great work and loved by his students. He took years to finish that he wanted. And now, decades later, I see myself for him. I go to work throughout the week and then came the weekend. I go to class for six hours on Sunday so I can finish my degree that I started twenty years ago. It took me the long time to figure out that what I wanted. I want to do for student what my father did for students. In my opinion, my father is my real hero. 08 College students have a little ways to pay their college fees. Many students have their parents to pay the fees. Some students may apply to a bank loan and others will try to find part-time jobs in



and out of the campus. Apart from this, many good student can win a scholarship. By this way they can pay at least part of the fees. As for me, I will let my parents pay half of their fees because they are rich enough. Beside my study, I will take up a part-time job by teach some high school students maths, physics, chemistry and English, as I’m very good at these important subjects. Of course I will also work very hard at my lessons in order to I can easily win a scholarship. 09 I went to a shop to buy a jacket one Sunday. It is famous one where there are a variety of clothes. I looked all around and finally find an attractive jacket. When I was asked the price, the assistant said, "Seventy dollars." He added that if I paid by cash, he would give me a discount – ten percent off the fixing price. I thought it was so expensive and started to leave. As I was left, he grabbed me and said, "Okay. Forty-five dollars." Delighting, I bought the jacket. However, when I got home and tried on my new jacket, I realized that anything was wrong with it. It had a pocket where wouldn't open. I was speechless and looked at it in amazement.

10 I am very much glad to receive a letter from you. You know, in China we call people born between 1990 and 1999 the post – 90s. I am a boy belong to this group. For our generation, life is getting more difficult than for the old generation. The job market is tough. The house is too expensive to afford. Now many girls would like marry a man who own a house and a car. I don’t think love built on houses and cars was true love. And this is the social reality that they have to face. Because situations are tough today, we post – 90s are making great effort to live a good life. We think we will make life better and better in the future.



11 In recent years many flowers shops have been appeared in our small town. It is common for people to buy flowers when they go to a gathering, visiting a sick friend, or attend a wedding or birthday party. I still remember clear one day last year when Tom, a disabled student, presented some flowers to his mother to express his gratitude for her. He owing his entire life to his mother’s kind and care. With her he would not have had the confidence or the courage to fight his disability. As a result the great effort he has made, he was finally admitted to a key university. 12 Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important family holiday in America. All the members of a family, no matter where far away they are, will try to get together in that day. The first Thanksgiving in America takes place in October 1621. In 1620, the group of Englishmen sailed to Massachusetts .They were looking for a freely place to live in as they chose. So they experienced a hard winter. Half of them starved death. The next spring, they began farming. With the help of local Indians, they learned to be plant corn and raise animals. In the fall, the fields produced a good harvest. Filling with joy and thanks to God, they held a celebration. In 1863, it became a national holiday. 13 Three years ago, I became a student in a ordinary school. Disappointing as I felt at the shabby campus and the poorly-equipped classroom, I find the teachers patient but considerate.Besides, I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in class.I decided to make the best use for it. I worked hardly and got along well my teachers and classmates.Whenever I had difficulties, they were always helpful. Soon, I became one of the top student in my class, what greatly increased my confidence



and I got more motivated.My experience tells me that it is not what you are given but that how you use it that determines who you are. 14 One day a child was play with a vase of great value. He careless put his hand into it. Hard as he tried, he could not pull it out. His father tried his best, too, but their efforts were in a vain. They were thinking of breaking the vase whenever the father said, “Now, my son, why have one more try? Open your hand or hold your fingers out straight as you saw I doing, and then pull.” To his surprise, the child says, “I can’t hold my fingers straight like that, because I don’t want to drop my penny.” Thousand of us sometimes are so busy hold on to the world’s worthless penny that we cannot achieve liberation.

15 Dear Jim, Thank you for your last letter telling me your recently news. I'd like to tell you something about our school sports meet. It was holding on Oct.20, which was a fine day. There were over 1,600 students and teachers attend it. Wang Lin, a student from my class won the 100-meter race. He finishes the race in 11.2 seconds and broke down the school record. They were all very excited. The sports meeting was great success. That was why we were all making every effort to our class honor. Although I was not one of the winner, I was proud of what we had done. Looking forward to receiving your letter. Yours, Li Ping



16 Music always has a special effect for people. You don’t have to know when it comes from and what language it is, but still you can enjoy it. Of all the music I like country music better. I like the comfortable feeling it gives me. It was on the radio where I first hear it. Though I can’t remember the name of the song, but I remember I was thinking of the blue sky, the green land and the quiet life in the countryside when I was listening to it. From then on, I took great interests in country music and bought a lot of tapes. In my spare time, I like t o play the tape and enjoying the music myself. My parents like them, too. They say the music always reminds them the good old days. 17 Nowadays millions of people of all age take pleasure in a hobby which is both interested and fun. And every year more and more people start a stamp collection of your own and discover a n interest which can even last lifetime. Starting your collection of stamps are easy because they are nowhere. Holiday and birthday postcards and letters send by your friends and relatives can provide you for stamps from all over the world. But once you’ve started collecting seriously, you will probably want to join in the Stamp Collectors ’Club which exist to add more stamps to your collection. 18 Dear Editor, I was a happy girl with a warmly family. My parents loved each other although my family was poor. But everything changed when my father fell in love by a young girl about two year ago. Since then, quarrels happen at home almost on every day, left me and my sister crying in despair. I



hate that woman which stole my father. I even hope to live with her before my parents separate and take revenge (报复) on him. But sometimes I think that is not right and I really didn’t want my parents to divorce. What should I do? Could you give me hand? A desperate girl 19 As time passing by, young students from all over the world get together at one of the sixteen conservation camps. The aim is to help protecting the countryside and its wildlife. Many animals and plants are in danger of disappear forever. The dormouse, a kind of mouse, for example, needs woodland plants for food and trees to stay. It’s habitat is being destroyed by man and it needs our help to survive. Through this activity you will learn about the nature and how to protect it. Our trained leaders will company you and tell you everything what you need to know. Because of this, you needn’t to have any experience, just energy and enthusiasm. You will explore the countryside and work to ensure the survival of hundred of animals and plants. 20 Dear Jack, I am Li Hua, one of your student in China. a month since you left us. all miss you and It's We are very grateful for what you did it for us. We are still very busy.We had the English speech contest the another day. I won the first prize, as again reminded me your great help. Do you still remember the trees we plant together on the hill behind our school? Yesterday, they went there and watered them. The tree you planted yourself is growing good, and we've decided to name it Jack Wood. Will you come back to see Jack Wood some day in the future? We hope to know much about you and let's keep in close touch.

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