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宿迁中学 2013-2014 学年高三年级(上)英语周练(四)
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第一部分:选择题(共35小题;每小题1分,满分35分) 1. It's known to all that large quantities of TV and Radio programs in China were produced _______ people’s concern over edible oil last year. A. to raise B. raising C. raised D. having raised 2. Unlike the earth, Mars is too cold and Venus is far too hot _______ there to be any life. A. as B. so C. like D. for 3. — How I regret making the stupid mistake! — Yes. I your doing it another way at that time, but in vain. A. have suggested B. suggested C. would suggest D. had suggested 4. — Have the police broken the case? —Yes, five men, including a pair of twins, have admitted robbery at the store, but _______ murder. A. denied B. refused C. rejected D. declined 5. Most Chinese carmakers are years behind their western counterparts _______ quality, technology and service. A. in terms of B. in need of C. in favor of D. in praise of 6. A housing bubble is an economic situation ____ occurs when house prices rise much too fast. A. which B. where C. what D. why 7. Rock-climbing is a breathtaking activity, very popular nationwide among young people, ______ cooperation as well as courage plays an important role. A. who B. which C. where D. of which 8. — I’m sorry! I would have taken him to hospital if I had known he was seriously ill. — But ______. A. you didn't B. you hadn't C. he wasn't D. you aren't 9. The teacher is kind to every student but he makes no ______ in matters of principle. A. comment B . compromise C. competence D. complaint 10. — He was nearly killed by a car once. — Oh! When was________ exactly? — It was in 2002 ________ he was riding a bike on the drive-way. A. this; that B. that; when C. that; that D. this; when 11. —Have you ever read The Brief History of Time? —Yes. While in Britain, I it a couple of times. A. have read B. read C. had read D. was reading 12. is often the case with children, Amy was better by the time the doctor arrived. A. It B. That C. What D. As 13. The survivors of the air crash reached a lonely island two days later ________ was completely cut off from the outside world. A. when B. where C. which D. whom 14. Unfortunately, the new statistics ______ our worst fears about the depth of the economic crisis. A. removed B. overcame C. confirmed D. decreased
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15. I am always delighted when I receive an e-mail from you. ________ the party on July 1st, I shall be pleased to attend. A. In terms of B. In response to C. In favor of D. In regard to 16. The real secret to successful learning lies in students ________ an interest in what they are doing. A. to take B. taking C. taken D. having taken 17. The hand-decorated ancient plate, __________ 30 cm across, was valued at over $ 2 million. A. measured B. measuring C. to measure D. having measured 18. In the job interviews job applicants often find themselves __________ unexpected questions, some very difficult to answer. A. to ask B. asked C. to be asked D. asking 19. Next time you should avoid words like fat, as she is __________ about her weight. A. cautious B. sensitive C. guilty D. particular 20. It’s said that the power plant is now _________ large as what it was. A. twice more than as B. as more than twice as C. more than twice as D. as more than twice 21. Some people care much about their appearance and always ask if they look fine in _______ they are wearing. A. that B. what C. how D. which 22. Experts point out that this problem is not ________ to middle-aged people, and it occurs among the younger generation as well. A. linked B. limited C. related D. committed 23. _________ in doing something, unaware of things happening round you is a good quality a student should possess. A. Absorbing B. Absorbed C. Being absorbed D. To absorb 24. How can I help them to understand _________ they won’t listen to me? A. when B. while C. where D. unless 25. When you look at ______ great effects the climate change has on our life, you’ll agree that it is the most pressing global problem. A. which B. how C. what D. why 26. With all the novels he was intrseted in __________, he left the library and went back to his dorm. A. borrow B. borrowing C. to borrow D. borrowed 27. — Can you tell me how I can win others’ respect? — _________you treat them the way you would like to be treated. A. If only B. As if C. Even if D. Only if 28. ________ of leaking government classified documents, Edward Snowden has become the most wanted man around the world. A. To be suspected B. Suspected C. Suspecting D. Having suspected 29. I don’t think David could have done such a stupid thing last night, _________? A. did he B. didn’t he C. don’t I D. do I 30. Thanks to the efforts of many different organizations, people in some developing countries no longer suffer starvation. __________, poverty remains a problem worldwide. A. Nevertheless B. In contrast C. Furthermore D. On the contrary
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31. — I need to advertise for a roommate for next term. — ________? Alicia said she’s intrested. A. Why bother B. why not C. What for D. How come 32. Heros are those who, given a choice between doing the right thing at great personal cost or the wrong thing for great personal benefit, ________ the former. A. choose B. chosen C. choosing D. to choose 33. The fear of failing exams can cause you to panic and stress can be a(n) _________ to your performance at school. A. solution B. invitation C. block D. access 34. — Have you asked John to come to the party this evening? — Yes, I have, but he __________. A. didn’t B. hasn’t C. hadn’t D. wouldn’t 35. — I just can’t stop worrying about the result of my medical examination. — _________. There’s nothing you can do now but wait. A. Sit back and relax B. Watch out for it C. Just a moment D. Take you time 第二部分: 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1分, 满分20分) In a world where comparisons happen non-stop, it is difficult to look outside yourself and to ever be 36 with who you are. There’s always someone who’s a bit 37 . The only solution is to reach 38 and measure against what Warren Buffett calls your own inner yardstick. There is no more 39 measure for comparison than who your were yesterday, last week or last decade, when you were at your 40 . Nothing useful ever comes from comparison to others. Either you see yourself as better than someone and you get 41 , or you see someone else as better than you and you feel like all your hard work is for 42 . It is a fool’s game. Not one of us is exactly 43 . The only direct and honest comparison is 44 yourself. Everything else is apples to oranges. My opinion is that you are only 45 to compare yourself to someone else if their life 46 is the same as your own. Good luck finding that 47 . And one thing is for sure. No matter how hard you work and how dedicated you are, there will always be someone who can run a little faster, jump a little higher, score a little better or look a little nicer in a swimsuit. And if there’s not, you can 48 someone is coming up fast 49 you. So how can you always win in life? Become your best 50 . Having an image of your most recent past limits is the perfect thing to 51 you to the next level. If you ran 7 flights of stairs yesterday, then do 8 today. Who 52 if the guy next to you did 15? It doesn’t make a bit of 53 . You are a more 54 person today than you were yesterday. Your own 55 is all you need. 36. A. patient B. strict C. content D. concerned 37. A. stronger B. better C. lazier D. wiser 38. A. inside B. out C. for D. up 39. A. accurate B. useful C. careful D. powerful 40. A. end B. best C. convenience D. side 41. A. satisfied B. busy C. inspired D. lazy 42. A. nothing B. fun C. sure D. success 43. A. equal B. unique C. alike D. common 44. A. within B. by C. for D. of
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45. A. instructed B. allowed C. directed D. suggested 46. A. situation B. position C. occasion D. accommodation 47. A. game B. match C. friend D. enemy 48. A. conclude B. bet C. announce D. declare 49. A. before B. beside C. below D. behind 50. A. assistant B. competitor C. coach D. teacher 51. A. contribute B. expose C. push D. devote 52. A. cares B. says C. wonders D. asks 53. A. effort B. sense C. difference D. change 54. A. successful B. happy C. lucky D. fit 55. A. benefit B. progress C. habit D. result 第三部分:阅读理解(共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分) A As more Americans go to mainland China to take jobs, more Chinese and Americans are working side by side. These crosscultural partnerships, while beneficial in many ways, are also highlighting tensions that expose differences in work experience, pay levels and communication. In the last few years, a growing number of Americans in their 20s and 30s have been heading to China for employment, attracted by its faster growing economy and lower jobless rate. Their Chinese coworkers are often around the same age. But the two groups were raised differently. The Americans have had more exposure to free?market principles. “Young Americans were brought up in a commercial environment,” said Neng Zhao, 28, a senior associate at Blue Oak Capital, a private firm based in Beijing. “We weren’t. So the workplace is a unique learning process for my generation.” Managers hiring workers in China appear to be paying for Western experience. Foreigners tend to earn 10 to 15 percent more than their Chinese counterparts (persons working in similar positions), said Michael Norman, senior vice president at Sibson Consulting, an American firm. That imbalance does not go unnoticed by Chinese workers. “There is definitely the belief that Americans get paid more for the same work.” said Ting Wang, 25, an associate at Wild China, a travel company based in Beijing. On the other hand, Chinese workers have a deeper understanding of the influences, like Confucianism and Communism, which play a part in their country’s culture and economy. It is important and necessary for Americans working in China to adjust, said Mr. Norman, who works on management and work force issues for multinational companies operating in Asia. “In the West, there is such a bonus on getting things done quickly, but when you come to work in China, you need to work on listening and being more patient and understanding of local ways of doing business,” he said. 56. More Americans go to China to take jobs because __________. A. they want to experience different cultures B. Chinese workers are easier to cooperate C. they can't find proper jobs in America D. the economy of China is developing rapidly 57. What does the underlined word “imbalance” in Paragraph 3 refer to? A. Unfair pay levels. B. Different working experience. C. Unequal opportunities. D. Different upbringing environment.
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58. We can infer from the last paragraph that __________. A. Americans working in China adjust very well B. ways of doing business in different countries differ C. doing business in China takes money and patience D. international companies need to understand each other B Home Laundry Automatic Dryer Product Full Two Year Warranty (保修) Limited Five Year Warranty on Cabinet (机箱) Warranty Provides for: FIRST TWO YEARS Amana will repair or replace any faulty part free of charge. THIRD THRU FIFTH YEARS Amana will provide a free replacement part for any cabinet which proves faulty due to rust (生锈)。 Warranty Limitations: Owner’s Responsibilities: ? Warranty begins at date of original purchase. ? Provide sales receipt. ? Applies only to product used within the United ? Normal care and maintenance. States or in Canada if product is approved by ? Having the product reasonably Canadian Standards Association when shipped accessible for service. from factory. ? Pay for service calls related to product ? Products used on a commercial or rental basis installation or usage instructions. not covered by this warranty. ? Pay for extra service costs, over normal ? Service must be performed by an Amana service charges, if servicer is requested servicer. to perform service outside servicer’s ? Adjustments covered during first year only. normal business hours. Warranty Does Not Cover It If: In no event shall Amana be responsible ? Product has damage due to product alteration, for consequential damages.﹡ connection to an improper electrical supply, *This warranty gives you specific legal shipping and handling, accident, fire, floods, rights, and you may have others which lightning or other conditions beyond the control vary from state to state. For example, of Amana. some states do not allow the exclusion or ? Product is improperly installed or applied. limitation of consequential damages, so this exclusion may not apply to you. 59. According to Warranty Limitations, a product can be under warranty if __________. A. shipped from a Canadian factory B. rented for home use C. repaired by the user himself D. used in the U.S.A. 60. According to Owner’s Responsibilities, an owner has to pay for __________. A. the loss of the sales receipt B. a servicer’s overtime work C. the product installation D. a mechanic’s transportation 61. Which of the following is true according to the warranty? A. Consequential damages are not included across America. B. A product damaged in a natural disaster is covered by the warranty. C. A faulty cabinet due to rust can be replaced free in the second year. D. Free repair is available for a product used improperly in the first year.
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C Why do some people flush when they drink alcohol? This effect is a common reaction to alcohol among East Asians. It affects about 36 percent of Japanese, Chinese and Koreans. For many, even a small amount of alcohol can cause unpleasant effects. Most commonly, their face, neck and sometimes their whole body turn red. People might also feel uncomfortable and sick to their stomach. They might experience a burning sensation, increased heart rate, shortness of breath and headaches. The cause is a genetic difference that they are born with called an ALDH2 deficiency (缺乏). It prevents their bodies from treating alcohol the way other people do. But the effects might be more serious than just a red face. Researchers warn of a link between this condition and an increased risk of cancer of the esophagus (食道) from drinking alcohol. The more alcohol people with this deficiency drink, the greater their risk is. In Japan and South Korea, for example, many people have the deficiency but still drink heavily. Researchers found that these drinkers develop a form of esophageal cancer six to ten times more often than those without the deficiency. Esophageal cancer is one of the deadliest cancers. It can be treated when found early, but once it grows the chances of survival drop sharply. The researchers estimate that at least five hundred forty million people have the deficiency, about eight percent of the world’s population. Philip Brooks is a researcher at the National Institute in the United States. He says it is important to educate people about the link between the alcohol flushing effect and esophageal cancer. He says doctors should ask East Asian patients about their experiences with facial flushing after drinking alcohol. Those with a history of it should be advised to limit their alcohol use. They should also be warned that cigarette smoking works with the alcohol in a way that further increases the risk of esophageal cancer. 62. The under lined word “flush” in Paragraph 1 probably means “_________”. A. walk unsteadily B. turn red in the face C. appear unpleasant D. talk more than usual 63. The second paragraph is mainly about _________. A. the cause of the effects of alcohol B. Asians and alcohol C. the advantages of drinking alcohol D. unpleasant effects caused by alcohol 64. We can infer from the passage that _________. A. about 36 percent of Japanese, Chinese and Koreans are heavy drinkers B. the ALDH2 deficiency may be passed on from generation to generation C. unpleasant effects occur only when people with this deficiency drink a lot D. only some East Asians have the ALDH2 deficiency 65. Esophageal cancer is one of the deadliest cancers because _________. A. it can’t be treated at all B. it is hard to be discovered early C. it is hard to cure once it has developed D. people are usually addicted to alcohol
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D I lost my sight when I was four years old by falling off a box car in a freight yard in Atlantic City and landing on my head. Now I am thirty two. I can slightly remember the brightness of sunshine and what color red is. It would be wonderful to see again, but a calamity (灾难) can do strange things to people. It occurred to me the other day that I might not have come to love life as I do if I hadn't been blind. I believe in life now. I am not so sure that I would have believed in it so deeply, otherwise. I don't mean that I would prefer to go without my eyes. I simply mean that the loss of them made me appreciate the more what I had left. Life, I believe, asks a continuous series of adjustments to reality. The more readily a person is able to make these adjustments, the more meaningful his own private world becomes. The adjustment is never easy. I was totally confused and afraid. But I was lucky. My parents and my teachers saw something in me--a potential to live, you might call it--which I didn't see, and they made me want to fight it out with blindness. The hardest lesson I had to learn was to believe in myself. That was basic. If I hadn't been able to do that, I would have collapsed and become a chair rocker on the front porch for the rest of my life. When I say belief in myself I am not talking about simply the kind of self confidence that helps me down an unfamiliar staircase alone. That is part of it. But I mean something bigger than that: an assurance that I am, despite imperfections, a real, positive person; that somewhere in the sweeping, intricate(错综复杂的)pattern of people there is a special place where I can make myself fit. It took me years to discover and strengthen this assurance. It had to start with the simplest things. Once a man gave me an indoor baseball. I thought he was making fun of me and I was hurt. "I can't use this." I said. "Take it with you," he urged me, "and roll it around." The words stuck in my head. "Roll it around! "By rolling the ball I could hear where it went. This gave me an idea how to achieve a goal I had thought impossible: playing baseball. At Philadelphia's Overbrook School for the Blind I invented a successful variation of baseball. We called it ground ball. All my life I have set ahead of me a series of goals and then tried to reach them, one at a time. I had to learn my limitations. It was no good trying for something that I knew at the start was wildly out of reach because that only invited the bitterness of failure. I would fail sometimes anyway but on the average I made progress. 66.We can learn from the beginning of the passage that _______ A. the author lost his sight because of a car crash. B. the author wouldn't love life if the disaster didn't happen. C. the disaster made the author appreciate what he had. D. the disaster strengthened the author's desire to see. 67.What's the most difficult thing for the author? A. How to adjust himself to reality. B. Building up assurance that he can find his place in life. C. Learning to manage his life alone. D. How to invent a successful variation of baseball. 68. According to the context, “a chair rocker on the front porch” in paragraph 3 means that the author __________ A. would sit in a rocking chair and enjoy his life.
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B. would be unable to move and stay in a rocking chair. C. would lose his will to struggle against difficulties. D. would sit in a chair and stay at home. 69.According to the passage, the baseball and encouragement offered by the man _____ A. hurt the author's feeling. B. gave the author a deep impression. C. directly led to the invention of ground ball. D. inspired the author. 70. What is the best title for the passage? A. A Miserable Life B. Struggle Against Difficulties C. A Disaster Makes a Strong Person D. An Unforgettable Experience 第四部分:任务型阅读(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分) Learning inside the museum Museums have an important role in providing learning services to users, especially school children. Some learning services will provide a range of formal teaching opportunities in the museum; others will work closely with school teachers so that these teachers can make better use of the learning resources available through displays and exhibitions, databases, handling collections and museum staff. In an ideal world, every museum would have at least an learning or educational specialist. He or she would be a trained teacher who also had a good understanding of museums and museum collections, and a strong feeling to help people—especially children—use and learn from them. A museum education specialist is of great value. For most museums the establishment of such a post should be high priority. He or she is the only member of staff with training in psychology of learning, and has considerable experience of analyzing complex concepts and presenting them in a simple way to non-specialist audience. The education specialist is, indeed, the only professional interpreter in the museum. It is clearly reasonable, therefore, for the museum to make full use of the education specialist’s skills, and to involve him or her in all aspects of interpretation and the planning of new displays and exhibitions. Museum learning is not just about teaching children, though children may be its principal audience. Many small museums may not be able to employ an education specialist of their own. For them, there are other possibilities. One is that the local School Service may be able to lend a teacher to the museum, perhaps for two or three years, who could be trained to apply teaching skills to the museum context. Another is that suitable volunteers may be available in the community—perhaps retired teachers, or teachers not presently working—who may be willing to give some of their time to the museum. Another possibility is sponsorship: a large company might be willing to finance the appointment of an education specialist for a few years. An imortant part of the work for the education specialist in a museum is to estabilish strong links with its local schools. He or she is a communicator who has responsibility for keeping contact with the teachers at local schools. He or she should make sure that the schools know waht is going on at the museum and how they can make use of it, and that the museum staff
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know about developments in the schools. Above all, it is their responsibility to find out what schools want, and to ensure that the museum does its best to meet those requirements. There needs to be a continuing dialogue between teachers and museum: the museum needs to know what the teachers are teaching; teachers need to learn how the museum could help, and what resources they could use. The look of wonder on a child’s face can be the reward for a lifetime’s work in museums. The aims of museum learning are to establish contact between people—whether children or adults— and oblects; and not to teach facts, but to sow a seed of interest, a spark (火花)of inspiration. Learning inside the museum 71) _________ a range of formal teaching opportunities in museums Working with school teachers to 72) ________ them make better use of the learning resources available in museums For most museums ·a trained teacher who 73) ______ well about museums and desires to help people use and learn about museums ·a professional interpreter with training in the psychology of learning and experience of helping people learn about museums more74) ________ The features of the education specialist in museums For small museums ·a teacher who is 75) ______ to a small museum by the local School Service and is trained about museum context ·a suitable volunteer who 76) _______ to work for a small museum ·a person who is 77) ______ by a large company A communicator between the museum and the local schools who is 78) ___________ for both sides to know better about each other To establish contact between people and objects To interest and 80) _________ people

The functions of museum learning services

The 79) __________ of museum learning

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第五部分:翻译(共5小题;每小题5分,满分25分) 1. 马丁路德金发表的演说——《我有一个梦想》成了当时各大报纸的头版头条,给美国 政客们带来了压力。 (make the headlines; deliver; pressure) _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. 在场的张森冒着生命危险拯救落水女孩。宿迁失去了一个英雄。 (risk;lose) _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. 常言道“不劳无获”。你不努力,怎么能指望取得好成绩呢?(saying;when) _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 4. 应对失业问题的另一个途径是培养年轻人计算机操作能力, 满足快速成长的信息产业 的需求。 (address) _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 5. 你必须把火车晚点考虑进去,否则,你很可能错失面试机会。 (allow for; or) _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

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宿迁中学 2013-2014 学年高三年级(上)英语周练(四) 参考答案
一、单选 1-5 ADBAA 6-10 ACABB 11-15 BDCCD 16-20 BBBBC 21-25BBCAC 26-30 DDBAA 31-35 AACDA 二、完型 36-40 CBAAB 41-45 DACAB 46-50 ABBDB 51-55 CACDB 三、阅读 56-58 DAB 59-61 DBC 62-65 BDBC 66-70 CBCDC 四、任务型阅读 71. Providing 72. help 73. knows/understands 74. easily 75. lent 76. willing 77. sponsored/financed/supported 78. responsible 79. aims/ purposes 80. inspire 五、翻译 1. The speech delivered by Martin Luther King, I have a dream, made the headlines, which put great pressure on the American politicians. 2. Zhang Sen who was present then risked his life to save the drowning girl. A hero was lost to Suqian. 3. A saying goes that no pains, no gains. How can you expect a high score when you do not even put efforts into your study? 4. Another way to address the problem of unemployment is to train young people in how to operate a computer to meet the requirements of the fast-growing IT industry. 5. You must allow for the train being late, or you are likely to miss the job interview.

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