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第一部分 必修二 Unit3 omputers

第一部分 必修二 Unit3 omputers
Ⅰ.完形填空 Once a beautiful diamond necklace of a king was lost.The king then offered a __1__ for $50,000 for anybody who found it. One day a clerk was walking along

a __2__ next to an industrial area,which was completely polluted and smelly.Suddenly, he saw something __3__ in the river and when he looked carefully, he saw the diamond necklace.He decided to try and catch it so that he could get the __4__.He put his hand in the dirty river and grabbed at the necklace, but somehow __5__ it.He then walked in the water and put his whole arm in.But strangely, he still missed it!He came out, feeling __6__. Then again he saw the necklace,__7__ there.This time he dived into the river.He searched everywhere and yet he __8__. Just then an old man who was __9__, saw him, and asked him what was the matter.The clerk didn't want to share the secret with him, so he __10__ to tell him anything.But the old man could see the clerk was __11__ and promised he would not tell anyone about it.The clerk then decided to put some __12__ in the old man.He talked about the necklace and how he tried to catch it, but __13__ failing.The old man suggested that perhaps he should try looking upward, toward the branches of the tree, instead of in the river.The clerk looked up, and __14__ enough, the necklace was hanging on a __15__.He had been trying to get a reflection (倒影) of the real necklace all the time. Material happiness is just like the polluted river, because it is a reflection of the true happiness in the spiritual world. 1.A.competition C.reward 2.A.playground C.street 3.A.waving C.shining 4.A.money C.treasure 5.A.missed C.touched 6.A.afraid C.guilty 7.A.up B.notice D.gift B.beach D.river B.swimming D.moving B.power D.pleasure B.followed D.caught B.happy D.depressed B.right


C.over 8.A.waited C.started 9.A.coming back C.getting up 10.A.managed C.refused 11.A.interested C.scared 12.A.happiness C.luck 13.A.forgot C.kept 14.A.straight C.far 15.A.branch C.stick Ⅱ.语法填空

D.out B.left D.failed B.passing by D.sitting down B.determined D.offered B.surprised D.troubled B.faith D.courage B.minded D.enjoyed B.true D.near B.house D.wire

Several times each year the Queen gives afternoon tea parties. But she simply sits beside a big silver plate, pouring cups of tea for everyone and __1__ (skill) avoiding the cakes and sandwiches. At cocktail parities the Queen moves from group to group, chatting informally, and manages to make one glass of drink last __2__ entire evening. Tours abroad are difficult because hosts seem to have a __3__ (believe) that the warmth of their welcome must be shown with wonderful state banquets (宴会). But the Queen has perfected the art of appearing to enjoy her meal without actually eating much. During one visit __4__ the Pacific islands of Tonga, a speciallyprepared dinner was arranged in her honor. The Queen looked uneasily at her plate __5__ she discovered a whole roast pig was her serving. Then a turkey, some meat, an apple and bananas __6__ (carry) in for each guest. But she depended __7__ her old favorite trick of talking with her host, King Tupou Ⅳ, and carrying on a warm conversation. Sometimes the Queen will seem so carried away by foreign leader's political chat __8__ she simply never has time to finish a meal before it is time to get up and make her speech.She will lift her fork to swallow a mouthful, and then put __9__ down again to make another point, leaving almost all of her meal __10__ (touch).

Ⅲ.阅读理解 A Xinhua — The Shenzhou Ⅷ unmanned spacecraft will return to Earth Thursday evening following China's first space docking (交会,对 接)procedure with space lab module Tiangong1. The Shenzhou Ⅷ is scheduled to touch down around 7 pm at a landing site lying in Siziwang Banner (county) in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous (自 治的) region. The landing site has been on alert since the spacecraft was launched. The landing area is 15 times larger than the one used in previous missions, making it more difficult to retrieve (收回) the craft, said Zhang Haidong, commanderinchief of this program. Zhang said the task of retrieving the Shenzhou Ⅷ will be “tremendous (巨大的)”,despite the fact that the craft is unmanned. The craft has been in space for 17 days, much longer than China's previous missions. “All of these requirements have made our workload heavier than before,” Zhang said. A search and recovery team has been organized for the return of the spacecraft, according to Zhang, adding that the craft should be retrieved within two and a half hours of landing. The search and recovery team will use four helicopters equipped with receivers designed to detect signals from the craft. After finding the craft, the team will conduct a series of inspections and collect data from the vessel (船). Incubators (储存箱) inside the craft must be handled delicately and sent back to Beijing immediately, as they contain biological experiments jointly conducted by Chinese and German scientists. Six of China's seven previously launched spacecraft landed in the grasslands of Siziwang banner. The region is wellsuited for spacecraft landings, as it has small population, is relatively flat and has few trees or natural formations that could cause problems during landing procedures. The region is also free of highvoltage (高电压的) power lines, railways or rivers, all of which could bring a threat to a returning spacecraft. The area's dry weather and high visibility are expected to aid the search team in finding and recovering the craft. 1.What's the main idea of the passage? A.The Shenzhou Ⅷ will land in North China's Inner Mongolia. B.The Shenzhou Ⅷ will return to the earth. C.A search and recovery team has been organized for the return of the Shenzhou Ⅷ. D.The Shenzhou Ⅷ has been in space for 17 days. 2.What does the underlined word in the fourth paragraph mean? A.organizations




3.The Shenzhou Ⅷ will land in the area which is ________. A.as large as that used for the former craft B.a bit larger than that used for the former craft C.15 times larger than that used for the former craft D.in a foreign country 4.After the Shenzhou Ⅷ returns, ________. A.it will be recycled B.the search and recovery team will inspect the craft and gather data from it C.all the things connected with the Shenzhou Ⅷ will be sent back to Beijing D.the data from the craft will be used for biological experiments done only by Chinese scientists 5.All of the following are the reasons why the region is chosen to be the landing area except ________. A.few people live there and the land there is rather flat B.there are no highvoltage power lines, railways or rivers C.the weather there is dry even though it is cloudy sometimes D.the weather there is dry and everything is easy to see clearly B Spring break, as the name implies, refers to the custom among American schools, colleges and universities to give their students a full week off from their studies at some time during the spring season. The dates of spring break will vary from school to school. Some schools time their breaks to fit in with the Easter weekend, allowing students to travel home for that important holiday, while others time spring break to include St. Patrick's Day. While some college students might indeed use their spring breaks to catch up on their studies or to spend time with their families, many others travel to resorts(度假胜地), in or out of the United States, in order to get together with their friends, sometimes in circumstances that involve a great deal of drinking and public disorder. For many years, Fort Lauderdale, Florida was a popular destination for students from all over the country, until local residents objected to the damage caused by the students. The same phenomenon occurred in popular Daytona Beach, Florida. Many American communities still “turn a blind eye” to the disruption (破坏), however, since spring break traffic is an important factor in the local economy, despite the fact that most college students are under the minimum legal drinking age of 21. Tour companies provide special

discounted spring break packages for the students to Mexico or countries of the Caribbean. These countries often have a lower minimum drinking age than the United States or are more tolerant (容 忍的) of underage drinking. The income from tourism is important for them. 6.What can we learn from the first paragraph? A.Different schools have spring breaks at different times. B.All Americans have spring breaks. C.Students are not allowed to go home in the spring break. D.Not all schools have spring breaks. 7.Local residents in Fort Lauderdale, Florida probably ________. A.try to make friends with the students B.welcome students from all over the country C.join the students in their celebration D.are quite annoyed with the students 8.We can infer from the second paragraph that________. A.students can cause trouble during the spring break B.none of the students make good use of the spring break C.students are not allowed to get together to drink D.the spring break is mainly intended for college students 9.Many American communities “turn a blind eye” to the disruption because ________. A.they can do little about the students B.the spring break is a legal holiday C.the spring break does good to their economy D.they respect the students' choices 10.One important reason why students travel to Mexico and the Caribbean countries is that ________. A.the students can enjoy the beautiful scenery there B.the students can drink as much as they like C.they are near the United States D.it's convenient to spend holidays there

Ⅰ. 完形填空


语篇解读: 本文是一篇记叙文。 通过一位办事员在一条臭气熏天的小河中捞钻石项链的 故事阐明一个道理:物质的幸福犹如一条臭水沟,因为在精神的世界里,它只是真正幸 福的一种虚幻的倒影。

1.解析:国王的项链丢了,于是他就悬赏:任何找到这条项链的人就会得到五万美元 的奖赏(reward)。 答案:C 2.解析:下文多处 river 都有提示:这位办事员正沿着工业区附近的一条小河(river)走。 答案:D 3.解析:这是一条钻石项链,所以会闪闪(shining)发光。 答案:C 4. 解析: 上文 reward 提示: 一旦他要从河中捞出这条项链, 他就可以得到这笔钱(money)。 答案:A 5.解析:从下文 he still missed it 可推知,他捞不住这条项链。miss 本意为“错过”, 在此意为“未得到,未捞到”。 答案:A 6.解析:捞不到这条项链,就得不到奖赏,自然他很沮丧(depressed)。 答案:D 7.解析:right 在此作副词,意思是“正好、恰好”。句意:他又一次看见了项链,就 在那里。 答案:B 8.解析:从下文情节可推知,他并没有捞到这条项链,故选 failed。 答案:D 9.解析:一位老人经过(pass by)这里。 答案:B 10.解析:所以当老人问他原由时,他什么也没有说,故选 refused。 答案:C 11.解析:老人看到这个人在臭水沟里摸来摸去,显然他能够看出这位办事员有麻烦事 (troubled)。 答案:D 12.解析:下文提到这位办事员最终说出了实情,说明他信任了(faith)这位老人。 答案:B 13.解析:但是他连续(kept)几次都失败了。 答案:C

14.解析:此处实际是 it is true 的省略说法,意思是“确实,真的,的确”。 答案:B 15.解析:这条项链就挂在树枝(branch)上。 答案:A Ⅱ.语法填空 语篇解读:该文讲的是英国女王出访时如何注意自己的饮食。

1.解析:修饰动词应用副词形式。 答案:skillfully 2.解析:根据句意,应填一个不定冠词,表示“一整个晚上”,表泛指,元音开头用 不定冠词 an。 答案:an 3.解析:不定冠词后应用名词,再加上后面有一个同位语从句,解释这个名词的内容。 答案:belief 4.解析:常用介词搭配,去某地参观要用介词 to。 答案:to 5.解析:这里强调的时间,表示女王对发现一整头烤猪摆在她面前作为给她的一份食 物所作出的反应。 答案:when/as 6.解析:动词的语态和主谓一致,本题缺谓语动词。 答案:were carried 7.解析:因 depend on/upon 是固定搭配。 答案:on 8.解析:结果状语从句用 so ...that ...。 答案:that 9.解析:指代前面的 her fork。 答案:it 10.解析:根据意思,填 untouched 表示“未触动过的”。 答案:untouched Ⅲ.阅读理解 A 语篇解读:本文为神舟八号飞船与天宫一号完成对接任务将要返回地球的新闻 报道。


1. 解析:主旨大意题。由文中第一、二段可知,神舟八号在与天宫一号完成对接任务 后将回到地球,将在内蒙古自治区着陆。通篇围绕神舟八号的回归进行报道,故 B 项正确。 A、C、D 三项都是文章中的一部分,太片面。 答案:B 2. 解析:词义猜测题。根据本段的描述,神舟八号在太空中已经运行了 17 天,此时间 比其他飞船在太空中运行的时间要长,所以此处应指“飞船”,故 B 选项正确。 答案:B 3. 解析:细节理解题。根据文章第三段可知,神舟八号的着陆地在中国的内蒙古自治 区。它将着陆的区域比以往的飞船着陆的区域大了 15 倍,故 C 项正确。 答案:C 4. 解析:细节理解题。根据文章第五段可知,神舟八号飞船回到地球后,搜索队和回 收队将收集它所带回的信息资料, 并把飞船的核心部分迅速送回北京, 为由中国及德国科学 家所共同执行的生物实验提供资料。所以 B 项正确,A、C 两项原文没有提及;D 项漏掉了 German scientists。 答案:B 5. 解析:细节理解题。根据文章最后两段可知,这里的草原人烟稀少,地较平坦没有 很多的树木, 且没有高压线铁路河流等易对飞船着陆带来威胁的因素; 这里的天气干燥能见 度高非常有利于搜寻回收着陆飞船。A、B、D 符合文章的表述,所以选 C。 答案:C B 语篇解读:本文是说明文。介绍美国学校春假的一些情况。

6.解析:细节理解题。从文章第一段可知,各个学校安排放春假的时间不同。 答案:A 7.解析:推理判断题。文章第二段说明,在春假里有些学生喝酒狂欢、制造混乱,因 此旅游景区的居民对他们很恼火。 答案:D 8.解析:推理判断题。文章第二段说明,学生在春假里喝酒狂欢,制造混乱,由此可 推知 A 项正确。 答案:A 9.解析:细节理解题。从文章第三段 spring break traffic is an important factor in the local economy 可知,大量学生来此度假可以促进当地经济发展。 答案:C 10.解析:细节理解题。从文章第三段可知,在墨西哥或者加勒比地区国家,法定饮酒


年龄低,这是吸引美国学生的重要原因之一。 答案:B


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