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英语(牛津译林版)九年级上 Unit4 TV programmes 课时2-3 Reading 课件

Reading (1)
? Ask students if they want to know what’s on TV, what will they do ? ? Read a TV guide

? Sports World 10 a.m --- 11.30 a.m ? Beijing Music Awards 8 p.m --- 10 p.m ? Sunshine TV will broadcast the programmes.
? Murder in a Country House 7 p.m – 9.30p.m ? Tiger Watch 10.30 p.m– 11.30p.m ? The programmes will be broadcast on Golden TV

What’s on this Saturday

Read the passage and fill in the table:
Station Programme About what Time

? 1.If the sport fan cannot often watch TV, what kind TV programme is suitable ? Why ? ? weekly, round-up, up-to-date information ? 2.What does this programme cover ? ? 3. If you are not a football fan, why is this week’s programme a bit boring ?

? 1. How will this year’s Beijing Music Awards be covered ? ? 2. Who will attend the presentation ? ? 3. What have lots of fans voted online for ? ? 4. When will the results be announced ? ? 5. How can people win two free concert tickets ?

New words: 1. round-up 2. up-to-date 3. presentation A. take part in an event B. shown on television

C. a formal event during which gifts and prizes are given
D. a short report of the most important information E. tell a decision, plans, etc. to the public F. includes the latest information

4. announce
5. attend

6. cover

Step 3: True or false (F )1. We can watch sports news on Saturday afternoon.

( F )2. Sports World covers badminton this week.
( F)3. There are many interviews with the famous football coaches in this week’s Sports World.

( F )4. Beijing Music Awards was recorded last week.
( F)5. Just a few big film stars will come to the show. ( F )6. Two thousand journalists have voted online for their favourite songs, singers and music videos. ( F )7. You could get a free ticket if you answer the questions during the awards.

( F )8. If you don’t mind feeling scared, you can enjoy Murder in a Country House on Sunshine TV. ( F )9. The director of the film, Cindy Clark, is very famous.

( T )10. In the film, a doctor is found dead in his house.
( F )11. The film is very interesting, and you will laugh from the beginning to the end. ( F )12. Tiger Watch will last for two hours. ( F )14. Tiger Watch was taken in Thailand between 2003 and 2005.

( T )13. Asian tigers are disappearing faster than pandas.

Fill in the blank according to the text.

Sports World This Saturday you can watch ______________ and Beijing Music Awards __________________ on Sunshine TV. If you watch a weekly round-up Sports World, there is ___________________ of what is happening in sports. The pragramme are mainly about ___________. There are ____________________ with football a number of interviews the famous football players.
presentation The _____________ of Beijing Music Awards will be held this coming Saturday and it will be ______________. covered live interviews Before the awards, there will be ______________ with the most famous stars. Two thousand fans __________ have voted online for ______________ their favourite songs, singers and music videos.

选用上面所给词组填 空
The programme on CCTV 5 _____________, covers different sports _______ football, basketball, swimming and such as boxing. ? If you don’t have enough time to watch TV, a weekly round-up watching _____________ is a better choice. Because it can provide you with lots of up-to-date information _________. be covered ? This year’s Asian Music Awards will _______ live this coming Saturday in Singapore _______________. At that time a number of pop stars will attend the presentation. People _________ can ________ for their favourite singers, songs vote online and music videos, and the results ________ will be announced during the programme. ?

get scared be full of horror and mysteries

1. What kind of film is ‘Murder in a Country House’? Who was the film directed by? Is he a new director or a famous director? 2. What happened to the doctor in the film? 3. What was the problem? 4. When can you find out the answer? not…until 5. Who will love this film and who should not watch it? 6. Can you say something about the actors in this film?

take a close look at the Asian tiger

natural habitat



3. 4. 5.

What kind of TV programme is ‘Tiger Watch’? How long does it last? What does the programme take a close look at? What can you realize after you watch the programme? disappear quicker than pandas What does the documentary explain? How do animal lovers feel about this programme? a bit disturbing When and where was the film taken? in India between 2003 and 2005 What kind of award did ‘Tiger Watch’ win? won an award for its amazing photography.

2.Find these words in the passage. Then read the words around them and choose the best meanings. 1. direct a. aim sth in a particular direction b. tell actors in a play, film etc.what they should do c. tell sb how to get to a place 2. scared a. frightened of sth. b. make sb feel frightened c. frightening

3.disappear a. to become impossible to find b. to stop existing c. go out of sight 4. scene a. part of a play b. view c. the place where an accident happened 5. mystery a. condition of being secret b. an event, situation that people don’t understand c. a subject that is very secret

6. disturbing a. surprising b. worrying or upsetting c. suffering 7. documentary a. drama b. a film giving detailed info. about a particular subject. c. comedy 8. habitat a. earth b. camp c. the natural home of a plant or animal

horror Murder in a Country House is a _______ film. The

Cindy Clark director is ____________. In the film, a doctor is found dead ______ in his house. But you won’t find out if he was himself killed or he killed _________ until the end of the film. mysteries The film is full of _________ and _________. horror

one hour Tiger watch will last for ____________. It talks about the Asian tiger ______________ and how much danger these tigers face. They are disappearing ________ than pandas. If quicker you love animals, you might find this programme a bit ____________ as you watch it. This programme was disturbing taken ___________ between 2003 and 2005. While in India watching, you can also enjoy __________ of India. Tiger scenes Watch won an award for _______________________. its amazing photography

Read and think Read the text again and find words in the text to complete the following sentences:

1.They pay a _______ visit to their parents. weekly coming 2. Unemployment is likely to rise in the _______ year. up-to-date 3. Visit our Web site for the most __________ team standings. round-up 4. There’ll be a news ________ before the station goes off the air. 5. Thepresentation prizes will begin at three o’clock. _________ of covered 6. She ________ the Ethiopian famine for CBS news. live 7. It wasn’t a recorded show and it was ________. 8. The government has_________ plans to create announced 10,000 new jobs. 9. The mother of the _______ victim wept in court. dead 10. The play was ________ by Frank Hauser. directed

up-to-date information 1.最新消息__________ 2. 例如______________ such as a football fan 3.足球迷____________ write down 4. 写下______________ a horror film 5.恐怖片____________ kill oneself 6. 自杀______________ find out the answer 7.查出答案___________ 8. 充满_______________ be full of natural habitat 9.自然的生存环境________________________ an animal lover 10.一名热爱动物的人______________________

选用上面的词组填空,注意词型的变化。 1. My grandma and my mother don’t like watching _________ because they get scared easily. horror films
are full of 2. The bottles __________ orange juice. an animal lover 3. Mr. Wang is __________. He likes the programs on animals. And he often goes to the zoo on Sundays.

4. I’ll try my best tofind out the answers these questions. ___________ to
such as 5. I like eating many kinds of fruits,__________ apples, pears, bananas and strawberries.

Language points:
1.weekly adj. 每周一次的,每周的 a weekly magazine 周刊

a weekly visit 每周一次的访问
They are doing the weekly cleaning. 他们正在进行每周一次的大扫除。 补充:daily 每天的 monthly 每月的

quarterly每季度的 yearly每年的 adv. She writes to her mother weekly.

They meet twice weekly.

2.happen vi.(偶然)发生,主语常是物;(无被动语态)

The story happened in Shanghai.
A fire happened in his factory last night. What happened just now? 常用短语: happen to sb./sth.

If anything happens to the machine, do let me know.
happen to do sth. I happened to be out when you called. take place 发生(无偶然性)无被动语态 In 1919, the May 4th Movement took place in China.

3. cover v. 涉及,包括 Is that word covered in the dictionary?

v.报道, 采访 He is covering the 10th National Sports.
v.覆盖 She covered the sleeping boy with a coat.

v.行过,走过(路程)She covered 50kms that day. n. 封面,覆盖物 The cover of the book is attractive. be covered with…

The ground is covered with white snow.
The trees are covered with fruits I autumn. The classroom is covered with dust without cleaning for a week.

4. a number of: a lot of (大量的,修饰可数名词) A number of students are playing football on the playground. I have a number of letters to write. A large number of students are studying hard. the number of……的数字 The number of the students of our class is 40.

The population of china is 1.3 billion.

5.live adv./ adj.(现场的,实况转播的) The football match is covered live on TV. There is going to be a live TV program about teenage problems. adj. 活着的,(一般不修饰人) Have you ever touched a live snake? v.居住,生活,生存

They will live for ever in my heart.
His parents lived a happy life. We can’t live without water. They live in Shanghai.

People in the south live on rice. He lives by teaching. alive adj. 活着的表语形容词,作定语时常后置 She kept the little dog alive by feeding it warm milk. He is the only man alive in the battle. The fish was caught alive. living adj./n. Are there any living things on one of the stars? make a living / earn one’s living 谋生 lively adj. He had a strange way of making his classes lively and interesting.

6. die v. 死亡 His grandpa died three years ago. His grandpa has been dead for three years. The little dog is dying. They are very sad because of the little dog’s death.

7. attend v. 出席,参加,上学,到场 (join; join in; take part in)
Did you attend the meeting yesterday? She was so sick that she didn’t attend her classes.

8. be full of : be filled with The film is full of horror and mysteries. The bottle is filled with red ink. 9. If you enjoy solving mysteries, you’ll love the film. finish, keep, practise, mind, can’t help, feel like +doing sth. 10. These tigers are being killed for skin and bones. Tiger Watch won an ward for its amazing photography. 11.a bit 稍微,少许,相当 用来修饰动词、形容词、副词及其比 较级 I’m afraid I’ll be a bit late tonight. This pair of trousers is a bit too long for me.

1 我妹妹很喜欢吃水果,象苹果、西瓜等。

My sister likes to eat fruit, such as apples and watermelons.
2.第二十九届奥运会将于2008年在北京举行。 The 29th Olympic Games will be held in Beijing. 3. 那个篮子里装满了各种鲜花。 The basketball is full of all kinds of fresh flowers. 4. 我们都喜欢看冯小刚导演的影片。 We all like the movies directed by Feng Xiaogang. 5. 自从1978年以来,我们的国家发生了巨大的变化。

Great changes have taken place in our country since 1978.

6. 游客们陶醉于西湖的美景之中。 The visitors all lose themselves in the beautiful scenes of the West Lake. 7. 他们每周用大约两小时打扫他们的教室。 They spend about two hours cleaning their classroom and their bedrooms every week. 8. 昨天下午我做作业时,我爸爸在看一本英语杂志。 My father was reading an English magazine while I was doing my homework yesterday. 9. 我们的教学楼座落在绿树从中。 Our teaching buildings lie among the green trees. 10. 南京到北京有1000多公里。 It is about 1000 kilometers from Nanjing to Beijing.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. a weekly round-up of sport 2. up-to-date information 3. cover different sports 4. such as 5. a number of interviews / pop stars 6. cover… live / be covered live 7. this coming Saturday 8. vote online 9. announce the results 10. win two free concert tickets

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