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005 富源三中高中英语导学案

编制人: 李沙沙


Attributive Clause
Guided Learning Plan
Class: 【复习目标】 1.会区分定语从句,名词性从句和强调句; 3. 掌握只能用that和只能用as的几个要点。 5. 定语从句中的主谓一致; 7. 介词+关系代词引导的定语从句; 8. 掌握表地点或时间的几个名词做先行词时关系词的选择。 【重点难点】1. 掌握关系代词与关系副词的选择; 2. 掌握表地点或时间的几个名词做先行词时的选择; 3. 介词+关系代词引导的定语从句中介词的选择。 【复习指导】认真复习下列语法点并完成后面的练习 【自主复习】 StepI 定义 划分下列句子成分 ①The girl who is brave and clever is Mary. 例 5.There was a time when( ②He is an English teacher who likes singing songs. ③I will never forget the days when we spent together. 总结:在复合句中修饰 词叫做 StepII 定语从句的分类和关系词的分类 1. 例 1. The girl who is brave is Mary. 例 2.The girl, who is brave, is Mary. 总结:定语从句分为 和 两大类从句。典型特征为 。 的从句叫定语从句,又叫 。 。被修饰的 ,连接先行词和从句的叫 总结: 关系词分为 用关系代词,不缺用 3.whose 的用法 和 例 4. Is this the reason why ( 例 1.Is he the man 他就是想见你的那个人吗?( 例 2.He is the man 他就是我昨天见的那个人。 ( 例 3. Beijing is the place where(= 2. 掌握关系代词与关系副词的选择; 4. whose的用法; 6. the way 做先行词的用法; 关系副词 Group: No. Name: 教师评价:______ 关系代词

that which who whom whose when where why 【合作探究复习】 wants to see you? 在从句中作 I saw yesterday. 在从句中作 ) I was born. ) he refused our offer? 这就是他拒绝我们帮助他的理由吗? )she was absent from class. 曾经有段时间她没有来上课。 。 句中缺少 。 、 、 等 ,关系副词= 北京是我的出生地。 ) 。 )

例 1.① The student ______ father works in the factory is sitting there. ②I like the rooms ______ windows face south. ③Yesterday she talked with one woman ____ husband died in that accident. A. which 总结: 译为 B. whose 。 C. of which D. that 关系,在从句中修饰 ,作 语, 可以指人或物,表

2.完成下列表格 关系词 先行词所指 关系词在从句中作用

例 6. ①Please pass me the book whose cover is green. = Please pass me the book
- 1 -

which cover is green.

005 富源三中高中英语导学案

编制人: 李沙沙


请递给我那本绿皮的书。 ②She lives in the house, the windows = She lives in the house, A. which whose= StepIII 1. 定语从句和名词性从句的区别 ① I will never forget the thing A. when ② I will never forget A. when 总结: 从句在句中做 从句在句中相当于一个 法 2. it 引起的定语从句与强调句的区别 例1. It is this street 例2. It is in this street B. that B. where I happened to meet him. I happened to meet him. C. which D. from which 。 。 。 B. who B. who she told me about. C. that C. that D. what D. what ; 。判断方 。 B. whose 总结:whose 既可以引导 C. of which 或 face the east. D. that ;

A. where B. that windows face the east. ,也可以引导

C. on which

D. the one

分析:例 1 变为肯定句: This museum is ___ you visited a few days ago. 例 2 变为肯定句: This is the museum ___ the exhibition was held. 总结:由例 1 我们知道 方法一:及物动词后面无宾语,就必须要求用 用 。 。 ;而不及物动词则要求

方法二:准确判断先行词在定语从句中的成分(主、谓、宾、定、状) ,也能正确选择出 关系代词/关系副词。 StepV 高考常考点复习 1. 只能用 that 的情况 ⑴ ⑵ ⑶ ⑷ ⑸ 2. 不能用 that 的情况 ⑴ ⑵ 3. 非限制性定语从句中 as 和 which 的用法 ①在非限制性定语从句中,as 既可以放在 面的 ② ;which 只能位于 引导的定语从句可置于句首,而 。 ,也可以放在 不可。 。 ;放句中指代前 或 。 ,可以指代前面的某个

she told me about. , 相当于一个形容词, 修饰前面的名词的从句叫



总结:① It is / was + n + that (which, who, whom, when, where, why)此句型多为 ② It is / was +in+ n + that + 其他,此句型为 区别: StepIV 判断关系代词与关系副词的选择 判断改错: ①This is the mountain village where I visited last year. ②I will never forget the days when I spent in the countryside. 例 1. Is this museum ___ you visited a few days age? A. where B. that C. on which D. the one 例 2. Is this the museum ____ the exhibition was held?

③做行为动词的主语,从句中的关系代词只能用 ④译为“正如,好像”时,只能用 ⑤ the same? ;和??一样 ⑥such?as 和 such?that 的区别: e.g. This is such an easy question This is such an easy question A. which
- 2 -

I can answer. I can answer it. D. as C. who

B. that

005 富源三中高中英语导学案

编制人: 李沙沙


总结: 从句中缺少主语, 宾语或表语用 ⑦只能用 as 而不能用 which 的情况 ⑧只能用 which 而不能用 as 的情况 StepVI 定语从句中的主谓一致

, 从句中不缺主语, 宾语或表语时用

1. 介词+关系代词既可以引导限制性定语从句,也可以引导非限制性定语从句。 介词+关系代词引导的定语从句中的关系代词主要有 2. 介词的选择 例 1. ①American women usually identify their best friend as someone _______ they can talk frequently. (2004 上海卷) A. who B. as C. about which D. with whom ②Mr. Smith, who is the patient whom / that you must take care of. (take care of 中的介词 of 不能提前) 例 2. Is there a certain test A. with;that B. by;whom means of C. by;which the No. 1 will be decided? D. in;whom 、 、 。

例 1. The weather turned out to be very good, ___ was more than we could expect. A. which is B. which was C. that is D. it was 例 2.(改错)Mary is one of the girls who is chosen to be volunteers in the 2008 Olympic Games. 例 3.(改错)Mary is the only one of the girls who are chosen to be volunteers in the 2008 Olympic Games. 总结: ⑴ ⑵ ⑶ StepVII the way 做先行词的用法 I don’t like the way StepVIIItime 做先行词 This is the second time A. which; visited C. that; has visited There was a time A. when B. where the president B. which; has visited D. that; had visited there were no radios, no telephones or no TV sets. C. on which D. that + 从句 + 从句 ) 这是/那是某人第几次做某事 曾经有一段时间?? the country. he spoke to you. 、 或不用。 总结:the way 做先行词,其后引导定语从句的关系词可以为

例 3. In the office, I never seem to have time until after 5:30 p.m.___ time many people have gone home. (1995 上海) A. whose A. the larger C. the larger one that B. that C. on which B. the larger of them D. the larger of which (2004 湖北卷) 的习惯搭配选择; (注意:由动词+介词构 D. by which 例 4. There are two buildings, ________ stands nearly a hundred feet high.

总结: ⑴根据介词和定语从句中 ⑵根据某些固定的介词短语搭配进行选择;

成的固定搭配在定语从句中,介词不能提前,如:look after, take care of 等) ⑶根据定语从句的句子意思需要进行选择。 (如例 3) ⑷①表示部分的词语( )+of+关系代词 ②表示数目或数量的词语(many, few, most, half)+of+关系代词 ③数词( ④ the +最高级/比较级+of+关系代词 StepX 表地点或时间的几个名词做先行词时关系词的选择 〖08 山东〗Occasions are quite rare A. who A. where
- 3 -

总结:定语从句中常考的三个句型 ⑴ ① It/ This /That is the first / second… time + (从句用 (从句用 ⑵ There was a time , ,即 ② It/ This /That was the first / second… time + ) 这是/那是某人第几次做某事

) +of+关系代词;

I have the time to spend a day with my kids. C. why C. why D. when D. who you must take things seriously.

B. which B. which

This is not an occasion for laughter,

StepIX 介词+关系代词引导的定语从句

005 富源三中高中英语导学案

编制人: 李沙沙


〖07 天津〗Those successful deaf dancers think that dancing is an activity matters more than hearing. A. when what to do. A. that language properly. A. which 总结:⑴ ⑵ 【当堂检测】 一 指出下列为何种从句 1)Please tell me who your monitor is. 2)I will never forget the teachers who helped me. 3) It was in the hotel that we discussed the serious problem. 4) It was the hotel where he once stayed. 二 单项选择 1. That evening, ___ I will tell you more about later, I ended up working very late. A. that B. which C. what has been discovered, is B. as C. why D. where B. what C. which D. where 〖07 陕西〗Today, we’ll discuss a number of cases B. whose C. which D. where 〖07 江西〗After graduation she reached a point in her career


A. that A. that A. that

B. which B. it B. where B. that

C. where C. as C. which C. which

D. when 【2012 北京】 D. what D. what 【2012 福建】 【2012 陕西】

5. The air quality in the city, _____ is shown in the report, has improved over the past two months. she needed to decide 6. It is the third time that she has won the race, ____ has surprised us all. 7. Maria has written two novels, both of ___ have been made into television series. A. them 【2012 湖南】 A. what A. who A. which A. in whom 【2012 浙江】 A. why D. when【2012 全国卷 II】 human society. A. which B. when 【2012 浙江】 B. who C. where D. whom C. to whom D. on which B. in what B. whose B. when B. in them C. which C. whom C. what D. in which D. which 【2012 天津】 D. what 【2012 山东】 8. Care of the soul is a gradual process ____ even the small details of life should be considered.

beginners of English fail to use the

9. I wish to thank Professor Smith, without ____ help I would never have got this far. 10. By 16:30, ____ was almost closing time, nearly all the paintings had been sold. D. that 【2012 江西】 D. of them 11. In our class there are 46 students, _____ half wear glasses. 【2012 四川】 C. of whom 12. We live in an age ______ more information is available with greater ease than ever before.

13. Ellen was a painter of birds and of nature, _____, for some reason, had withdrawn from all

2. A lot of language learning, that period. A. as 【2012 重庆】 A. which sleeping. B. that 【2012 安徽】 B. it

happening in the first year of life, so parents should talk much to their children during C. which D. this

14. After the flooding, people were suffering in that area, ____ urgently needed clean water, medicine and shelter to survive. 【2012 江苏】 A. which 我的收获: B. who C. where D. what 【课后反思】

3. Sales director is a position ______communication ability is just as important as sales skills. C. when D. where

_____________________________________________________________ 我的不足: _____________________________________________________________
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4. When deeply absorbed in work, ______ he often was,he would forget all about eating or

005 富源三中高中英语导学案

编制人: 李沙沙


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