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必修一 unit1 复习第一节

Unit3,Book1 第一节: 词汇复习

一、单词拼写 journal 1. __________ n. 日记; 杂志; 定期刊物 temple 2. __________ n. 庙宇; 寺庙
3. __________ n. 洞穴; 地窖 cave 4. __________ n. 枕头; 枕垫 pillow

parcel 5. __________ n. 小包; 包裹

attitude n. 态度; 看法 6. __________ 7. __________ altitude n. 海拔高度; 高处 journey 8. __________ n. 旅行; 旅程
boil 9. __________ vi.(指液体)沸腾; (水)开

10. cycle _________ vi. 骑自行车

11. _________ stubborn adj. 顽固的; 固执的
finally 12. _________ adv. 最后; 终于

13. _________ schedule n. 时间表; 进度表 vt. 为 某事安排时间

14. _______ n. 弯;拐角 vt. (bent, bent) bend

使弯曲 vi. 弯身;弯腰 15. _______ n. 风景;视野;观点;见 view
解 vt. 观看;注视;考虑

at midnight 1.__________________ 在午夜

2.__________________ 喜爱;喜欢 be fond of
care about 3.__________________ 关心;忧虑;惦念 change one’s mind 4.______________________ 改变主意 make up one’s mind 下决心;决定 5._______________________ 6._____________ 投降;屈服;让步 give in

7.__________________ 照常 as usual ever since 8.__________________ 从那以后 9.__________________ 充分利用 make use of

insist on 10.__________________ 坚持
dream about/of 11.______________________ 梦想

12.__________________ 搭起;建 put up

Ⅱ.单词拓展写出下列单词及其派生词。 advantage 1._________________ n.有利条件;优点

_______________ disadvantage n. 不利条件;不便之处 graduate 2.________________ vi. 毕业n.大学毕业生 __________________ n. 毕业 graduation determine 3.________________ vt. 下定决心;决定
determined _______________ adj. 坚决的;有决心的 ________________ determination n. 决心

persuade 4.____________ vt. 说服;劝说 ________________ n. 说服;劝说 persuasion _______________ persuasive adj. 有说服力的;劝说的 courage 5._______________ n. 勇气;精神 ________________ encourage v. 鼓励;鼓舞 ________________ adj. 令人鼓舞的 encouraging

6._______________ v. 依赖;信赖 rely
_______________ adj. 可信赖的;可靠的 reliable

_________________ adv. 可靠地 reliably

? 用所给单词的适当形式填空 ? 1.She is a determined ________ politician. She is famous determination for her __________.(determine) cyclist cycling ? 2.The famous ________ practices ________ every day and that's why she has won the gold medal in the 16th Asian Games held in Guangzhou.(cycle) ? 3.Unemployment is likely to reach the highest recorded total that has ever been ________.He often listens to English with the help of a tape recorder ________.(record) ? 4. He is so persuasive ________ a man that no one can persuasion (persuade) resist his________.

? 5.He does everything so stubbornly _______ that people often get annoyed by his stubbornness _______. (stubborn) bravery ? 6.The girl showed great _____in going into the burning building to rescue the trapped child. Very few girls could do such things so bravely ______. (brave) prefers ? 7.She always ________ tea to coffee because ?preference she has a _______ for tea. (prefer) organizer of this organization ? 8.The ________ ________ is a lady from the United Stats. She ________ organizes some cultural and sports activities to make people from different countries understand each other better. (organize)

三 、朗读方框内短语+以 下词组(在课本中划出来), 记忆3分钟


dream about/of sth./doing sth.梦想着做某事 2. persuade sb.(not)to do sth.说服某人(不)做某事 3. grow up成长;长大 4. take advantage of 利用 5.insist on sth/doing sth.坚持/主张(做) 某事 insist that sb.(should)do sth.坚持/主张(做) 某事 6.1) care about忧虑; 关心; 惦念 2) care for喜爱,照顾 7. be determined to do sth.决心做某事 8. graduate from…毕业于…. 9.1) give in投降;屈服; 让步1 如此…以致….so….that…./such…that…. 11. prefer…to…与…相比更喜欢….12. be fond of 喜欢,喜爱 13.1)make up one’s mind 下决心; 2)keep/bear sth.. in mind记住;牢记 3). change one’s mind 改变主意 14.as usual 照常15. weather forecast天气预报 16.can’t wait to do sth.迫不及待做某事can’t help doing sth 禁不住做某事 17. put up支起;搭起;张贴 18.hold a positive attitude to/towards sth.对...持积极的态度


五 朗读例句、并抄写进作业本里面 ? 1.在我看来,没有人喜欢和他谈话因为他很难相处。 ? From my point of view, no one likes to talk to him because he is difficult to get along with. ? 2.我哥哥非常固执,一旦他下定决心,什么也不 能让他改变主意。 ? My brother is so stubborn that once he makes up his mind, nothing can change it. ? 3.从北京大学毕业后,她出国继续深造并在哈佛 大学获得了法律博士学位。 ? Having graduated from Beijing University, she went abroad for further education and received a doctor degree in law at Harvard University .

? 4.春节前几天,进城务工的人通常都会迫不及待 地想回家和家人团圆。 A few days before the Spring Festival,those who work in the city can hardly wait to go home to get together with their families. ? 5.为了提高学生们的环保 意识,我校在10月10 日至15日期间组织了主题为“大家齐动手,共建 文明城”的环保活动。 ? In order to improve people’s awareness of protecting environment ,an environmental activity was organized from October 10th to 15th in our school, whose theme was Joining Together to Build a Civilized City.

? 6.妹妹周末宁愿宅在家里也不愿外出去亲 近亲近大自然。 ? My sister prefers to stay at home rather than get close to the nature on weekends. ? 7.尽管袁隆平很出名,对于金钱和名声却 毫不在乎。 ? Famous as he is, Yuan Longping cares little about money and fame.

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