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湖北省2013届高考英语一轮复习基础知识课件 Unit 4 Making the news 新人教版必修5



高频考点 课时作业

佳 作 诵 读
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(2011·湖北高考)请根据以下提示,结合你校园 生活中的一个事例,就与人合作这一话题,用 英语写一篇短文。 Working in groups at school is an opportunity to learn more about teamwork. Teamwork shows us how other people's roles fit the purpose of the group, and it teaches us to be patient and how to respond to different people. 注意: 1.无须写标题,不得照抄英语提示语; 2.除诗歌外,文体不限;

3.内容必须结合校园生活中的一个事例; 4.文中不得透露个人姓名和学校名称; 5.词数为100左右。 _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _______________________________

【经典范文】 Years of school life has taught me a lot of things, of which teamwork is the most important for me. In fact, I didn't realize its importance until I was chosen monitor of my class in my senior middle school. At first, I did most of the duties myself while other students cared little about class activities. As a result, I was tired out and depressed. Then I turned to my teacher and he advised me to cooperate with others. Thus I began to recognize the strengths of my classmates and have everyone do their part in class.

It is working in teams instead of on my own that has freed me of trouble and made my work more efficient.

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Ⅰ.重点词汇 1.________ adj.值得赞扬的;令人钦佩的 2.________ n.业余爱好者 3.________ vt.更新;使现代化 4.________ adv.故意地 5.________ adj.犯罪的;有罪的;内疚的 6.________ vt.出版;发行;发表;公布 7.________ adj.彻底的;详尽的 8.________ n.约会;任命

9.________ vt.帮助;协助;援助→______n.帮助;援助 10.________ vt.递交;呈递(文件等) 11.________ vt.集中;聚集→________n.关注;重视 12.________ vt.获得;取得;学到 13.________ vt.评估;评定→________n.评定;评价 14.________ vt.告知;通知→________n.信息;消息 15.________ vt.指责;谴责;控告 16.________ n.需求;要求vt.强烈要求

17.________ adj.精确的;正确的 18.________ adj.年长的;高年级的;高级的 19 . ________ vt. 赞 成 ; 认 可 ; 批 准 →________n.批准;认可 20.________ vt.加工;处理n.过程;程序;步 骤

答案 1 . admirable 2.amateur 3.update 4.deliberately 5.guilty 6.publish 7.thorough 8.appointment 9.assist ; assistance 10.submit 11.concentrate ; concentration 12.acquire 13.assess ; assessment 14.inform ; information 15.accuse 16.demand 17.accurate 18.senior 19.approve;approval 20.process

Ⅱ.短语回顾 1.concentrate________集中;全神贯注于?? 2.have a good nose________对??嗅觉敏感 3.inform sb.________告知;通知 4.________the meanwhile期间;同时 5.depend________依靠;依赖→(同义词)________ 6.accuse sb.________因??指责;控告 7.get the wrong end of the________报道失实

8.________as to do为了做?? 9.ahead________在??前面 10.________case of 以防,万一 答案 1.on 2.for 3.of 4.in 5.on;rely on 7.stick 8.so 9.of 10.in


Ⅲ.句式填空 1.与现在事实相反的虚拟条件句 Now discuss in pairs__________________(你 的感受会如何)if you were offered a job on a famous newspaper? 2.be to do结构 His discussion with his new boss, Hu Xin (HX), ______________(必将会产生重要影响)his life as a journalist.

3.not only引导的倒装句 ______________________(我不仅只是感兴 趣)in photography, but I took an amateur course at university to update my skills. 4.“only+状语”位于句首的倒装句 ________(只有)you ask many different questions________(你才会收集到)all the information you need to know.

答案 1 . how you would feel 2.was to strongly influence 3.Not only am I interested 4.Only if; will you acquire

高 频 考 点
热 点 梳 理·· · · · · · · · · · · · · 分 层 突 破 ·············· ·············

考点单词 1.acquire vt.获得;取得;学到 This beer isn't bad; I'm beginning to acquire a taste for it. 这啤酒不错;我开始喜欢喝了。 acquire sth.得到/掌握/获得…… acquire a taste for开始喜欢上…… acquire a knowledge of 学会……

即境活用1 The school is giving most of these children hope for the future by providing them a chance to________knowledge. A.require B.acquire C.achieve D.enquire [解析]acquire获得。require要求;enquire询问; achieve实现。 [答案]B

2.assess vt.评定;评估;征税 We tried to assess his suitability for the job. 我们想评估一下他是否适合这项工作。 The investigation was reopened after careful assessment of new evidence. 对新证据进行仔细评估后,调查重新启动。 assess sb./sth.评价/评估某人/事 assess sth. at估价为??

assessable adj.可估计的;可估价的 assessment n.估价;评价 make an assessment of评估??

即境活用2 Ten experts will________the value of the young scientist's invention once again. A.assess B.Assist C.develop D.Adopt [ 解 析 ]assess 评 估 。 assist 援 助 , 协 助 ; develop 发展;adopt 采纳,收养。 [答案]A

3.inform vt.通知;告诉 I informed him that I would not be able to attend. 我通知他我不能够出席。 I wasn't informed of the decision until too late. 等到我知道这项决定时,已经太迟了。 inform sb. of/about通知某人有关?? inform sb. that...通知某人?? keep sb. informed of/about... 通知某人关于??;使某人知道??

be well informed of/about精通某事;对??消 息灵通 be informed of...听说;接到??的通知 Please keep us________of any change of address as soon as possible. A.informing B.informed C.being informed D.to inform [解析]keep sb. informed of让某人知道?? [答案]B

4.case n.情况;病例;案例 In case of fire, ring the bell. 如发生火灾,请按铃。 Take a taxi in case you are late for the meeting. 坐出租车吧,免得开会迟到。 in case of万一??;如果发生?? in case以防;万一 in any case无论如何;总之

in no case决不 in that case如果是那样的话;在那种情况下 in the case of就??来说;关于 as is often the case这是常有的事 【易错提示】 in case后接从句时,不加that; in no case位于 句 首 时 , 句 子 使 用 部 分 倒 装 语 序 ; case 意 为 “情况,情形”时,后面定语从句的关系词为 where。

即 境 活 用 4 I shall stay in the hotel all day________there is news of the missing child. A.in case B.no matter C.in any case D.in case of [解析]in case以防,万一。 [答案]A

5.demand vt.& n.要求;需要 She demanded to know what was happening. 她要求知道发生了什么事。 The workers' demand for higher wages seems reasonable. 工人们加薪的要求似乎是合理的。 demand to do sth.要求做某事 demand of sb. to do sth.要求某人做某事 demand sth. of sb.要求某人某事

demand that...(should)要求?? in demand (of)需要 (on) demand for...(不)需要 make demands of/on对??提出要求 meet the demand满足需要;符合要求 【易错提示】 demand后面的从句用虚拟语气,即should+动 词原形,should可省略。

即 境 活 用 5 He demanded the task________by Friday. A.should be finished B.would be finished C.could be finished D.was finished [解析]demand后的从句用虚拟语气(should) be done。 [答案]A

6.approve v.赞成;称赞;批准 Last of all, the chief editor read it and approved it. 最后主编审读了这篇稿子,并且批准发表了。 You made a good decision, and I thoroughly approve of it. 你做了一个很好的决定,我不折不扣地表示赞同。 approve sth.通过/批准?? approve of sth.赞同/赞成?? approval n.批准;赞同;赞成 general approval一致同意

即境活用6 I didn't________of such a plan. A.approve B.inform C.demand D.warn [解析]approve of同意。句意:我不赞成这样的 计划。 [答案]A

7.eager adj.渴望的;热切的 Everyone is eager for success. 每个人都渴望成功。 He is eager to be admitted into a key university. 他渴望被一所重点大学录取。 I am eager that the project should be started early. 我热切希望这项计划能早日着手进行。 be eager for sth.渴望某事 be eager to do sth.渴望做某事

be eager that...should do sth....渴望做?? be anxious about sth.对??担心 be anxious to do sth.急于做某事 be keen on急切盼望

【易混辨析】 eager/anxious 二者都含有“渴望的”的意思。 (1)eager指以巨大的热情渴望实现愿望或达到目 的,有时也指由于其他感情而表现急不可耐的。 (2)anxious指热切地希望实现愿望,并因顾虑愿 望落空而心情不安,感到焦虑的。 He was eager to see his mother.他渴望见到他 母亲。 I'm anxious to know the final result. 我急于想知道最后的结果。

即境活用7 Her mother is ill in hospital. She is________about her mother's health. A.eager B.anxiously C.concerned D.worry [解析]be concerned about为……担忧。 [答案]C

8.concentrate vt.集中;聚集 Stop talking and concentrate on your work. 别说话了,专心工作。 Students must concentrate their attention on efficiency. 学生必须把注意力集中在效率上。 concentrate sth. on sth./doing sth.专心致志于 某事 concentrate one's attention on致力于??;把 注意力集中在??

concentrate on sth.集中精力于某事 put one's heart into=fix one's mind on集中精力 于?? pay one's attention to专心于??,注意?? focus on集中于??,聚集于?? be absorbed in集中精力于?? apply oneself/one's mind to sth./doing sth.专心 于?? devote...to(be devoted to) 献 身 于 ?? ; 致 力 于??

即境活用8 All the pupils are sitting silent, with their minds________on the story the teacher told them. A.absorbed B.lost C.concentrated D.concentrating [ 解 析 ]concentrate on 专 心 于 。 mind 与 concentrate之间为主动关系,故用现在分词形 式作宾补。 [答案]D

考点短语 1.depend on 依靠;依赖;取决于 I depend on you to get this done. 我指望着你把这件事情给办了。 —Can I depend on him?我能相信他吗? —That depends.那得视情况而定。 depend on...to do sth. ? ? ?依靠??做某事 depend on...doing sth.? ? That (all) depends./It depends.看情况而定。

即境活用9 You may________it that he will turn up in time. A.decide on B.depend on C.answer for D.make sure [解析]depend on依赖。句意:你可以相信他会 及时出现。 [答案]B

2.accuse...of因??指责或控告 The police accused him of theft. 警察指控他犯有盗窃罪。

Are you accusing me of lying? 他是在指责我说谎吗? She was accused as a robber. 她被指控为抢劫犯。 accuse sb. of(doing) sth.控告某人某事,指责某 人某事 accuse sb. as...作为??被指控 accuse...for...因??而归罪于

【易混辨析】 accuse/charge (1)accuse指当面指控或指责,不一定诉诸法庭。 可构成accuse sb. of sth.的搭配,意思是“指控 某人某事”。 (2)charge指因犯较大错误或重大罪行而进行正 式法律控诉。可构成charge sb. with sth.的搭配, 意思是“控告某人某事”。

即 境 活 用 10 The young man was________stealing possessions of his factory and put into prison. A.accused of B.accused with C.charge of D.charged for [解析]be accused of被指控……。 [答案]A

3.be supposed to do应该 Everybody is supposed to wear a seat belt in the car. 每个人在汽车里都应该系安全带。 Teachers are supposed to treat all the students alike. 老师应该对所有的学生一视同仁。 The train was supposed to arrive half an hour ago. 火车本应在半小时之前到达。

(1)当be supposed to...的主语是“人”时,意为“应该??”; “被期望??”,它可以用来表示劝告、建议、义务、责任等, 相当于情态动词should。 (2)当be supposed to...的主语是“物”时,它表示“本应该”, 用于表示“某事本应该发生而没有发生”。 (3)be supposed to后面接“have+过去分词”时,表示“本应 该做某事而没做”。 (4)be supposed to...的否定结构为be not supposed to...,它常 用于口语中,意为“不被许可;不应当”。

即境活用11 The message is very important, so it is supposed________as soon as possible. A.to be sent B.to send C.being sent D.sending [解析]be supposed to do应该做某事,句子的主 语与send之间为被动关系,故A项正确。 [答案]A

4.so as to为了 We started early so as to catch the early bus. 为了赶上早班车我们很早就出发了。 He said he would go to the men's room so as to leave us alone for a while. 他说他要去洗手间,为的是让我们单独呆一会 儿。

【易混辨析】 in order to, so as to, in order that, so that (1)in order to引导的不定式短语既可以位于句首, 又可置于句中 In order to find the book, he searched the whole house. 为了找到这本书,他翻遍了屋子。(本句中不能 用so as to) (2)so as to引导的不定式短语只可置于句中,不 可位于句首。

China is paying more and more attention to education in order to/so as to catch up with advanced countries in science and technology. 中国对教育越来越重视,为的是在科学技术上 赶上发达国家。 (3)in order to和so as to的否定形式是在to前面 加not,即in order not to, so as not to。 He gets up early so as not to be late for school. 他起床很早以便上学不迟到。

(4)in order to和so as to后只能接动词原形,如 果后接目的状语从句,可用in order that或so that。 He went to England last year in order that he could learn standard English. 他去年去了英国为的是学习标准英语。 The teacher prepared his lessons well so that he could make his classes lively and interesting. 老师认真备课以便使他的课生动有趣。

即 境 活 用 12 ________be punished by the teacher, Alice had to make up an excuse for having been absent from school. A.So as to B.As far as C.As well as D.In order not to [解析]in order to可以置于句首,而so as to只放 在句中。as far as就……而言;as well as也, 还。 [答案]D

5.ahead of在??前面;早于;优先 He is ahead of me in maths. 他在数学方面超过我。 look ahead为未来着想或打算;未雨绸缪 go ahead(with)进行;开始;往下说;用吧;干 吧 get ahead of胜过;超过 be ahead of占优势 ahead of time提前

即境活用13 Danial stayed up late these days and he wanted to finish the task________time. A.ahead of B.instead of C.in spite of D.as a result of [解析]ahead of time提前。instead of而不是, 代替;in spite of尽管;as a result of由于。 [答案]A

6.submit to 递交,呈交 You must submit to your application by Friday. 你星期五之前必须递交申请表。

即境活用14 (2012·浙江慈溪中学期中考试)All these documents must be ________ the university you are applying for before December 12th. A.donated to B.sent in C.submitted to D.handed in [解析]submit to 呈交。句意:所有这些文件十 二 月 十 二 号 前 必 须 呈 交 给 你 所 申 请 的 大 学。 donate to 捐献; send in 送进; hand in 交上。 [答案]C

重点句型 1.His discussion with his new boss, Hu Xin (HX), was to strongly influence his life as a journalist. 他与他的新老板胡新的讨论对他的记者生涯必 将产生强烈的影响。 be to do在句中表示后来会发生的事,意为“注 定会……,一定……”。

be to do句型的用法: (1)表示注定要发生?? (2)预先安排好的计划或约定。 (3)表示说话人的意图、职责、义务、命令等情感意义。

①All these are to be answered for!
所有这一切都会遭到报应的! ②She was to call before she left. 她打算在离开前打电话。 ③You are to make the necessary changes. 你要作出必要的改变。

【思维拓展】 表示将来时的几种方法: (1)be going to do表示主语打算在最近或以后做 什么,这种打算是事先考虑好了的。另外可表 示根据已有迹象非常可能要发生的情况。 (2)be about to do表示正要或即将做某事,多与 when连用,不与时间状语或时间段连用。 (3)时间、条件、让步状语从句中用一般现在时 表示将来时。

即境活用15 In a room above the store, where a party________,some workers were busily setting the table. A.was to be held B.has been held C.will be held D.is being held [解析]句意:在商店上面的一间房间里,即将举 行一次聚会,一些工人们正忙着摆放桌子。be to do表示“按计划要做”,根据最后一句中的 were busily setting可知只有A项正确。 [答案]A

2.Not only am I interested in photography, but I took an amateur course at university to update my skills. 对摄影我不只是感兴趣,在大学里我还专修过 业余摄影课来更新我的技术。 句中not only...but also连接两个并列句,因为 not only位于句首,因而前一分句使用了倒装语 序。not only...but also可以连接句中任何两个平 行的句子成分,当连接两个主语时,谓语和后 一个保持一致。

Not only do the nurses want a pay increase, but they also want reduced hours. 护士们不仅要求加薪,她们还要求减少工作时 间。 My chemistry teacher can speak not only English but also Japanese. 我的化学老师不仅会讲英语,还会讲日语。 Not only the students but also the headteacher was late for the lecture. 不仅学生,那位班主任听讲座也去晚了。

【易错提示】 not only...but also中的also可以省略,而且but also可以用but...as well替换。 即境活用16 The customers complained that not only________high, but he didn't do a good repair job. A.he charged B.was he charged C.did he charge D.he was charged [解析]not only 置于句首,句子用于部分倒装。 [答案]B

3.A footballer was accused of taking money for deliberately not scoring goals so as to let the other team win. 一位足球运动员被指控受贿,故意不进球,好 让对方球队赢球。 so as to的意思相当于in order to,表示目的, 可以译为“以便,为了??”,不过so as to不 能放在句首,而in order to则可以放在句首,其 否定形式为so as not to...。

对比:...so...as to...表示“到某种程度以至于??”,其否定形式为so...as not to, so后面接形容词或副词,to后接不定式,不定式表示结果。so...as to 句式意义上等于so...that引导的结果状语从句,不过前者使用了不定式,而 后者使用的是that从句。 They worked hard so as not to fail this year's College Entrance Examinations. 他们学习很努力,为的是通过今年的高考。 The child was so tired after the climbing as to sleep right away. 那个孩子攀登后如此累,以至于马上就睡着了。

Why are you always so troublesome as to make your parents so angry? 你为什么总是惹出那么多的麻烦,以至于你的 父母如此生气?

即境活用17 He trained hard________win a gold medal. A.in order not to B.so as not to C.so as to D.so that [解析]so as to后跟动词原形,表示“为了”; so that 后跟句子,表示“为了,结果”。 [答案]C

课 堂 双 基
紧 扣 考 点·· · · · · · · · · · · · · 跟 踪 训 练 ·············· ·············

Ⅰ.词义辨析 1 . Tom decided to pick up teaching as a ________ after graduating from college. A.colleague B.section C.profession D.intention [ 解 析 ]profession 职 业 。 colleague 同 事 ; section 部分;intention 目的。 [答案]C

2 . Many teenagers are waiting for hours outside the stadium,________ to meet their sports star. A.eager B.thorough C.accurate D.senior [ 解 析 ]eager 渴 望 的 。 thorough 完 全 的 ; accurate 准确的;senior 较年长的。 [答案]A

3.Your report must be finished and ________ to the committee before the deadline. A.updated B.informed C.demanded D.submitted [解析]submit to 递交,提交。update 更新; demand 要求;inform 告知。 [答案]D

4.She has ________ a good knowledge of English through many years' hard work. A.required B.acquired C.switched D.defended [解析]acquire 获得。require 要求;switch 转换; defend 防卫。 [答案]B

5.The incomes of male professionals went up by almost 80%.________,part-time women workers saw their earnings fall. A.Meanwhile B.Anyhow C.However D.Instead [解析]meanwhile与此同时。anyhow 无论如何; however 然而;instead 而不是。 [答案]A

6.Motorists ________ of speeding may be banned from driving for a year. A.clarified B.charged C.polished D.accused [解析]accuse of 指责。clarify 澄清;charge 负 责;polish 磨光。 [答案]D

7.Tom thought that I did that ________,just to annoy him. A.normally B.legally C.immediately D.deliberately [解析]deliberately 故意地。normally 正常地; immediately 立即;legally 合法地。 [答案]D

8.Her doctor suggested that she go to the hospital to have a ________ examination. A.severe B.splendid C.thorough D.constant [解析]thorough 彻底的,全面的。severe 严厉 的;splendid 辉煌的;constant 经常的。 [答案]C

9.She was thrown into a ________.She didn't know whether to go or stay. A.process B.dilemma C.intention D.ceremony [解析]dilemma 进退两难的境地。process 过程; intention 打算;ceremony 典礼。 [答案]B

10 . Many schools in the USA did not ________ of students wearing jeans to school. A.approve B.support C.agree D.promise [解析]approve of 同意。support 支撑,为及物 动词;agree 同意,后跟with;promise 答应, 为及物动词。 [答案]A

Ⅱ.短语填空 concentrate on; accuse... of...; keep in mind; inform... of; set to work; depend on; be supposed to; to tell the truth; look forward to; ahead of 1.I am ________ hearing about your amazing trip to Hawaii. 2.She burst into tears when she ________ cheating in the exam.

3.The task will be finished _____ schedule if nothing prevents. 4.I was sleeping badly and finding it hard to ________ my work. 5.It is not easy for a pupil to________ so many English words in such a short time. 6 . The manager promised to keep me ________ how our business was going on. 7.It ________ have been sunny today,but it is raining.

8.________,I don't care about what other people might say. 9.The coffee break is over;it's about time we________. 10 . Isn't it amazing that the colour of the creature changes ________ the weather? 答案 1 . looking forward to 2.was accused of 3.ahead of 4.concentrate on 5.keep in mind 6.informed of 7.was supposed to 8.To tell the truth 9.set to work 10.depending on

Ⅲ.单词拼写 1.Tom misses his mother very much and he is________(渴望)to see her. 2.Jane is one of my________(同事)and we have been working in the same company for two years. 3 . The teacher explained the chemical________(过程)to his students. 4 . Before answering the questions, please read the first________(部分) of the passage.

5.Jackson________(提交) his term paper the day before yesterday. 6.The news of the sports meet is________(更 新) every day. 7 . Mother was cleaning the room ; ________(与此同时), Father was watching TV. 8.It will be fine whenever you come, but you'd better________(通知) me of that before you come. 9.I hope you can submit your term papers before the________(最后期限).

10 . It was an unusually hot summer and air-conditioners were in great________( 需 求). 答案 1 . eager 2.colleagues 3.process 4.section 5.submitted 6 . updated 7.meanwhile 8.inform 9.deadline 10.demand

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