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1.打扫,横扫 ,席卷 sweep____________ up( the rubbish) 2.与。。相似 3.加速 5.恢复;复原 be ________________ similar to ________________ speed up;slow down ________________ feet be back on one’s

4.容忍做sth tolerate/bear/stand doing sth ________________ 6.拿起;接受;继续_______________ sth take up sth/doing

7.the instant /minute/moment
8.slide into 溜进 _____________

一……就 __

9.In no time

_____________ 立刻,马上in an instant 10.be greedy for power/knowledge 对。。。贪 ________ 婪 11.in a flash 立刻;立即;一瞬间;刹那间 _____________
12.show sb around a space station

带sb参 ___ 观

13.be surrounded by/with 被…包围 14. live in natural surroundings 15.in all directions 向四面八方 16. make an adjustment to the timetable 对…作出调整 17. adjust to changes in temperature

catch sight of 18. 瞥见;看见 19.看不见,忽略 lose sight of 20.switch on;off; press the wrong switch 21.at a speed of 60 miles per hour at high /low speed

22. on earth 究竟;到底 23.searsh for 寻找 24. blame sb for sth 因…而责怪 25. the most up-to-date inventions 26. dispose of waste/rubbish 处理废物/垃圾 27. the settlement/solution to the problem 28.A swallow swallowed (up) an insect 吞咽 29.leave /make /give a good/bad/deep/strong impression on the audience 给留下印象 30. provide the room with much-needed oxygen 给提供

be out of date ?be out of sight ?be out of order ?be out of work ?be out of place ?be out of breath ?be out of danger ?be out of reach

过时的,不流行 看不见;在视野之外 出了故障;不整齐 失业了 不适当;位置不当
上气不接下气,气喘吁吁 脱离危险 够不着

remind sb of /about sth 提醒某人某事 remind sb that remind sb to do sth 提醒某人去 做 suffer from a headache/floods 遭受…之苦;患… 对…乐观/悲观 be optimistic/ pessimistis about 回收塑料袋 recycle plastic bags building materials 建筑材料 系好安全带 fasten safety belt 因此,结果 as a result take turns to do sth 轮流去做


⑴ Please tell me________ (instant) he instantly arrives.

The instant ⑵___________he opened the door he saw the thief.
The minute/moment

4. lack vi. & vt. 缺乏;没有 n. 缺乏;短缺的东西
搭配 缺乏某物 (vt.)

lack sth. (a) lack of sth

缺乏某物 (n.)

for lack of
be lacking in


运用 根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 (1) 他所缺少的是动力和自信。 (vt/adj) _________________________________________ What he lacks /What he is lacking in ___________________ is motivation and confidence.. (2)她的决定似乎显示出缺乏判断力。
__________________________________________ Her decision seems to show (a) lack of judgement.

(3)由于缺钱他辍学了。 _______________________________________ She dropped out of school for lack of money..

1. take up拿起;开始从事,占据(时间、空间)
运用:根据汉语意思完成英文句子。 ⑴ 用QQ在网上聊天占用太多的时间,而且很无 聊。 Using QQ to chat on line____________________ takes up too much time and it’s very boring. ⑵ 安娜在小时侯开始绘画。 Anna _____________________in her childhood. took up drawing

⑶ 你打算接受这份工作吗? Are you going to ________________? take up the job ⑷ 我不想把钢琴放在这里,因为它占了太 多的空间。 I don’t want the piano to be set here,just takes up too much room/space because it________________________.

拓展 熟记下列含take的短语。 (1)take ________拿走;带走 away (2)take ________收回,拿回 back (3)take ________脱掉(衣服等); 起 off 飞 on (4)take ________呈现 over (5)take ________接管;接任 把…拆开 take(6)take …apart medicine; take good care of; take it easy;
take sth seriously; take one's time; take(an active) part in; take pride in; take turns to do sth take photos; take the place of.

运用:理解下列句子中desert的词性和词义。 ⑴ Some rich husbands often desert their wives. vt. 抛弃;遗弃

⑵ If you go to the countryside,you will find there are a lot of deserted houses.

⑶ Once an Arab was travelling in the desert on his camel.


When a person is happy, he may agree
on the thing that he won‘t tolerate when he

is unhappy.

A. doing

B.to do
D.to be done

根据中文提示完成下列句子 lay in the sofa, relaxed (1) The boy ________________________(躺在沙发上, 非常放松). (2) After the long journey, the three of them camehome, hungry and exausted (回到家,又饿又累). ________________________ (3) Surprised and happy ________________________(既惊奇又高兴), Tom came to the front and accepted the prize. (4) Lost in reading ________________________(沉浸在阅读中), he didn't notice someone slide into the room.

absorbed in reading

完成句子 As time passed by (1)____________________(随着时间的推移), things seemed to get worse. As we’re both tired (2)__________________(由于我们俩都累了), let’s just take a break. As we lay relaxed (4)__________ (当我们放松地躺在那里 做梦时),the capsule began swinging gently. as fast as I used to (5)I can’t run ________________ (像过去那 样快).

? 词汇整合 我先前在一家公司从事一份工作。然而由于缺乏 经验,我无法忍受压力,结果我失业了。我不 确定我下一步做什么。在那时一个想死的念头 不断地出现在我的脑海里。我自己难以做出调 整。一天,一个残疾女孩的故事给我留下了深 刻的印象。她说:虽然我残疾了,我仍然对一 切充满感激,因为他们给与我珍贵的生命。我 相信我总是能找到一切事情的解决办法。所以 我很乐观。 这话使我瞬间振作起来。它指引我走向新的人生。

previously I_____ a job in a company_______.However, for took up lack ____ of experience, I couldn't tolerate pressure _____the As a result out of work uncertain __________,I was ________. I was_______ of what I could do.At that time, a bad idea came to constantly mymind_______that I want to die.I couldn't make an_______. Later on, a story about a disabled gir adjustment made a deep impression on ________________ me.She said: Although I am disabled,I am still grateful/thankful to everything, as they give me the precious life.I believe I can settlement always find the_______ to everything.So I am optimistic Those words cheered me up ________ in an instant guided me to a new life. ________. It_____

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