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Unit 1 We are learning to tell the difference _____ an infinitive and a gerund. The police got some hint _____ from a letter _____ a special column _____ in

the local newspaper. A quote _____ the annual report submitted _____ the head of the school district tells how a kid _____ trouble has failed to connect _____ his father, who, as the child complains, always hides _____ his newspapers. He was sentenced _____ 15 days’ community work _____ drunk-driving.

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Unit 4 Tom stayed in the dentist’ waiting room for five minutes before the assistant called _____ him. It came as a surprise to most people that he became an elementary school teacher after his graduation from college, but he said he was delighted working _____ children. _____ the dinner party, Jenny made a point _____ introducing Mary _____ the new president of the company. It’s almost ten tears since we left high school and the only one I have been in contact _____ is that girl who founded the Chemistry Club. _____ her first semester _____ as a teacher in the university, she was assigned to teach Reading _____ English majors. I’ve never been to Wuhan in July, but I’ve learned _____ from my friend that it is not the best time to visit that city. Students from the south part of Shanxi Province find it hard to differentiate _____ [l] and [n]. The little boy was obviously enjoying his ice cream on his mother’ lap, rocking his body _____ side _____side. Unit 6

Unit 6 1. In this multicultural section if the city, cultural differences only occasionally lead_______ confrontations and very rarely result______ fights. 2. According______ the police report, a dog running_____ the street was blamed ______ the traffic accident. _______ the other hand, the driver reported that he happened to look away______ the car ahead of him the moment the accident occurred. 3. After getting a call______ the teacher, the mother confronted her boy ______ not going to school a second time _______ that week. 4. Samuel Avoians’s master’s thesis was based _____ a one-year research _____ Asian, Latin American, and African students _____ in many urban center _____ the united States. 5. Since she was considered a new comer______ China, Suzzy was only mildly reproached_____ asking her American friends too many personal questions.

Unit 7 1. The pink tablecloth is matched ______the new paint on the dining room walls. 2. These days more people take vitamin pills every day for their health, but they do not understand that those pills are no substitute_______ a healthy lifestyle. 3. I don’t know if I would be able to see you again, but I will always look back______ the happy moments we spent together. 4. The new train will travel______ a speed of 220 kilometers per hour. 5. Edgar Snow is well remembered by the Chinese people because he was the first journalist who ventured______ the areas______ the control of the red army. 6. The one year trip around the world apparently shook McIntyre’s belief______ American assumptions about other countries. 7. A few weeks after moving______ the small town, Jane found out that she had a lot _____common with her new neighbors. 8. Little Jim mistook the old lady in front of him______ his grandmother and followed her______ a few blocks.

Unit 12 1. The letter______ home reminded him______ the dark and rundown house______ the village and______ the sad childhood he spent there. 2. Many people delight______ coming to Harbin_____ the summer, but______ me, it is a wrong place______ spending summer vacation. 3. The cult encourages people to take their own lives_______ the name______ religion. 4. A sense of obligation kept her______ leaving her aging parents to make a new start_____ the South. 5. She showed the picture of her missing daughter______ every taxi driver______ the hope that someone might have seen her. 6. After so many years, he still lives_____ fear_______ being arrested for no reason at all.

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