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Book 2 unit 3 computers 知识点讲解教案学案

Book 2 unit 3 computers 知识点讲解教案/学案 抚顺市第一中学 英语组 郝红

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Book 2 unit 3 computers Period one and two 一. 课前五分钟 (首字母已给出) 1. Music has been called the u______ language. 2. Many kinds of c__________ machines have been invented since the 17th century. 3.The salesgirl asked me if I had the exact s______, since the shop had no change. 4. The invention of aircraft caused a r_________ in our ways of traveling. 5. A______ intelligence is the study of how to make computers do things that people can do. 6.We will soon arrive at the point where we can find all the knowledge of humankind on a computer n________ 7.If you want to know about the hotel, you can call the o________ to find out the information. 8.R_____ is not the way you wish things to be but the way they actually are. 9. Bob is t______ different from his father, who is very tall. 10. They agreed to accept my a______ for joining their team. Keys: 1.universial 2.calculating 3.sum 4.revolution 5.Atificial 6.network 7.operator 8.reality 9.totally 10.application 二. 重点单词讲解 (warming up and reading) 1. common adj/n adj (1) 普通的,常见的 (2) 共有的,公共的 (1) Heart disease is one of the commonest causes of death. (2) He wasn't a hero but just a common man. have something/a lot/much/little/nothing(with sb)和…有/没有共同点 in common with sb 像…一样 in common 共有,公用 拓展: common knowledge 人所共知的事实 common sense 常识 common practice 惯例 联想---- common 指全体所共有的,共同的特征,强调常见与普遍。 ordinary 指种类普通,强调平淡、平庸、普通的意义。 usual 指通常的,寻常的;惯常的。强调“平时的”。 1) This is a ___________mistake made by students. (2) He turned up at the meeting late as _________. (3) Why are you so impressed with this film?According to me, it's just _________. Keys: 1.common 2.usual 3.ordinary 2.order n. 顺序;定购;秩序;命令 in order 井然有序,处于良好状态 out of order 无次序的, 出故障的 place an order with sb for sth in an order 以一定的顺序 May I take your order please? 基本句型: v. order sb to do sth order that sb (should) do sth (1)The lift is __________,so you have to use the stairs.

(2)The officer gave an order that the work _________(do) before 5 o’clock. Keys: out of order; (should) do 3.according to…. prep.按照, 根据, 取决于 According to our records, the books you have borrowed should now be returned to the library. He will be punished according to the seriousness of his crime.( 罪行) 4. calculate vt/vi 计算,估算 Have you calculated the cost? Computers can calculate faster than human beings. I calculated that we would set out at 7 pm be calculated to do … The film is calculated to attract the children. 链接:Calculation Calculator (1)The loss hasn’t been _________accurately, but it is believed to be well beyond over a hundred million dollars. A. calculated B. considered C. completed D. controlled (2)______ how much the trip will cost and see if you can afford it. A. See B. Calculate C. Count D. Work at Keys: A B 5. universal adj 全体的,共同的 ;宇宙的, 全世界的 a ~ language/travel ~ interest/weakness/agreement universally adv 普遍地; 人人; 在所有情况下 (1)It is__________ acknowledged that he is a wise leader. (2)Though different body movements mean different things in different cultures, ______smile is ______ accepted as a sign of happiness or being friendly. A. the ; universally B. the; usually C. a; globally D. a; universal (3)I do hope that one day the Chinese language will become a ______ language, that is, everyone in the world will communicate in it. A. common B. universal C. popular D. special Keys: universially; A ; B 6. simple adj (1) 简单的(2) 简朴的(3) 单纯的 e.g. He is simple-minded. He lives a simple life. He is as simple as a child. I am surprised that you should have been fooled by such a(an)_________ trick. A.ordinary B easy C smart D simple 链接:Simply adv Simplify vt.简化 I bought this house simply because it was Cheap. She simplified the instructions so that the children could understand them. This dictionary tries to simplify the meanings of words. Running a company is not _______a matter of hiring people----they also need to be trained.

A. simply B. partly C. seriously D. equally Keys: D; simply 7. sum n/v 算术: do a sum in one's head / * be good at sums 金额; He was fined the sum of 200. 总数; 总和 ~ (of sth) The sum of 6 and 4 is 10. in sum 总而言之: In sum, the plan failed. 联想---in a word all in all sum (sth) up (1)总结, 概括(某事物) Now sum up your views in a few words. (2)判断,估量 He summed up the situation at a glance 8.analyse/analyze v 分解;分析;解析 analysis n analyst n analytical adj analytical chemistry Can you analyze the structure of the sentence for me? I was very much pleased by your analysis of the situation Doing any scientific research , a person needs to have a______mind. A. analytical B. logical C. universal D. artificial Keys: B 9.operate v ~ on sb (for sth) 动手术: ~sb on the 部位 The doctors decided to operate on her immediately . 工作; 运转:This machine operates night and day. 操纵; 操作 He operates the lift. I don’t know how to operate the computer. 拓展: operating system 操作系统. operating-table 手术台 operation n ~ on operator n.操作者,电话接线员,经营者 The procedures(程序) of operating a computer have been ______ several times, the results of which have made it much easier _______. A. cut down; to operate B. simplified; to be operated C. reduced; to be operated D. simplified; to operate Keys: D 10. logical adj 合逻辑的 ,合乎情理的 logic n [U]逻辑学 ,逻辑性 logically adv a logical conclusion It seemed the only logical thing to do. He tried to think logically. 11.technology n [U] technique [C] recent advances in medical technology the technology of computers
They need to learn modern management techniques.

拓展:technological adj: technological changes / problems

technologist n 技术﹑ 工艺﹑ 工程等的专家 12.revolution n 革命 ,重大变革 revolutionary adj 革命的 n.革命者; 革命活动家 He has lived through two revolutions . a revolution in the treatment of cancer . Social / cultural revolution revolutionary leaders, activities 13.artificial adj. 人工的, 人造的---man-made artificial flowers/limbs/pearls 假花/假肢/假珍珠 artificial intelligence 人工智能 14.intelligence n 智力; 脑力 high/low intelligence John showed high intelligence from an early age intelligent adj 聪明的; 有才智的 an intelligent child Intelligent child as he is , he failed the exam. 15. solve Solve /settle the problem Solution n solution to sth/doing sth (1)It may take a long time to find a solution to the problem/ _______(work out) the problem. solve a crime/mystery/case (2)The problem is beyond his ability and he can’t ______it. A. escape B. imagine C. gain D. solve Keys: working out ; D 16. from...on From now on you can work on your own. From then on she knew she would win. Since then she has known the fact. She never spoke to him again from that day on. 17. in the 1860s/1860’s in one’s 60s/60’s/sixties in 1860 / in the year 1960 It is not rare in ______ that people in _____fifties are going to university for further education. A 90s; the B the 90s;/ C 90s; their D the 90s; their Keys: D 18.reality 现实;真实[U] 事实,实际存在的事物[C] face reality in reality (1)It seems as if he knew everything, but in reality, he is as stupid as can be. (2)_________, things always happen out of expectation. (3)His dream has become a reality (4)For many Beijingers , dreams of living in ____green area are becoming ________reality. A. a, a B. the , the C. / ,/ D. / , a Keys: In reality ; A real adj 真实的; 真正的 Who is the real manager of the firm ?

非模仿的; 真的 real gold Is that real hair or a wig? 19.personal adj 个人的: one's personal affairs, beliefs 私人的: Please leave us alone we have something personal to discuss. 亲自的:I shall give the matter my personal attention. personally adv 亲自: 就个人而论: She presented the prizes personally I don't know him personally, but I've read his books. Personally, I don't like him at all. (1)After the president made an official announcement, she expressed her ________opinion. A personal B private C single D individual (2)Mr David is ____in charge of all the arrangements. A. personal B. personally C. personality D. person (3)You may not agree, but__________ she is a very good girl. A. personally B. truly C. generally D. commonly Keys: A B A 20.as a result (of sth) result from result in As a result ________ the pilots' strike, all flights have had to be cancelled. There was heavy fog. ________, the flight was delayed. The problems ________ errors made in the past has been solved. The accident ________ the death of two passengers Keys: 1.As a result of 2. As a result 3. resulting from 4. resulted in 21. total adj 完全的; 全部的 n 总数; 总额 totally adv 全部地; 整个地 total silence The firm made a total profit of 200000. What does the total come to? in total 总共 = altogether/ in all That will cost you 7.50 in total. I'm afraid I totally forgot about it. 22.application 1. 应用,适用;运用[U][C][(+of/to)] We are looking forward to the application of computers to work. 生物学有实用性。 2. 申请,请求;申请书[C][U][(+to/for)][+to-v] I made an application to the bank for a loan. 我银行申请一笔贷款。 He handed in an application to do the jib. With more applications to be invented ______computers, they are sure, for the most part, to improve our life quality.

A. for B. to C. with D. of Keys: D 归纳拓展: apply v. applied 应用的 applied physics *apply to sb for sth He has applied to the school for a scholarship. *apply to 应用于?We can apply theory to practice. 适用 The method doesn’t apply to anyone. *(后常接 oneself)使致力(于),使专心从事[(+to)]=be applied to sth /doing He applied himself to learning French. =He was applied to learning French. 23.explore v.探险, 考察: As soon as they arrived in the town they went out to explore explore a castle We explored several solutions to the problem. 拓展:exploration n. the exploration of space explorer n. Columbus was one of the great explorers 24.anyway=anyhow adv 无论如何,尽管如此 I don’t care what you say; I’m going to do it anyway. Anyway I must complete the work today. I’m going _______, no matter what you say. A anyway B anywhere C anyhow D A and C Keys: D 比较: somehow 意为“以某种方式;不知怎么地”somewhat .稍微,有点 Don’t worry. We will get the lost money somehow. Somehow I like English. 25.goal n He headed the ball into an open goal. 球门 score/kick a goal 进球得分 pursue/ reach one’s goal in life 努力的对象; 目标 set (yourself/sb) a goal long-term goal/short-term goal 26. the human race 联想----- man , mankind ,human beings, human/humans * race n n.赛跑;竞争;人种 run a race a marathon race I’d like to compete in a race ________everyone tries their best to win. (where) 巩固练习: 1. He was so careless while looking after the child,_______an accident. A. as a result B. as a result of C. resulting in D. in consequence of 2.Jenny nearly missed the flight_____doing too much shopping A. as a result of B. on top of C. in view of D. in terms of 3. My aunt wants to buy a comfortable house and _______,with a small garden. A. after all B. all in all C. for all D. above all 4.Mr David is ____in charge of all the arrangements. A. personal B. personally C. personality D. person

5.The young lady failed the driving-test____because she was a bit careless while turning around the corner. A. simply B. analytically C. harldy D.universallyf 6.The teacher was happy at the advantage that the student _______of his spare time. A. made B. took C. employed D. put 7. Tom’s university education gave him a(n)_____over others who had not been to college in getting the job. A. advantage B. chance C .position D. choice 8. _____ a balanced and healthy diet, people should have food easy to digest and things rich in vitamin and protein. A. As far as B. As long as C. According to D. Concerning 9. —I’m afraid that we can’t come, but thanks for the invitation_________ —That’s all right. A. therefore B. anyway C. however D. though 10. He got seriously ill at the age of five. Later he couldn’t see anything at all. He was ______ blind. A. nearly B. totally C. especially D. probably 11.Yesterday morning he got up earlier than ____ , for it was not a(n)____ day. A. common; usual B. usual, ordinary C. usual, normal D. common, ordinary 12. I can’t tell you the exact time I’ll get there, maybe at eight or nine or even later. ____, I’ll be there as early as I can. A. Anyhow B. However C. Thus D. Therefore 13. -- John failed his final exam. -- I’m not surprised at the news ____. ____, he is never seen busy with his lessons. A. at all, After all B. in all, After all C. above all, In all D. at all, In all Keys: 1-5 CADBA 6-10BACBB 11-13 BAA Period three and four 课前五分钟:revision 课文句型句式讲解 1.Although I was young I could simplify difficult sums. 注意:Although 和 though 不能 but 与连用,可与 yet, still 连用 辨析 : though / although (1) though 能用于倒装句中 Child though he is , he knows a lot. Poor though I am , I can afford it . (2) though 可作副词,放于句末,意为“可是,不过。 ” We all tried our best. We lost the game , though. Although they are good friends, ____ they have little ____. A.but; in general B. yet; in the common C. yet; in common D. /; in general 高考链接:Playing on a frozen sports field sounds like a lot of fun. Isn’t it rather risky,______? A. though B. also C. either D. too Keys: C A 2.In 1936 my real father , Alan Turing, wrote a book about how I could be made to

work as a universal machine to solve problems. (分析句子结构) 引导的是________语从句,其中 to solve problems 为___________状语. As his best friend, I can make accurate guesses about _____ he will do or think. A. what B. which C. whom D. that People in Chongqing are proud of they have achieved in the past ten years. A. that B. which C. what D. how Students are always interested in finding out _____ they can go with a new teacher. A. how far B. how soon C. how often D. how long Keys: 宾语从句;目的 A C A 3.By the 1940s I had grown as large as a room and I wondered if……. By 加过去时间用过去完成时,加将来时间用将来完成时,类似用法还有 by the end of / by the time By the time you receive this letter, I ____this city for my hometown. A.have left B.will have left C.leave D. will leave By the time you received this letter,I ____this city for my hometown. A.had left B.will have left C.leave D. will leave Keys: B A 4.As time went by , I was made smaller. (翻译) As 引导______状语从句,意为________, 可与 with 复合结构替换。 With time ________by, I was made smaller. go by vi/vt (1) (时间)过去,消逝;经过 (2) 遵守,按照?判断(3)顺便走访 Three weeks went by. He went by without noticing me. Everyone should go by the rules. Going by his accent, he must be from the south. He was in when I went by yesterday. 巩固练习: (1) couldn’t _____. The line was busy. .I A go by B go around C get in D get through (2) .Since we parted, two years have______before I knew it. A.gone on B. gone by C.gone against D. gone off (3) ._______time goes by, computers are made smaller and smaller and nobody knows for sure how small _______ be made but there must be a limit. A. With; they can B. As; they can C. When; they can D. While; can they Keys: 时间;随着;going; D B B 5.My memory has developed so much that I never forget anything I have been told. (1) 此结构中的 that 从句表示________。 比较: so that 既可以表结果,也可以表目的。Such that 也可表结果。 He got up early so that he could caught the bus. He got up early so that he caught the bus. (2) 基本句型 so + adj/adv + that... so+ adj/adv + as to do sth so + adj + a/an + n (+ as sb/sth) +that… She was ______angry that she couldn't speak (so)

She was ______kind ________ phone for a taxi for me. (so; as to) He was not so quick a learner as his brother. such +a/an+adj+n.+that… such(+adj+)un/pl+that… such+that…. It was such a boring speech that I fell asleep. He showed such concern that people took him to be a relative. There were _____ many people in the zoo _____ it was hard to get through the crowd to see the animals. A. such; that B. so; that C. too; that D. quite; that Keys:B (3) so...that.../ such …that 表结果状语, so/such 部分位于句首时,句子用部分倒装 结构。 So hard does he work that he seldom goes home. So good a student________ that all like him. (is he) Such a good student _________that all like him. (is he) Such was the damage that it would cost too much money to repair. 6.But I was always so lonely standing there by myself, until they gave me a family connected by a network. 7.(1)本句中 connected by a network. 是_______词作________语。 归纳拓展: *connect?with/to?把?连接/系起来;接通电话 Shenfu highway connects Shenyang with/to Fushun. Hold on, please. I will connect you to Mr.Smith. *Connect ?with...用想象把不同的?联系起来 Many people connect Germany with beer. People connect Vienna with waltzes and coffee-houses. *Conncet with sth 交通工具的衔接 This early bus connects with the 8:00 train for Beijing. * be connected with?与?有关系 e.g. He is connected with me/a crime. He is connected ____the Zhangs by marriage. A. to B.with C.by D.from Keys: 过去分词;定语; B 9.I have been put into robots and used to make mobile phones as well as help with medical operation. as well as (1) 和…一样好 John plays football ____,if not better than David. A. as well B. as well as C. so well as D. so well (2) 不但…而且…,用来连接连个并列成分。 (3) 相当于介词=besides He grows flowers as well as vegetables. He publishes as well as prints his own books. We are repairing the roof as well as painting the walls. You can’t expect her to do the housework as well as look after the children. As well as breaking his leg, he hurt his arm.

E-mail ,as well as telephones, _____ an important part in daily communication. A. is playing B. have played C. are playing D. play Keys: BA 10. My goal is to provide humans with a life of high quality. 画线部分是_______在句中作_______语,表_______发生。当主语是 aim, hope, idea, job, plan, purpose, wish, 表语用不定式,对主语起补充说明部分。 My job is _______them the way to the library. A. to tell B. told C. making D. made 词组归纳: Provide sb with sth provide sth for sb Supply sb with sth supply sth to/for sb Offer sb sth offer sth to sb Seeing someone in trouble, he always _______them help. A. provides B. offers C. supplies D. presents The government _____food and medicine _____those who live in poor areas. A. supplied ;with B. provided ; with C. supplied ;of D. provided; for Keys: 不定式;表语,将来 A B D 11. I am now truly filled with happiness that I am a devoted friend and helper of the human race! [点拨] that 引导_____从句,具体说明_________的内容。that 是连词,在从句中 不充当任何成分。 英语中用 that 引导同位语从句的情况比较常见,但有时也可以 用连接副(代)词 how, when, where, whether 等来引导同位语从句. I heard the news________our team had won. l have no idea_______ he will be back. He must answer the question________ he agrees to it or not. 高考链接 The fact has worried many scientists ______ the earth is becoming warmer and warmer these years. A. what B. which C. that D. though Keys: 同位语; happiness; that; when; whether; C Period five 课前五分钟:revision Learning about language 1. work out 算出;弄懂;解决;产生结果; 锻炼 I believe that you can work out this problem by yourself. I work out regularly to keep fit. Things worked out quite well. Things didn’t work out as expected. I have worked out the money we should use. 2.download v.下载 n.下载 upload v.上传, 上载 n.上传 It takes several minutes to download this file. In order to save time, we can download information from the Internet. You can _______information from the Internet and then save it in your file. A. download B. upload C. send D. remove Keys: A

2. come true (预言、期望等) 实现,成为事实 I hope our dreams come true. I hope his dream of becoming a pianist will come true. I hope we can realize our dream. 3. give away 赠送, 送出, 背叛, 泄露 She gave away all her money to the poor. His accent gave him away as a northerner. 归纳拓展:give back________ give in_______ give off_________ give out___________ give up___________ If a person has not had enough sleep, his actions will give him_______during the day. A. away B. up C. in D. back Keys: A 4.consist of = be made up of Our class is made up of 57 students. Our class consists of 57 students. The class _________of 57 students won the match held last week. (consisting; made up) Grammar :现在完成时的被动语态 结构:have / has been done 1. 只有一个宾语 We have built many houses in the past ten years. ---- Many houses have been built (by us) in the past ten years. 2. 带双宾语 I have given him a book. ---A book has been given to him. ---He has been given a book. 3. 带有复合宾语(宾语+宾补) I asked him to help me. ---He has been asked to help you. 4. 带有短语动词 He has thought of a way of doing it. ---A way of doing it has been thought of. 辨析: have / has been doing 现在完成进行时,主动语态 to have been done 非谓语动词完成式 having been done 巩固练习: 1. In the last few years thousands of films __________all over the world. A. have produced B. have been produced C. are producing D. are being produced 2.---Why does the lake smell terrible? ---Because large quantities of water __________. A. have polluted B. is being polluted C. has been polluted D. have been polluted 3.I like these English songs and they ________many times. A. taught B. have taught C. are taught D. have been taught 4.Great changes______in the city in the past 20 years,and many new buildings ____.

A. have taken place; have been set up B. have taken place; have set up C. have taken place; have set up D. have been taken place; have been set up 5. ---The window is dirty. ----I know. It ______ for weeks. A. hasn’t cleaned B. didn’t clean C. wasn’t cleaned D. hasn’t been cleaned 6. Professor James will give us a lecture on the Western culture, but when and where ______ yet. A. hasn’t been decided B. haven’t decided C. isn’t being decided D. aren’t decided 7.The new dictionaries are very useful. They ___ well and ____ already. A. sell, have been sold out B. sold, had sold out C. sell, sell out D. are sold, have been sold out 8. --- I don’t believe the headmaster know who did it. --- Well, surprisingly he does. A student has been caught and _____in the office now. A. has been questioned B. is being questioned C. is questioning D. has questioned 9. --______ the sports meet might be put off. -- Yes, it all depends on the weather. A. I’ve been told B. I’ve told C. I’ m told D. I told 10.If Newton lived today, he would be surprised by what _______in science and technology. A. had discovered B. had been discovered C. has discovered D. has been discovered 11. Robert is said ___________ abroad, but I don't know what country he studied in.
A. to have studied B. to study C. to be studying D. to have been studying 12.Harry Potter is said to_________________(translate) into many languages. 13.________________(punish) by the teacher , he went home ,upset.

14. --- I _____ so busily recently that I ______ no time to help you with your maths. --- That’s OK. I can manage it by myself. A. have been working; have B. have worked; had C. am working; will have D. had been working; had had Keys: 1-5BDDAD 6-10 AABAD 11.A 12.have been translated 13.Having been punished 14.A Period six 课前五分钟:revision Using language Language points: 1.get together v 聚一聚 get-together n 聚一聚 We often get together at weekend. We often have a get-together at weekends. 2. on / in a team 是队里的一员 Tom is on the school football team. 3. signal n (传递信息﹑ 命令等的)信号, 手势, 声音, 暗号: a signal made with a red flag traffic signals receive a signal from a satellite A red light is usually a signal for/of danger. The President's arrival was the signal for an outburst of cheering. Her speech yesterday was a signal that her views have changed.

signal v 发信号(不用於被动语态) ~ (to sb/sth) (for sth/to do sth) He seems to be signaling. signal (to) sb which way to go 示意某人走哪条路 signal (to) the waiter to bring the menu . 词语辨析 sign , mark , symbol , signal *sign 招牌; 标志; 标牌 ;迹象 A cloudy sky is not always a sign of rain The sign says "Parking Forbidden". *mark 污点; 记号 Make a mark where you have a question. There are some dirty marks on the trousers. *symbol 符号, 象征 The dove is the symbol of peace. 鸽子是和平的象征。 The chemical symbol for copper is "Cu". He raised his arm as a ______for us to stop. A. signal B. sign C. symbol D. mark Dark clouds are a _________of rain. 2009 湖北高考 In our classroom, when the bell rang and the teacher closed his book, it was a _______for everyone to stand up. A. signal B. chance C. mark D. measure Keys: A ;sign; A 4. type n. ~ (of sth) 类型; 种类: ---sort , kind different racial types This type of cars______good. Cars of this type_____ good. Which type of tea do you prefer? He's not my type (of person), ie We have little in common. type v I went home to type up the report. Please wait while I type in your details. The secretary asked the boss “Do you have anything to _________? I’m free.” Keys: sells; sell ; to be typed 5. create 创造;创作 creation n. An artist should create beautiful things. Some people believe that God created the world. Lenin stress that the people _______ history. A invent B imagine C create Ddiscover 6. in a way/in one way/in some way (1) In_a_way,_his English has improved. (2) A bad thing can be changed into a good thing in_a_way. 归纳拓展:in one way 在某方面 in the way/in one's way 挡住去路;碍事
in no way 决不,无论如何不(位于句首构成倒装) on one's way to 在去……的路上

by the way 顺便说说;顺便提一下 all the way 自始至终;完全地 by way of 经由,途经 give way (to)让步,屈服












---I agree with you_____. A. in a way B.on the way C. by the way 7. move n/v moved / moving He sat in the corner, watching my every move what’s our next move? Don’t move the table. I was deeply moved by the film. 8. arise-arose-arisen (1) 出现,发生 (2) 起身,起床 A new crisis has arisen. How did the quarrel arise? He arose and walked to the window. The car accident arose _______ his carelessness. A with B for C from D of arise from/out of?因?而产生/引起/造成 词语辨析 arise / rise / raise
原形 arise vi. rise vi. raise vt. 语义 出现;发生;起因于 过去式 arose

D. in the way

过去分词 arisen risen raised

v. ing arising rising raising

升起;起身;增长;上升 rose 举起;唤起;提高;饲养 raised

1. Many difficulties have ______as a result of change over a new type of fuel. A. risen B. arisen C. raised D. lifted 2. We should always keep in mind that accidents______ from carelessness while driving. A. arise B. arouse C. begin D. cause 3.Her job is _________chickens. 4.Her temperature is still_______. 5.The red cross _______ a lot of money for charity. Keys: B A raising; rising ; raised 9. Make up (1) 编造,编 (2)构成 (3)弥补 (4)言归于好 (5)化装 make up an excuse/a story Farmers make up nearly 80% of the population of China. make up the exam make up for the lost time They quarreled but soon made up. She often makes up before meeting friends. In China today women______47% of the workforce,and nearly three quarters of the mothers with children are in paid work. A. build up B. make up C. stand for D. send up 归纳拓展 make up for 弥补;补偿 be made up of = consist of 由……组成 make for 有利于……,有助于……;走向;冲向 make full/good/the best use of (=make the most of)充分利用 He can make a good football player. 有条件成为

10. after all 毕竟,终究/ at all 根本,全然/ above all 最重要的是/ in all 总共 first of all 首先 Don’t blame him,_________ he is a child. He had thought he would fail in the exam, but he passed __________. He is handsome, but ______________, he is kind. There are 40 people __________. If you want to learn English well,___________you must have an interest in it. I don’t know him __________. Keys: After all; after all ; above all; in all; first of all; at all 11.with the help of sb=with one’s help Can’t help doing … Can’t help (to)do … Can’t help but do … help sb out ______the explanation of the book, we can finally understand the meaning of the passage. A. With the help of B. Under the help of C. After the help of D. By the help of Sometimes we can’t help _____________(persuade) into buying what we don’t really need. Keys: A ; being persuaded 12、deal with 论及;处理;跟……做生意;与……相处;忍受 (1)Can you tell me how to deal with the problem? (2)He is easy to deal_with. (3)I've dealt_with him for ten years. (4)Have you read the book dealing_with the Middle East? (5) I can't deal_with the loud noise. He knows _____ to deal with man but when he meets women, he doesn't know ______ to do with. A. what; how B. what; what C. how; what D. how; how I want to buy a book _______ how to clean dirty water. A. which deal with B. dealing with C. dealt with D. deals with It is said in Australia there is more land than the government knows_______. A. it what to do with B. what to do it with C. what to do with it D. to do what with it Keys: C B C 13. watch (over)…守卫,保护;照料,照管 The dog watches (over) his master’s house. A nurse sat watching (over) him. Could you watch over my clothes when I swim? He felt that God was watching over him. 归纳拓展 watch out (for) 当心; 注意 keep a watch on 监视 under the close watch 在严密的监视下 Before put into prison, the thief was ______ by three policemen. A. watched out B. watched over C. watched for D. on watch 14.spoil v (pt, pp spoilt or spoiled ) 破坏, 糟蹋(某事物)

holidays spoilt by bad weather Don't spoil your appetite by eating sweets between meals. 宠爱,溺爱(尤指儿童) That little girl is terribly spoilt ,her parents give her everything she asks for. Everybody enjoys being spoiled from time to time (指食物等)变坏, 变质, 腐败 Some kinds of food soon spoil. 巩固练习 1. Sometimes I really wonder how I can make friends with a man who has little ________with me. A. in ordinary B. in common C. the same D. in similar 2. _________ this is the biggest mistake we have made. A. In a way B. In this way C. In the way D. On a way 3. My friend Martin was very sick with a strange fever; ______, he could neither eat or sleep. A. as a result B. after all C. anyway D. otherwise 4. When the question _____ at the meeting, no one could answer it. A. rose B. arose C. came D. raised 5. Don’t scold him any more. _______, he is only a child. A. After all B. In all C. Of all D. Above all 6. It is a paradox that in a rich country there should be many poor people. A. such; such B. such; so C. so; so D. so; such 7. As time__________ my memory seems to get worse. A. goes along B. goes away C. goes by D. goes through 8. __________the explanation of the book, we can finally understand the meaning of the passage. A. With the help of B. Under the help of C. After the help of D. By the help of 9. I was so angry at all ______ he was doing _______ I left at once. A.which, that B. that, which C. what, that D. that, that 10.He is connected ____the Zhangs by marriage. A. to B.with C.by D.from 11.He was _____blind as a result of the traffic accidents. A.total B.totally C.compete D.whole 12.---will you go shopping now? ---Not until my experiment ______. A.have finished B. will be finished C.have been finished D.had been finished 13.The garden ______---it rained last night. A.need not watering B.doesn’t need watering C.need not to water D.doesn’t need to water 14.---I wiil be on business for a week. Will you____my dog when I am away? ---with pleasure. A.Look at C.watch for C.watch over D.look for 15. You may not agree, but__________ I think she is a very good girl. A. personally B. truly C. generally D. commonly 16.I couldn’t _____. The line was busy.

A go by B go around C get in D get through 17.It is_____practice to bring a present to the hostess when one is invited to dinner. A.general B.usual C.ordinary D.common 18.---I can’t give you a lift if you wait. ---No,I’ll walk.Thanks, _____. A.therefore B. however C.though D.anyhow 19.If the chance should_____, I’d love to study abroad. A.rise B. raise C. arise D. happen 20.Last week his father bought___dictionary for him. A.electic B.electrical C.electronic D.electricity 21.The American Civil War lasted 4 years_____the North won in the end. A.after B. before C. when D. then 22.The government _____food and medicine _____those who live in poor areas. A.supplied :with B.provided; with C.supplied;of D. provided; for 23.By the time you receive this letter,I ____this city for my hometown. A.have left B.will have left C.leave D. will leave 24.Don’t mention that at the beginning of the story, or it may _____the shocking ending. A.give away B.give out C.give up D.give off 25.The flame for 2008 Bejing Olympic Games, a_____of peace,justice,brightness,unity and friendship was lit successfully in ancient Olympia,Greece on March 24,2008. A.sign B. symbol C.mark D. signal 26.---I think he is taking an active part in social work. ---I agree with you_____. A. in a way B.on the way C. by the way D. in the way 27._____time went on, Einstein’s theory ____right. A.With ;proved B. As; be proved C. with; be proved D. As; proved Keys: 1-5BAABA 6-10 BCADB 11-15 BCBCA 16-20 DDDCC 21-25BDBAB 26-27AD


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