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XXXX2006/2007 学年 第 1 学期期终试卷 A
(考试类型:闭卷) 课程 班级 题序 一 二 三 四 五 六 机械工程专业英语 (参考答案及评分说明) 姓名 七 八 九 十 总评

一、词汇 (20 分) (每个题目为 2 分) 1:把下列英文单词翻译成中文: (1) threshold 参考答案:开端,开始 (2) graphics t

erminal 参考答案:图像终端 (3) a translate command 参考答案:平移指令 (4) construction robotics 参考答案:建筑(结构)机器人 (5) a power-driven device 参考答案:力驱动装置 2:把下列中文词组翻译成英文: (6) 热加工 参考答案:hot working (7) 非正常晶体生长 参考答案:abnormal grain growth (8) 再结晶 参考答案:recrystallization (9) 机械效益 参考答案:mechanical advantage (10) 力放大器 参考答案: a force multiplier 二、句型 (20 分) (每个题目为 4 分) (翻译的内容,达到意思一致即算正确) 请将下列英文句子翻译成中文 (1) Efficiency and mechanical advantage are used to gauge the performance of mechanical machine . 参考答案:效率和机械效益是用来检测机械装置的工作性能的。 (2) Methods of extracting , producing and treating metals are being developed all the time to meet engineering requirements .

参考答案:为了满足工程需要,提炼、生产和处理金属的方法一直处于发展进步之中。 (3) The common metallic materials possess the metallic properties of luster , thermal conductivity, and electrical conductivity ;are relatively ductile; and some have good magnetic properties . 参考答案:常见的金属材料拥有的金属性能如:光泽、导热性和导电性,并且有较好的延展 性,此外,还有一些金属材料具有好的磁性。 (4) It is their plasticity at certain temperatures , which gives plastics their main advantage over many other materials . 参考答案:一定温度下的塑料的塑性,使得塑料相对其他材料而言,具有的主要的优势。 (5)Die life and die failure are greatly affected by the mechanical properties of the die materials under the conditions that exit in a given deformation process . 参考答案: 在给定的成型工艺下, 模具材料的机械性能对模具寿命和模具损坏有很大的影响。 三、段落: (40 分) ( 1 ) Although the four—bar linkage and slider—crank mechanism are very useful and found in thousands of applications , we can see that these linkages have limited performance level . Linkages with more members are often used in more demanding circumstances . However it is often difficult to visualize the movement of a multiloop linkage , especially when other components appear in the same diagram . The first step in the motion analysis of more complicated mechanisms is to sketch the equivalent kinematic or skeleton diagram . The skeleton diagram serves a purpose similar to that of the electrical schematic or circuit diagram in that it displays only the essential skeleton of the mechanism , which , however , embodies the key dimensions that affect its motion . 参考答案(满分 20 分) (翻译的内容,达到意思一致即算正确) :虽然四杆机构和曲柄-

滑块机构的用途很大, 但是我们还是可以发现,这些机构的实际操作水平还是有 限的。机构的构件越多,机构的用途也就越大。人们很难直观地想象出多环链连 杆机构的运动情况,尤其是当其它的运动构件也出现在同一个运动简图中的时 候。 对比较复杂的机构进行运动分析的第一步骤是:绘制出和原运动相一致的结 构示意图。 这个结构示意图所起的作用和电路图比较相似,旨在表达机构的必须 构架,这些必须的构架可以体现出影响机构运动的一些关键尺寸。
( 2 ) The industrial robot is a tool that is used in the manufacturing environment to increase productivity . It can be used to do routine and tedious assembly line job , or it can perform jobs that might be hazardous to the human worker . For example , one of the first industrial robots was used to replace the nuclear fuel rods in nuclear power plants . A human doing this job might be exposed to armful amounts of radiation . The industrial robot can also operate on the assembly line , putting together small components , such as placing electronic components on a printed circuit board . Thus , the human worker can be relieved of the routing operation of this tedious task .

参考答案(满分 20 分) (翻译的内容,达到意思一致即算正确) :工业机器人是一个用来提 高生产效率的工具。 它可被用于执行一些枯燥又乏味的生产线流水作业, 或是用于执行一些 对于生产工人来说是比较危险(或:有危害)的工作。比如:第一批工业机器人中的一些机 器人就是被用于更换核电站的核燃料棒的。 如果工人来执行这项工作, 就会暴露于有害的核 辐射之中。工业机器人还可以用来操作生产流水线工作,组装小部件,比如:更换印刷电路 板上的电子器件。这样的话,工人就可以免于从事这样一些乏味枯燥的流水线操作了。 四、英文写作能力(20 分) 说明: 请在以下两个题目中任意选择一个作为写作对象, 要求文章不少于 120 字, 英文流畅, 无错误拼写和语法错误,用词要规范,两个题目重复写不加分。 (1)简要介绍你对目前所学(机械制造)专业的认识; (2)根据你对词组“CAD” 、 “CAM”的理解和认识,把它们组织成一篇短文,要求前后文 连贯,逻辑性强。 答案: (省略) 。 评分说明: 0 分:没有写作内容 1~5 分:不能达到写作的说明要求,语句不通顺,内容前后不连贯,有很多语法和拼写错误。 6~10:基本达到写作的说明要求,较多语句不通顺,较多内容前后不连贯,较多语法和拼写 错误。 11~15:基本达到写作的说明要求,少数语句不通顺,少数内容前后不连贯,少数语法和拼 写错误。字数基本达到要求。 16~20:基本达到写作的说明要求,极少数语句不通顺,极少数内容前后不连贯,极少数语 法和拼写错误。字数基本达到要求。 With the development of science , more and more people are confused that whether it is good or bad to make robort. Are roborts going to take place of human beings. Every coin has two side. Robort can be good to our society and life. At the same time,it also have some bad effect on our life.In my opinion, the advantages of robort are much more than the disadvantage of roborts. First, roborts make our life more convenient. We can do many thing that we didn't have the ability to do in the past by using roborts.That makes our life more effective. Second, roborts can be used in industry produce. Factories can reduce the cost of prodution by using roborts. Roborts do not need to eat and they will not be ill. That's very good for producing goods. Third,roborts can save more people when disaster happens. Because they can't feel pain and they can save more people without feeling tired. In a word, the world is changing .We should also change our thought to accept roborts to become part of our life . That can make our life more colorful.


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